Jeremy Aaron Johnson
  • 39 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 17, 1973
  • Place of birth:
    New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
  • Date of passing: Jul 20, 2013
We will love you and miss you forever, Jeremy!

Click here to watch the Memorial Tribute for Jeremy held at Loyola University on August 3rd, 2013. 

We invite you to make a donation to a scholarship fund in Jeremy's name to help youth from New Orleans public schools who come from lower income families attend college at Loyola University. Jeremy went to New Orleans public schools K-12 and is a graduate of Loyola. The scholarship is very close to meeting the amount where it will become an endowment that will support college-bound kids from New Orleans public schools for years to come. Your contribution can make a lasting impact.  Click here to contribute to the fund.

This memorial website was created to pay tribute and celebrate Jeremy. Jeremy is an amazing and inspiring soul who lit up our family and the world with his love, strength, humor, and heart. With great heartache we sadly share the news that Jeremy died in a tragic drowning accident in Navarre Beach, FL on Saturday July 20, 2013. Jeremy touched and inspired many lives- as a son, brother, grandson, friend, boyfriend, entrepreneur, personal trainer, massage therapist, wellness coach, actor (that's right, see the pic and video of him in the gallery in the film "Bad Lieutenant" starring Nicholas Cage), model, and all-around amazing person. 

Click here to see WWL-TV feature story about Jeremy and the many lives he's touched. 

For his many friends and family members, we wanted to create a place for you to share a message for Jeremy, a story, a prayer, even a photo, audio or video clip. If you have a longer message than the limit allowed below, please post it on the 'stories' page. This website will stay up, so please feel free to return.  

Thanks for filling Jeremy's life with so much love,

Mary, Bruce, Matt, Sean, Farah and Tessa

"Togetherness" a poem by an unknown author:  "Death is nothing at all. I only slipped away into the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that we still are. Call me by my old familiar name, Speak to me in the easy way you used to. Put no difference into your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, Smile, think of me, pray for me. Let my name be the household name it always was. Let it be spoken without the shadow of a ghost in it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. What is death but a negligible accident? Why should I be out of your mind because I am out of your sight? All is well, nothing is lost. One brief moment and all will be as it was before."

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Kathy Wightkin on 20th April 2014

"Jeremy, I can imagine that you watched  the Crescent City Classic and noticed that once again I slept right through it!  Maybe I'll get it together for next year, keep looking out for us. Happy Easter!"

This tribute was added by Emily Kaplan on 20th April 2014

"Jeremy, I've been thinking about you this weekend! I'm in Austin, a city I always associate with you since I came here to visit you for the first time way back in 2006. Yesterday we passed by Sandy's Hamburgers and Peter Pan mini-golf, and today we had brunch at Kerbey Lane and it reminded me of our argument about whether Kerbey Lane or Magnolia Cafe had the better gingerbread pancakes (Magnolia Cafe, you were right). I have such happy memories of being here with you. In fact, my Bloc Party CD still has "Rainey Street" scrawled onto it in Sharpie so I wouldn't forget your address when I was driving up from New Orleans!"

This tribute was added by Sean Johnson on 19th April 2014

"Jeremy, we celebrate you today at the Crescent City Classic. You'd be so proud of Mary and Bruce who've been training hard. Bruce is wearing all your clothes including the No White Flags t-shirt. Josh and Ellen came down from VA. And ofcourse Tessa is running like the wind. Brad's meeting us at the finish line. You are in our hearts and each step. We love you."

This tribute was added by Kathy Wightkin on 22nd January 2014

"Not a day goes by that I don't have a thought or two about Jeremy."

This tribute was added by Sean Johnson on 10th December 2013

"Thanks to the generous support of so many of you The Jeremy Johnson Memorial Scholarship at Loyola is up to $30,000 and is now endowed and will support low-income kids from New Orleans Public Schools attend college for years to come. See the link at the top of the page if you still wish to make a contribution. "To continue to be in the presence of someone we love after death, we need only act positively on their behalf." - Deborah Morris Coryell"

This tribute was added by Mary Meighan on 28th November 2013

"Celtic Blessings upon you all on this Thanksgiving Day, when I know Jeremy will have his special place at the table. This day will be filled with so many emotions - may you feel the prayers and blessings and loving thoughts that are coming from Ireland to rest upon you all. Siocháin a bhí ar do gcroíthe (peace be upon your hearts in Irish).
Mary and Andrew"

This tribute was added by Kathy Wightkin on 12th October 2013

"The weather's been nice and this year, so far, we haven't had any storms or hurricanes (knock on wood) and I can't help but think that it may be because you're up there looking out for all of us. Thanks!"

This tribute was added by Hunt Scarritt on 11th October 2013

"That Which Burns Brightest:Look up and love that which burns brightest, so bright above. Look up and love the river of your name
you kneel the sky lifting sword so high you touch the wild of sky
joining memory to wipe away the void, oh, u laughing boy"

This tribute was added by Mary Meighan on 9th October 2013

"Mary, Bruce, Sean, Matt, Farah and Tessa - and of course Jeremy.
Warm blessings upon your aching hearts as prayers continue to wing their way from Ireland's shore to you. May the love you all feel for each other offer you some ease and may it surround you and mind your gentle hearts."

This tribute was added by Ray Lincoln on 20th September 2013

"Bruce and Mary, Claire and I are glad we were able to sit with you last night at the play but of course were grieved to hear your news. These memorial tributes are all the evidence anyone needs that Jeremy lived a full and wonderful life of service to others. And that's a tribute to the two of you too. God bless you all."

This tribute was added by Joshua Burke on 20th September 2013

"I love you Jeremy and wish you could be joining me in the 40 club...the stories and memories flood my heart and will always be with me...Happy B-day Cuz."

This tribute was added by Shannon LaHaie Bultemeier on 19th September 2013

"I finally found the strength to watch the tribute video.... what an amazing way to memorialize Jeremy and the way he touched our lives. To Bruce, Mary, Matt, Sean, Farrah, and Tessa, thank you all for all you have done to allow all of us that loved Jeremy to come together and celebrate his life and mourn his passing.  The pain I feel cannot compare to what you must feel, Love to you always"

This tribute was added by Jaime Richard Trahant on 18th September 2013

"Happy 40th Birthday Jeremy! It is only fitting that every other song on the radio yesterday was The Police or U2. Sending love and prayers to Tessa and the Johnson family.

This tribute was added by Mylyn Tran on 18th September 2013

"Happy Birthday Jeremy! Hope all the angels are singing to you in heaven. Sending my love to Tessa and the Johnson's family."

This tribute was added by Mike Harris on 17th September 2013

"Happy Birthday Jeremy.  By the standards we had in high school, you certainly would have become an official fossil today. I miss you, my friend."

This tribute was added by Angela Haber on 17th September 2013

"Happy Birthday, Jeremy. Everyday, I listen to First Wave Radio, and everyday, I hear a song that we discussed...that reminds me of you. You, your energy and your antics are so missed at the NOAC. The solace that I've found during these past weeks is in the stories, laughs and tears that each of us has shared. Your spirit and impact remain a constant in the lives of everyone you touched."

This tribute was added by Mimi Zarsky on 17th September 2013

"Happy birthday, Jeremy!
Your birthday is just 3 days before mine, so we often discussed the complexities and the awesomeness of a Virgo. Sending love."

This tribute was added by Tricia Towns Lydick on 17th September 2013

"You are all in my thoughts and prayers, especially today.  I have no doubt that Jeremy and my brother, John, are working out together in heaven.  Love you all!"

This tribute was added by Chris Accardo on 17th September 2013

"Bruce, Mary, Sean, Matt, Tessa:
Please know that you and Jeremy are very much in my thoughts today. It always pissed me off that (even though I had a Jan birthday) Jeremy was older than me. But lately I had been looking forward to having him go before me into our forties and tell me it would be OK.
happy birthday, JJ"

This tribute was added by Kathy Schrenk on 17th September 2013

"Missing you, especially today. I wish I could bring you my banana bread or maybe some Terranova's sausage...your guilty pleasures from me. So you will know, I plan to start training soon for this year's Turkey Day taught me how. And if I ever, ever come in first in my age group, it's because of you."

This tribute was added by Karen Rengel on 17th September 2013

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Bruce, Mary, Sean, Matt, Tessa, and Farah especially today on Jeremy's birthday!
Love, Karen, Dave"

This tribute was added by Kathy Wightkin on 17th September 2013

"Happy Birthday Jeremy, it's still hard for me to believe that you're not in New Orleans somewhere training somebody or auditioning for something.  I remember waiting to see your spot on the Breakout Kings... you were great even if your role was very short!  Keep looking out for all of us. Tell all of my folks hello for me.  My thoughts are with Tessa and all of your family today."

This tribute was added by Henry Artigue on 17th September 2013

"Jeremy and I are both Virgo's. Perhaps another reason we connected.
I think of him daily (and the whole Johnson clan). I am simply at a loss for words. Happy birthday my good friend."

This tribute was added by brittany weber on 17th September 2013

"Reading this memorial again today, on Jeremy's birthday, is both unbelievably inspiring and completely heartbreaking. Sending eternal love and support to the entire Johnson family and to his Tessa."

This tribute was added by Priya Dey-Sarkar on 17th September 2013

"Happy Birthday Jeremy--we never met in this life but it seems our families have been connected for many lifetimes. We feel your love, soul, and spirit even though we cannot always see it with our own eyes. Everytime I see a rainbow now in clear skies, I will think of your happy soul, watching over everyone, protecting your friends and family. Thank you for your gift of presence."

This tribute was added by Michael Berthelot on 17th September 2013

"Hey Dude, remember the time Jerry Hernandez licked the knife he was using to cut the cake at his birthday party at the Rec Plex.  Try not to do that today.  Happy Birthday."

This tribute was added by Donald Mouton on 17th September 2013

"Sending love and support on this special day. Sadly I never met Jeremy but Sean, is a beacon of light in my life. And clearly so was Jeremy to so many. Jai Mary and Bruce, for producing some awesome Johnson boys!"

This tribute was added by Ann Wakefield on 17th September 2013

"Jeremy and I talked about this day. We looked forward to the happy convergence of three events: Jeremy's 40th birthday, my first grandchild's due-date, and St. Hildegard of Bingen's Feast Day. My thought is that Hildegard is throwing a big party today and Jeremy is there. And there's birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Jeremy."

This tribute was added by Dominique Meekers on 17th September 2013

"My phone sent me a reminder this morning that it is Jeremy's birthday. It did not need to. I remembered. Jeremy's passing just shattered my world. But today, I feel fortunate that I got to spend a good bit of time with him this summer. And through this tragedy, I am making new friends. I am grateful for that."

This tribute was added by Patricia Gayle on 17th September 2013

"Happy Born-day Jeremy and Jeremy's family.
I can't imagine the mixed emotions all of you are feeling. I can imagine the intense love, respect, dreams and trials you have all shared. May the Light of Jeremy's life that you all helped create, bathe you in a cocoon of peace, knowing that you all shared in helping shape this incredible being."

This tribute was added by Mary Johnson on 17th September 2013

"I want to thank everyone who has visited this memorial site.  All of the photos, stories, tributes and remembrances have touched us deeply and made us both cry and laugh.  I also want to thank any and all who have supported, encouraged, inspired and loved Jeremy in his life."

This tribute was added by Shannon Burke on 13th September 2013

"I'm still thinking of you, Jeremy and Aunt Mary, Uncle Bruce, Sean and Matt.  Wondering how you are? Such a profound loss.  Sean....thank you so much for putting the service online, so that even those far away can be there in their hearts."

This tribute was added by Leo Tablante on 8th September 2013

"Dear Matt and Johnson family,

I know how much you, Matt, were proud of your brother and how much you loved him. I always enjoyed your stories about him as much as our conversations of cinema, a passion that he shared with us, even if he was not having coffee with us. Receive a hug from your Spanish tutor, Leo"

This tribute was added by bruce johnson on 7th September 2013

"What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead. (From a speech for the 90th birthday of  anti-apartheid activist Walter Sisulu, 2002)"

This tribute was added by Henry Artigue on 5th September 2013

"I would often see Jeremy running around Bayou Saint John and he would always stop, take out his earbuds and say hi. It was generally brief so that his heart rate would stay up and he would be on his way. I would see him in his silver truck and we would always wave at each other. Every time i see someone running on the bayou I think of Jeremy...or a silver pickup. I miss him dearly."

This tribute was added by Lacey Daniels on 4th September 2013

"Not my first time to this memorial page but my first time leaving a tribute. Such a beautiful page with beautiful words! I think of Jeremy and all of you often, his friends and family, and wish for love, comfort, and peace."

This tribute was added by Paige Royer on 31st August 2013

"Dear Bruce,
I still think a lot about the terrific eulogy you gave to Jeremy. I loved your honesty and your description of Jeremy's persona ("He cared.") And best of all, you left us with great ideas about how to do something constructive with our grief. I am trying to "take a piece of what he meant to (me)" and to be the best I can be."

This tribute was added by Madonna Mamerow on 31st August 2013

"I met Jeremy when Katrina blew him over to me in Austin. And yes, I will claim he was pushed to Austin just for me. He helped me realize how much my life needed to change. Ever since then I have googled him once a year right around the time of Katrina's anniversary to see what new movies he was in.  What a sucky script, Jeremy! Super heros never die ---we all know that!!"

This tribute was added by Kathy Wightkin on 30th August 2013

"I miss Jeremy very much, especially when I'm at the NOAC and trying out the new stuff with Tessa.  Tell all of my folks up there I said hello."

This tribute was added by Sean Johnson on 29th August 2013

"Jeremy was a dear friend through the years and helped me become more healthy. I wil miss him. He always made me laugh!!!
~ Wedon Brown (from online obituary guestbook)"

This tribute was added by Sean Johnson on 26th August 2013

"Jeremy, it so hard going to work walking through the door, you not there, it don't feel the same way at NOAC.
-Hishaunda Riles (from online obituary guestbook)"

This tribute was added by Sean Johnson on 26th August 2013

"Johnson Family: Keep your faith in God and know that He will give you the strength you need. Jeremy was an amazing individual and my life is enriched for having known him as a friend and co-worker at Loyola's Rec Plex.
- Lynn Smith Foxworth (from online obituary guest book)"

This tribute was added by Sean Johnson on 26th August 2013

"My husband (Phung Nguyen) was Jeremy's friend from high school, and as his widow, my heart is broken for all of you. I know intensely the suddenness of your loss, the pain and questions; yet, I know God wants to pull you through your grief. Praying that you allow Him to do that in his way and his time.
- Amelia Nguyen (from online obituary guestbook)"

This tribute was added by Sean Johnson on 26th August 2013

"Mary and Bruce, Sean and Matt, Tessa, and FAMILY. I was brokenhearted to learn of Jeremy's death. What a lovely and creative young man. I remember being so impressed in talking to him at Mrs. Burke's memorial service. I love you all.
-Judy Saux (from online obituary guestbook)"

This tribute was added by Sean Johnson on 26th August 2013

"Jeremy, my friend, my brother. I heard about this friday. I'm still in shock and idk what to say. I'm really heartbroken and i wish the best of hope and prayers to you, friends and family. I pray and wIll never forget you. Your family. I'll miss you and wIll always remember you.
- Jubek Lee (from online obituary guestbook)"

This tribute was added by Sean Johnson on 26th August 2013

"My son, Arthur (Art) Hattier went to Hynes School with Jeremy. My son and Jeremy had great times together. Jeremy's mother, Mary, and I, went to grammer school together, St. Dominic. We wanted to let your family know how special we thought Jeremy was, and he will be in our thoughts and prayers forever. - Marie, Art & Ann Marie
(from online obituary guestbook)"

This tribute was added by Linda Karner on 25th August 2013

"I didn't know Jeremy but attended a Kirtan and Bhakti on the Mat with his beautiful brother Sean Friday and Saturday at Asheville Yoga in Asheville, NC.  Sean spoke so lovingly about Jeremy and gave a beautiful, heartfelt, loving tribute to his dear brother.  You could tell that Sean's heart was broken but he carried on and gave us everything.  What a beautiful tribute to his brother."

This tribute was added by Lorraine Skala on 25th August 2013

"I attended a Kirtan in Asheville, NC just this past Friday and Saturday presented by Sean Johnson, Jeremy's brother.  I did not know Jeremy, but Sean spoke of him and honored him during this Kirtan.  I can only say from meeting Sean that this world has lost a wonderful gift.  I am so very sorry."

This tribute was added by Monique Robbins on 19th August 2013

"I didn't know him, but I did recently lose someone very dear to me suddenly and at a very young age. I love the poem. This man, like my friend, looked like they were full of life and lived it fully. My friend was only 3 years older than Jeremy. My heart goes out to the family, friends, and all who deeply loved him. One day you will meet again. With sympathy...and love."

This tribute was added by Kathy Wightkin on 18th August 2013

"The NOAC just isn't quite the same without seeing Jeremy with his clients and Jeremy and Tessa chatting while keeping up with helping us to give our workouts our best."

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