Ikwuakam Diaku
  • 82 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 24, 1930
  • Date of passing: Feb 16, 2013
Let the memory of I.D be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Professor Ikwuakam Diaku, 82, born on November 24, 1930 and passed away on February 16, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Ike Diaku on 17th February 2016

"Unbeleivable 3 years are gone, I have come to realise it will be impossible to act and feel like you have left. Apart from remembering you daily, I often catch myself wanting to pick up my phone, saying let me run this by daddy. You were a great mentor and most important of all, a good friend. I was in a workshop all through yesterday, addressing over 40 people,  I remember at some point, images of you back in the classroom in Okigwe came to mind when I started cracking some jokes, at the end of the day people walked over to me to tell me how brilliant my presentation was, in my mind I said wait till you hear Ikwuakam Diaku speak. Daddy you were simply awesome, an epitome of simplicity and humility.

I could go on all day, I thank God daily for a father like you. Rest in peace till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Akinwumi on 16th February 2016

"Daddy, my husband and I remember you so often that anyone would think we saw you yesterday. You are still part of my life though you have been gone 3 years. I wish you'd met my son Tumininu but God has graciously let Mum represent you in our lives. Even watching my son spreadeagled in sleep makes Tayo and I laugh cos we know you'd have said he was positioned on the bed "like Jesus Christ". Your humour was legendary. During harmattan a couple of months ago, I monitored Tumininu’s struggles to breathe through a congested nose and dozed off only to find myself strangely acknowledging aloud, your usual advice on how to clear the blocked nostrils of phlegm as if you'd just spoken to me. It was uncanny to say the least, cos I didn't think you could still have a conversation with me, but I took your advice nonetheless. As I begin to raise our children, you and Mum’s principles and model of childrearing have become my instruction manual. We know to surround the children with love and teach them discipline, integrity and hard work. We know to teach them humility and kindness no matter how successful they become.
Nobody can ever replace you in our lives and my children will know about you like you all spent time together. I know this because I still talk about you and your impact on my life and the lives of others everyday. I apply your principles when life throws me a curveball. You still make me smile and I will grateful to God that He let me be your daughter. If I had a chance to choose a Dad it would still be you. Daddy, you were a man of faith who rather than pressure us about having children reassured us and sowed N50,000 into the lives of our children over 4 years before the first arrived. Tayo and I marvelled at your seed of faith that now reminds us of the patriachs of old whom the bible records died waiting to see the reality of what they believed. God came through for us just like you said He would. I love you and miss you Daddy. Rest on with Jesus. I promise to live so we can meet again. His grace is sufficient for me.

This tribute was added by Nkechi Diaku on 16th February 2016

"Rest on Daddy, till we meet again...
Miss you....
Nkechi Diaku"

This tribute was added by Queen Akomas on 16th February 2016

"3yrs went so fast. Daddy  I had comfort when I visited your home
at Mgbidi.  That was the closest  I can be to you again.
But,I know  you are resting  in peace.
You are deeply missed.
Queen Akomas."

This tribute was added by Ngozi Diaku-Ademiluyi on 16th February 2016

"3 Years ago my very own hero,mentor and beloved daddy went to rest. Though i miss you i'm rest assured that you are nestled in the bosom of God resting in perfect peace. I will always remember your bright smile, your jokes, unique sayings and idiosyncrasies with a smile and will definitely pass them down to my children. You continue to live in our hearts. love you Dad."

This tribute was added by Ugo Chris on 1st December 2015

"Prof you will ever be fondly remembered. You stood above other lectures as your students interacted with you in class and couldn't hide the fun packed lectures then in IMOSU. I came to liking and admiring you more as you walk hand in hand with Iyke then in campus discussing and chatting like friends.
Your were fun to be with. when I visited you in 2010 at Mgbidi during one of Iyke visit you held us bound with thrilling and rib breaking jokes that I wished we had more time.
We will always remember you.
Keep on resting Prof."

This tribute was added by Ngozi Diaku-Ademiluyi on 25th November 2015

"Happy birthday daddy! I woke up in the morning thinking i need to call daddy and wish you happy birthday. Its funny but it still feels like you are right here with us.
I keep thinking "i haven't spoken with daddy in a while, i had better call" and then it hits me again that i will never hear you call me "Ngo pepper", you really have gone to rest.
I will always love you Daddy. I miss you loads xxxx"

This tribute was added by Queen Akomas on 24th November 2015

"Happy birthday Dr ikwuakan Diaku.
I miss you Daddy. Lots of  fun memories.
And let's  not forget the love you shared with your wife
And children. You made family  life fun.
Daddy today I want say thanks  to your service to humanity.
I will  also remember  what Daddy says that make us laugh.
I know you are making them  laugh  over there.
Rest in peace Daddy. Just missing you.
Queen  Nwameme Akomas."

This tribute was added by Ike Diaku on 24th November 2015

Your light continues to shine in our midst, wonderful memories of time spent with you remain with us, your legacies remain in our hearts forever. Happy Birtday Daddy - We love you loads!!!"

This tribute was added by Nkechi Diaku on 24th November 2015

"Happy Birthday Daddy... We miss you so much.....
Love you Daddy.

Nkechi and Michelle Diaku"

This tribute was added by Chukwudi Ozokwere on 21st February 2015

"Daddy I remember how we go hunting with my brother Ike in Ife as if it was yesterday. I also remember our experience in Benin "ino give you anything" You are a man of integrity. You left something for me-Truth, Love, Trust and Integrity. You fought a good fight  and finished well. You made me fell in love with education and here I am today. This space is not enough to talk about you Prof Ikwuakam Diaku.  
We all miss you.
Rest in peace Daddy."

This tribute was added by Pastor Ike Ofoche on 20th February 2015

"Uncle you are missed especially your ever readiness to help others in need. You hardly distinguished your natural children and others which is rare in today's world. Definitely my role model as you were instrumental to my reading Economics at UNIFE in the 80s. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord. What a great Prof??"

This tribute was added by Queen Akomas on 18th February 2015

"Hello  Daddy.
You have been gone for two years

But your love  ones you left behind have not
gotten  you.Daddy  continue to rest in peace.
You  will always be  my most cherished  and
loved uncle  for ever.
Queen Akomas."

This tribute was added by Ngozi Diaku-Ademiluyi on 17th February 2015

"Daddy, you were the apple of my eye, the best father I could ever wish for. It seems only like the other day not 2 years. You did not see your granddaughter but I'm glad you left us knowing she was on the way. I see so much of you in her and it makes me smile. You are gone but your principles, humour, life lessons, eccentricity, your smile and lovely memories of you remain firmly with me. uncountable times when I'm unsure of what to do, I ask myself what Daddy would have advised in the circumstance. I have conversations in my head with you. I miss you so much and love you with all my heart. Nobody can replace you in my life. Because of who you are I am the person that I am today. God gave you to us, you fulfilled your assignment and God took you back to rest and this is why I will always remember you with thanksgiving to God for a life well spent. Rest in perfect peace Daddy. Big hug from Ngo pepper!...xxx."

This tribute was added by Chima Diaku on 17th February 2015

It's been two years now. How time flies
You left a legacy of truth, integrity and character which has been our defence these two years. Your grandchildren and I remember your hilarious jokes and quiet humour with which you kept the house warm. There was never a dull moment with you.
Your transparency was legendary, your openness absolutely unbelievable. You did what you  could for everyone especially the downtrodden. You have left VERY big shoes. You have given us direction and we promise  not to fail you.


This tribute was added by Marcel Njoku on 17th February 2015

"To the sweet Memory of Prof who left indelible finger prints over my life.
I was not his student. I took only the GES 101 course he taught my set.
But I looked forward to each class session.
It was a journey in erudition and elocution.
He was quintesential. Nothing "Igbotic" in his pronunciation.
A few of us will mimic how he speaks, and all the nuances, candor  and airs with which he carried himself.
I could quote Prof hours on end. He made light of situations. Simple to a fault, yet undiminished by that character trait.
I recall him telling us in class how he rejected an invitation to serve in Gen . Ike Nwachukwus's administration. An offer many would have jumped at. And I wondered why?
He said to me.. Marcel; mine is a very small family and I would not want to go to jail tomorrow because of any accusation of embezzlement  and leave my family at the mercy of........
He became a father to me and to many.
Going to his house to watch movies and cook rice later with Chima and Ike  was a normal thing for me then at Etiti campus .
Time and space will fail me if I were to continue.
Prof never died.
He lives. Always fresh in my mind.
And his mischievous and liberal smile I borrowed aplenty.
....Marcel, don't join those iconoclastic individuals with brutal commitment to  subvert law and order...."

This tribute was added by Ezioma Nnorom on 16th February 2015

it is rather uncanny but just last night, I was taking a short walk in the Canadian February winter with my father (Prof. Stephen O. Emejuaiwe) and he remembered you. As I walked ahead and he followed me briskly but much slower than his usual step, he commented; "I remember my friend Prof Diaku who used to say, Steve, you know when they see us walking like this they tremble". I asked "why dad"? and he said it was because he and "Diaku" used to walk in this self assured way for which they both became known (amongst other things of course).
As I watch my father aging and I read the tributes to you by your children, I remember that we are not that different and some of us were quite close. I see that we each love our fathers with untamed passion and have a zest for preserving their legacies and I hope for Ike and the rest that this year's memorial will bring fund memories and strength to carry on.
I hope you are still walking tall and getting known for it!
Rest in peace, uncle.
Barrister Ezioma O. Emejuaiwe-Nnorom"

This tribute was added by Adeniji Adaralegbe on 16th February 2015

"Time has gone by quite fast but the memories are still fresh. All in all I thank God for the life Prof lived. I thank God for those he left behind whose pain of his exit only time can heal. From the entire Adaralegbe family PROF you will always be missed. As you look down on us all I pray that you are satisfied and rejoice in heaven for all the good that you left behind. - Continue to rest in perfect peace sir."

This tribute was added by Ike Diaku on 16th February 2015

It is amazing the void you left in our lives,  having said that, it is with great joy we remember memories of when we grew up with you in Ife. I always prayed God will keep you with us till we grew up. You lived a good life and left us with no regrets. We have been blessed to have you with us. Two years look like yesterday, rest in peace daddy."

This tribute was added by Nkechi Diaku on 16th February 2015

"We are so blessed to have an amazing dad and granddad like you.
You will always be in our hearts.
We miss you so much.
Love you daddy.
Nkechi and Michelle"

This tribute was added by Adeniji Adaralegbe on 25th November 2014

"It is with deepest contrition and emotion that I write you to express my acknowledgement of this day exactly a year that pops went to be with the lord.

I commend you on being a great father, a great husband and a reliable friend in whom many can believe.

Let me say on this day that I Iam happy and lucky to have known your dad to be the epitome of manhood and a very tough act to follow in many  ways.

God bless his soul

Niji Jr"

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Akinwumi on 24th November 2014

"Just remembering days when you'd say Daddy had no birthday and therefore wouldn't be celebrating. When we asked you why, you just said you were the son of a labourer to whom such mattered not in the least. Our retort would usually be " well, our own father is not a labourer so we get to celebrate" and you would just laugh and shake your head at us all. Yet you indulged us. Yet you never missed calling each of us on our birthdays even into adulthood and keeping birthday gifts to give us when we finally visited. We all called on your birthday when we'd left home. Today we call again and will continue to remember your birthday cos we are so glad you lived and bore us. God our father knows when and why you were born and watched over you till you touched every life He intended for you to touch. We celebrate you still. Happy birthday Dad."

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Akinwumi on 24th November 2014

"Beloved Dad,
I remember you at every turn and quote you all the time. Your ways are still sacred to me and your advice still guides me. Memories of of your humour still give me belly laughs & your kindness makes the things people thank me for (even in my practice of medicine) seem trivial rather than noteworthy. People still celebrate your birth and your life.
When people compliment my precise & fearless driving skills, I remember our driving lesson that kicked off from the Imevbore's house on Road 9, Unife, on a rainy night in your Peugot 504 Saloon car with registration WF8960. The car you nicknamed "Garuba". I thought I was in trouble when I muttered "that's gear 3" as you attempted to pull out of their driveway & the car stalled. I was shocked when you got out and asked me to get in the drivers seat and do a better job. I was 15yrs old. We never had any parent teenager awkwardness at all. You were the best. You were an excellent driver until age 82 went you took off to better climes for good. You were simply fun Dad. Still love you heaps and will forever. I miss you Dad."

This tribute was added by Tayo Akinwumi on 24th November 2014

"Happy birthday Daddy! You are greatly missed by all."

This tribute was added by Ike Diaku on 24th November 2014

"Daddy, we remember you fondly, I have received many calls today from many of your adopted children, you certainly made indelible marks on peoples minds. We miss you but we also give all the glory to the almighty God for a life well spent. Goodness and mercy followed you all the days of your life here on earth and as you rest in the bossom of the Lord. Rest in Peace!!!"

This tribute was added by Queen Akomas on 24th November 2014

"Happy birthday daddy.
Just missing you.but i know you're
Having fun. Making jokes to your
New friends over tthere. we here will
Make sure your light  shine for ever on earth. .
Love you Daddy.
Your Niece.
Mrs Queen Akomas."

This tribute was added by Nkechi Diaku on 16th February 2014

"Daddy it's been one year since you passed on and your memories are still fresh in our minds. We miss so you much.  Not a moment goes by that we don't think and talk about you. You will always be with us even though you are not physically present here. Chioma sees your portrait picture everyday and remembers you as her super Grandpa.  She will be two years old tomorrow and wishes you were still here with us to celebrate her special day. Daddy we love you so much, but you are in the best place ever. Continue to rest in the bossom of our lord until we all meet again.
Sleep well Daddy!
Love you Daddy!!"

This tribute was added by Kamari Ademiluyi on 25th November 2013

"Dear Daddy,
You will always be remembered for the love and wonderful person you were.  Its almost been a year now since you left us to be in Heaven with the Lord. But we know you are still here in our hearts and minds. Your grand daughter was baptised yesterday and we know you were smiling  down from Heaven  with happiness and joy. We miss you lots. God bless you Sir."

This tribute was added by Ike Diaku on 24th November 2013

"Daddy, It is unbelievable you are not here anymore, I reserve jokes in the evenings to be shared with you in the morning, then I remember you completed your assignment on planet EARTH and left to be with the Lord. I remember you and shed tears of Joy, my God must love me to have given me a father like you, you impacted lives for over six decades of your life, Earth testifies you visited. All your children and family (very large) remember you daily and miss you a great deal - there can be non other like you.    - Your ebullient son."

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Akinwumi on 24th November 2013

"Daddy, I remember you more than once or twice everyday and often act on what you would have said to a situation. A lot of these memories make me laugh really hard. Sometimes despite my expected command of the english language, I cant share the joke as well as you would express it. Some of them are neither in English nor fully in any language. They were just your joyous jolly way. You still give me joy Daddy."

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Akinwumi on 24th November 2013

"Daddy, I am determined not to weep because I understand and believe without a shred of doubt that you are with the Lord in heaven and happy. I miss you so terribly because I love you so much and have much need of your humour, joy, uncommon kindness, your unconditional love and training in excellence with humility. Happy birthday Daddy, that's if it applies. I amongst many am so grateful you were born.  The world is truly bereft of your kind of love and respect for the lowly and high alike, There can never be a replacement. You live on in my heart because you are a major part of why I am who I am today. -  Ijerism!"

This tribute was added by Queen Akomas on 5th April 2013

"Daddy,you will always be with us.
Love, from all us.mrs Nwameme,Theo,william,
Julie ,helen,My husband and my children
Daddy,there will be non like you.
You will be missed by all.
Rest in peace Dr Ikwuakam Diaku."

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