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Kelechi Umelo
  • 36 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 8, 1980
  • Date of passing: Sep 17, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Lekki,Lagos, Nigeria
Let the memory of Kelechi be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Barrister Kelechi Chinaka Umelo, 36, born on February 8, 1980 and passed away on September 17, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Amaka Obi on 3rd October 2016

"Dear Kelechi,

It's been over 2 weeks now. A part of me was hoping this was all a joke, and because we are all Christians, waiting for our miracle-working God to come through. But we've sent you off in the best way we know how, and it has finally registered that you're gone for good. So many hows and whys that we will never have answers to. We are heartbroken...completely!

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to know you. You made my Lohi so happy. She and Muna loved you so much. Dami and I always teased Lohi that you both were #couplesgoals. I'm sure she told you. You still are! Even when you complained about "Happy Hour" taking over your household (side eye to you for that you know how your wife is na....she will just off phone and say she's busy/having family time if we're disturbing too much). She was so proud of what she had.

All we have now are memories of you. I thank God that they were good memories. Kelechi, look at this page. It is full of people with nothing but good things to say. You were amazing, man!

You were a good husband, a good father, a good son, a good brother and a good friend. Those of us that knew you are hurt, but it will never compare to the hurt your family feels. My heart weeps daily for them.

Kelechi, I don't know what else to say. God only knows why he decided to take you away from us so soon. All I can say is this....and I don't even know why I am saying because this is a no-brainer for you...but please continue to be the protective husband and father you were. Please watch over Lohi and Muna.  We down here will ALWAYS be there for the both of them but you're their guardian angel now.

We miss you so so much. We love you, but your Heavenly Father loves you more.

Go with God our dear brother and friend. We'll see each other again sometime.

Love always,
Amaka & Tim"

This tribute was added by Ibifunke Pegba-Otemolu on 1st October 2016

"Dear Kelechi,

I hope in the life after you have access to our thoughts and feelings and know how much we miss you. I have tried to write this tribute several times and each time I am surprised at how much time we spent together and the good memories from each time. From how much fun you made of us in camp to how you had already visualised the growth of the company to it's eventual sale which you would handle.
Your life has inspired me to live more kindly and open my heart more freely to people. You always made me feel welcome and like a part of the family. May God bless you and grant your soul eternal rest in His bosom"

This tribute was added by Damilola Familusi on 30th September 2016

"Though nothing can bring back the fun times, your laughter, your dry jokes, your teases, we will not keep on grieving, rather find strength and cherish the memories created.
When someone becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.
Adieu Kelechi!!! You will always be remembered!!
Forever in our hearts!!"

This tribute was added by Phoebe E-like on 29th September 2016

"My dear Kelechi, I probably haven't seen you in over 12 years and never imagined it'll be under these circumstances.  As one of the 7 Umelo kids you were truly the fairest of them all - sweet and kindhearted and always smiling.  The Ewelikes' are truly heartbroken and cannot believe that you are gone - Kelechi, you will be truly missed.  In the mean time, we will watch over the family you've left behind and love and comfort them.  Goodbye my brother, til we meet again."

This tribute was added by Bola Adekoya on 29th September 2016

"It is still so shocking to be writing this but who can question God? You will be remembered for always being a team player, a thoughtful and considerate person who always checked up on people. May the Lord comfort all those you left behind especially your young family. Rest on Kels."

This tribute was added by Bridget E on 29th September 2016

"Kelechi it's still surreal

You were a great friend to me, since we met at lectures for ACCA, always encouraging me, from discussions around my career, to some business or industry opportunity, and to checking up on me personally. Loyal friend!
The last time I saw you was at lunch,  U were so happy for me at passing my exams and insisted we must do lunch.

When I heard you passed on Saturday morning I pinged u, because I was sure they were all mistaken because we had still chatted a few days before.

The teasings to come and join the morning run, the intellectual chats we had, or your humor! My constant jabs every time I saw your daughter's picture and how she's a split image of you.

You were good people! Thank you for being a great friend to me

I pray U rest in God's bosom, and that the Holy Spirit would comfort your family!"

This tribute was added by Chioma Obaro on 28th September 2016

"Kelechi. Words still fail on this night of your wake keeping. Seems surreal that all these people are gathered because of you, that you are gone! Just gone! Death where is thy sting? RIP my friend. I will still look out for you on Saturdays at Lekki bridge. I will see you not but I will cherish those moments we stopped to gist at the bridge. A colleague and a friend. Jee nke oma. Kachifo."

This tribute was added by Ayoola Adesanya on 28th September 2016

"Kelechi, there is never a dull moment around you. You are jovial and friendly.  Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by moyo babalola on 28th September 2016

"Rest in peace Kelechi. I pray for your family and loved ones."

This tribute was added by Idris Olaniyan on 28th September 2016

"I received the news of your passing with great shock. I haven't seen you in a while but you are one cool brother that I never forgot. In as much as we give all glory to the Almighty and we thank Him for everything, some things remain really hard to accept. God bless and rest your gentle soul. Amen."

This tribute was added by olamide george on 28th September 2016

"Its hard to's really hard...kelechi you were such a good person looking out for the best of those who you cared about...i really don't know what to say and where to start much memories really gonna miss you Gee"

This tribute was added by Teniola Ekeopara on 28th September 2016

"Dear Kelechi, it was a big shock to hear about your passing and even though I didn't know you for long, one thing I know for sure is that you were a beacon of light and an inspiration those around you. I pray that God will give Lohire, Muna and all your family the fortitude to bear this great loss. You will forever be missed."

This tribute was added by ABIMBOLU SERIKI on 26th September 2016

"Hummmmm,Life and its many mysteries...2 yrs my senior back in UNAD...Last saw u about 8yrs ago after we all had left school...You said you were with Pwc and asked about my dad who was your lecturer back in Unad....May your soul rest in peace.. May God Almighty himself console your wife and family..."

This tribute was added by ijeoma uwaeme on 26th September 2016

"John 13: 7" Jesus answered and said unto him , what I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter"

We will never fully understand or know why until hereafter but are grateful that you touched our lives.

You were always full of sparkle,full of life,zest to keep going and had this winning smile.From your early days in Royal children's dept TREM headquarters till our families met again in TREM Ikota.My husband who was like a big brother and I would always cling to your lovely daugther until your wife and yourself will jokingly threaten to leave her with us. We all called my husband your executive nanny and had lots of laughs about it amongst other things we all joked about.  You had a very strong sense of commitment and seriousness in the marriage committee of which we were both members .This was commendable for someone whose marriage was just a few years.You took your ushering job very seriously and was always on your duty post.

We will truly miss you but are comforted by these verses of the Bible Psalm 112:6" Surely he shall not be moved forever: the righteous shall be in eternal remembrance. Revelation 22:12"And, behold , I come quickly ; and my reward is with me , to give every man according as his work shall be."
We know that you have gone ahead to receive your reward from the great rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.Till we meet at the bosom of Jesus Christ our Lord Goodbye-kaodi,odabo,Adieu,Ciao, Hasta Manana, Adios, da-svee-da-nee-ye."

This tribute was added by Abidemi Salaja on 25th September 2016

"Rest in peace bro. You will be missed by all of us."

This tribute was added by David Nwachukwu on 25th September 2016

"I've still not been able to wrap my head around the news of your passing. I was not very close to you but each time I'd come to church (TREM Ikota) you'd still make sure to ask how University life was going and also give advice and joke about experiences. You didn't have to but you still did and I remain grateful for it. You were an incredible human being and my thoughts and prayers are with your family. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Ebele Okangba on 23rd September 2016

"Kk my brother!So many questions which cant be answered anymore. Its a shock that you are gone. God knows best and i know He is in control. Ill miss all your care and were always there -supportive and strong. You inspire me even in death.Its hard to say goodbye KK .miss you dearly. Sleep on till we meet st Jesus' feet."

This tribute was added by Gloria Adekoya on 23rd September 2016

"Kelechi, May your soul rest in peace. We cannot question God why you died at such a young age. God will protect your wife and child. I know you are resting in the bosom of our Lord."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Obanor on 23rd September 2016

"I wasn't very close to Kelechi, but I remember him hanging around Obinna quite a bit when we had to meet up for some "crusader fellowship" meeting or event back in the day at TREM Headquarters. My take from that, he seemed eager to follow in his elder brother's footsteps. The closeness was obvious...

Years later, He's left His own mark, blazed a trail all His own, and touched not a few lives, hence all the tributes...

Reflecting on this makes me more aware of the fickleness of this life, the brevity of our time here on this side of the eternal divide, and most of all, our need to make the most, nay, the best of our sojourn...

From our perspective, perhaps we'll say, "gone too soon" But to GOD we should say, thank YOU for the opportunity, however brief, we had to encounter YOU through Kelechi... Showing different sides of the wisdom, beauty and gentleness of GOD through Him.
Rest now Kelechi"

This tribute was added by Efe Ogunnaiya on 23rd September 2016

"Dear Kelechi, It has been very hard to come up with a proper tribute. I still can' this not the person I shared boli with the other day in the office? You truly took us as your family not your in-laws. You always had a smile and a will truly be missed. Sun re ooooo"

This tribute was added by Tega Gbidi on 23rd September 2016

"Still can't reconcile with the reality of your passing, seeing your photograph shocks me still. I met you only twice but it's as though I've known you a long time, that I can call you friend. Thank you for being in our midst, bless you. God will give your family and we your friends the fortitude bear this loss as it's great one. Adieu"

This tribute was added by Funmilola Ajibola on 23rd September 2016

"Kelechi, God bless your soul.

You guided me through my first tax computation assignment. You were patient and very forgiving. May God comfort your family."

This tribute was added by Karibo Ekeopara on 23rd September 2016

"I am still short of words. May God console your family. TREM Ikota will sincerely miss you, Gosh, so no more cheery 'hi-fives' before and after service from The only 'Tall fair and Handsome Usher' and that arrogant smirk, strange sense of humour... I'm sure you are in a better place now, that is our only consolation but it doesn't take the pain and hurt of not seeing you again... God bless your soul Kelechi..."

This tribute was added by Ikhine Otaigbe on 23rd September 2016

"When i heard this shocking news on 19/09/2016, i was literally in shock. Utter disbelief! In my 14-month brief employment at PwC Tax, this great man was one senior colleague i looked up to. He was always full of life, very jovial, genuinely concerned about new hires like me, reasonably opinionated and amazingly smart. I feel so sad that i never expressed these words to you in person while you were still here on earth with us. You really made an impact in so many lives... we miss you bro! May God console your family at this time. Rest in peace Kelechi Umelo."

This tribute was added by Israel Aimuemojie on 22nd September 2016

"Kelechi Umelo...Even though I did not come in contact with you one-on-one, but I saw you in your brother Obinna Umelo way back in TREM HQ youth department. Rest on in His presence brother till we meet to part no more. R.I.P Kelechi Umelo.
Father God, please grant his family the grace to bear this loss...."

This tribute was added by Adeola Adeyemi on 22nd September 2016

" lost for were such a great guy in school then.jolly good fellow.infact i cannot get over it,wish someone could wake me up.this is such a painful exit.May you rest in peace brother.Goodnight."

This tribute was added by Tomilola Adeyeye on 22nd September 2016

"The news came as a great shock to me. Rest in peace Kelechi."

This tribute was added by Queen Lizzy on 22nd September 2016

"Kelechi I didn't know you personally but the few times I was around you in church (Trem)You were very pleasant .Tochukwu(Kelechi's younger brother) Losing someone we love is nothing easy, but knowing that we have been able to be a part of the life of that person, we can realize that we are blessed to have been able to share in his life before he went to rest in eternal salvation. Tochi my condolences to you During this difficult  time in your life, I pray that God will grant you and your entire family the serenity and peace that you need to get through this. Stay strong and know that you are remembered in my thoughts and prayers."

This tribute was added by Onyebuchi Ajufo on 22nd September 2016

"Dear Kelechi, Life is indeed flighty. One can only pray that they have lived a life of purpose and that their memory lives on. You live on in your daughter, your wife, your family and your very many friends. You were taken too soon. Rest dear friend.... Rest"

This tribute was added by CHIAGOZIEM NJOKU ADINDU on 22nd September 2016

SEPTEMBER 10      
"Anty how far
                                                Sir K
                                                 Happy ram Sallah
                                               Am blessed"
                                               How's Anty and baby
we are cool, how is hubby?

                                                 He is blessed
                                                 Longest reply ever
Lol...yeah...almost one week old
How is the job search?
                                                   Tiring o
Send your cv again though...want to send to another friend..."

That is how we roll. Our conversations transcend all spheres of life. Just before that, we spoke extensively on how easy or hard marriage can be depending on the foundation...then I learnt you are a marriage counsellor. Just before then it was a career talk on how I needed to make sure I started my career on the right pedestal, with the right company that will give me the requisite exposure. Just before that was our long business talk when you came to Abuja on how having an online platform was a lucrative business. Before that was…that is how we roll.

I had always known you were my cousin but I met you closely for the first time in 2012 during one of my summer breaks. I knew there was someone else in the house apart from myself and UD, I just never woke up early enough to meet the person. One day, out of determination, I woke up early and asked mumsy ( Aunty Ngozi) to please call you. You came out sleepily and stared down at me (jizz, the height difference was enormously clear). I stretched my hand as if we were business partners and said “Hi my name is ChiChi, and am your cousin”. You were too amused. That was the commencement of a wonderful relationship, cos from that day, you became more than a cousin to me… you were my adviser, helper and my mentor. Apparently, it was no secret cos I got two calls on the 18th of September, and both callers called to tell me that “your MENTOR is no more”…

No death has hit me like yours. Your death is a close and personal one. I honestly still can’t believe you’re gone. With your death I have come to properly understand that the quality of one’s life is not how long you live but how well. I barely knew you for more than 5 years (personally at least) yet I could write a series of books on lessons learnt from you... Now that’s a good life!!! Even in death you have once more inspired me to cherish each moment in life and never procrastinate, reminding of the ephemeral nature of life and the need to be deliberate at all times. I can literally hear you tell me to never forget to invest in people for therein lies the greatest investment in life…like you did in mine.
You have transited, but your legacies remain with me, with us. They are green memories.
I love you, will definitely miss you but you have left us some comfort- a life well spent, and eternity guaranteed…rest on Sir K. ADIEU!!!"

This tribute was added by Dami Olagunju on 22nd September 2016

"Rest well Kelechi, you will be missed"

This tribute was added by emmanuel oriade on 22nd September 2016


When i heard of your passing on Saturday, so many questions bubbled in my mind. However, I'm so much comforted knowing that you were a man of Faith. So Daddy wanted you back.
I have so many fond memories of you (*i'm smiling as i type this*)You were, one of my "go to" people, always ready to help whenever called on. i remember our last conversation, you promised to visit my office to start up some transactions...i was really looking forward to the meeting, as it had been months we talked faced to face.
You always reminded me about my business plans which i had shared with you. I remember our ACCA paroles, exam preps couldn't start for me until Kelechi had landed in CBA surulere. Thanks for being a part of my PwC and ACCA life. After those 2 parts were done we kept in touch constantly and you were always willing to help and advise.

I know that our God will never let your family down, he will SURELY provide for (in every way) those you left behind.

Lohi, the GRACE of God will surely surround you and Muna always. In Jesus name, Amen."

This tribute was added by Phillips Nosa Aifediyi on 22nd September 2016

"It is difficult to believe, the dearest brother of my friend and a son to my caring deacon is gone, With all the testimonies about you, and all I know about your parents, I know u have gone to rest, though it is  hard to accept, we take solace in the Lord that one day we shall see to part no more, Rest in His presence my brother, till we meet at His feet."

This tribute was added by Joseph Ezeagwula on 22nd September 2016

"1 Corinthians 15:54-57 When the perishable puts on the imperishable, and the mortal puts on immortality, then shall come to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.” “O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

Romans 8:38-39 For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Find it difficult putting down this tribute for fear that this is a rumor, Still hard to believe this. That last hug was the last????

I can only wish you eternal rest till we meet again!


RIP Kelechi Umelo"

This tribute was added by Kris Uche on 21st September 2016

"When I saw this face my memory race to TREM OBANIKORO.Kelechi what happened my brother?you were one of the best cool guys I met in that church.Imagine for this long years lost One has not seen you,this is the news am getting.may God keep the family strong while we meet you in heaven someday"

This tribute was added by Anuoluwapo Oloko on 21st September 2016

"Hmmm I'm short of words Kelechi. Though we were not in touch since leaving UNAD, never thought I'll be reaching out to in death! Yes I met you through my friend Lola when I was in 100 level and immediately you called me Anu Kuti! You said the Anu you knew was 'Anu Kuti' and you called me 'Anu Kuti' each time you saw me till we graduated! I remember your email id then 'Kcmelo'. My friend Yewande sent me this link for tribute, she's so messed  up right now. I pray God consoles your wife and all your loved ones."

This tribute was added by Ibukun Akinola on 21st September 2016

"Dear Kelechi, i heard about your passing on today and it was quite shocking.  All through the years, you were an easy going person so full of life and energy. May your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by kemi vigo on 21st September 2016

"My dear friend, words cannot express the shock and hurt the news of your passing brought. I keep thinking of your hearty laugh and how you keep teasing that I’m now a married woman. You called before my wedding asking what I wanted. The gesture surprised me more than the gift. I hope you know u were truly appreciated. I remember how I would tease your complexion saying your hand & feet were almost transparent, not Yellow and you will always say the word is fresh Kemi, lol. So many memories…
Why Kelechi? I keep asking myself, but there can never be an answer to that. We can only take solace in the fact that God must have wanted you close that’s why he allowed it. Your family now have their own personal angel. I pray that God strengthens and comforts your them. I celebrate your life. You were a great human being.
You would surely be missed. Sleep well my friend"

This tribute was added by Geraldine Ebi on 21st September 2016

"I screamed in shock and pain when I read my sister's chat bearing the news...and I immediately placed a call to her, late Sunday night, hoping that what I'd just read was a typo!!!
Alas! It was dear friends brother had been "stolen" from us.
My favorite twins "fair, handsome, tall and brilliant big brother", the one whom Tochukwu regaled my ears while growing up, with stories of adoration and tinged with loving sibling rivalry; he was indeed gone.

I find comfort in the fact that you left behind memories of true love, companionship, mentorship and genuine friendships. Yes, your family and friends will miss you dearly, but there is solace knowing that you have arrived in your eternal home and Heaven has added another angel!

To your lovely wife and beautiful daughter, as well as the entire Umelo clan, I leave you with Isaiah 57:1-2 which says:
"The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death."

Keep shining down on us, Kelechi...Enjoy your peaceful rest until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Ogechi Nwaogu on 21st September 2016

"It still seems so surreal. I find myself staring at your pictures in utter disbelief. I pray God comforts your family, friends and loved ones. "In Christ, there are no we will hold on to Jesus with all that we have, to see you again." Rest easy Kelechi..."

This tribute was added by Benedicta Ogar on 21st September 2016

"...I remember speaking to Tochukwu about a business idea I had and based on the issues I brought up, he suggested meeting and talking to you Kelechi. Our meeting was brief but you were warm and helpful. I spoke to Tochukwu later and joked about you being more handsome and he was quick to state 'he is married o'. Lol. I remember we saw once or twice after that... Hhhhhmmnnnnn, I might not have had the pleasure of being your very close friend but I truly appreciate your help. Rest on Kelechi."

This tribute was added by Olushola Ojo on 21st September 2016

"Dear KC, it's really sad and shocking to know you're gone and we will never see you again. You were such a nice, friendly, jovial and warm person. You always lit up our meetings at Moyi's and it's so devastating that we will never have the honour to laugh at your jokes and banters. Memories of you will always be in our hearts. You loved jogging and encouraged everyone to run....really sad this happened. Life is so transient! May perpetual light shine on you and your good heart. Rest in perfect peace dear and may God comfort your entire family and loved ones. Greatest Unadite!!!"

This tribute was added by Geoffrey nwankwo on 21st September 2016

Is this real? When I saw you at about 0520am on Saturday(Sept 17th, 2016) as the Road Warriors (RW) were gathering for their run near the Stanbic Bank, we talked about our meeting later in the day. You said 12noon works for you and we scheduled to meet at the Road Chef in Lekki. You joked that my new RW running shirt was truly "tear rubber" when JF asked me to slowdown so he could remove the sticker because I just got the shirt from the Chair that morning and it still had a sticker on the back with "Sir Geoff" written on it. At St Saviours where the group stretched, you joked so much that Affi was asking if you were the one leading the stretching. Due to an 8am appointment, I ran only 16K and went for my meeting which lasted until 10am. Got home and slept off. My wife woke me up at12:45pm. Immediately I started calling you to apologize for not showing up on time but you didn't answer. I texted and called on Whatsapp but no response. As I was about to leave for the Road Chef, I looked at the RWs running blog and saw messages that something really wrong had happened to you. Confused, I asked if Kels was Ok. One of the RWs called me with the SAD news. Kels, you touched many lives in beautiful ways. We, the RWs will miss you GREATLY. May the LORD comfort your families and friends. Rest in the bosom of the LORD
Geoff Nwankwo(Sir Geoff) Road Warriors running group, Lekki, Nigeria"

This tribute was added by Onyinye Akpanisi on 20th September 2016

"May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen"

This tribute was added by Mary Kemi on 20th September 2016

"May you find a Place at Jesus feet. You will never be forgotten, still hear your unique laughter in my head."

This tribute was added by Lillian Collins on 20th September 2016

"words fail me, screamed noooo!!!! not Kelechi when i heard, wish it wasn't true but God knows best.My heart and prayers go out to your family...may God fill the void that has been created by your passing and comfort them on all sides.. RIP" dear friend"

This tribute was added by Jason Henderson on 20th September 2016

"How did he pass?  God bless the family"

This tribute was added by Chidi Ifekwuna on 20th September 2016

"Definition of perfect life gone so soon :("

This tribute was added by Busola Abatan on 20th September 2016

"That jolly fellow who was Nomso and Victor's friend back in PwC. So full of life
What a big shock. May God grant your soul eternal rest and may He comfort all your loved ones as only He can. He only understands."

This tribute was added by Dimgba Solomon on 20th September 2016

"May ur soul rest in peace amen"

This tribute was added by Babatola Ogunsola on 20th September 2016

"Rest in Peace Kelechi"

This tribute was added by Yewande AGBELUA on 20th September 2016

"Kelechi!!! You were always on top of your game, this time, you left us asking how? why? what? How could you leave unannounced? You had life in you - an exemplary one. The gist of your exit is hard to is so transient, finite and fragile! The good Lord rest your soul Kelechi Umelo. All we have is pleasant memories of you. Sweetdreams sweet soul."

This tribute was added by Yemi Williams on 20th September 2016

"I have been dreading writing a tribute cos then it will mean its real you know. I want to thank you for being a good friend and a great sounding board all the times i stressed you. Sorry for all the times i annoyed you i bet there were too many to count, my wahala was a lot i know. I will miss your numerous yaps..the last time we chatted you were still yapping me and I was saving a good one to revenge with. Hmm this is so hard. God knows best. I will miss you Kels i just took it for granted that you would always be around. May your soul rest in peace and may the Lord grant your family the strength to bear this great loss."

This tribute was added by Ann Ukadike on 20th September 2016

"Today I remember January 2013 when I walked up to you to be my coach. I remember how you laughed at me when I told you I was not sure what my career aspirations were. We knew each other for a very short time but it felt like forever. I still cannot believe you are gone. May your gentle soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Ufuoma Ogodo on 20th September 2016

"Hey See Kelechi!!! that was what I shouted and told my colleague sometime in February when I saw you passing along the road in Lekki! I was glad I saw you that day, that's the last time I actually saw you. fine boy, I remember I always hailed you like that, you were a nice person,always courteous right from the children's department in TREM. The world has really lost a rare gem, your death has made me realize that We all need to learn to check up on our old friends,no matter how busy we are, We will miss you Kelechi. Pray that God gives us all the grace to bear your loss, but you will always be remembered by us all. RIP Kelechi."

This tribute was added by Ulumma Ezeagwula on 20th September 2016

"May the Lord rest your soul dear brother. Your memory is blessed!!!"

This tribute was added by Nwachukwu Kanu-Oji on 20th September 2016

"This is truly a sad loss. The Bible reminds us that the memory of a good/righteous man is blessed. You left behind a memory of a good natured Christian person. That memory is blessed. Rest in peace in the Lord and may God comfort your family at this time. Amen"

This tribute was added by Alero Danner on 20th September 2016

"Kelechi it feels like a TERRIBLE dream that I can't seem to wake up from. Thanks for being a great husband to my cousin.May the good Lord strengthen Lohire and your family. We love and miss you .....Sleep on"

This tribute was added by George Nwaorgu on 20th September 2016

"May our Good Lord Jesus Christ who loves you more than all others fill the heart of the Umelo family with the strength to bear this transition to glory and give them fortitude to accept the will of our Lord."

This tribute was added by Omoye Okoh on 20th September 2016

"KC... my friend. I will remember you fondly. You brought laughter and smiles with you everywhere. It hurts so bad that you had to leave this way. God knows best and I pray that you rest peacefully with Him. Kelechi... it was a pleasure to know you...fondly remembered by Moyi."

This tribute was added by VICTOR Igbokwe on 20th September 2016

"Taken up in glory to join the saints in worship.....your legacies shall live on....You left the world  better than you met it; by impacting lives and multiplying love . You will always be remembered forever and a day!"

This tribute was added by Molabo Williams on 20th September 2016

"It's hard to believe that you are gone Kelechi.... It seems like just yesterday we sat across from each other organizing activities for that amazing company retreat. Seems like just yesterday I "dared” suggest a different case study than the one you thought was best - but I quickly changed my mind after that deep stare of yours spoke some sense to me. I spent only limited time with you, but every time we interacted I learnt a lot from you. Unfortunately.... I will never get the opportunity again. You will never be forgotten. Till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Oluwaseun Oluwabusola Ajebeku on 20th September 2016

"Its so hard to believe. May God comfort your family.
RIP Kelechi."

This tribute was added by kingsley chukwu on 20th September 2016

"Since the loss of you
I've learned to live for each day
And take it as a blessing
Knowing it may not always be this way.

Since the loss of you
I've learned that when everything goes wrong
To never give up on what is right
Because it can only make you strong.

Since the loss of you
I've learned that even when you're in a lot of pain
You've got to hold yourself together
So you won't feel like you're going insane.

Since the loss of you
I've learned how to hold the tears when I want to cry
Because all I have is memories
And just want to ask God why.

But mostly, since the loss of you
I've learned a life can be taken in the blink of an eye
And only Heaven really knows when
That person will have to say "Goodbye.""

This tribute was added by Adetoun Ayoola on 20th September 2016

"Hmmm...still so shocking. Only God knows why and who are we to question him...may your soul rest in peace and May the Almighty give your wife, parents, siblings, family and friends the fortitude to bear the loss."

This tribute was added by Ugo Ikemefuna on 20th September 2016

""Kelechi.....There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in our hearts see you on the other side bro""

This tribute was added by Patricia Duru on 20th September 2016

"Words fail me at this moment  and I am usually full of words normally......I remember my sister Stella screaming "oh no a road warrior just passed on" and there I was saying a silent prayer for the person thinking he/she was someone I didn't know. Imagine my shock when she showed me a picture and I realised that road warrior was you Kelechi :( I am still in shock and struggling for the right words to say goodbye to you in this most unexpected of circumstances. I remember the fair skinned guy from our law school days in Bwari, Abuja to the fine, intelligent, jovial, friendly, nice, charismatic and focused gentleman you grew into over the years, and I am saddened that you had to leave this world so so soon. God knows best and we cannot question him. I pray that God grants your wife, daughter and the rest of your extended family the fortitude to cope with your loss. Rest in peace Kelechi........May the Good Lord rest your soul, Amen...."

This tribute was added by nnenna okoye on 20th September 2016

"I couldn't believe the news when i heard it. Such sad news! I only met Kelechi less than a year ago when we worked on a transaction but even in that short period you left a good impression. Very intelligent, hardworking, jovial and warm. From all the goodwill messages here, it is very obvious that a lot of people cared about Kelechi and that he will be deeply missed. May God grant his family the fortitude to bear this unfortunate loss and may Kelechi's soul be granted eternal rest. Amen."

This tribute was added by Toki Owo on 20th September 2016

"I am still in shock! I cannot wrap my head around the fact that you are is just too soon! You were such a gentleman, soft spoken, cheeky and full of life.

I remember our days at college (your first day), law school and in Lagos. I saw a comment by you on facebook a few weeks ago and i wanted to send you a message to look for your trouble as usual, throw banter but I procrastinated not knowing that day will never come. I know God has taken you to a better place and we cannot question God.

I pray for Holy Spirit to comfort your family and everyone you left behind. You will be sorely missed Kelechi. Rest in Perfect Peace my dear friend."

This tribute was added by Kunbi Majek on 20th September 2016

Anytime with you always brought great conversation and laughter.
You will live forever in the hearts of all of us who love you. Thanks for teaching and leaving me better every time.
Our law talks then were the best, no matter how much I hated the course or I swore for my lecturers, your come back will be "there is nothing there just read the text, the act and know your cases" it worked sha lol.
I will miss you. If it's just to meet you in heaven so you can ask "what took you so long" as you chill in your easy manner. We will meet again, most def.
Till then my friend..."

This tribute was added by Kenneth Ebbi on 20th September 2016

"Speechless!!! That's what I was last night when my wife told me you were not with us anymore. I remember the last time I saw you at LEAP AFRICA, I kept the business card you gave me, I was so proud to see the man you had become and I had no struggle imagining the future. Well all of that ended on Saturday 17th 2016! My consolation?? The Beginning and the End has you in his arms now and no power strong enough to get you out of there. I will save all I wanted to tell you, achieve with you and just talk it over when you embrace me welcome in His presence, we will just smile and then focus on the task at hand...the will of the Master! Now you can actually see Jesus face to face... Even though we all are sad 'cos we all miss you, that's something to smile about and though those smiles quickly turn into tears, we let go, trusting that all things will work out for good...Well, I have said this many times to Jesus, but if right where you are he allows you to say this on my behalf, then please tell him I love him a lot and I trust his will is best for us all. I'll miss you Kelechi!!!"

This tribute was added by Uzodinma Davidson on 20th September 2016

"Bro I know you are in heaven looking down on earth with smile beaming from your beautiful face but the pain and grief your sudden change of address has caused is magnitude. Who are we to ask your maker WHY, forever you will remain in our hearth."

This tribute was added by Afotuma Aliyu on 20th September 2016


I remember the last time we spoke when you came for a training in London. When I heard the news from my wife on Monday morning, I was hurt and in deep pain. We have no answers but what I do know is that you lived a great life and will continue to be remembered as a fantastic gentle man, rest in the Lord my brother and say hi to my dad for me please. May God continue to give your family the strength to carry on in this trying period till we meet to part no more"

This tribute was added by Tolani Alade on 20th September 2016

"I was completely shocked when I saw RIP Kelechi on facebook . I remember the last time I  saw Kelechi, he was very warm and friendly, never thought it would be the last.  We are once again reminded of the transiency of life with this rude shock of your demise. May God give your entire family the fortitude to bear this loss. Rest in bosom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen."

This tribute was added by Helen Oguntuase on 20th September 2016

"Kelechi Umelo until to rest in peace. Your memory was a blessed one! I pray the Lord comfort your entire family."

This tribute was added by Highlyfavoured Seun on 20th September 2016

"I am so short of words.... this is just so hard to comprehend Kelechi. i remember you as one of my very good friends in Law School actually one of my few favourites. You were genuine, studious and a fun person to be with at the same time. You were a great guy... this is so so hard, I pray that God comforts your family and all who are deeply touched by your departure to the great beyond. May your fun loving and genuine spirit rest in perfect peace Amen. - Seun Omole Sonoiki"

This tribute was added by Stephanie Jonathan Williams on 20th September 2016

"Still in shock, rest in peace dear brother"

This tribute was added by Pius Onichabor on 20th September 2016

"We do not mourn like those who don't have hope. I pray the LORD give every loved one he has left behind the fortitude to bear the loss, we as believers believe that we shall see him some day soon... Though gone too soon but not lost, he's changed address to a better place. It is well. Rest in peace Bar. Kelechi Umelo!"

This tribute was added by Chinonso Nwagbara on 20th September 2016

"Oh my God. So this is real. God why? What a life. Kelechi: a young man full of life, hope, and ambition. Very friendly. Always cheerful. May your gentle soul rest in the Lord. Amen"

This tribute was added by Naheemah Adediran on 20th September 2016

"With a very heavy heart I say good bye to my very good friend.  I am so sad but I know you live on in our hearts."

This tribute was added by uzo okonkwo on 20th September 2016

"The news is shocking. I grew up knowing you and your family. We were not close but you were one of the finest guys in TREM when I was growing up - the light-skinned fine guy... Later, I saw you on the bridge a few times... you didn't recognise me initially but i reminded you and we had a brief chat. It's incomprehensible that this happened while you were doing something you loved to do... hmmm. God knows why this happened when it happened and we thank Him for the life you lived, the impact you made and the happiness you brought to people. You will forever be remembered. Good night and sleep well Kelechi..."

This tribute was added by Helen Morsi on 20th September 2016

"Kelechi I am still in shock of your sudden demise. The last time we met was on Monday of the salah holiday and I was expecting to see you in church on Sunday at the ushering post as usual, but alas I heard about your transistion on Saturday.
I was indeed privileged to have known a fine gentleman like you that loves and serves Jesus. We usually taught the intending couples classes at church together and these interactions gave me a good sense of who you are. TRC will miss you dearly, but we know you are in a better place. Continue to rest in the bosom of Jesus."

This tribute was added by tochukwu umelo on 20th September 2016

"chiiefoooo!! ok i am here again. so the three ties and TM Lewin shirt you have been looking for since 2007 are with me, YES!!! COME GET THEM!!!! i took them when i left, so look no further. Turn red for all i care, but you can only say so much to my face......we express love in a myriad of ways. And remember how you'd get pissed at my "incoherent, mumbled" speech???? well that was only cause i had a better sounding accent and diction that you my learned brother!!!!. How did you even end up studying law only for me to use your wig to wade off the Lagos police while driving (saved me a few times).. now you have more than enough reason to quit this prank... but ooohh wait your awful singing, my goodness gracious.....i am waiting for you, you know where to find me.......!"

This tribute was added by Funsho Omole on 20th September 2016

"This is really hard to understand....many questions, but God knows. You have run your race, may God comfort your family and all of us. It'd be awesome to have a grand re-union at the feet of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Rest well, brother."

This tribute was added by Esther Uche-Akwara on 20th September 2016

"Kelechi, I am shocked to say the least. There are people who we expect to live for so long but alas the one who knows all has taken his own. I recall your ever cheerful face and your swag esp how you used to walk. I wish this wasn't true but only God knows. I pray for your wife and family. May God's grace be sufficient for them now and always. Rest with the saints. UNAD family will miss you."

This tribute was added by Rita Abengowe on 20th September 2016

"Kelechi......I remember the last time I saw you, it was at the FRSC office in Lagos Island. You walked past me and then I called out your name, we both laughed when I said even if my eyes are closed and you walk past, I'd know. We then proceeded together to do the eye and written tests to renew our drivers' license. Next stage was to do our biometrics data capturing. unfortunately, I was informed by an FRSC officer that they could not retrieve my data due to network issues. However, yours was fine, you went ahead for your biometrics. Even after you were done and have been issued your temporary license, you stayed behind to ensure I was sorted. You called me again later in the day to be sure I was also issued the license. Alas, our temporary license expired the same day you passed! Little did I know that, that would be the last time I'll see you. While I was at CardinalStone, working with you was a pleasure, we always teased each other about being the only lawyers in the company. Even after I left, you constantly checked on me, kept encouraging me to start jogging and visit the gym regularly. I have lost a dear brother, friend and colleague. I would have loved for you to continue your sojourn here on earth but God knows best!. I love you Kelechi but God loves you more! Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord, till we meet to part no more. Adieu my brother."

This tribute was added by Jane Effanga on 20th September 2016

"I may never truly understand why you had to leave so soon, but at-least I know why we are hurting so much. You truly lived your life with no boundaries, and one way or the other you left a mark on everyone you came in contact with.
That very loud legendary laughter that could either really annoy the person you're laughing at or just stimulate their own laughter.
The way you always chipped in a joke in the midst of a very serious conversation just to lighten the mood.
Kelechi, words cannot express how it hurts to stare at your empty desk just few inches from mine, and the hardest part is accepting the reality that its gonna be that way.
Life truly is transient, but I am grateful that I had the opportunity to share this journey with you even though it was shorter than I would have hoped for.

Your memories would forever live on, Rest in Peace my friend! I miss you!!!"

This tribute was added by Anu Ad on 20th September 2016

"I'm still reeling from the shock. You were a wonderful friend, silly and deep at the same time. Always thought we had time to reconnect, but never again. As my heart breaks over and over, all I can do is to remember the great times we had together, be grateful and pray for your loved ones. . May the Lord bless the family you left behind. Rest in the bosom of our Lord, Kelechi."

This tribute was added by Joyce Awoyinka on 20th September 2016

"May your soul RIP... you are in a safe place ....."

This tribute was added by Ehimai Louis-Domeih on 20th September 2016

"Someone once said that only good is mentioned when someone dies even if the person was bad. You were not just good Kelechi, you were exceptional. Hitting my keyboard and I still cant believe this. Is this how life really is? Really have to stop before i build up alot of things from my head that doesn't make sense. Rest on old friend. May angels receive you and Jesus say of you "Welldone my son". WE LOVE & MISS YOU!!!"

This tribute was added by Ikeazor Okonkwo on 20th September 2016

"A fine and distinguished gentleman. Rest in peace Kelechi"

This tribute was added by Femi Oyefeso on 20th September 2016

"So sad to hear about your passing,i never knew you personally but knew your twin brothers...extremely heart rendering to hear about the loss of a young man in his prime..May God comfort the family left behind and give them the solitude to bear the loss and fill the vacuum left behind.Amen"

This tribute was added by Olayinka Salami Kent on 20th September 2016

Still can't find the words to describe how much it hurts.
Your smile, your jokes and jabs, your intelligent discuss on issues, all these and more would be missed. Knowing you and working with you would always be a pleasure of mine.
Rest in perfect peace my dear friend."

This tribute was added by Ruth James on 20th September 2016

"Speechless,really I m so perplex,known you a life time and didn't think you would leave so soon, fine Elechi,oyinbo TREM, #omobishopmike. Rest, I know you are with God. He loves more.your childhood, teenage and adulthood memories keeps you alive in our heart. Adieu my brother.

This tribute was added by Inyang Godwin on 20th September 2016

"Gone too soon. You would always be missed in the lives of many but always be remembered in the hearts of all. Rest well kelechi for the life  though short lived but God knows best."

This tribute was added by Uwa Osague on 20th September 2016

"Dear Kelechi,
You will always have a special place in our hearts"

This tribute was added by Lisa Nwakpadolu on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi, you are gone too soon! God will surely grant your entire family the grace to bear your loss!
You will be missed!"

This tribute was added by Glory Adesanya on 19th September 2016

"RIP... may Jehovah strengthen your family through this time. May your wife find strength in God. RIP Bro."

This tribute was added by Yewande Alagbe on 19th September 2016

"Life is just too short!! I call u escape albino.. Still in shock! Good night  my good teacher."

This tribute was added by Olaide Ere on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi. It is so hard to do this.
To say goodnight... adieu...
Why, Kelechi?
Why Kelechi?  
Why now?
Why so soon?
... all unanswered...
I cry... bitter tears for a short time. I stop. I remember your throaty laugh. I remember how you'd raise your hand to cover that gap. I remember how you'd tease me. And how you'd listen to me. And how you'd give your advice. And how you'd "tell it". For 11 years, you told it. And I'm grateful for that time.
I shiver...
Your daughter only knew your love for such a short time. But I know you'll always look out for her. From Daddy to Angel. I pray I can express a little bit of that to her.
Lohire... I pray God comforts her. Your shoes were too big (literally and figuratively) to be filled.
Your parents and siblings... I pray for them that they have the fortitude to bear this.
Like a candle in the wind... You let your light shine with such intensity. And drive. Now the fire is out.
You lived a good life.
You lived."

This tribute was added by Isi Ighodalo Aigbe on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi, it is difficult to believe that my classmate is gone, but I take solace in the fact that you are in a better place. You will always remain in our hearts. Adieu my brother, continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Ada Ikeh on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi Umelo... I can say that you lived and didn't just exist. You have proved that it is not the years that matter but the life in the years. You were a loyal friend and above all, a great guy with a good heart. Your sarcasm used to get to me, but they were part of your total package. You looked out for your friends - anything you thought could add value to my life or career, you pointed to me. There was always the referrals and 'that one business we could do together'. I could count on you for a career advise anytime.
I remember the last time I saw you, it was at the airport. My phone had rung in the midst of the crowdy waiting area and it was you. Of course, you started with the pranks but I was smarter, my eyes kept scanning the crowd for you. I remember teasing that you knew everyone because you greeted a number of people at the airport. Both our flights had been delayed and we spent some time catching up on each other's lives. Little did I know that it would be the last. I will miss you Kelechi, my phone would never ring and it would be can one accept this harsh reality??? Rest on my friend, you lived a good life and you made an impact."

This tribute was added by Akinbosede Temitope on 19th September 2016

"i pray at this time that the lord will comfort everyone at this time. You where certainly someone with a warm and lovely personality. I always remember how your brother (Tochukwu) who is my friend proudly talked about you. Your legacy will definitely live on."

This tribute was added by Esiri Agbeyi on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi, you'll be sorely missed...."

This tribute was added by Esiri Agbeyi on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi, you'll be sorely missed...."

This tribute was added by Kola Oni on 19th September 2016

"Hello Kelechi,  you will forever be in my heart. I pray God gives your family the strength to carry on."

This tribute was added by Khadijat Baba-Muhammad on 19th September 2016

"Dear classmate, friend and brother. It seems only yesterday when you and Wale sat across from Uwa and I in AFSS. Always cheerfully mischievous. With years gone by, you have achieved a lot in life but ultimately, heart-wrending as it may be, the one to whom we all belong has called you home. May the Almighty's peace and blessing go with you. May he provide for your loved ones every succour to bear the trial..Rest In Peace Kelechi..know that sincere and plenty tears are being shed"

This tribute was added by Idia nsofor on 19th September 2016

"Emeka and I remember fondly your kind, calm and witty nature.You were a pillar of strength for Lohi when dad died. Couldn't have asked for a better husband for our sister. Kelechi we are still in shock. WE WILL MISS YOU DEARLY."

This tribute was added by Sam Sech on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi, it's hard to believe you are gone from us. I can't stop asking why.. why now? why this way? You had so much to live for but God chose otherwise.

You are one cousin I always bragged about.. caring, humble, smart... we miss you. Rest with the Lord till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Maureen Awulonuh on 19th September 2016

"You could never have a chat with Kelechi without a tease, a joke or even a food for thought. You'd always say 'think about it' .  RIP."

This tribute was added by Adeshola Amushan on 19th September 2016

"Kelechiiiiiiiiiio, Rest In Peace. I am still having chills having just heard about 20mins ago.I lived with KC and siblings for about 2 years whilst at Unilag and he always had a smile on. He never stopped teasing me about one thing or the other. He always gave anything you asked as long as it was within his power, ever ready to assist and a brilliant mind.KC we will all miss you beyond what words can express. Rest in the arms of the Almighty."

This tribute was added by Ayodele Olufemi on 19th September 2016

"Life is indeed death-postponed. Your life is a lesson to me Brother. We met first at the Law School, Abuja and our relationship was limited to occasional exchange of just ''Hi''.

Then I had the opportunity again when we realised we have both married into the same Family. But still we took that chance for granted. This morning after I heard this news of your departure, it got me wondering how I allowed the possibility of bonding with a Friend turned Brother slip away.

And you taught me a great lesson, Life is not just about how we live and the people we live with only.... it is also about how many chances we used well and who we are opportune to use them with.

We will all miss you Brother. Rest on in the bosom of our Lord, amen!"

This tribute was added by Gold Ike-Uzochukwu on 19th September 2016

"Totally devastating. .the news of your passing. The tears keep coming and my heart breaks for my dear friend Lohire.
Kc, it was easy to love and appreciate you like a brother and friend, your marriage to Lo was my testimony. God please give us all the fortitude to bear this loss and more to your young family. Rest on beloved brother, friend, in the bossom of our Lord."

This tribute was added by Fregene Gbubemi on 19th September 2016

"Bro. The shock is still too much. The last time we ran into each other you still joked about me cooking for you. I can't understand this I bet God knows why. Thank you for your love and care you gave my cousin and Muna. Rest Well."

This tribute was added by Richard Izevbigie on 19th September 2016

"Growing up, you evolved from being the elder brother of my closest friends to being a pal, inspiration and contemporary. There was something and everything to like about were so just cool, friendly, warm and level-headed. Always jovial and always smiling ..ready to talk about anything and encourage.

Your family house in Gbagada was like a 2nd home to me....a place I crashed in severally and plotted with Chichi to make our first million and converged with other crusader boys to plot good deeds. We went to same University and then after always kept "bumping" into each other at Night Crawlers meets...until we turned the corner and became responsible men.

Only God can say why....but in all things we give thanks. Adieus and rest in the father's hands my friend."

This tribute was added by Maureen Awulonuh on 19th September 2016

"You could never have a chat with Kelechi without a tease, a joke or even a food for thought.... Thank you for gracing our lives..."

This tribute was added by George Jinadu on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi, I remember our last conversation with you harassing me to bring eCommerce business ideas so we can make some money. I also remember our days at L&E wondering if we will all make it out of training or if some will be fired. It was very interesting to find out you were now working at CSP and I remember us joking about me coming back. The most painful part is the fact that there won't be opportunities to have those funny but candid conversation with you no more. Its such a mystery that such a great person like you, healthy and full of life can leave the world so soon. May the good Lord give your family and everyone of us that got the privilege to know you the fortitude to bear the loss. Sleep well bro."

This tribute was added by Ini Udoma-Ejorh on 19th September 2016

"I met Kelechi in the 10th group recently. Even though I didn't know him as well as many he was always bringing laughter and joy to conversations. He was caring and whitty and intelligent. He was a good one. I pray for his family, that they are given strength in this time of hurt. May his soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Faith Omekaodinma on 19th September 2016

"Though I bearly knew Kelechi Umelo during his days at PwC, his death still came as a shock. The world has definitely loss a young talented handsome man. Rest on dear and my God grant your family the fortitude to bear the loss."

This tribute was added by Chioma Okere on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi, its hard to believe that you are actually gone. Though you've gone too soon I know you lived life well and you have gone to a better place. My heart and prayers go out to your family...may God fill the void that has been created by your passing and comfort them. I remember you fondly. RIP"

This tribute was added by Chinomso Nwachukwu on 19th September 2016

"Melon!! Oyibo pepper!! It is so difficult accepting your death as reality. Kelechi, you were such a good guy, simple natured, a friend to all. You were selfless!!

The last day I saw you was when I visited your home to help me solve a problem I had with a model I was working on. You deferred an outing with your wife because you wanted to solve the problem. It had been a while we saw before that visit, but in a few minutes, we caught up and were chatting like old times.

Your death came as a rude shock. Till now I struggle with referring to you in the past. That smile Kelechi......all the plans and ambition. You would make a joke of any situation. You were a real star and a great guy both in life and in death........the testimonies of all who knew you proves you were truly GREAT.

Sleep on my dear friend and may God protect and grant your loved ones the fortitude to bear your loss. Adieu my Oyinbo Pepper and may you rest in perfect peace of God. You will be sorely missed."

This tribute was added by Chi Chi on 19th September 2016

"Oh death! Where is thy sting? We can only take solace in the fact that you have left the worries of this world to a better place. A place of peace everlasting. I remember reading the message and not wanting to believe it was you. No please it can't be the cute, quiet Kelechi. But it was you. God knows best. Rest on, with the Saints triumphant.
You will surely be missed."

This tribute was added by Francis Edet on 19th September 2016

"You had no reason to, but you stopped over at my office last week just to say hello. We chatted a bit and you looked healthy. It hurts writing this. But I take solace in the fact that your LEGACY is sure and it will live on through time!

RIP El-Melo!!"

This tribute was added by Osy Ibeneme on 19th September 2016

"Too hard to comprehend. You touched so many lives deeply and made the world around you better. This world needs special men like you but God knows best. Pray that the Lord strengthens and comforts the beautiful family you left behind."

This tribute was added by Funmi Bolaji on 19th September 2016

"I am still in shock, can someone tell me it was all a joke!!! Please if you are giving the option, kindly elect to come back so as to bring smiles to all our faces again.  Cant imagine telling you to rest in peace, kelechi."

This tribute was added by Chima Ezeibe on 19th September 2016

"I still can't believe what I just heard. I am struggling to work right now but its hard to focus. This is incredible. Death really did a number this time. You are so full of life (forgive me, I am still unable to relate to you in past tense), so fit and we were sure you would live forever. However, we do not mourn like them that are without hope. May God keep you and comfort the precious ones you left behind. God bless you eternally bro."

This tribute was added by Adenike Omoroga on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi, I can't believe you are gone...
I still remember those days we studied for ACCA. The nights were bearable because we all were like a big happy family. I had deep respect for you and value your friendship.
I came across a saying that ' You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!' You are a definition of those words!
You will be missed but will forever be in our hearts!
Rest in Peace El Melo!!!"

This tribute was added by Adenike Akindolie on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi! I can't believe we were chatting just 2 nights ago. U teased me and I teased you right back about how ur daughter should have taken more of your pretty wife's features! And u retorted with "let's just say that both my girls have great taste in men".

I couldn't agree more with that statement. Although we haven't seen or spoken in a while, I believe God gave me the opportunity to feel the warmth of your friendship one last time. You are one of the people I count as a mentor over my career with PwC, but I am lucky to call you not just mentor but friend.

Everytime I see your picture and think of all you represent and were to me, the hurt stings afresh. Are you truly gone Kelechi? Are you? I never thought I'd be writing this but I can't but pay my little piece of tribute to the person that you were. Rest in peace Kelechi, rest in peace eternal."

This tribute was added by Bisoye M on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi... May God continue to bless you in the hereafter as comforts and provides for all the loved ones that you have left behind. Rest in peace my brother..."

This tribute was added by Eguono Anthony Ejenobor on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi (Yellow) , thank you for your gift of friendship. Thank you for those times when we did not require words to agree on common grounds. Also for the times you spoke with brutal honesty. The smirk remarks were exhausting but in them were valuable insights and lessons in some cases.

Thank you for not allowing distance put a rift between us. Thank you for the Facebook 'likes' and the brazing comments that always radiated your charming sarcasm.

Hey pal, if you just waited a little longer, I was going to tell you all this and more in person. I was hoping you'd introduce me to your lovely family. Most of all I was going to tell you that I finally achieved that goal we talked about so long ago now. Thanks for the encouragement all the way. Kelechi, you rock!

It's funny how the thing I will miss the most is that deadly smile you let out slowly and fade away leaving people mystified. That was such a weapon... You drew people in and then displayed a serious intellectual side that could not be subdued at whatever cost.

Bro, I guess you really had to go now didn't you?... Hard to understand but I trust you to always make the right choice. Most of all I know that our God is still in charge and knows it all.

I will miss you and those left behind will be fine by HIs grace. Make sure you rest well cos when we meet again, get ready buddy. It will be like we never parted.

Love you my brother, my friend....Adieu!"

This tribute was added by Obiageli Nwasike on 19th September 2016

"Kelz or Mirakels, as we love to call you, I pray that God will give us the strength to bear your leaving us.

Thanks for running with me several times and encouraging me to run my own race when all the other Road Warriors run past us.
I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have known you.

I am comforted to know that you are in heaven.

Blessed be the name of our Lord.

- Obi (Road Warrior Lagos)"

This tribute was added by Chidi Nwankwo on 19th September 2016

"RIP Kelechi Umelo a friend and a brother... Growing up was amazing. Children church, crusaders fellowship, youth fellowship, church events and all... He was a gentle man. Very calm. I can remember very well the conversation we had the last time we saw few weeks ago in Mega Plaza, you came to get somethings for your wife. How boys have grown to be great & hard working men. I was so happy seeing you again. U still had your gentle nature. And we planned to see soon. Little did we know..... Its so sad & i'm so short of words. #RIPKelechi God will comfort your wife, little baby and the Umelo family and friends. #ripkelechiumelo #goontosoon"

This tribute was added by Isi Patience Ayede on 19th September 2016

"Mazi Umelo, the finest Umelo. This is so surreal. All round stand-up guy. Resting-smirk face. Our last chat was on September 5, was laughing at one of your dry jokes.
You made me know other aspects of my job with your challenging questions on our SEC Rules. I'm sure the SIS staff will feel so sad to know you've changed address.
Your throaty cackle/laugh.
Lost for words.
The day you left was an emotional day for me cos I was missing my brother. Little did I know I was going to be losing another.
May the Holy Spirit comfort your family. God has given you the peace that nothing in this world could.
We keep your memories alive and celebrate you now more than ever.
It is well with your soul. Amen."

This tribute was added by Tolu Adeleke on 19th September 2016

"Great men must die but death cannot kill their names and legacy. Kelechi I remember we were together the night before watching the match and throwing banters. Still in shock and I hope it's still a bad dream. May God give your family and friends the fortitude to bear loss. You were great while alive and greater in death. RIP brother and rest in the bossom of the Lord"

This tribute was added by Nnenna Njoku on 19th September 2016

"My mentor, my brother, my cousin, my friend! The one person I can sit with and chat for hours about business ideas and other creative ways to make a difference in our various fields and environments. Sir KK, as I fondly called you, i'm still unable to comprehend why I'm typing in an RIP message for you. This is so wrong! I'm a life that is forever changed because you gave - your time, your resources, your smile, your encouragement...indeed your life is (not was) a blessing. So I pledge to you, that just like you inspired me when alive, i'll endeavour to inspire others, and so continue your legacy. Keep a place for us in heaven, bcos we'll definitely meet again. RIP beloved KK"

This tribute was added by Kehinde Mohammed on 19th September 2016

"Kels I have recently lost two peeps but yours I have felt so greatly. I kept asking myself why, then it dawned on me.

You are one of the most friendly, nice, down to earth, funny............(I could go on) and ofcourse positive bully I know( I smile on this last one, cos I remember about 6 years ago when I called you that and you said just for your own good), anyway I digress.

You were also one of the few that encouraged me when I was facing some sort of difficulty managing career and family with all the PwC demands and prof exams.

I saw you last at a wedding 2-3months ago, had I known you will be gone by now, I would have stayed a lil bit longer to chat with you. God knows best.

It saddens my heart that you are gone. That your smile and personality gone too but I am also glad that you lived a very inspiring life (you are a people's man) and you left a beautiful legacy (your daughter, wife and great memories).

I pray that the Good Lord grants you comfort of the grave and everlasting rest. I pray that he continues to be with your wife and lil princess. That he comforts your family in every way and that he grants you heaven.

I am priviledged to have met you and your death will be a continuous reminder to many of us of the fact that no one can cheat death no matter how great or righteous you are.

Everlasting peace to you dear friend and colleague Kelechi Umelo."

This tribute was added by Janaɗa Dunbar on 19th September 2016

"Funny, kind and generous. A wonderful young man. Rest in the Lord dear Kelechi."

This tribute was added by Ayobode Raji on 19th September 2016

"May your soul rest in perfect. No man can question what God allow"

This tribute was added by Ogbonna Areke on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi had a very good heart. Quiet and gentle. You will be forever missed."

This tribute was added by Ihu Awodipe on 19th September 2016

"My dearest brother, this is so hard for me. I love you so much and will miss you even more. I thank God for the opportunity of seeing you and your lovely family on video Skype just the night before you left. My dear younger brother who acted as my elder. Very caring with a big massive heart of Gold.
Who will i talk to about all my random entrepreneurial ideas that u were always willing to give an ear to? Who will be my partner when organising various initiatives for our immediate family? Who will care for our parents like you did, always reminding us to put their health first? All my friends know u because you were always willing to run my errands in Nigeria no matter how busy you were. Always celebrating people whenever u could. Always helping....  
I will miss your massive laughter, your loud voice, your dry jokes, your attempt at sarcasm, even our quarrels as i always tried woefully to impose my seniority. All your life you have just been a phone call away, a chat away. Now I have to wait till we meet again. Rest in Peace till then.

Ihu Awodipe"

This tribute was added by Osarieme Eguae on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi was more than a colleague. He was a friend. Always always teasing me to jog. I remember vividly the last company retreat I attended. We were to run between 7am-8am. I got all dressed and less than half a mile, I was already panting. Kelechi had gone back and forth but came to stay by side to ensure I finished the whole thing. Constantly teasing, cheering and encouraging. And after I left CArdinalStone, he still checked periodically to ensure I was ok. Kelechi was my guy, your guy, our guy"

This tribute was added by Cedar Chinwuba on 19th September 2016

"Same bridge i ran with my wife on Wednesday 14th of September 2016 for the first time. The following day, I walked to Kelechi's office to share my first experience running on that bridge and jokingly told  him how I was searching for a cab to bring me back to Lekki after my first round and we both laughed about it. He called me a night before he transitioned but couldn't pickup. Fast forward to today, he is gone. Kelechi, may ur soul find peace. You will be missed by me. U were such a happy and a funny boss."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Omuojine on 19th September 2016

"Friend and brother, words truly fail. Blessed to know you. We will celebrate your life and stand by your family. Will never forget. Till we meet."

This tribute was added by Adenike Adebayo on 19th September 2016

"I met kelechi briefly at cardinal stone partners. He is one person I can't forget. Always with a big smile nodding me on. He just had this warmth about him. Always telling me to enjoy the good life. Will miss him greatly. I pray for his wife and family he left behind. He was a good man."

This tribute was added by Joan obijiaku-uwaezuoke on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi Umelo I can't believe you are really gone.
We were classmates in the secondary school and we spent another five years together as course mates in the university. You were a gentle soul and it so unfortunate this happened. You will be missed greatly. Rest in peace my classmate, my course mate, my learned friend,  rest in peace dear one."

This tribute was added by Damilola Familusi on 19th September 2016

"This is so so hard to comprehend. I really wish it wasn't true. I have known you more than half of my life. We have been good friends since we were teenagers in Church- Trem, always kept in touch over the years writing letters to each other then using Nitel call cards to call UNAD, now you are supposed to be just a PING away, so how did this happen.

‎You have always been there to congratulate me on days of celebrations and me likewise, comment on dps and joke around on bbm. You have been nudging me to finish my ACCA since you a 'Lawyer turned Accountant' could do it. I usually teased you that even though you are 2yrs older than me I was 5 years older ‘maritally’ as I had more experience in marriage.

You are (still find it hard to say were) such a good friend to have.
How can you be gone?
How can you leave Lohire and Munachiso?

It is very very painful but it is well. Only God, as in truly only God can understand why but we are thankful for the good life you lived and good memories to cherish.
I pray God will strengthen your darling wife Lohire, your daughter Munachiso and your extended family during this very very difficult time.

Didn't ever imagine I will be saying this but Rest in Peace Bro............

We should count ourselves extremely lucky if at some time during our lives we happen to befriend a great person like Kelechi ,whose zest for life & capacity to live a fulfilling life was inspiring."

This tribute was added by Lerry Omas on 19th September 2016

"Dearest Kelz,we were classmates for six years in the same class at Airforce Secondary School. You were a cheerful man who was always laughing at everything. You were easy going and kind at heart. CO95 GROUP miss you so much, we still cannot believe you are gone. There's so much to say, questions to ask.But who am I to question God. We all love you and would do almost anything to change things but God knows best why He has allowed this to happen. He loves and needs you more than we do I pray and trust that God will comfort your wife and care for your daughter, He will comfort your parents and every meneber of your family and put peace in the heart of all who miss you so much .
Till we meet to part no more dear friend,  here's a candle lit for you.
Rest on dearest Kelz...

Alero Omatsola (Lerry Omas)"

This tribute was added by tochukwu umelo on 19th September 2016

"Kelechi Umelo - My brother, a son, a husband and a father!!! as i wrote that first line, it dawns on my that you truly had touched the four main cardinal points as a man. I speak of you in the present, cause that is what you are and will always resonate to me - forever here......We never said it, but we always showed how protective we are of each other. Your generous heart, dry humor, intellect, rarely expressed softer side, intellect has me always inspired. Against all odds you always soar. I played basketball because of you, inspired in dress sense because of you. Argued intensely, just to prove that if i could beat you at it, i could take on the world. I write this staring at your picture eyeball to eyeball waiting for you to blink and give the trademark smirk.. sigh. you are probably rolling your eyes and shaking your head and my poor attempt to show how much I LOVE YOU, and you still seem to win this battle at a time like this. You walked where many stumbled, flew where many crashed, maintained a poise where many panicked. Your love for food (okro soup), i would never understand. we'd fight when i wore clothes, used your perfume and try to argue my defense. Ever selfless, looking out to help others, cheerful, playful (yes dont shut me up for repeating myself and rambling). Truly  "a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth". You live in the expressions of love and emotion you have shared, in the deeds, the thoughts expressed (always having an opinion no matter the opposition). Contagious laughter, enough to open deaf ears. Death is not an end, but a beginning of a new chapter, you decided to transit without notice (typical you to always hide your plans). But I love you all the same. KC, KK, Kelechi, yellow - you live forever in our hearts, our minds................... Brothers I have and i bless God for putting you ahead of me and placing you in our lives.....It hurts, it pains, it is strange, but above all IT IS WELL. For we know, that all things work together for good.............and as much I love You JESUS LOVES YOU MORE!!!"

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