Doyin Sarah Fagbenro
  • 25 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 28, 1990
  • Date of passing: Jan 13, 2016
Let the memory of Doyin be with us forever

Dear all,

This website has been created in loving memory of our daughter, sister and friend Doyin Fagbenro. We will remember her forever and would like to celebrate her life, and memories of her in true Doyin fashion.

Please post your tributes for Doyin here and as many pictures, videos and stories, as possible.

Doyin was a big character (to say the least) and an absolute pleasure to be around. She touched so many lives in ways that won’t be forgotten. It would be lovely for us all to share our memories of Doyin so that friends and family worldwide can smile while reading them – no matter how random they are. Your pictures and words will keep her memory alive.

Feel free to share this link with people who know and love our angel. It will be updated from time to time with information and chapters of Doyin’s life.

God Bless,
The Fagbenro's 


Dear Family and Friends,

On the 23rd of January 2016, we would love for you to join us for a Celebration Of Life & Home Going Service for Oyedoyin Sarah Fagbenro (DSF) at:

All Nations Church
Brickhill Drive,
Bedford MK41 7QF,
Time: 10.30AM

Immediately followed by the interment at Clapham Cemetery (Private Ceremony)

Reception follows immediately after church service:
Time: 12.30 to 3.00PM
Venue: TBC

For those in Lagos, Nigeria a service will be held on Friday 22nd January. 
Time: 4:00pm to 6:00pm 
Venue: This Present House, Freedom Way , Lekki Phase 1 (At the end of Admirality Way)

Doyin's favourite colour was red, please incorporate this into your outfits in her honour.

Thank you and God bless,
The Fagbenros


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Oyinkansola Oladitan on 25th September 2016

"I feel your presence when I am down, when I am confused, when I am sad. I hear your voice.. telling me to 'Stop feeing sorry for myself'.. encouraging me. Even though you are not here (physically) - Your light still shines so bright! My beautiful guardian Angel! ❤️"

This tribute was added by Fiona Adesina on 22nd August 2016

"It has taken me 8 months to finally write something, you were the first person to speak to me at Uni, my first friend, I was always in awe of how you knew EVERYONE! Our 5 hour blackberry conversations:- Weddings, Marriage, Careers, ACS (lol) you had such big dreams and glad you got to see some of them come true! Such a big character with a pure heart, you always randomly spring to my mind and I thought it was time to write something. I know you are resting in heaven with the angels.
It was such a honour knowing you

Love Fiona"

This tribute was added by Abbie Ogunjobi on 18th July 2016

"Constantly reminded of you by the most random of things. Thank you for all the memories. I love you sissy x"

This tribute was added by Bola Adesida on 17th June 2016

"No day passes that you're not in my thoughts. Never to be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Rotimi Adido on 30th May 2016

"Rip to a True Beauty-Both Inward and Outward-Though I don't know you personally but with all what I have seen and Read here its like have known you for a Long Time and it Kinda Hurt but who am I to decipher the Great Mind of God;all I can just say is that:Sleep Well and be Strong till we meet to part no more @the Gate of Heaven but till den Goodbye...
I pray that God Continually gives the Family and Friends the Solace they dearly need to bear this Great loss of theirs(Amen)"

This tribute was added by Ronke Emielu on 20th April 2016

"It has taken me a long while to write this but after talking about you yesterday, I had to visit this page for the umpteenth time.

Doyin, you will be sorely missed. Till today I cannot figure out how we became friends but what I know is that you made it easy because you insisted on being friends by force :)

From Queen Mary to Lagos, we were on a similar journey. I made my escape from Lagos but you wanted to finish the journey strong despite how stressful Lag is!

You are one of a kind and I am happy that your legacy will live on in the people you touched with your indescribable love and friendship.

Till we meet again.

Sun Re


This tribute was added by Oyinkansola Oladitan on 19th April 2016

"Something crazy funny happened yesterday evening. I rushed on to whatsapp to tell you all about.. Forgetting momentarily.
Miss you everyday my sweet girl ❤️"

This tribute was added by Chloe Ogunleye on 29th March 2016

"My darling Doyin,

You know I'm no good with processing my emotions and articulating how I feel so I'm sure you understand why this has taken me so long to write.

I still remember when I first met you, we were waiting for Rola and Jen to bring Dami in for her surprise Birthday dinner and got to talking. You had on this yellow blazer, red lipstick and to be honest I don't know what it was but we just clicked. Little did I know, you'd become one of the best friends God blessed me with.

Doyin - you stood up for me when I couldn't even stand up for myself, you celebrated me when that's the last thing I wanted to do and you supported me when noone else was there to do so and in all honesty I'm just so sorry this is the way I have to say how much I love and appreciate you, but know there's no way I could be the person I am today without you being in my life.

I often still hear that crazy laugh you have, see pictures on IG and want to @ you, or just think back to all our insane conversations and plans and it only makes me grateful to have been able to call you my babe *insert yellow heart*.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you my love, but I know you're in the best place where the sun constantly shines on your face, where all the roses you love grow and you are in perfect peace. So save me a seat next to you, when we see again we will have too much to discuss lol.

I love you now and forever

Chloé Xxx

ps. Ocho Cincooooo (whatever that means :') )"

This tribute was added by bukky gbajobi on 15th March 2016

"Gone too soon my Adebimpe.
So I had a dream about my darling bimpe sunday night, I was so happy to see her and told her all that happened  in her absence, she was so happy and we laughed hard together.

Finally I have got closure that my darling friend and sister is gone, and in a better place.
Rest on Adebimpe"

This tribute was added by Bola Adesida on 10th March 2016

"DSF, Just too precious. You remain in our thoughts."

This tribute was added by Staci Cherry on 26th February 2016

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Fagbenro. My name is Staci and I'd like to express my condolences for the loss of your beautiful daughter, Doyin. I didn't know Doyin personally, but when I saw her young, beautiful smile I just had to stop to share some comforting words with you. You see, a few months ago, we lost our young niece, Faiza, who was around Doyin's age. She passed mysteriously in her sleep. We're still wrapping our heads around it, but I'd like to share with you some comforting thoughts that are helping us get through this trying time. The first comes from the Bible at John 5:28, 29(a) where it reads, "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life..." The second is from Revelation 21:4 where God  makes this promise, "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away." Mr. and Mrs. Fagbenro, I hope these scriptures will bring you comfort as they did for our family. Doyin is in God's memory now and nothing is beyond His power. Be assured that you will be able to see your beautiful daughter again, hold her in your arms, and be with her forever."

This tribute was added by kiara johnson on 23rd February 2016

"May you find comfort in the words at Psalm 46:1 which says, "God is our refuge and strength, A help that is readily found in times of distress."  An additional promise is that someday those who have been lost to the greatest enemy - death will live again!"

This tribute was added by Casey-Blue Cherry on 19th February 2016

"I'm so sorry for your loss. I personally didn't know her, but it seems as though Doyin accomplished a lot in the small amount of time with she had here. Whenever I think of a lost loved one, I think of the words found at John 5:28, 29 where it says "those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice  and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life..." meaning that we can see our beloved again - alive and well. I really hope that these words find you in peace and bring you comfort when needed."

This tribute was added by Adesua-Gift Obetoh on 14th February 2016

"White roses were your fave flowers and today is Valentine's Day. I remember when we would invite everyone round both on campus and in our flat round and cook jollof and chicken of course cuz we were hosts with the most lol or gather up all the FGNPs ( fine gels no pimples lol) for a round at cokobar.  Today I'm just letting you know that I am thinking of you as always and our memories are still so fresh in my mind. LOve you and miss you  N'Doye (fave igbo name lol) xxx"

This tribute was added by Bola Adesida on 9th February 2016

"Still in our hearts and missing you everyday."

This tribute was added by Emefa Tsikata on 9th February 2016

"Dear Doyin,

I still can't believe you're gone. We hadn't spoken in a very long time, but I often thought of you and often wondered what you were up to. You brought so much life to our 6th form common room, with your energy and crazy sense of humour (which we bonded over). I will always cherish the silliness we got up to when school got stressful and your visits to the boarding house. You always inspired me, and it kills me that I will never be able to tell you in person. I loved your "no nonsense" approach to life, your positivity and your tenacity. I will never understand why God took you so early, but you achieved in 25 years what many take a lifetime to.

Rest in peace Doyin.


Emef x"

This tribute was added by Ogeh Nnadozie on 8th February 2016

"I don't know you but I realized you were a good person and you will be missed. My condolences also goes to her family. God give you strength to move on. Amen"

This tribute was added by Osarhieme Odia on 7th February 2016

"I light up a candle for you cos u were a shinning light to all around you. Thou i never met u while alive but reading your tribute stories from friends, loved ones and all shows u were really an angel on earth.
Precious in the sight of thy Lord is the death of His saints.....REST IN PEACE,  DOYIN SARAH FAGBENRO, #DSF #SLEEPPEACEFULLYINTHYLORD #AMEN."

This tribute was added by Dupe Fakile on 3rd February 2016

"Doyin it took me so long to leave a note just because I sincerely do not believe that you are gone . Everyday I try to convince myself that it is just a dream but it dawn on me yesterday that you are truly gone ."

This tribute was added by Ekemezie Lois on 1st February 2016

"Reading ur story on d Internet left me with a question "will I be missed like dis when I leave dis earth"? Even in death u are still touching lives, and to think I just had a dream of a young lady who died dat I don't even know and I was crying, only for me to wake up and found dis article staring at me. What a wonderful life u lived! God Almighty give ur family and friends d fortitude to bear dis huge loss. Rest in God's bosom Doyin #tears"

This tribute was added by Orit Tedla on 1st February 2016

""My deepest sympathy goes to the family of  doyin . So sorry for your loss but god assures us in the bible of the resurrection hope john(5:28,29)“Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice 29 and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, and those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment.""

This tribute was added by Ladipo Durosinmi-etti on 31st January 2016

""Doyen Doyen", "The life of the party", "The Organizer", "The Socialite"as I so often called you. You were definitely born for greatness and 'boy' has that been the case over these past couple of years. I met you back in 2011 and was instantly touched and motivated by your warmth, ambition and unwavering kindness. It felt like I practically lived with you and the other girls, and was made to feel like we were family. You never made me feel uncomfortable when I visited, or gave me any reason to view you in a negative light. We would talk for hours about our future plans whilst I stared at your awards and other outstanding achievements. Unlike most, it was never ever just wash, you were the genuine article. Though you might not be here now, I and everyone else shall continue to live on in your stead. We shall achieve more and beyond as a testament to your impact on our lives and the inspiration you were to many. We love you Doyin and look forward to seeing you when we all come home.  My heart goes out to your family through this particularly troubling time. I can only begin to imagine what they are dealing with. God grant them the strength to cope in your absence. Good bye for now and God bless."

This tribute was added by Mariam Ashraf on 31st January 2016

"Doyin I pray you are in eternal peace. I knew your mum from Bedford. I can't imagine what she is going through just now but I pray that she finds peace with your loving memories. Xxx"

This tribute was added by Stanley Hansome on 30th January 2016

"dnt really knw much about you but your death brought sadness to my heart,am really gona miss you doyin RIP LOVE!"

This tribute was added by Dorcas Kuju on 30th January 2016

"I don't know you but I know and feel the pain your family and loved ones feel, lost my sister on 13th Dec. 2015, few weeks later I saw and read your story on Facebook. To the fagbenros, Doyin is in a better place, I pray the holy spirit comforts us all. My sister's name is Yetunde Caroline Kuju, she's also on memorial. We miss her so much."

This tribute was added by Joan Okpala on 28th January 2016

"this is really touching... i dont know you but i saw your picture on a friends page of instagram and i felt really grieved. God knows best!!! May ur soul rest in perfect peace Doyin...."

This tribute was added by Bukky Olatunji on 28th January 2016

"What can I say.....? This is so touching... I don’t even know u, but I feel as though I do. My heart is heavy. I certainly can’t imagine the pain in the hearts of many who knew you, friends, family and loved ones. I am certain of one thing; Doyin is in a better place.

God loves her... May her beautiful soul rest in the bosom of our Lord..

To Doyin’s family. Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. You all will continue to be in my prayers. May God comfort you during this time, May he never leave nor forsake you In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Okosun Paul on 28th January 2016

Met you a few months back and I am heart broken to learn of this.  God knows best and we surely love you here but I know you are somewhere better.  May your soul rest in peace.  So sad to say rest in peace when I remember you."

This tribute was added by Sam Booth on 28th January 2016

"My thoughts are with you all at such a sad time in your life's. Rest in peace first angel.xx
Sam Cox"

This tribute was added by Jane Charsley on 27th January 2016

"May you rest in peace, love and hugs to your amazing mum Dupe who I worked with and all your family and friends"

This tribute was added by Lindsey Ashpole on 27th January 2016

"I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful family. I have no words...All my love"

This tribute was added by Nyelong Margaret on 27th January 2016

"Dearest doyin
Rest in perfect peace Amen"

This tribute was added by Nyelong Margaret on 27th January 2016

"Dearest doyin
May your gentle soul rest in peace Amen.May God continue to be with your family in Jesus name Amen"

This tribute was added by Olusanjo Eniola on 27th January 2016

"Doyin,  when I was traveling on 29th December 2015 was the  last day I heard your voice on phone and promised  to call you back when I get to Ibadan, but the festive atmosphere in IB made me forget to return your call. It's very sad that I will not see my friend, client, tenant and sister anymore.  Anytime I walk by your window, I  remember the day you and your friend Folashade presented gifts to my kids on Xmas day.  Doyin was such a Nice and easy going fellow. I will miss her so much Adeiu."

This tribute was added by Ayodele Ige on 26th January 2016

"Dear Doyin,

I didn't know you well but I remember meeting you and hanging out with you in the hotel before st itunu's wedding and as soon as Moyin introduced us you were so welcoming. I also remember you giving me career advice about law and even though we'd just met you were so keen to help me and that is a testament to the incredibly kind and selfless person you were. You encouraged me to work hard and your ambition was so inspiring. It's honestly so sad to see you go, I pray you rest in peace and that God brings peace to your family. Rest in peace beautiful xxxx"

This tribute was added by Feyi Fatodu on 25th January 2016

"DOY! Never in a million years did I think I'd be writing a tribute for you. I have held off coming to this site for so long because I feel like I am going to wake up from this bad dream real soon and you'll be here again. It hurts to think that the last bit of contact we had was a message of you apologising for not making time to hang out. It embodied who you were to a T. You cherished the people you loved, the friendships you formed and always wanted to give the many friends you had a little bit of your time. You really had a massive heart.
I remember I would always tease you for knowing too many people when what I really should have been saying was many people knew and wanted to know you. The number of views this page has sums it all up. Always jovial, very hard working and very ambitious. In the 6 or so years I knew you, you definitely left your mark in my life. Thank you for all the good memories. Thank you for being a good friend even when I wasn't. I pray God comforts your family at this time and they find solace in the fact that you impacted the people you came in contact with definitely for the better. Till we meet again, Rest well Darling. Lots of Love.."

This tribute was added by Bimbola Olaogun on 25th January 2016

"I don't know this lovely,beautiful lady physically. I shed tears when I saw this article on the internet.
May God Almighty stay and comfort your family.
Evil will never come near your family again.
RIP Doyin."

This tribute was added by Marina Peron on 25th January 2016

"Dear Doyin
I have resisted writing this tribute since I heard the news of your passing hoping I would wake up from a bad dream.
Even though I did not know you so well I had the privilege to meet your entire family when you relocated to Rome and joined the church where we were also worshipping. We have been friends with your parents ever since. I remember your enthusiasm as a teenager helping in the VBS my children attended. Over the years when your Dad was working in Rome he was a regular member of our Christian Life Group and became like family to us. Through him I knew all about your progress in school, your achievements and your plans for the future. However it was only when I met you, after several years, in March 2015, during a brief visit to Bedford, that I realized what a wonderful young lady you had become. I was amazed by your maturity and the determination you had in facing challenges in life. I know you showed your fighting spirit to the end. After reading the tributes people have written I thank God you were able to touch so many lives in such a short time. Your passing is certainly a huge loss for your family, friends and society at large but what a gain for heaven! ' Well done, good and faithful servant!' are the words echoing from Your Master. He will surely put you in charge of many things and fulfill your dreams hundredfold.
My prayers are with your loved ones who will miss you immensely. May God give them the strength to bear this great sorrow.
Rest in peace beautiful Doyin."

This tribute was added by Abidemi Olabinri on 25th January 2016

"In years, I have not cried like I did when I heard about your passing. This was because we were so sure(by faith) you will pull through but then, who are we to ask God why? He is Sovereign! We therefore console ourselves with the assurance that you're resting in his bosom. The beautiful moment we had during my bachelorette party organized by your family will forever linger. You were beautiful inside and out, always smiling. It was never a dull moment with you. Rest on Doyin! No goodbyes!"

This tribute was added by Lloyd Sackey on 24th January 2016

"I lay a flower because it best represented our relationship, I'm genuinely at a loss for words and I really can't believe it. Although we haven't spoken in a while it wasn't sitting well with me not leaving a message. You were a beautiful soul.

My condolences to your family and I hope you rest in peace x"

This tribute was added by kanayo maryann on 24th January 2016

"Doyin dear we will all mis you so dearly.we have sober a lot and I wish tears could just wake u up speedily...I pray God will comfort your siblings,mum and dad and such will never occur again in jesus name"

This tribute was added by Akua Bediako on 24th January 2016

"Rest in perfect peace Doyin. May God comfort your parents and siblings. This is very sad indeed!"

This tribute was added by Motolani Oladitan on 24th January 2016

Aunty Dodo,
Aunty Didi,
Aunty Doyin-Sarah,
Aunty Doyin,

I remember those Christmas' when you came to my house and then slept over. You will be sorely missed and our Christmas' will never be the same without your bubbly, vibrant personality.
You were like a sister to me"

This tribute was added by Sandra Olaofe-Ogidi on 24th January 2016

"Although I don't know you have touched my life just reading about. Indeed even in death you are making impact on many. Rest in peace my dear.
O Nigeria you have lost another hope for the future."

This tribute was added by Kimberley Duru on 23rd January 2016

"I don't know you but now I feel like I do after reading how much you've touched people's lives. I pray God gives your family the strength to bear this loss. You moved back home because you wanted to create a difference in our country but God knows best! Rest in peace Angel!"

This tribute was added by Teri Sillo-Adebayo on 23rd January 2016

"I haven't been to a funeral since my father's (I was only 16 at the time) so today was tough but it was beautiful to see a multitude in such unity. I hope we all did you proud in our red outfits, Doyin Sarah Fagbenro The resilience of your parents and family is just mind-boggling. I thought I had it together until your daddy started speaking. What powerful words came out of his mouth... very heavy on the heart and mind! Now you have been laid to rest. Your star shines bright and will never fade. Say hi to my daddy for me and also the young ones we have lost in recent time gone by - Joshuana Adebekun and Josh Dorgu among others. It's sad to think I won't see you again but as your daddy said today 'God knows best' #restinpeace #DSFForever"

This tribute was added by Teri Sillo-Adebayo on 23rd January 2016

"When angels come among us and depart rather suddenly, we are left in a state of utter bewilderment - sometimes, confusion. I've been trying to make sense of this because Doyin Sarah Fagbenro, you were going to plan my engagement party - and future parties of mine, actually, through your events planning business! We talked a lot - first, about building a career in law and you asked my opinion about going to study law. We often joked about how 'hot' you are and if you can teach me to pose like that. Then you'd tell me you're learning from me and I'd say 'see this girl!' Lol! There is no sense in the fact that you are gone - in fact it is demoralising; too painful - but I draw comfort from that the fact that I know who you are - the true epitome of grace, beauty and style! You were one person who always kept in touch. I will never forget our last conversation when you said that for some people among us, out of sight is out of mind. Deep!! 25 is a young age but you did so much in that quarter century. You are greatly missed. Sleep well, Angel girl. Love always! #restinpeace"

This tribute was added by Niyi Oworu on 23rd January 2016

"Words cannot express my feelings. I pray that the almighty comforter will comfort and garrison the hearts of all family, friends and well-wishers. A great loss to those of us on earth, but a mighty gain to our God in heaven.

A light, gem and rare diamond that will shine forever in the life and heart of those whom you touched in your short but fulfilled life in God.

My prayer to those left behind, God will comfort and give each and every one the strength and courage to carry on. What a hole you have left and that which only God can fill.

Doyin, Rest in the bosom of our Lord, where you belong. Gone too soon.

Rest in peace......."

This tribute was added by Tumi Akomolafe on 23rd January 2016

"Doyin. Sarah. Fagbenro.

You were always:

Doing. Something. Fun.
Doing. Something. Fulfilling. or
Doing. Something. Fearless.

God made you so beautifully it's hard not to want you back. You lived your life so fully, painting it so brightly with your vivid soul. I can't think of you in any other way but in colour. I can only imagine how much vibrancy you're bringing as you rest, smile and laugh in glory.

2 Timothy 4:7-8

I have fought the good (worthy, honourable and noble) fight, I have finished the race, I have kept (firmly held) the faith. (As to what remains) henceforth there is laid up for me the (victor's) crown of righteousness (for being right with God and doing right), which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me and recompense me on that (great) day- and not to me only, but also to all those who have loved and yearned for and welcomed His appearing (His return)."

This tribute was added by Funso Adedeji on 23rd January 2016


My condolences to you, your wife and your family on the loss of your beautiful daughter. I met Doyin at my niece's graduation dinner two years ago. She came through as a thoughtful, intelligent and engaging person. What a loss to your family.  Words can not ease your pain but I leave you with this poem by William Wordswoth (1770-1850) from the Excursions

"And when the stream that overflows has passed,
A consciousness remains upon the silent shore of memory,
Images and precious thoughts that shall not be
And cannot be destroyed."

May Doyin's soul rest in peace.

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