We will never forget you.  We love you
Derrick Rufino Delgado
  • 28 years old
  • Date of birth: Jan 29, 1986
  • Place of birth:
    Bronx, New York, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 15, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Des Moine, Iowa, United States
Let the memory of Derrick be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Derrick Delgado, 28, born on January 29, 1986 and passed away on March 15, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 29th October 2016

"Hi my son, if you only knew how much I miss you.  I love you with all my heart.  Your son is doing well I. School, could be honor roll material.  He is just like you..  Mr. K ow it all.  We love him with all our hearts.  We are raising him with Danielle.  He will succeed in his life.  He is smart as a whip.  You would be so proud of him.  He is trying out for the wrestling team.  I know he will make it.  I have to leave you now.  We love you and look forward to seeing you again.  Always loved, always remembered, always our son.  Love mom and dad."

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 20th June 2016

"Happy Father's Day in heaven.  Always in our thoughts and in our hearts.  Never forgotten, my son."

This tribute was added by Harry Martinez on 15th March 2016

"A Birthday is once a year but a memory is forever. Happy Birthday Derrick. May God continue to keep you in his heart. There is nothing more beautiful than the house you currently live in. Love you for life. From Uncle Harry."

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 15th March 2016

"My son, how much we miss you.  It is painful for us as we wish you were with us.  We love you so much.  Mom, dad, bevy, Paul and gringo."

This tribute was added by Harry Martinez on 29th January 2016

"Life for you was a path that I did not acknowledge. A path you created beyond your control. Though it may have seemed difficult at times, you were well on your way. What ever dreams inspired you, they were all in your grasps.What you left behind may not have been completed, others who loved you probably  managed it at most. I wish I was there in some way that would have made a difference, but in memory I most certainly can. I love you Derrick and Happy Birthday. From Uncle Harry."

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 29th January 2016

"Happy birthday Derrick.  We love and miss you so much.

Luv Mom, Dad, Goo and Ryan"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 26th January 2016

"I Love You My Son."

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 15th December 2015

"Hello Derrick  another holiday without you.  At times I feel this overwhelming sadness and think I will never get over your death.  I have no choice but to put it aside.  I miss you so much and Can only make sure to do right by your son.  Love you always...mom"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 17th November 2015

"Hi Derrick,  I hope my thoughts reach you wherever you are.  I love and miss you my son.  We all do.  It still hurts so much losing you,  I am trying to talk to Danielle to let Gringo stay with us.  I understand it is a hard decision for her to make.  My heart is so empty without you here.  Gringo makes me feel better when he is here.  I am hoping that she looks deep in her heart and try to understand how we are suffering and how much we need Gringo to be with us.  I know I am asking for a lot,  but I am hoping that one day she says mom, its okay, Gringo can be with you guys.  That would means so much to us,  It would mean everything to me.  I love and await the day I can give you a hug and spend eternity with you my son.  Dad and I wait for that day.  We love you with all our hearts.  Take care my boy.   Love mom and dad."

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 14th October 2015

"Another month goes by and its so hard to look at your picture without breaking down.  So many things that you are not here for, like your sons graduation, entering Junior High School, so many other things I wish you were here for. All I can do is hope for one day, that you would come and see him in his dream and speak to him and tell him that you love him so much, and are always with him.  Well my Derrick I have to go, I miss you so very much and love you more than my life.  Be well my son.  I will write to you soon."

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 20th September 2015


This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 14th August 2015

"We can feel your presence a lot lately.  We enjoy your visits, especially your son.  Thank you for being there for us.  Always Loved, Always Remembered, Always mattered, Forever our son..........

Love, Mom, Dad, Beverly & Gringo"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 15th July 2015

"Always loved....Always remembered.....Always mattered....Always our son.

Love Mom & Dad"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 15th June 2015

"Our Derrick, Our son,  we love and miss you so much.  Your son graduates Monday and will start Junior High School.  How time flies.  Please look after him as he has had a hard year.  If only you could visit him in his dream and tell him that you still love him and that everything will be okay, I would be so happy with that.  Dad and I show him so much love and dad is crazy about him.  He loves Ryan a lot.  I look forward to the day that we will all be together again, happy, playing dominoes and dad making his world famous soup....LOL!!  Anyway, I have to go, as my heart hurts so much, I miss you and remember that I LOVE YOU LOADS!!!!

Love Mom"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 15th April 2015

"Hello, my son.  I hope that you are well and that you are surrounded by those who love you.  I hope that "cooking grandma" is taking care of you.  You must be playing dominoes, LOL!!  How we miss you and wish you were here.  Your son is playing in his first concert at school on May 14th, your sister and I will be going.  Dad has to work, and is sad that he can't go.  Gringo tells him, "Its okay poppi".  Dad loves Gringo so much, as he is exactly like you in so many, many ways.  You would be so very proud of him.  We will always love you Derrick and will never forget you.  Stay happy, be good.  Until we meet again my son.  Love mom. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox"

This tribute was added by Henry Delgado on 16th March 2015

"Hey Derrick, this is so hard for me, but I miss you so much. As a father, I feel I let you down and I will never forgive myself. My life will never be the same. I think of you every day and my heart is always crying. I'm so sorry Derrick, I wish I could take time back and we can start all over. I know I will see again my son, I LOVE YOU!"

This tribute was added by Ashley markowski on 15th March 2015

"I can't believe I made it a year without you. Honestly I didn't think I could do it...you left such a huge void and absence in my heart and life. I talk to you everyday I have no idea if you hear me but it makes me feel closer to you. I'm so sorry sweetheart I wish I could go back and get you the help you needed I feel like I did let you down I hope you can forgive me. You will always have a place in my heart and I will carry your love and your memory with me always. Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 15th March 2015

"Hello  my son,  today is the 1 year anniversary that you passed away.  The pain of losing you is still strong.  I wish that I could see you again, just to talk and sit a while.  I try to always be strong and keep my sadness hidden so not to bring any one else down.  I shall forever miss you Derrick, a part of me died that day with you. I hope you are happy where you are and that you are finally happy with who you are.  I love you Derrick, we all do.  Your son graduates on June 22 and Ashley will be coming down for the graduation.  Gringo is so excited about that.  I know he wishes that you were there, but I know and he knows you will be there in spirit.  I haven't dreamed of you since you passed away, I am so sad about that.  Hopefully one day, that dream will come and I will get the chance to give you a big hug and talk to you for a while.  Take care Derrick, I will continue to keep your memory alive for as long as I am alive.  I love you my son, be well and until we speak again......much love to you,  MOM"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 15th February 2015

"Hello my son,  today makes 11 months since your passing and still the tears are so many.  It is hard to believe that it will be 1 year since you have been gone.  If I had the power to go back in time, you would be alive and happy with your son and your family.  We miss you everyday and feel your presence a lot of the time.  I hope you are happy and feeling loved as we miss and wait for the time that we can see you again.  Remember that we all love you very much.  Love, mom, dad, Beverly and your son who sends you hugs and kisses Ryan"

This tribute was added by Harry Martinez on 7th February 2015

"I think of you and I always believe that your passing was just a dream, I will always remember you as a person not only as my nephew but a person that always had high expectations, I will love you always derrick, time will never exist, you will be loved forever, from your uncle who thinks of you each and everyday."

This tribute was added by Paul Rivera on 29th January 2015

"Hey Derrick...Just sitting here thinking of you. I miss you everyday. Something always reminds me of you. Here is to another birthday bro....always missing you, thinking of you and loving you.

Your brother,


This tribute was added by danielle palmer on 29th January 2015

"happy birthday Derrick!! Ryan misses your phone calls more and more each day. keep watching over ryan everyday"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 29th January 2015

"Hello son.  I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.  You are 29 today.  I am sorry you are not here to celebrate it,  We miss and love you very much.  I will make a wish for you today and will try my best to make it come true.  I hope you have peace and happiness and are with family and people that love you.  Until then here is a big hug and a big kiss from us to you.  Love You!!! mom and dad."

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 14th January 2015

"Hello again my son, I hope that you are well.  You are on your 10th month gone and it's been hard.  Some days are easier than others to cope.  The heartache always there, forever present and sensitive.  We miss you so much and know that your son does as well.  He is becoming quite the young man.  He graduates from the 5th grade this year and will be entering Junior H.S., as he is excited that he is growing up.  We are all so very proud of him and will continue to always help him.  Please continue to watch over your son and us.  Missing you always............mom, dad, Goonie & Ryan"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 14th December 2014

"My Dearest son Derrick, I have felt your presence around me.  Although it has been a very sad year for me, I feel comfort knowing that you are among us.  Christmas without you will be hard to face.  
Your dad still hasn't got the courage to visit this site and acknowledge that you are really truly gone.  There isn't a day that goes by that we always think and speak to, or about you.  We miss and love you so very much.  Ryan sends many hugs and kisses to you and would like to see you in his dream so he can give you a hug.  I hope you will try to do that for him.  Merry Christmas son and remember that we will always love you.  Love, mom"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 27th November 2014

"Hello my son.  Today is Thanksgiving Day.  We will be missing you today and wishing you were with us and your son.  I wanted to thank you for being a good person and a good dad to your son.  I am feeling sad, but thankful that you have a wonderful son that always reminds us of you all the time.  We, as well as your son Ryan, will be spending this day with your brother, Paul, as this will be our first Thanksgiving together in a very long time and that is because you made that possible. We love you son.  Happy Thanksgiving Derrick, may you be with us in spirit now and always..........Love, mom"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 14th November 2014

"Hi my son, I find myself thinking about you everyday, holding in the tears as thoughts of you flood my mind.  My heart feels so much pain as we miss you so very much.  I wish I knew if you were okay, but uncertainty about what comes next after one passes away overwhelms me.  I want to believe that you are okay and are with the people who love you that have passed before you.  I truly hope that we will see each other again as I am overwhelmed with such sorrow.  They say it gets easier as time goes by.....I can't imagine how one can get over losing their child or it getting better.  Everyday day, every holiday, every happiness we encounter, you are not here to be a part of.   We send you so many hugs and kisses and hope they find you as we never got to say goodbye.  I will always remember the last thing that you said to me, Mom, I love you.  I will always treasure these words my son.....I love you too.......mom  (Ryan sends you all his love...please watch over him)"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 14th October 2014

"Hello my son, another month goes by and i miss you so much.  It's like a piece of my heart was taken and I haven't been the same.  I would give my life if it would bring you back to be with your son and live your life happy.  I try to live every day the way you always tried to be happy and caring.  It still hurts so very much knowing that your physical presence is not here, but I can feel you around from time to time.  I send you a super big hug and a big kiss my son, I really do miss you!!  Ryan is doing fine, he started playing the clarinet and is still doing very well in school, making you proud everyday.  Your son is just like you, very caring and loveable.  You would be so proud of him, I know you are proud of him and watch over him always.  I love you Derrick....Dad is still hurting alot, perhaps he will one day have the courage to write something to you.  It still hurts him badly and he just can't handle his heart break....He would move heaven and earth if it meant he could have just one moment with you.  Until then we love you always son...mom"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 14th September 2014

"Hello my son....I always find it so very hard to visit this site.  My heart breaks to know that you are gone.  i think about all the times that you won't have with your son. All the hopes and dreams of the future, all gone.  We will always love you Derrick.  We will always be there for Gringo and love him dearly.  All we ask, is to please visit us in our dreams.  i would like to give you a big hug.  I know your dad would love that also.  Rest in peace my son, until we see each other again.  We love you Derrick."

This tribute was added by Ashley markowski on 11th September 2014

"Its been almost 6 months since you've been gone. Time is going by so quickly, I can't believe it. It hasn't got any easier to be without you,  I wish I could see and talk to you for just a minute to tell you I'm sorry and to tell you i'll always love you. Missing you every day, be at peace Derrick I love you. Ashley"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 14th August 2014

"Hello my son.  It has been 5 months since you departed from this world.  We miss you everyday.  There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you.  Ryan speaks of you often remembering times you were with him.  He loves you very much as you meant a lot to him.  You meant a lot to all of us.  We love you Derrick, that will never change.  Ashley remains in contact with Ryan as she wants to continue to be in his life.  I love her for that and for being good to you. We will continue to make sure Ryan doesn't go without and always help him succeed at what he wants to do.  Please watch over him and continue watching over us.  I feel your presence and it makes me feel happy that you are watching over us.  Until the day that we can all be together again as a family, be well my son and always know that you are loved.    
mom and dad."

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 14th July 2014

"Hello my son.  4 months ago our world shattered to pieces.  I know you are no longer with us, but sometimes I make a wish, knowing its redundant doing so.  We all still miss you so much.  Ryan is doing well.  He graduated with honors.  I know you are so proud.  We will make sure he graduates high school and college.  Ashley still remains in his life.  Ashley misses you a lot too.  Please watch over your son and all of us.  I know you are around.  We love you and will be looking forward to being with you again.  Love, mom and dad."

This tribute was added by Ashley markowski on 23rd June 2014

"Derrick, some days are harder than others but not a day goes by that I don't say good morning and good night to you. Nighttime is the hardest part of the day, I can't help but wish you were beside me. I love you still and always be at peace love, Ashley."

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 15th June 2014

"Hi Derrick,  This is the 3rd month since your passing.  It is Fathers Day today and I feel sad that you are not here with your son on this day.  We all miss you terribly.  Just know that we all love and adore Ryan.  He is so much like you in a lot of ways.  Ashley remains part of his life and is there for him.  She truly loves him.  You will always remain in our thoughts and in our hearts.  Ryan sends you extra love on this Fathers Day along with a big hug and kiss and remember, in his heart you are always his dad.  Dad and Goonie send lots of love to you.  Be well my son.  I love you and miss you.   Love always......mom"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 14th May 2014

"My son, its been 2 months since your passing.  We are missing you.  It does not get easier but we numb our emotions.  I think of you everyday.  Wishing you could be here with us, but I know that can not be.  I hope you are happy and ask you to please watch over your son and keep him safe and healthy.  I love your my son.  Come visit me in my dreams.  Until we meet again...........mom"

This tribute was added by Jackie Delgado on 15th April 2014

"Hello my son, I can't believe it's been 1 month since we lost you.  My sadness stronger than before because I miss you so much.  I know you are smiling down on us because your wish finally came true, we are a family again.  I want to thank you for this gift.  I will forever love you and miss you my son.   mom"

This tribute was added by Harry Martinez on 4th April 2014

"It's like a child waving towards passing cars, a brief duration of a view, a nephew I felt that was left astray, not of family, but of time and distance, exceedingly transparent, but when I look at your picture, I see life thereafter, though your presence may not be here at the moment, I know, that your spirit is hovering over us, I'm confessing my pain to you, because I wish, that I was one of those passing cars you waved at, from an uncle who feels a great loss, I love you, and I always will, nevertheless, would I feel any different, you will be missed, in no way of a somber mood will I suffer, because your happiness will make me bloom, Love, Uncle Harry."

This tribute was added by Paul Rivera on 22nd March 2014

"Derrick, it hurts to think you're not even actually here. I guess I'm in a bit of denial. Growing up together, we had the best dance-offs (that you always won), crazy adventures, lots of arguments and fights, and we shared so many jokes, dreams and moments I will NEVER forget. Needless to say, you were so full of spunk and you dared to dream huge because you knew you were that good. Lol. I love that about you. And I may have never got to tell you, but I admired you for those characteristics.  Ive missed you for much longer than your passing. What I wouldn't give to hear you talk about what happened in wrestling (despite my efforts to tell you I wasn't interested lol). Derrick, you have such a big heart and captivating soul and you were able to grab the attention of a room full of people. You were just that good. You carried no grudges and you played peacemaker because you wanted everyone to just get along. God, I wish I could just give you one more hug, share one more joke, listen to one more story....

You know, you're lucky because you're up there having delicious dinners with cooking grandma and probably playing dominoes too.

Derrick I miss you so much. And I want you to know that I will never forget you and I will always talk about you as if you were right here with me. You are a piece of my heart that can never be recovered. A brother that can never be replaced.

I love you Derrick...always..."

This tribute was added by Betsy Alpert on 21st March 2014

"My dear nephew Derrick, I wish I could have spent more time with you. But I do cherish the time time we did get to spend together. My memories of you are good ones, you always clowning around. And how much you love wrestling!  And I remember that great smile of yours. You are in great company up in heaven with your titi and grandpa. You will always be in my heart and I will miss you greatly. Rest in Peace Derrick. Until we meet again!"

This tribute was added by cinderella tomazin on 21st March 2014

"Memories you leave with your loved ones and your wonderful son will provide the blueprint that you walked among us for your short 28 years.

All is not lost, only that which we chose to lose."

This tribute was added by Ashley markowski on 21st March 2014

"Derrick, i miss you every day. You made my life so much brighter while you were here. although you are gone way to soon i know you were to special not to become an angel. i loved you with all my heart and you always have a piece of my heart. rest in peace now, we'll see each other again. Love Ashley"

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