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Michael Dean Stevens
  • 56 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 23, 1955
  • Place of birth:
    San Point, Idaho, United States
  • Date of passing: Oct 24, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Ft Mohave, Arizona, United States
Let the memory of Michael be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Stevens, 56, born on November 23, 1955 and passed away on October 24, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 2nd January 2017

"Hello Mikey -

Happy New Years & Merry Christmas. We miss you dearly. I hope you are watching over your family & seeing the positive things everyone is doing. The gaping hole is never filled, but all moves forward. Thanks for your contributions this time around. Hope you have some peace from suffering."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 1st January 2017

"I'm in Vegas with Dave & Vickie wishing the new year wishing that u where here. Happy New Year! Lov ya!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 24th December 2016

"Merry Christmas
I'm missing you greatly"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 23rd November 2016

"Happy 61st Birthday"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 23rd November 2016

"Life is so different now that you are gone your birthday comes but you're not here to eat cake and ice cream.  No calls from family and friends to say happy birthday like another day empty.  You would've been 61 today you would've had at least five years of retirement behind you.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you're going to miss that too,  But here's the fact even though you're gone we all miss you and we all think about you and  wonder what it would be like if you were still here. I'm sure, it wouldn't be lonely and you be driving me crazy but crazy is better than lonely.  I miss you and happy birthday and happy Thanksgiving from all of us love you ❤️"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 25th October 2016

"Mike, it's now been 4 years since you left us.  It has been a day of mixed emotions & lots of thinking of you.  I sure miss you. You know you are going to miss Aunt Mary's 80th Birthday party. Please watch over all of our family(ies). I love you Love you forever, Donna"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 23rd October 2016

"You've been gone now for four years,seems like yesterday.  I miss my partner in crime.  I also miss the laughing and the picking on each other. I miss you holding me and telling me everything's going to be all right.  I miss watching TV with u our favorite programs and watching the football game and  teasing you about your Seahawks by the way I hope they win today they are playing Arizona Cardinals.  And I hope you're sitting on the 50 yard line. Taylor told me yesterday that she dreamed about you,I told her that spirits come to you in dreams and you're probably check in on her because she's getting ready for the baby.  And Gary text me last night telling me that he missed you and thanking me for a little bit of ashes he got for his necklace he wears 24 seven.  This is a very sad anniversary we all miss you and we wish you were here there is such a big hole in everybody's life love you❤️"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 28th September 2016

"I came back to AZ early it was to cold and wet. Now Tucker and I are home."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 1st August 2016

"Troy got his transplant,he's got a great kidney working great!. I'm glad you walked alongside in the new surgery. I can't thank you enough for looking after the boys they love you and miss you so much.  I miss you and having you here to lean on in trying times.  And I miss you giving me shit all the time. But Randy is fulling that  void.  I built a gazebo on the lot now we can sit and have a fire no matter what the whether is. I can't wait to get back to Arizona it been a cold summer.  I always have the feeling that you're out hunting or vacation without me.  I never have the feeling of the separation of death I always feel like you're with me no matter what always guiding me through this mess . I miss u and always will love ya!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 20th June 2016

"Happy Father's Day Mike
I spent Father's Day with Troy and his family and everything I seen was, what you instilled in both boys. We did a fantastic job with them.  And watching Troy reunite with his girls and his grandbabies is funny and makes me proud and makes me miss you more. There's a song out there called  Piece by Piece  it reminds me of you picking up the pieces of me from my life. Thank u❤️"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 17th June 2016

"I left Arizona May 18 got to Washington the 20th one amass the lot was in see-through and the trailer.  I swear all it's done is rain here I see why we left and went to Arizona I miss it every day when it's gray rainy and wet and cold.but I came in time to see Mason graduate preschool Saturday I'm going to Tiana's graduation."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 31st March 2016

"Tiana's coming to Arizona to visit for her spring break I am so looking forward to seeing her.  With me looking forward to seeing her makes me think about you. It's sad me, you would've loved to shown her Arizona and this is one of the things were both going to miss. You here showing Arizona to Tiana.  I miss you every day! I take ever day one step at a time.  Troy's now on the active list for the kidney transplant that means if a kidney comes up three applicants go down and the doctors decide which one is best to receive the kidney I'm hoping Troy's time will be short.  When they do the transplant I will fly back to stay,for three months until he gets the OK that it's doing good we plan on renting a place close to the UW to make it easy for him.  Keep a close eye on Troy and hold his hand through this he's going to need a lot of help and you're just the person to do it .
Love u and miss u lots❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 11th March 2016

"Mike thinking about you it's been a hard month Diane and Adrian are coming out and spend a couple days here, anyway it should be fun to see them plus.  Chuck and Elsie came to Laughlin for a concert and I got a free ticket to go it was a lot of fun and it was nice seeing them. Tucker got his check up doing good she said he sure is strong for a little dog. We still run him with Bucky. Tiana is coming next month the beginning of April I can't wait I'm so excited. We mis ya!
Love u❤️"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 23rd February 2016

"I have been working on tax's I wish u would of  taught me all about the taxes so I would've been able to feel comfortable to do this myself I'm still stumbling through it thank God Terry is patient with me!  I hate dealing with taxes cause I always have to pay and before you paid. I like that better, you pay! Ron's Morial is this coming Saturday I am not going back I'll spend time with Debbie when I get to Washington this summer.  I just made arrangements for Tiana to come spring break I hope she enjoys herself here I'm just a little worried about her catching the flight by yourself. Miss u lots❤️"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 20th January 2016

"Hi Mike
I'm sure U know Ron passed away we are all  broken-hearted.
Now he can watch over his family,and smile, he will be able to run with the grandkids. Watch all there sports games (just don't let him drive!)
Both of U can now watch the Seahawks  on the front line GO HAWKS!

I'm sure u know that Maggie on her away to see U."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 1st January 2016

"Good morning Mike it's New Year's 2016 I stayed up to watch the fireworks and thought about you and me had a glass of cheer!
Went to Washington for a Christmas watched all the grandkids and the great grandkids open gifts spent a lot of time with Tiana and the girls.  Taylor's turned out to be quite a little mommy and a good mommy at that. It's hard to believe that she's a mommy and Tiana is quite the young lady,  I died Tiana's hair purple just at the ends though and the great grandkids are a trip.  Tucker did excellent on the plane up there and back it was a lot of work for me,  but I was glad I did it.  And I agree with you Arizona's is home now,it's warmer and I love waking up to the sun and I think God before you die you told me that you were glad you made the move to Arizona."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 25th December 2015

"Merry Christmas to you!. The 4th Christmas that you've missed. Tucker @ I  have flown to Washington to spend time with the boys and the grandchildren for Christmas missing you a lot.  It is cold up here missing Arizona's weather already at we will be flying back home the 29th. Love ya! And miss u to the star 's and back.

This tribute was added by debbie isaacson on 24th November 2015

"hey Mike...JUST HAD TO BE "LATE" as you always were...Happy 60th Birthday, miss you Deb..."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 23rd November 2015

"Well today would've been your 60th birthday and it's been three years since you've been gone I like to tell you to have a piece a cake and ice cream and fix yourself that your favorite drink  Seagram 7  and Pepsi, of course I think it was always just a splash of Pepsi!.  And of course today I got some  gravel  and I finished up my gravel project. I can remember you always yelling at me to not start projects for you well for the last three years you haven't done a project yet!, are you bored yet?I'm tired of doing your projects,  I would of appreciate your  helped with the projects !. And of course I've done some projects that you would be very surprised at☺️ I completed and I did a good job.. I'm wishing you were here. Randy's move down here and and so did Dave,you're missing out on all their fun but let me tell you both of the boys like picking on me so you would be proud of them!. Well happy birthday Mike and I miss you and I love you and I know everybody misses you there isn't  a day that  gone by that you don't come to mind but remember your ways in our heart even though you're gone..."

This tribute was added by Randy Johnson on 23rd November 2015

"Happy birthday Mike, it has been three years since you past. I sure wish you were here we would have so much fun. Please watch over all those who loved you. Thinking of you!"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 23rd November 2015

"Happy 60th Birthday Mike, sure do miss you. I wish you wouldn't have left us so early. It has been just over 3 years since you left us. Hope you are partying with Mom & Dad & other family & friends that are with you. I'll love you forever. Watch over all of us."

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 24th October 2015

"Mike, it's been 3 years since you left us. I still miss you . I love you my one and only brother..."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 23rd October 2015

"It's been three years now I can remember every minute of that day.  I think about you every morning.I think about you every night.I think about you periodically through the day,it's hard to believe it's been three years. October I keep myself so busy so I don't have to think about it too much but everybody's doing fine here. I am getting a lot of work done around the house the house is a lot different from when you left but a good difference I'm making it my own.  Today's a day where we get to reflect the years that we did have together. I totally miss our time together, I miss your voice I have to play the tape where your playing with Tucker just so I can remember what it what you sound like and I have to watch our pictures with the squirrel.  Boy we got a lot living in, in the little short amount of time that we were together. I totally love you and miss you and I keep yours in my heart forever telling  I totally love you and miss you and I keep yours in my heart forever.

This tribute was added by debbie isaacson on 22nd October 2015

"hey Mike, we are coming up on 3 years, we miss you deb"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 31st August 2015

"I see your pictures zip lining and reminds me of my time we had with Gary. Gary and Liz and me and Mark went zip line here in Washington off of Camino Island it was a blast in the trees totally different from what We have done.  I had a major water leak at our house in Arizona it was in the irrigation system that you put in one of your joints failed.  Well here in Washington we had our first windstorm been out of power for the last two days. So I decided pack up Tucker go to a hotel so we could have a shower and be warm and get something to eat. It reminded me of the time in Granite Falls when we were out for a week.  I decided to sell a couple more of your things. I haven't  use them at all in three years. 1. is your trailer and boat motor as I'm cleaning up for selling it reminds me of all the good times we had with those things. I miss you think about you often almost every day well actually every day.  I'm going to be getting ready to head back to Arizona certainly get cold here and night specially and I'm losing my tan and I can't wait to see Fay and John and Becky. Miss ya!
Joanie and Tucker"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 13th July 2015

"Happy anniversary Mike this is the second one you missed.  It would've been 34 years of marriage but 35 1/2 together.  A lot as happened since I've come back to Washington I sold  Debbie and Ron's trailer and lot, she got get a good price. Ron is in a nursing home now doesn't look like he'll be getting out so. Debbie's having to make arrangements and downsize in her life to make up for the bills and stuff she's having a really hard time. I kind of explained that she's going through a little bit of what, I'm going through but at least she still has Ron here.Ron is in a nursing home now doesn't look like he'll be getting out so Debbie's having to make arrangements and downsize in her life to make up for the bills and stuff she's having a really hard time I kind of explained that she's going through a little bit of what I went through but at least she still has Ron here see.  And what I see and read on Facebook I think Trudys falling in love I hope she stays in love and happy and the rest of her life she deserves it.  Went to Troy's birthday party he's 42 can you believe that and it looks like he's having a real hard time keeping up with things with his kidneys they say it's just a matter of time they gave him one more year hopefully get many more.  Gary and Liz are the same and doing the same Tianas moved in with Troy she's going to finish out her senior year. Taylor's moved in with her boyfriend hopefully things will go good for her.  And as far as me and Tucker we're plugging along missing you and thinking about you on a date today bases I wish you get off your ass and fix things around here .love ha!
Your wife!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 12th June 2015

"On my way up to Washington I stayed with Tiffany and Matt and the kids got to go to Marissa's birthday and Matt's birthday. It is getting so hard to come back to Washington specially to the lot the first thing I see when I pull in is all the work we put in to this place, and ur golf cart..I'm going to sell ur golf cart. I would love to sell the lot, but Gary got up set with me about. So maybe next yr..Gary has no  idea how hard it is for me... I think Tucker miss home too! Debbie going to sell her lot, things are getting hard for her with Ron in a nursing home. And I don't think Kyle is helping.. I wish I could do more for her but I can't. I wish u would put a bug in Taylor ear she need to start nesting. Troy and I are trying to get her child support set up but she think it going to hurt Steven we can't get her real lie she just hurting the kids.. So put a big bug in her ear!!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 13th May 2015

"Ronda and Paolo came to AZ they love the house! Ronda said she started cry because, you could be here. Ronda already is plan to come back this time they want to drive...I'm getting ready to go back to Washington. I know I'm going to have a lot of work getting the lot cleaned up I wish u where here to help. Miss ya! Lots ❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 12th April 2015

"MIKE, sure would love to tell you about Kon & my trip to Cancun that we just back from. We finally made a trip of a life time. It was wonderful. We were truly spoiled. We were at a resort right on the Caribbean. We are having a deck put on our house & it looks really nice. It's about time we did it. Sure do miss you. I love you  your sis, Donna"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 5th April 2015

"1st thing 1st we all miss u Tiffanie and the kids came down. It's a good thing u put in the pool, the kids a getting better at swimming. I did better with taxes. I'm learning!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 23rd March 2015

"Every day I think about U missing U feeling bad UR not here with us all.. I got a lot done this year, I'm getting ready for Tiffany's family to come down for spring br. And summer just around the corner so I will be getting ready to go to Washington. I need to put new floors in the rental, so I'm trying to teach Gary how to deal with contractor I think he learning. I just hope there done before I get back up there. I know this may be dumb coming to this site to talk to U but it the only thing and place I feel we have a connection to U.. Watch over all of us, and all of us miss U

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 13th February 2015

"Happy Valentine's Day!
Miss you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Your family too!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 9th February 2015

"Hi Mike❤️
I guess you know the Seahawks lost the game at the end they screwed up and threw the ball away I know you must been sitting on the sidelines just cussing away. Well I built the wall in between RANDY and Karen's house and ours I need my privacy from him I got sick and tired of finding him watching,stare at me anytime i was out in the backyard I know you know this because you hated it too. I also put new carpeting throughout the house is so nice, this was my Christmas present to myself it looks good, and it feels good on the feet.. Next I'm going to have the cupboards done in the house I'm going to have them stained darker. Tomorrow's Tiana birthday she will be17 years old where does the time go!? I still think about you every day I wake up thinking about you go to bed thinking about you it's amazing sometimes the impact you had on my life and the impact its made with you not here in my life.
I went down and filed for my Widows benefit for Social Security and when I turn 65 it automatically give me the Medicare at 65 and I qualify at your rate. See if you were here we would get to collect both of ours social security. But I miss you and I love you I think we all miss you!❤️

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 16th January 2015

"Hi Mike❤️
Gary and Liz are on their way back home to Washington they're going to stop and stay with Tiffany for the night. I have some really bad news for you Cindy Derr your cousin has cancer. Tiffany told me they didn't think she will make another year. I thinking on my way back to Washington I may go up and stay with Cindy for a while. Watch over her she need you now.. And Paolo had a little scared five stents put in his heart. He's going to stop smoking I wish you would've. Ron must be doing better he's going to another hospital. So I guess you got your work cut out for you watch over all these people!."

This tribute was added by Gary Stevens on 9th January 2015

"I'm in Arizona, with Lizzy and our little ones.. Kloie and Cooper.. You should be here.. Mom and I still need you.. But you left, and I hope your watching over us.. And we love you......"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 31st December 2014

"Happy New Year!
I hope 2015 is a good year!. I'm so glad 2014 is over. Dave & Vickie came for 4 days, we had lots of fun, went to a show, dinner,went to Oatman did a bbq at Randy house like I said fun!. but New Years eve we get snow here in AZ so they couldn't fly out, hopefully tomorrow. Ron was in the hospital for 2weeks sedated with a breathing machine on him. Ron's now awake off the machine he didn't know Debbie I told Debbie to tell him that she was his girlfriend we had a good laugh over it. This is the 3th New Years without u (suck)"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 23rd December 2014

"Hello Mike!
I wanted you to know, that I did the garage floor. I know we talked about it the day before you died and you wanted to get that done,well it took me a while but I got it done for you I want you to know I did it all by myself and it looks excellent it made me proud. And I think you would be very proud of me. Merry Christmas to u."

This tribute was added by debbie isaacson on 24th November 2014

"Hey Happy Belated Birthday Mike. I decided to wait and be late like you always should be here to "celebrate with us"  59...miss you deb"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 23rd November 2014

"Mike, it would have been your 59th birthday today. I want to call you & tell you this but I can't.  I miss you & think of you daily. I at times feel your presence like you are watching over your family. I love you... <3"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 23rd November 2014

"Happy Birthday
For your birthday I hope you go to the game and watch the Seahawks play the Cardinals! Go Seahawks I know you're not here to see it yourself but I'll say it for you love you"

This tribute was added by Gary Stevens on 23rd November 2014

"I'm wishing you a happy birthday.. Where ever you are now... I feel you watching over me and or at least it seems so. If you are, I really miss you..and it hurts to think your not here to talk too.. Love you.. DAD.."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 20th November 2014

"It's November 20, 2014 your birthday is in three more days. I haven't been able to sleep this whole week thinking about you missing you I don't ever think I'll ever stop missing you. Your death has been very painful, I know it's been two years but it seems like yesterday. At times you don't realize the impact of your life on your family until you're gone.. And how we took it for granted that you would always be here for us. I know you must be getting a lot of pleasure out of the fact that you're still physically only 56 but I hate to tell you this your 59 this time of year we, where the same age you always loved rubbing it in that I was older. For three days we've had a windstorm that brought in a lot of sand. What took us three hours to clean up, took me now buy myself 6 1/2 hours, your getting out of a lot of work buddy. Our kids are doing okay Gary Liz are coming out in January to spend two weeks with me which will be great and what I've heard is Taylor and the kids have moved in with Troy and spencer still at grandpa Jim. Tucker starting to get a little bossy these days must come with old age and having a chip put in him Monday so if he ever gets lost he can be found. Happy birthday to you Mike I love you I miss you and I would give anything to have you here with us

Joanie and Tucker"

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 25th October 2014

"Hi Mike - Sorry you are not here with us anymore. It's still shocking to think about it because getting the news is recalled like yesterday. I miss you & my mom. Guess this is what happens as you get older, although I thought you'd be around longer. I'm thankful for the time you were around & the grounding you provided for all who knew you."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 25th October 2014

"Tucker and I spent the day up at the lake for your anniversary. It was 93° and the water was 68 chilly but we still went swimming. Dave's here now and we're gonna do something today I'm glad to see everybody came and visit your site on your anniversary. It's been a long two years without u. I always reflect on our life that we had together and I wish we still had that life together again, I've been kind of mad about this whole situation you're leaving me too soon but now I'm starting to forgive you I still miss you and I will always love you and I will always carry you in my heart..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 25th October 2014

"Mike, hard to believe that it has been 2 years since you left us. You have been in my thoughts a lot the past couple of weeks. I miss you so much & so does our family. I love you  Donna  :-("

This tribute was added by debbie isaacson on 24th October 2014

"Hey Mike, thinking of you sooooo much this week...missing you tons. I can't belive it's been 2 years. We love you, debbie"

This tribute was added by monty neumeister on 24th October 2014

"Two years, still sad ❕❕❕❕❕"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 22nd October 2014

"Hi Mike
Your anniversary is coming up in two days.I don't know why they call it an anniversary,I wish you were here. This time year is very hard for me because you were in my brain 24 seven and you're awesome and my heart. Dave and Vicky King are coming out for a visit to be here for four days hard, we were talking the other day and you've known him for 28 years. Dave and Vicky are going to miss seeing Randy Randy's leaving 29 October. Randy sold all of his property in Washington and he's making Arizona his main home.. It's cool having a buddy down here in case I need any help.  He has always been there for me no matter what. You always told me Randy was the brother you never had. And you're right he is a big brother I've never had too! he's in old.!!☺️ Fart
Im still trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, Tuckeris now is a service dog so he can go with me wherever I go and they can't stop him or me, he can go on the airplane they can't make me pay for him to fly he's free now."

This tribute was added by debbie isaacson on 17th October 2014

"hey's just about 2 years, I can't believe it. i would have liked to go to see Joanie and Tucker in AZ this month but with Ron's health I just don't think I can. We miss you so much. We only made it up to the trailer a couple of times this summer. Trailer-it's hard for me to go there as i miss you and I see you every where I look. Spent most of the time going to see Kyle and Ron's health isn't the best anymore. Joanie has been writing to him and she went with us one weekend to see Kyle. The great grand kids are adorable...wish you were here to see them. Joanie made us all 8x10 pictures of you, we got to choose which one we wanted, I chose the one of you holding up the Kayak...I love it
..we miss you tons, love you deb"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 15th October 2014

"Mike, it's almost 2 years ago you left us. You are still in our hearts & are missed so much. I keep coming across pictures of you. I just posted 3 more of you with family. All taken Christmas eve 12/24/1986. one with Joanie & you, one with Mom (Dorothy Stevens) & my daughter Traci Klippert & another one with Dad (Gorden Stevens), you & Konrad Klippert with Dad showing you & Konrad how to tie a tie. These were happy times.  I'm not very good at scanning them to make them a nice size. To let you know you missed your sisters' birthdays again. I keep waiting to hear from you or to get a call from you wishing me Happy Birthday & you saying I missed it again. LOL. ;-)"

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