Doctor Gabs
Doctor Gabs
  • 52 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 12, 1960
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Aug 9, 2013
  • Place of passing:
Let the memory of Gabs be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Doctor Gabs, 52, born on December 5, 1960 and passed away on August 9, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Christelle Niqueletto on 9th August 2016

"Not a day without thinking of our friendship, your talent and your kindness... Still painful..."

This tribute was added by Luc Peeters on 9th August 2016

"three years already...
We still miss him like the first day!"

This tribute was added by klemm mireille on 9th August 2016

"will never forget you and your fantastic talented music
with all my sad tenderness"

This tribute was added by weiss pierre on 12th December 2015

"la musique est en fete,c'est l'anniversaire de Gabriel.
que le grand orchestre divin nous régale d'un concert de Dt  Gabs,alleluia"

This tribute was added by Kelly Chapman on 9th August 2015

"Repost of the day I heard about the passing of my dear Friend, Fellow Musician and Mentor:  
Today they celebrated the life of Doctor Gabs in Lausanne Switzerland. This was the city where I met Doctor Gabs while skiing in Zermatt. He was playing at a piano in the lobby of the Palace Hotel. I asked if I could sit in. We sang together all night. By the end of the evening, he said, "I am going to bring you back to Europe to sing. I was like 'Ok'. But I didn't think much of it.

Within a month, I was flown to Brussels Belgium. I was watching EuroNews and saw my photo on the TV along with Doctor Gabs and the Late Robert Palmer stating we were in concert. Flowers and gifts awaited me from Hotel Metropole. I remember seeing 1000 people in ballroom gowns and tuxedos. At the end of the concert, Robert looked at Doctor Gabs and said, "Send Kelly back out there to sing, 'His eye is on the Sparrow' for the encore. She will bring the house down." It was a moment I will never forget.

Since that date over 10 years ago, I have been to various parts of the world with Doctor Gabs. He asked for nothing in return. Just that I would smile and "be happy". I have struggled with that often... either due to being sad that I was single, or fearful of being on such grand stages. He always seemed to calm me down and remind me that life is short. He told me he had a heart attack previously, so he tries to avoid stress.
Yep. *sigh*

It seems like every time I turn on the television or radio, a song comes on that reminds me of my musical time with him. Of all of the singers in the world, he would think to call me all the way in the USA? It still blows my mind. I regret not packing my bags when he asked me to do 3-6 months in Geneva time and time again... including when I sang with him in Qatar last May. I had some silly excuse... When opportunity knocks friends - please SEIZE IT!

I learned a lot about "being content" from Doctor Gabs. I and friends I know could still learn from his attitude. He LOVED playing gospel music with me, and he wasn't afraid to share it in Europe or the Middle East. Yes, he was a bold and happy man. I treasure the video clips from Doha - Thank GOD someone captured our final time together.

I don't know when my travels will lead me overseas again, but I send a huge BISOUS to everyone I met and still hear from in various parts of the world. You treat me like royalty for some reason. Likely because Doctor Gabs felt I was important.

May God rest his soul. I trust he and Robert are having a blast together. May his family and the band members be at peace and have a wonderful celebration today."

This tribute was added by Salima Akele-Sita on 12th December 2014

"Une date anniversaire que nous feterons desormais sans toi... Mes quelques souvenirs je les garde et les chéris précieusement ; je regrette simplement de ne pas t avoir mieux connu. J ai envie de dire "de la ou tu es je sais que tu veilles sur t marleen imelda et melina" mais finalement je ne sais rien de comment ca se passe alors fais ce que tu peux. Ce dont je suis certaine c est que quelqu un d infiniment bienveillant le fait... Tu as bosse dur alors reposes en paix."

This tribute was added by norberto cioffi on 29th August 2014

"Today, 29th of August...
Just Back In Geneva after a long absence...
Parking my car in front of your pub...
And discovered you passed away...
Speachless and sad...

You gave me the opportunity to play your piano many times and sing together... I want to believe that now you are smiling and singing for something more special...

A big and malinconic hug to you, Doctor GABS...

This tribute was added by Luc Peeters on 9th August 2014

"One year already.. we surely remember our hero and still miss him as the first day!
Much strenght to all of you."

This tribute was added by Cristina Retta von Römer on 7th July 2014

"El inolvidable Doctor Gabs, en el encantador entorno del Hotel Metropole Bruxelles... Tantos sue~nos, tantas ilusiones prendidas en cada nota que brotaba de sus dedos geniales. Conservo su CD con las melodías preferidas y él estará presente cada vez que las re escuche con suma nostalgia. Vives en nuestro recuerdo, Doc!"

This tribute was added by Cecile Gruber on 11th March 2014

"Très chère Marlène,
Je tiens tout d'abord à te présenter mes très sincères condoléances ainsi qu'à tes enfants.
J'ai beaucoup de souvenirs de Gabs lorsqu'il venait à la maison et que mon mari Jacques Borres lui donnait des conseils,il écoutait toujours avec patience et respect.A mon avis ils se sont déjà retrouvés là-haut et jouent ensemble quelques morceaux d'Oscar Peterson.
Jacques lui avait conseillé de partir en Suisse et il l'a écouté.
Les années ont passé trop vite mais les souvenirs sont éternels.
Marlène,je pense beaucoup à toi nous avons aussi beaucoup de souvenirs communs.
Je t'embrasse très fort.

This tribute was added by Leillah Abdallah on 26th February 2014

"What a hard pill to swallow......Dr. Gabs you left to go and be with your maker, but you also left a void in lots of hearts.
Your inspiring musical lifestyle will sure be missed in Geneva and the world around, it will take many talented beings to try and come close to the great merge you set.
It's with a heavy heart I bid you farewell but I smile thinking of all the fond memories that I have, having crossed paths with you.......RIP, God bless Gabs!"

This tribute was added by Chris Jagger on 12th February 2014

"didnt know that gabs had gone....he certainly was a character and always kindly towards me....thanks man for all the friendship and will miss you as the only place i have placed in geneva.........shanti shanti shanti   chris jagger"

This tribute was added by Kelly Chapman on 7th December 2013

"My heart is heavy... but I am grateful to be in Geneva right now the day after the Tribute Concert for Doctor Gabs.  He opened doors musically for me, and he was a good man.  For that I am forever grateful to him, and to God for connecting us in Lausanne many years ago.  

Musically, I was amazed at his gifts, singing, playing, and just knowing how to be "Present" with his audience, and how to remain humble enough to make EVERYONE feel special.  He certainly made me feel that way.

Doctor Gabs I love you and miss you.  Rest in Peace.  Bisous!"

This tribute was added by Madeline Chillemi on 1st December 2013

"I had the extreme honor to sing along side Doctor Gabs when I lived in Lausanne Switzerland.  I was the bar Manager at the Lausanne Palace where he played.  He used to comment how I was always singing to the songs he played.  Next thing I knew, we were singing together.  My favorite was my endless love.  Today, just by coincidence, I found a copy of his My Way CD and thought, let me google his name and see where he is at.  Tears are streaming on my face as I type these words.  I'm sad that I couldn't see or hear him in person one last time. Doctor Gabs, you were an inspiration to me and a man of such wisdom.  I enjoyed every moment I shared with you and feel honored to have had that opportunity. May you continue to play music up in heaven.  You will be missed here on earth. :( A bientot mon frere."

This tribute was added by Lancina Soro on 1st December 2013

"I remember the first time we discovered your so special bar, it was a cold Thursday evening in winter, on the decision of the Chief, Joel, JF, the chief and me decided to discover this new jazzee bar in the Paquis... Then we enjoyed a warm, and fantastic bar with Dr Gabs and his wonderful piano... From that evening we made a new Friend, singing our names in his songs, calling by our first name and allowing us to be crazy in his fancy bar and chic piano bar...
Merci Gabs, repose en paix et fais dancer les anges et nos predecesseurs dans le paradis!!"

This tribute was added by Nacho Da Cappo on 21st November 2013

"I´ll will like to get in touch with the family , I live in Spain but my girlfrien Yael leaves in Geneva , please give us a call to Yael 0041 766795683
we were planing something with Mr Gabs ,we were good friends and   we´ll like to talk to the family .Thank you"

This tribute was added by Tshibayi Denis Bibi on 30th October 2013

"Marileen, les enfant, je manque de mots. Nous nous verrons surement un de ces jours car je vous cherche. en attendant, que la paix de Dieu qui surpasse toute intélligence vous vous couvre. Je vous embrasse très fort. Be blessed. Shalom.."

This tribute was added by Tshibayi Denis Bibi on 30th October 2013

"Mon ami, mon frère que m'as-tu fait ? On avait rdv non ?

Quelle épreuve ! Le grand artiste  ! Où est tombé le héro ? Sur le champs de batail, les armes à mains ! Oh mon Gabs ! Laisse-moi couler mes larmes en silence. Seul Jésus peut me consoler. Je n'ai pas pu venir t'accompagner. T'as fait que ns devancer. A bientôt, répose en paix."

This tribute was added by ricardo marques on 14th October 2013

"j'ai eu le honneur de travailler pour lui au longe...excellent patron...grand Homme....tout mon respect...sommes toujours resté très amis,même si je travaillais plus là bas.....un grand hommage à cet homme....RIP....condoléances à là famille"

This tribute was added by Luc Peeters on 22nd September 2013

"My sincere condolences to the whole family..
We have been so lucky to meet him several times in Brussels.
He was our hero: exceptionally skilled piano player and at the same time very humble man. We will surely miss him.
I'm sure he plays "Champagne boogie" very day now!"

This tribute was added by Patricia Mohsen on 20th September 2013

"Mes sincères condoléances à toute sa famille, en Europe et en Afrique et à son frère Pierre, car il m'en avait parlé. Gabriel était vraiment un leader charismatique, je suis sûre que l'ange Gabriel viendra nous chuchoter à l'oreille sa musique et ses douces paroles."

This tribute was added by Patricia Mohsen on 20th September 2013

"Doctor Gabs nous manque à nous tous et j'en suis la première à le pleurer. Ce sont ses filles et ses frères et soeurs qui ont besoin d'être consolés. Soyons l'ange de la consolation sans prodiguer de bonnes paroles lues ailleurs.Ils faut entrer dans leur douleur, leur parler, dire les mots justes, frapper à leur porte, écrire, téléphoner, les visiter dans leur solitude et prier pour eux."

This tribute was added by Maryluz Pardo Cubillos on 12th September 2013

"Yo sabia que estabas muy mal y Yo era como tu hermana que te reprochaba, para de cantar, para de complacer a tus clientes a 100%? Y tu me decías si toda esta gente que vienen al bar supieran que yo no canto mas, no volverían, Luz yo adoro este arte, adoro el piano, pero cuando es con una presión y sientes que eres una maquina comienzas a perder el gusto de las cosas..yo te vi mal."

This tribute was added by Maryluz Pardo Cubillos on 12th September 2013

"Gabriel o Dr. Gabs o mon patrón. Merci pour ta confiance,  merci pour 6 ans de plaisir que tu nous a donnée ou bar music à Genève, je t'attends , je ne crois pas, Gabs tu me has dicho.. Mme Pardo voy de vacaciones con mi familia por que siempre trabajo y no tengo mucho tiempo para mis princesas.. Yo te respondí , por fin vas a tomar vacaciones. Tu dijiste estoy mal me siento mal."

This tribute was added by Vladimir Dubchuk on 1st September 2013

"Our condolences to Doctor Gabs family.  We were lucky to hear his last song at Hotel de Paris, and so unlucky we could not save such a talented life. Doctor Gabs will be in our memory forever.
Dr.Vlad Dubchuk, Dr. Natalya Dubchuk, Christina Dubchuk.
Cleveland, USA"

This tribute was added by Christelle Niqueletto on 31st August 2013

"Merveilleux Ami Gabs,
"And now, the end is near ..." ma chanson préférée que tu interprétais magistralement... Mais, il n’y a aucune fin à l’amitié. A jamais connectée à toi, je te réitère le serment de faire jouer mon piano jusqu'au bout de mon chemin. Tu es irremplaçable, inoubliable, ton absence insupportable. Nous t'aimons and ... we'll always do"

This tribute was added by klemm mireille on 30th August 2013

"Mon ami ,mon frere
Je   ne peux pas y croire....mais oui je dois me faire a cette idee  tu es alle chanter  ...jouer merveilleusement   avec  les anges...
Tu nous as donne tellement de joie...quel  bonheur de voir    tes doigts   de chanter avec toi...Merci pour tout et sois en paix  Shalom"

This tribute was added by Anna Grichting on 20th August 2013

"We had the pleasure to see Dr. Gabs at the W Doha when we were celebrating my husband Cheo's birthday. Little did we know he has a bar in the Paquis, Geneva, where we have an appartment and spend the summer. So sad to hear of his passing away, but we are sure he is singing with the angels."

This tribute was added by SEGAN' SEGAN' on 19th August 2013

"Outre  un immense artiste, je suis triste car je garde le souvenir d'un être humain d'une extrême gentillesse qui m'avait chaleureusement accueillie en  guest lors d'un de ses concerts à Bruxelles il y a quelques années. Sincères condoléances à sa femme, ses enfants, sa soeur dont j'avais  fait la connaissance, et  ses proches. R.I.P. Gab's"

This tribute was added by weiss pierre on 16th August 2013

"Chère Marleen et les enfants,
Je suis sur que  Dieu et ses Musiciens accueillerons Gabs dans l'orchestre divin.
Nos pensées vont vers vous.
J'ai toujous considèrè Gabriel comme un ami et ai eu le plaisir de partager beaucoup de moments avec lui: Abidjan, Bruxelles, Luxembourg,Amman. amitiè et amour"

This tribute was added by Serge SCHULTZ on 16th August 2013

"C'était un homme merveilleux, d'une grande bonté et un formidable musicien. Je me souviens de tous les joyeux moments passés avec lui du temps où je dirigeais l'Hôtel Métropole à Bruxelles. Il en a été le meilleur pianiste et il le restera. A son épouse, à ses enfants et à toute sa famille je présente mes plus vives et sincères condoléances. Je pense à vous. RIP Doctor Gabs"

This tribute was added by Ngoya Akele-Sita on 16th August 2013

"Tonton Gabs!
La dernière fois que je l'ai vu, c'est lorsqu'il est venu pour la pose de la pierre tombale de tantine Bambi. Après toutes ces années, quelle joie! Et c'est vrai que la ressemblance avec Papa était frappante, même pour nous, c'est pour vous dire!! Il était toujours souriant, très drôle, plein de surprises et tellement gentil..."

This tribute was added by Sanusi Jimoh on 16th August 2013

"R.I.P Doctor Gab. I was priviledge to know and meet you even talk to you. You will forever be missed. Adieu Dr. G."

This tribute was added by Nani Akele-sita on 15th August 2013

"Ce n' est qu'un aurevoir,nous vivrons ensemble pour l 'Eternite au pres de notre Seigneur Jesus-christ..A bientot Tonton Gaby,nous t'aimons tous"

This tribute was added by Marthe-Emily Akele-sita on 15th August 2013

"Tu as accompagné mes premiers pas dans la chrétienté, je suis triste de ne pouvoir à mon tour t'accompagner vers ta dernière demeure sur terre...repose en paix mon tonton"

This tribute was added by Katy Akele "Nanatie" on 15th August 2013

"Doctor Gab’s, ce pianiste exceptionnel, c’était mon petit frère. Je garde en  mémoire les heureux souvenirs de notre vie d’enfants dans « la maison du bonheur ». Je n’entendrai plus sa voix légèrement rocailleuse m’appeler « Nanatie »,  le surnom qu’il m’avait donné. Gab’s, avec ta mort, une partie du cœur nous a été arrachée, laissant une blessure par où notre sang ne cessera de couler."

This tribute was added by Pierre Akele on 15th August 2013

"Chers Sœurs, Chers Frères, Chers Amis,
Doctor Gabs que nous venons aujourd’hui accompagner, par notre présence, nos pleurs et nos prières, dans cette redoutable expérience du voyage ultime vers la maison du Père, a été une partie de nous-mêmes. Il a été mon jeune frère. Il est aujourd’hui mon grand frère, auprès du Père. Participant désormais à cette promesse fraternelle que Jésus nous a faite de"

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