Lemuel Earl Arbogast
  • 21 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 11, 1951
  • Place of birth:
    Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 20, 1973
  • Place of passing:
    Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Let the memory of Earl be with us forever.One good brother.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lemuel Arbogast, 21, born on November 11, 1951 and passed away on March 20, 1973. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 17th September 2016

"Good morning Earl went to a jewelry  party last and I created a necklace  in your memory  it has a charm with the letter E  and a birthstone of November  for your birthday so I can take you with me.Gone Earl but never forgotten .Going for now but know you are loved and missed.Love J."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 14th September 2016

"Sorry Earl I've been m.i.a for the past couple of days been in a lot of pain  couldn't  walk it hurt so bad,like to say am better but am not.So keep and  eye out for me please.Another long night the worst part is I really don't liket crying me crying but like I said the pain is that bad from the back to the hip  down my leg to the knee which looks like a basketball  down the calf to my foot.Enough said about me.I love you and miss you Earl every minute  of every  day.Just wish I could see you again when I look at Butch and John I wonder who you look more like but I see you in Tator,but our grandson Joseph is built like you and looks like you as well.So you do live on your nephew's.Good night Earl love you now and forever."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 7th September 2016

"Good night  Big Guy."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 7th September 2016

"Well Earl it's  here my birthday 61 years young today and the only thing to make it more special   would be for you  to  be here  to celebrate  with.Earl I really miss having you here.Life is not the same with you gone.My heart is truly broken I love you big guy.Rhonda just called to wish me  a Happy  birthday  scared the crap out of me is what she did the phone ringing in the middle of the night but Earl I love my girls God blessed me with two.God sent them to me in march he knew.He is wiser then us all.Earl I saw a beautiful  butterfly  today that Dad sent you see after he passed I had dream and about him and in the dream he told me he would send me butterflies  to know he was okay in heaven and to give my heart peace.Earl please give mom,dad and colt a hug and a kiss for me and if you should see a beautiful  black cat that's  my Sabrina give her a pet for me.Earl until I see you in heaven please know you sir are loved and missed.Always J."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 2nd September 2016


This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 2nd September 2016

"Good morning  Earl  not been here for a while been under the weather  a little that's  life I guess.It has been a busy year puff and it is gone,in a couple  of days I will be turning  61 years young wow the years are floating  by. This year you would be turning 64 I get really really sad when I realize all that you have missed all the niece's  and nephew's  that you never got to meet and believe you have a few.Earl I was blessed to have you as my big brother and I have never forgotten the loved you showed your little  sister and I do pray every day that  the good Lord in heaven will let us meet again and when my day comes to leave this earthy body that you are the one that leads me home.I love you Big Guy then and now."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 26th August 2016

"Sorry Earl not been here for a couple of days got busy with cleaning the house what I use to be able to do in a day now takes me a week, getting old sucks but it is better to be over the hill then under it sorry Earl no disrespect.I love you and I miss you so very much.Thinking about what your life would have been like today kids maybe grandkids?So much you had to miss in life Earl all about choices what if you could have made better ones but that comes with a support system,I wish I could have been their more for you.Life for me is pretty good blessed with a great husband  and two beautiful  daughters  and three grandson's  and two wonderful  son-in-law's.Closing for now love you Big guy...J."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 17th August 2016

"Good morning Earl awake early lots to do laundry  done yesterday  now bedrooms today and grocery  shopping today,need more time in the day.It has been really hot here lately  me am ready for fall or a blizzard oh no I remember you liked the snow remember  the donuts at Westside shopping center punk lol.I really thought you were going for donuts not to do them in he parking lot.Thanks for the memory.Well closing for now I love you Earl please keep watch over me until later.Love J."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 14th August 2016

"Hello Earl we just got back from seeing Hillary ' s America one evil woman that's  for  sure. Earl I hope you like the flowers and  they are ordering you a new vase sorry that some Crack head stole your vase,but know God saw what they did.Earl had a nice day church breakfast  with Joe and Lenoard and then a movie and dinner with Joe.Rain storms came through but I believe they are done.I talked to Butch he is well you know Butch is Butch he alway's  lands on his  feet.I love all three of my brothers  I have none to spare.Earl I wish that I could tell that I don't    cry over you being  gone but that would be a lie my heart is still broken to hear you're  voice just one more time...Closing for now Big Guy I love and miss you still...J."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 12th August 2016

"Earl I just won 500.00 on a 2.00 scratch off can you say lucky.God is good.Coming out to visit you in the a.m.tomorrow  sorry I couldn't   make it sooner.Earl I was crying tonight I was talking about you to Joe and I just became overwhelmed with missing you so much we have missed so many memories   we couldn't share so I hope you are watching from heaven and know that you big guy are more than a memory to me you Earl will alway's   be my big brother.I love and miss you so much.Closing for now Earl see you later.Joyce Sand and I know you remember."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 11th August 2016

"Received   my license  today Earl good for another eight years god willing.I will make it out to see you this weekend.So dang hot here.Closing go now Earl will talk to you later.Love Joyce"

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 10th August 2016

"Got the flowers for your  grave and Aunt Wendy's  to,not making it today though feeling under the weather.I love and miss you Earl..."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 9th August 2016

"Good morning  Earl  busy day ahead might try and visit your grave tomorrow  and Aunt Wendy's  too.Love you big guy."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 8th August 2016

"Posting pictures of your family Earl a lot of family you never got to meet but I will keep your memory alive as long as i have breath in my body,you Earl will alway's   be my big brother.Love you."

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 6th August 2016

"Goodnight Earl tired and in pain.Love and miss you"

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 6th August 2016

"Well my license   is done for another eight years Earl now they mail them to you in and out in 30 minutes,Joe stood in line for me another 30 minutes  I have  a great husband I think that you and Joe would have liked each other he is crazy like you were  he has to be look who he married  almost 42 years he is truly my best friend.He takes good care of your   little sister that's for sure.Earl you were always my protector I knew that I was safe with you.I can't   say it enough how much I love and miss you Earl.Please tell mom and dad I love them too and please hold our grandson Colt for us and give him some kisses from his Nana and Poppop.Until later big guy I love you.❤"

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 6th August 2016

"Good morning Earl I'm up early no sleep last night due to pain,getting ready to go for my license  renewed  can you believe I've been driving for 40 years ,getting old Earl getting old in a few weeks I will be 61 years young wow.Earl I truly wish that you could have a do over but we both  know that will never happen  god had other  plans for you and me.Well closing for now but I will be back love you to the moon and back Earl.❤"

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 5th August 2016

"Well Earl it is 1:10 am and I can't  sleep pain can sure keep you awake.So many unanswered  questions Earl your last thoughts were you scared were you betrayed by the people you called friends these were the questions mom and dad lived with everyday and me also.The phone call from dad telling me you were gone is the one thing I will never forget the pain is the same today as it was then.The shock of you being gone forever I have never seen our mother so distraught  the pain in our hearts is at times unbearable .The one promise I made to our mom was that I would always take care of your grave so I really hope you like the flowers I leave.I love you Earl and miss you every minute  of   every day.Good night Earl.❤"

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 4th August 2016

"Well Earl John made it he is sleeping now.Him and Butch remind me of you.lol Watch over us please until we see you again.love you ❤"

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 4th August 2016

"Good morning Earl all is well on the home front,Joe is getting ready for work me I'm having coffee playing with my furry children.John might stop by so I'm waiting on him.Earl i really hope that your spirit  can hear me because I truly miss having you here.The world we live in today is not the world we grew up in it is really screwed up.I wonder if you were here right now what would you think I think I know but I can't  use that language  here.Well closing for now big guy but please know I miss and love you every day.❤"

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 3rd August 2016

"Sitting here Earl thinking about everything you have missed you have many nieces and nephews.My grandsons Lawson will be 18 on Sunday and Joseph will be 15 on 10-13-16,they know all the good things about you Earl their uncle.They love hearing about you and I love telling them about their Uncle Earl.So for now I will be happy with my memories of the short time we had in this life together.P.S. thank you for helping me with my homework sorry about the needle though.Lol.Love you big guy❤"

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 3rd August 2016

"It is beautiful day here Earl but I bet it is more beautiful where you are at.Hope one day we can be together again miss you and love you Earl.❤"

This tribute was added by David Baker on 2nd August 2016

"Earl...ya left us too soon bro. Why'd ya hafta go away before I could say "see ya later bro"? You were one of the best friends a person coulda asked for. You just make sure St. Peter is awake and has his keys to those gates brother. Ill see ya when I get there. I know if you made it there, I will. LOVE YA BRO!!"

This tribute was added by Joyce Collier on 1st August 2016

"Forever missed loved you then and I love you now.❤"

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