Bole Butake
  • 69 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 28, 1947
  • Place of birth:
    Nkor Noni, North West Province, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Oct 1, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Yaounde, Central Province, Cameroon
Let the memory of Bole Butake be with us forever.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bole Butake, 69, born on July 28, 1947 and passed away on October 1, 2016.

We will remember him forever.



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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Bolang Butake on 22nd October 2016

"From Grace Fon

Dear Uncle,
It’s so sad to lose you at this time, unfortunately no death is ever timely. As they say, “GOD’s time is the best”, but for me I feel it’s too soon. That’s life isn’t it? We just have to accept the fact that God decides when to give and when to take.

Prof, I remember vividly when you brought me to Yaoundé to continue in upper Sixth, the assistance and encouragement you gave me then and never ceased giving. You’ve been with me all through the good and especially the rough times. THANK YOU UNCLE. I consider
myself blessed to have had you as an uncle in this life.

I shall forever cherish Thursday 29th September 2016, on this day you called my name for the last time on your sick bed. When I saw you the next evening in great pains, I prayed the Lord to relieve you of the pains. Death wasn’t actually what I thought of, that’s why when I touched you that early Saturday morning I thought you were sleeping until the doctor declared you were gone.

As we mourn today, I take comfort in the fact that you accomplished your mission on earth and is now having a deserved rest with God. We are all pilgrims on this earth and God only takes “The Best”.
May your soul rest in perfect peace until we meet again to part no more.
I’ll surely miss you uncle.

Your niece"

This tribute was added by Bolang Butake on 22nd October 2016

"From Ewih Kum Linda

On the morning of 1st October, I woke up to some terrible news; my icon had passed away. I have never met someone as equally impressive, smart and grounded as you were. Nowadays it is not common to have a professor who shapes ones intellect, interest and view on life in general. I have come to learn from your views, perspectives, and equally wealth of knowledge and that will always be fundamental for my understanding of the world. You have engraved your name in our hearts, a legacy is etched into our minds and the stories we share about you. May the Lord grant you eternal rest in heaven for you to stay with the angels forevermore."

This tribute was added by Bolang Butake on 22nd October 2016

"From Junior

There is a special bond that a father has with his son. That bond builds strength over the time with events that each of one of us are fortunate to share. Daddy you were a wonderful man, a father, a husband, a brother and friend to many people. To me you were more than just my father, u were a friend and hero.

The sudden news of your death took us all by surprise. When I heard it, it rang in my ears like a church bell. I rushed to the scene, just to discover that your mortal remains had been transferred to the morgue. Little had I known that you, daddy, were going back to the hospital never to return home anymore. October 1st 2016 is the day I will never forget for the rest of my life. Daddy you have gone, but all the good works and teachings you did remain forever.
‘Retired but not tired’, were the words you said when you retired as a professor. I pray that God almighty should receive you into His heavenly kingdom.

You have gone and left us behind, especially I who bear your names, Bole Butake Junior. Daddy, thank you for the gift of education, a gift which every parent should always give his child. Rest in Peace is all I have to say daddy. I love and miss you daddy, till we meet again. Farewell daddy.

Bole Butake Junior"

This tribute was added by Bolang Butake on 22nd October 2016

"From Chinfon

I never knew that you were going to die at any moment from now, that you needed a rest from all the pains that you went through, and it touched me seriously in my heart after I heard about your death. Daddy, I pray that God may give you eternal rest and God will take care of you forever and ever, hoping that I am going to meet you one day.
Daddy as death took you away, I pray that God should reveal my secret to you that I am progressing very well on earth and also taking the giant step ahead to make my future go successfully and that we are together in spirit.


This tribute was added by Christina Kimah on 20th October 2016

"[COMMITTED STEWARDSHIP]     (By Shey Dr Peter Mabu)
You have proven that what matters is not the years in one’s life, but the life in the years on earth! Your stewardship to the nation was indeed enviable.
Despite your highly-demanding tasks in the University of Yaoundé, you worked hard as President of the Nkor Development Authority, NDA to provide pipe-borne water to your kindred. You moulded young minds in your teaching, seminars, and publications. What a well-lived, and impacting life!
By continuing to teach in the Christian University, Bali and directing PhD Research work, you in fact, proved that you were retired, but not tired. What a commitment to patriotic stewardship!
We know you would have liked to continue your services to humanity, but when the Almighty says YES, no one can say NO. You had to leave us against our will at the youthful age of 69.  We miss you indeed, but are consoled by the truth that you have left us with enough academic and social virtues worth emulating.
Your name, “B U T A K E” says it all
B – Brave and Brainy
U – Unalloyed and Unlimited
T – Talented and Trustworthy
A – Ambitious and Adventurous
K – Keen and Knowledgeable
E – Efficient and Earnest.     ADIEU Prof. BB

By: Shey Dr. Peter Mabu

This tribute was added by Primus Tazanu on 20th October 2016

"By referring to you as Pa within an academic milieu, we were  emphasizing that you were our father.  Our exciting conversations and sometimes, different views on 'Anglophone culture' always brightened our workshops in Freiburg, Yaounde, Kano, Basel and Johannesburg. Pa, may your soul RIP."

This tribute was added by Guy Thomas on 19th October 2016

"My dear senior brother, Prof. Bole Butake, my special friend and sister Layih, dear family members, friends and fellow mourners,
I recall the extraordinary initial encounter with you and my close friend and colleague Prof. Verkijika Fanso at the gates of the National Archives of Cameroon in Yaounde in 1996. There was something very comforting about your casual demeanour and the spontaneous esprit d'amitié you radiated with a sparkle in your eye and your alluring smile. We immediately engaged with the common topic of our concerns, the question of safeguarding and promoting Cameroon's cultural heritage and awareness of history, written and other, which you have been preoccupied with so productively throughout much of your life. This became the foundation of a bond that has characterised my personal commitment since that day. I know you have succeeded in imbibing your thrust of inspiration among many of your friends, students and colleagues at home and abroad - even in Basel, Switzerland, where I have been teaching for the past 14 years, heavily influenced by our shared ideas and visions about joint cultural heritage.
Having witnessed your presence in person will remain with me as a formative experience and privilege etched profoundly into my raison d'être in favour of promoting such worthy causes that you stood for under the umbrella of your country's outstanding cultural diversity, old and new. Gratitude coupled with silent sadness clouds the skies that await to receive you in their fold while your presence shall continue to nurture the soil of creativity in your homeland, carried forward through living memories of a person to emulate and a mission to be pursued relentlessly by your heirs.
With all good thoughts and sincerest condolences, warmly, Guy"

This tribute was added by Pepetual Chiangong Mforbe on 19th October 2016

"It is hard to write these lines in memory of my academic father whom I  last met at the ALA conference in Bayreuth in 2015. Thank you so much indeed Prof. Bole for trusting that I could contribute something to People Theatre and also for introducing me to international projects which have left an indelible mark on my academic career. Despite your gigantic achievements, you were not only humble, but also very fatherly. I will ask my father whom we laid to rest in March 2016 to be your big in that other place. Good bye Prof.      Amen!"

This tribute was added by Jendele Hungbo on 19th October 2016

"It was indeed a privilege knowing such a great writer and scholar like Bole Butake. A humble man to the core who was always ready to play the role of the father figure in difficult times. Pa Butake, I have no doubt that in transition you deserve all the good things that the bosom of the Lord. Travel well man on many parts. Adieu!"

This tribute was added by Justice Ankengateh on 19th October 2016

"Daddy, before I became close to the family I knew you like a SHESAN – a super mishe full of humour and life. You were always there for everybody irrespective of social status, to you we were all equal.
When I came close to the family, I found you sick but despite being sick you kept battling with the sickness. Whenever you could talk and I greeted you, you’ll ask “Justice, how are you?”
I always remember while we would pray with you from “Clinique Fouda” to “CHU” mama would ask you to repeat after her “I am healed, God has healed me”.
Daddy we prayed earnestly, interceded and stood the gap for you begging the Lord for a miracle of healing, He decided otherwise. Everything He does is good and though it’s so painful not having you around I would not question Him as His ways are not our ways. What comforts me is you were chanced to receive the final sacraments of penance and anointing of the sick before going to rest in the Lord with all the graces, the wish of every child of God.
Daddy till we meet again, we continue to pray for the perfect repose of your soul.
We pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to empower mama as He did during your sickness to support your departure and take care of the family."

This tribute was added by STELLA BOLLE on 16th October 2016

"Prof, Daddy, Nyanyoh has said it all; you are the type of protagonist that is irreplaceable. You called me and in your subtle yet firm way and said " I consider you the responsible one among all the children in the house and I don't want you to tell me that so and so are older than you"; and that was exactly what I was about to say. You continued," responsibility is not age". That was a lesson that I have carried on and in my career i have instilled in many young people. I never heard you yell no matter the situation. The times that we heard you loud was when you were really happy. What a father you were, In your way you were concerned with every ones well being you never discriminated though as every parent, you had your favorites.You have left a vacuum not only in the family, but in the academic circle as well as the community at large. I saw it all the time how your presence in every assembly big and small will motivate many. rest in peace Prof."

This tribute was added by Georgia Nkilah on 16th October 2016

"Ecclesiastes 7:1
A good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth.
I will weep no more but celebrate you for I know you were not an ordinary man, you were God's servant. Your parents died when you were only a baby but you grew up to be this man, this wonderful man who raised a nation. Your parent were not there to raise you but you raised children not only yours.
You knew values, you  taught us  at a young age to be good, honest, and respectful, I  wonder  if anyone ever sat you down to teach you like mom and dad would. I believe you were born with most of the things people struggle to achieve.
Papah you used more than education to instilled values into every life you came across. You taught us that there was more to life than money, you sacrificed, gave up things that would have given you more money because what you had to offer  was everlasting, you had knowledge, wisdom love, kindness.You had so much  love for the students you taught and your country Cameroon because where ever you went you always came back home to them. Your love for your family was so great, and i know you went ahead for a reason. We will always miss you. You always knew everyone had the potential to be outstanding and you never stopped encouraging them.Thank you for making me the person I am today. Love you so much.
Rest in the hands of the  lord."

This tribute was added by IRMAGARD ANCHANG LANGMIA on 15th October 2016

"Dr. Bole Butake leaves the world with so many cherished memories from loved ones. I have known Doc. as far back as 1983 when my late father Dr. Joseph Anchang Ngongwikuo took some of us, his children, to go visit him when he lived in Etoudi. They were schoolmates at the University of Yaounde in the 1970s. He was not only my father's friend but also a key architect in the role that Dr. Kehbuma Langmia played over the years as actor with the Yaounde University theater in the 1990s. I am very grateful that God gave him enough time to impact in a positive way the lives of the students that he taught, those that he supported in graduate programs at the University of Yaounde, Bayreuth, other institutions, and those that he trained in the Yaounde University theater. He leaves behind a great legacy in directing plays and encouraging in-house theater performance at the Amphi 700 in the 1990s. Should the Yaounde University inscribe his name on a theater building on the campus of the Yaounde University or at Amphi 700, it would be a great honor! (Yaounde University Theater: Bole Butake Building)!
      May he rest peacefully in the Lord. We will miss him but his wife and children will miss him most. May God grant his family the strength to accept his will, knowing that though gone, he will remain with them in spirit. In death, Doc. you are not gone but live on though your works; for the death of prolific playright, Bole Butake is not the death of his works, but a new beginning ...."

This tribute was added by Kehbuma Langmia on 10th October 2016

"I will forever credit Professor Butake for who and what I am today. Without his decision to cast me in his plays and expose me to the entire world, I will not be where I am today. The constant push to get the best out of me at “The Pavilion” in the University of Yaounde, prepared me for the challenges in life. I will never forget you Prof! Go in peace and please extend warm greetings to Kwasen Gwangwa’a, Hansel Ndumbe Eyoh, Hilarious Ngwa Ambe, Ngwa Joel, Bate Besong and other Thespians who had gone ahead."

This tribute was added by Jokwi Gregory on 10th October 2016

"A presence from our family has gone
A voice we loved is still
A place is vacant in our lives
That never can be filled

The blow was great
The shock severe
We never thought the end was near
And only those who have lost, can tell
The pain of heartache without farewell

Your memory is our keepsake
From which we will never part
God may have you in his keeping
But we still have you in our heart."

This tribute was added by Bolang Butake on 9th October 2016

"From Bolle Augustina

We used to call you prof and sometimes daddy. You were my father, my mentor and my inspiration. You were simple, a man of few words and easygoing. You taught me the importance of hard work, success and to be responsible. You also taught me the importance of honesty and humility.
Your house was like a church where everyone was welcome.
You groomed me to be who I am today and I will never forget those moments you invited me to share in your good wines. I know daddy, that if you really had a choice, you would have loved to spend two decades and more with us but God's time is the best.

We love you and greatly miss you. R.I.P FOREVER DADDY."

This tribute was added by Bolang Butake on 9th October 2016

"Vicky's eulogy

True, you taught us to be brave in any situation, but I must admit, this particular situation is one which can't be braved. You believed in empowering us through education. I remember each time I brought home a failed report card, I saw the world's disappointment on your face. You would always say there is no success in life without education. And your hatred for laziness! You taught us that there was no food for the lazy. I can remember you always shouting at us from the corridor "It's 6 am and you are still in bed; come on get up before I meet you there!"  

Integrity was one of your core values; you told us to be honest in all our dealings, to always say the truth in all circumstances and to never trade human relationships for money. You stood for the oppressed. Your works speak for themselves.

When we achieved something or had good results, it was very difficult to know if you were happy or not - you always said "You could do much better". It took me years to understand your ways and at a point, I thought you never loved me, but as I grew up with life's experience I understood all your actions and attitude towards me. You were grooming me to become a very independent and strong woman, and when I got to know that I took it up as a challenge to make you proud.

A father with a very big heart you were. We have never been less that ten people in your household. I remember we would wake up some mornings by the knock on the door of a new GCE holder from afar, needing not only your assistance to get registered at the university, but also seeking shelter: on no instance did you turn your back on any. You always did your best to support any one in a needy situation, whether they were relatives or not.

Even at my age, when I came to pay a visit, you would still give me my transport fare to return home.
A peaceful man you were. You always spoke in a very low and soft tone. You avoided problematic situations. I remember you always told me to be the first and bigger person to make peace if am in a dispute with someone: yes, a child of God forgives and forgets, you always said. Our last chat was Psalm 23: I said "The Lord is our Shepherd" and you answered "I shall not want".
I was happy you were recovering; I embraced you and knew I would come back and meet you standing on your feet. How I regret returning that Thursday!

I will never ever say goodbye, for you remain in my heart, now and for always and as long as my heart beats, you remain alive.

Daddy it's "Mendos" - as you always called me when you were happy."

This tribute was added by Louisa Nenah on 8th October 2016

"Daddy, I still have fresh memories of you as I visited you just few months ago with Njenyoh whom you named.You were not feeling too well but made sure Njenyoh and I were comfortable.Always making sure I had enough rest and sleep. 'Louisa make sure you sleep during the day when the baby is sleeping'. If we are happily married and where we are today,it is because you were at the front line.Weeeeee Daddy we prayed  night and day for you to get well but God had different plans for you.My family and I treasured you soooo much and we are still to recover from the fact that we will never see you again.You were such a humble and generous man.The only thing that consoles us is the fact that you are in a better place.A place where you will be in no more pain. A place where you will be able to watch and guide us.The girls too are in sooo much pain and keep asking 'Mummy why did Uncle Grandpa die?.'Daddy may your humble and gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace. We will try to emulate your example.I will remain forever grateful for everything you did to my family and I.Adieu Adieu daddy."

This tribute was added by Bolang Butake on 8th October 2016

"Nyanyo's eulogy

As I wrote the script for this new season, I pre-empted many twists and turns, but never did I imagine that the plot would take such an unexpected curve. What do you do when the protagonist dies? How do you kill off a character in a leading role? The audience would never forgive you – at least, not until you introduce a hotter interest.
Alas, this one is irreplaceable.

I remember the day you came to the front yard, saw me washing my stockings and asked if those were the same things I was washing thirty minutes ago. When I said yes, you said “your laziness is wearing a crown”! I laughed at your sarcasm, I was 7. Yes, you had nothing but scorn and contempt for anything opposed to hard work.

I know you love us. I know you adored me. That’s why you named me “Layih”, after your mother, whom you lost, together with your dad, when you were barely four. That’s why I would sit on your lap, sticking my tongue out at Vicky and Bolang, teasing them “if you like, you can tell daddy, he won’t do anything, bleuk!” And you’d laugh and not admonish me. That’s why you encouraged me, when I decided to follow your footsteps. That’s why you waited for me to defend my PhD in June, that’s why you waited for me to achieve those things you always desired for me. That’s why you always said “you just went and went” if I ever went to bed without officially telling you good night.

You were and still remain an icon to many. But to us, you were “daddy”. Our father, a husband. I’ll never hear you drag your feet through the corridor again. I’ll never see you in your red house coat again. I’ll never see you sit in that blue chair across from your bedroom window, sipping your lemon tea. If there was anything we could do, any sacrifice we could make, to make you stay another day, we’d do it again and again.

Alas, we mere mortals have no say in this matter.
Yes, authority forgets a dying King, yet you defy death. In the poignant words and thought provoking subject matter of your works, you defy death. In the far reaching impact of all your artistic and humanitarian endeavours, you defy death. In the success and relentlessness of your protégés, you defy death. In us, your progenitors, your family, you defy death.

You broke my heart yesterday when you breathed your last. But I’m glad you lived. That we had a father like you. Rest in peace daddy.

“Ce n’est pas sa mort qui me fait de la peine, c’est de ne plus voir mon père qui danse »."

This tribute was added by Butake Butake on 8th October 2016

"You are the typical example of success , right from nothing all the way to something.Do not be sad that you are where you are now because we have decided to celebrate your life instead of mourning your death because you were able to touch so many lives by your actions.We aim to replicate your life.Thanks for being our father.RIP"

This tribute was added by N-e Butake on 8th October 2016

"This morning, I wake up walking around the living room,  gazing at the pictures and the portraits with that countenance of urs, the same I saw on u last week, I have the conviction that It is well with your soul and that u are that link which will cross us over to that wonderful place we all long for.  I love you Daddy, will always do... I will miss those your words u speak before I leave home.." Have a blessed day"..I know you are watching over us...and we will live to emulate the virtues you stand for ...R.I.P Daddy."

This tribute was added by Bolang Butake on 7th October 2016

"Bolang's eulogy

Words cannot say how blessed I am to have been a part of you
For that I am and always will be
We shared quite a number of things; from our striking resemblance to our sense of humour
We sometimes had our differences
Still I know that you knew how so very much I love you
You made a mark in my heart, and it's here to stay
And because God Almighty was with you even amidst all the pain
You trusted him through the rain
I miss you daddy, but I know you are in a better place
And in a unique way, I look forward to seeing you again someday


This tribute was added by Bolang Butake on 7th October 2016

"As I look back  - Jane Bolle Butake

An encounter it was, between a lower sixth student and a university teacher; “I am old of body, but young at heart”, you intimated.

Your simplicity of spirit was so compelling that I was literally swept off my feet. I can still hear the soft voice coaching and teaching. You took my hand and gave me your heart. Although we had our highs and lows we easily found common ground. You taught me to be strong, hardworking, tolerant and humble. You showed love to the kids and all around you, ever stressing on the reward of hard work and diligence.

Your unshaken belief in the Almighty ordered your life.
You displayed stoicism as your health deteriorated, giving me false hopes of a comeback.

Your exit leaves a great vacuum in my heart. I miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Tombi Alvin on 5th October 2016

"A special dad is hard to find,
You Dad we are keeping in our minds,
We wished you could have stayed forever,
But we will never forget you not ever.

If dreams weren't dreams and dreams came true,
We wouldn't be here we would be with you.
Distance is one thing that keeps us apart,
But dad you will always remain in our hearts.

A special smile, a special face, a special someone we can't replace,
We love you and always will,
You filled a space that no one will ever replace."

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