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Michael Dean Stevens
  • 56 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 23, 1955
  • Place of birth:
    San Point, Idaho, United States
  • Date of passing: Oct 24, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Ft Mohave, Arizona, United States
Let the memory of Michael be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Stevens, 56, born on November 23, 1955 and passed away on October 24, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 7th September 2014

"It's Sept 7th 2014 I'm getting ready to head back home to AZ. Last night all your sister got together,at Debbie & Ron's lot for dinner. Tory & Tiana and Gary came out too,and had dinner with me. We all stop and visited with your sister. It is still every hard to believe your gone. It's going on 2 yrs. to me at times it was just last week. I'm always ask is it getting easier, I have to say no just different. Tucker and I are pulling out the 14 th. If you have any pull up there ask for no rain!. Troy kidney transplant may happen in February, watch over him,  just a FYI Trudy and you are going to be the same age. Maybe you should watch over all of us. I can't Express how much I miss ya!
Your wife

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 9th August 2014

"I went and had dinner with Dave & Vickie King is was nice. He going to retire in Jan or Feb  they are going to visit in April they are talking about selling and moving down south. Well your name came up to night both Ronda and I said you've almost been gone for 2years. Very day I think about you,missing you, and all the things your missing out on. Taylor and Taina are sending more time with Troy, he stay guarded but I can tell it make him happy. Taina go up to his house to ride the horse she love riding the horse. When she go she stay the weekend so Troy and her are building A relationship. Mariah that her birthday up here. Steven and his mother came so we all got to meet her. You would get a kick out of Mason, both of them are so cute. Tucker and I miss ya! Love u more. We both wish u where here.."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 16th July 2014

"July 12 came and gone I tried not to think about it but happy anniversary to you. I went with Debbie and Ron and to go see Kyle. It was a nice visit with Kyle, but the trip there my copilot was not there to show me the way. And Debbie is the worst one to get directions from. And by the way I got into a fight with a neighbor that lives behind a rental about the damn fence again I guess Gary and him had a little powwow and you did build the fence on his side of the property they told me no big deal I got to get that fence stained it's starting to look really bad. I did tell the guy to take me to court about it and I will ask the  judge for him to pay half since he paid nothing on the fence. The guys of pig. Well happy anniversary to you and I love you miss you!!  :)"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 8th July 2014

"I want to be the first to wish you a happy Fourth of July and you missed it I went out with Paolo and Rhonda with some friends of too lake Goodwin the fireworks were amazing. July 5 we went up to the tennis court to listen to the band Debbie showed up with the kids I was really happy to see her. July 6 Taylor Tiana and Mason Mariah and Troy all showed up we went for a swim and we had dinner. I found myself telling Mason that I was his great grandma's God I fell old, I did tell Mason about his great grandpa Mike. I know he doesn't understand but I sure hope that Taylor and Tiana and them all tell him about you. Mason has a thing he has to wear gloves he loves wearing gloves I don't know what it's about but it is so funny and cute. I think they're starting to warm up to me couple times I held the baby she's cute. Troy got to play with them both in the pool it's kind of funny watching Troy be a grandpa. And I can tell watching his face he really wants to get involved with the kids. Debbie came up to the pool with Kyle kids and visit and watch all the swim. And poor Ron with all of his bad luck it start out his golf cart wouldn't run. Gary and Mark got it  going to .come to find out the battery was bad. Ron health isn't very good,I hope it holds up so we can go over to visit Kyle this coming weekend. Well I'm missing you and I love you.


This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 15th June 2014

"It's Fathers Day
Happy Fathers Day
I just wanted to tell you how we all miss you and how we all appreciated you and you are the best father to two boys that love you with all their heart and soul. Every day I give thanks to you!

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 27th May 2014

"Hi Mike - Hope you are okay wherever you are and with whatever happens afterwards. We miss you. I'm sorry Adrian is growing up without his uncle Mike. He needs good male role models and you were one of the best! Trying to sell my house now. I always liked your grounded advice...Joanie's too. You were so steady in just about everything you did & said. Hate saying "were" (past tense - very hard). Miss you loads! Life isn't the same without you here. xoxo from Adrian & Diane"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 24th May 2014

"I'm all packed and ready to go back to Washington. I had to get the pool emptied and put in new water set up pool service,they said every two yrs. I should empty it. But tell you the truth I'm second-guessing going up to Washington, I know if you were here I wouldn't be second-guessing this. But you're not here and I hate doing this by myself. I know once I get on the road maybe I will feel different,I hope. It's amazing how everybody else's life goes on and I keep feeling like I'm in this tunnel going nowhere. I keep hoping somebody will walk into my life and knox the hell out of me and change things. I played the Memorial tape the other day and Tucker did not respond to your voice like he has in the passed,it was sad for me to see tucker has forgot you. But I like hearing voice. But It was tearjerking. The neighbor down the road just lost his son his son was 52 and it was the thing that happen to you it's hard to believe that God takes people so young before their time. I think the reason why I'm so mad is because we had so much more to do. Watch over me and Tucker while were driving down the road back to Washington. Love ya!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 16th May 2014

"It makes me happy to know that people still come and visit his site. I feel this is a place where we can talk to Mike and we can share our thoughts are joy and sadness with him. And I know if Mike could read all these thoughts of joy, sadness and everything else. His heart would be so filled with love. See Mike you are everybody's rock. You gave everybody the tools they needed to carry-on. You gave unconditional love, you always gave a hand when needed, you always listen, you always gave good advice but never judged. I know we always pick on you for being so short, but really you were a giant with a puffed up chest. We all love you and miss you.
So doses Tucker!"

This tribute was added by Troy Stevens on 16th May 2014

"It is has been very hard for me to deal with your loss. I get angry that your gone, and angry at myself for not spending more time with you when you were here. The fact that we were not in the best of relations due to such petty disputes is heat breaking. I really wish things were different for all of us. You have always been supportive of me and my family even though it may not have been ideal to some. I have model my values on how you were with my mom and that you would always stand by her no matter what the situation was. You are irreplaceable. Your entire family grieves dearly for you. I feel like I failed to let you know just how much I loved and respected you, but know this now I LOVE YOU SO MUCH  AND WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO JUST HUG YOU ONE LAST TIME."

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 15th May 2014

"Michael, I can't stop the tears today, I so wish you were still here with us. I miss you. You are my big brother, damn it , you should be here. I need you to help me understand why your not. Some days it's just so hard knowing your gone, I love you, can you hear me when I talk to you, can you see my tears, can you feel the ache in my heart?  Life isn't fair. I never ever thought of losing you from our lives, it still hurts, Yes today I cry for all of us that miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Gary Stevens on 14th May 2014

"Moms coming back to, Washington ... Soon! It's going to be week after Memorial Day.. Wish you were coming with..Sorry I have avoided this sight for a while.. Just don't want to, get upset that your gone. But I feel your presence, looking over us.. And I think about you dad, everyday. EVERYDAY...AND STILL I CRY FOR YOU..I MISS YOU...YOUR SON, GARY.."

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 14th May 2014

"Hey brother, so we celebrated Easter a few weeks back and Cassandra and I shared a good memory of you. It was the Easter at mom's house in Federal Way when I put on the basket hunt for everyone, I wish I would have had a video camera on you that day, it was so funny watching you hunt all over the yard looking for your basket, everyone had found theirs but you, and you were getting frustrated like you could, cussing, giving me that look, you sat down and it took a few minutes, then those Brown eyes lit up with a big smile and you flipped me off. Yep there it was hanging from a hook right there outside the sliding door, Everyone laughed so hard, I got cha that day. I held an egg/basket hunt for my kids and grandkids again this year and I laughed because I still got it, they search and search and then when they find it their eyes light up just the way yours did that Easter. Cassandra remembers that day as well, not just because Joanie whacked her on her butt ! Because of you is why she remembered, and that my brother is a memory I will always treasure. I love you Michael and I miss you so much. . You were taken away from us way to soon, my heart still and always will ache. Love your dooderbug"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 13th May 2014

"Mike I feel sorry for people who are so rude on your site. Uncalled for. If people want to post something PLEASE do so with respect for Mike & his grieving family. We miss you so very much & really wish that you were still here. Joanie is sounding good & I am okay with her trying to move on after all I feel that's what you'd want her to do. Mike you were a one of a kind brother.. the best..."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 13th May 2014

"I think I got all my to do list done for going back to Washington. I went through all of our old emails from the time we sold our house in granite to buying the Arizona house I just deleted all it was too much to keep. And I don't see a point of keeping it. I also deleted all the emails from all your work buddies I haven't heard from them since the celebration of your life. Now I can't go back and relive our life, i'm hoping this makes me move forward. I'm really not looking forward to going back to Washington it's always so hard to be there. Yes I know I have to do it. Tucker and I are leaving  28 May keep an eye out for us I probably will be speeding. Thinking about you and missing you.

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 1st May 2014

"I'm starting to get ready to go back up to Washington. My time down here in Arizona sure went by fast. It's starting to get a little easier here for me without you. But that doesn't say I don't miss you!. I still have that empty feeling with you gone. But I've managed to pull up my big girl panties and do it alone. I thank you for taking care of me all those years and making sure that I will be taking care of until my end of my.  It's going to be nice to see family and friends when I get up to here to Washington but I hope the weather stays nice. I'm beginning to really hate cold weather and rain. Today they say it's supposed to get up to 90 but we do have a wind coming from the north so it's cool. Well I was thinking about you so I figured I'd come on this site and give you my two cents, but like always I give you more than you bargained for. I miss you!!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 9th April 2014

"Well you missed my birthday, I got a birthday gift anyway I put solar panels on the roof so we could used the pool longer. Randy back down here getting his house together today he's getting his first set of visitors. It's 90° out so am using the pool tucker he runs and hides in the bedroom, he's hiding  from me, he doesn't want to go for a swim I'm going to put him in the pool. I should throw him in the pool! Tiffany and the kids came down we had a fun visit. Dylan drove down he love Arizona, he wants to become a desert rat. Well I miss you and I got your patch done for the donation and I'll send it on its way."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 31st March 2014

"It's March 30th randy's leaving tomorrow head back down here so he can deal with his new house. Tiffany and the kids have been having a good time here, they love the pool. Dylan and I went for a hike in Grapevine Valley seen all the Indian hieroglyphics. I think Dylan is loving Arizona he hasn't been out of Granite Falls he's been surprised that there's smaller towns than granite. Tiffany been doing a lot of talking about you she sure misses you think she misses you as bad as I do. Well me and Dylan are going to go to the Grand Canyon Wednesday. I think I'm going to get him a flight over the Grand Canyon well it's late and I miss you and I will talk to you later"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 16th March 2014

"Hey Mike, I've been thinking of you lots & still miss you so very much. I've been doing lots of cleaning lately & have been finding more pictures of you when you were a kid & younger pictures of you with Joanie & the boys. You don't even have a beard in a few pics. Do you remember you used to call me "DON" & thought it was funny because it was a boy's name. Watch over all of us. Debbie, Trudy & I went to see Uncle Wayne about a week ago & he's doing good. He is 83 yrs old now. He & Sharla were in town helping one of Sharla's grandkids.  Aunt Mary is doing good too. You still have a place in my heart & will forever."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 16th March 2014

"Today is March 16 2014 got a report from Dan all the golf carts tuned up and ready to go and your's is getting old. Got my taxes done and Randy look at my VIP he's going to change that for me so I can make more money. Still trying to figure out what I'm a do with my life without you. Gary stop drinking and he is seen a counselor about it so hopefully he can get that taken care of, he's also having a problem with high blood pressure which is not good. I'm writing Kyle I told him exactly what I felt about him his life, and what he put his mother through. And a little bit about the conversation you had with Debbie today you die. All your sisters are doing well and they still think about you a lot and miss you like I do. All the grandkids are growing up and doing good and so are the great-grandchildren can't believe Taylor's baby starting to crawl around. Looking forward to meeting her.
Miss you!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 7th March 2014

"Randy Johnson came down to visit he loves our house he said we did a good job and he loves the area in which we live. So much he's  looking at a house to buy and I think he's going to buy now the one next to John and Fay. He told me all he was bringing down was shorts and tank top and if it rains or if it's cold he was going to kill me butt he love the weather he's has been sitting outside in the sun he loves it."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 26th February 2014

"It's been a year and four months now. I think about you all the time and would love to talk to you, just to explain how I'm feeling. Just the mention of your name or people asking me about you The grief is still so fresh. Troy and Taylor and Tiana are starting to have a relationship together not quite like it was but it's getting there. I wrote Kyle and I told him about your last day on earth. About your phone call with Dbbie and me having to call her about your death3 hour later. I truly believe he needed to know. Now for the Funny side I'm not sure if I get to claim you this year for taxes, I should I have been carrying you around for the last year and 4 mos. I hope you are missing us too.
Love ya!

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 18th February 2014

"Hello brother, you sure are missed an awful lot. There has been many times that I have picked up the phone to call you or typed in your name to email you and then realize you're not here. Needed some "manly brother" advice or just to talk to you and laugh! We never had any problems making each other laugh. I have so many awesome memories with you, thank you for them!  I love you and I miss you so much. Your baby sis"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 17th February 2014

"It's been a year and four months the longest year and four months in my life every day I wake up I think about you every time I go to bed I think about you it is so hard for me to believe that you are gone but I am trying to MoveOn I hope you don't mind, just a short note I wanted tell you thank you for keeping Taylor safe. She was in a car accident she totaled my car.but . And she is safe  that's all that matters. Tiana just turned 16 she's not driving yet she's kind of scared hopefully this summer I'll get to spend some time with her and help her learn how to drive the golf cart all over again. Diane's crap with Bob is all over,finally got the child support and then Custy battle all done and over with,Bob keeps bugging her I wish we would've kicked his ass. Tucker got a thorn in his foot, it took about a month to heal. last week I found the sticker pulled it out and is healing really quite fast he's a happy little boy. We miss you,talk to you later love you. Your wife joanie"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 3rd February 2014

"I'm glad to write this note to you!
Seahawks won! The Super Bowl !
It took 35 yrs. but they did it, for all the good you did in life. I hope you where their cheering them on. Because I cry for you of happy tears. We miss you watching the game with us. Love ya! ;)"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 2nd February 2014

"I know your going to the game have fun!
GO HAWKS,!  :)"

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 1st February 2014

"Happy Super Bowl Mikey! I hope your team wins. We miss you!!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 31st January 2014

"Gary & Liz and I are in Maui, everyday we think about you. Things come up about our pass trips, the fun we had the laughs,your trip to do zip line. You wanting to chicken out but u didn't want anyone to know how sacred you where we laugh at u then and we still are laughing,it was a good time. I still can remember your face laughing at me then the waves toss me around and I could get up because I was laughing so hard. The time we took Taylor! and us watch her swim with the dolphin seeing her face smile from ear to ear, and it bring a tear to our eyes. Gary did it again he got burned the 1st day out. But all in all we miss you and wish u where here. It still hard to understand why your not here I don't know if I will ever understand it. Miss u !"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 20th January 2014

"Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl but I think you know this because you where sitting in the front row.. It was a nail biting game tonight. When you take your trip to new jerseys wear a coat it cold there. I talk to little Roger last night, I bet you and Uncle Roger are having a beer or two, tell Uncle Roger to look over little Roger he got a hard road to go. I'm going to Maui with Gary and Liz it won't be the same with you but I need to go. Maui was our last big trip. Miss ya! Go hawks!"

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 6th January 2014

"Hi Mikey,
It's been a while, but I think about you often. I still wonder where you are now. The holidays went by and I thought of you because last year was the first Christmas without you. It felt very strange being in your house without you. Adrian is growing up and still talks about you. We talk about Uncle Mike and you playing with him through the cat door. We talk about our house which has many parts of your work. I hope you are with us. I feel your presence."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 31st December 2013

"It new year eve!!  out with the old and in with the new. This is my 2nd new year eve without you. It (sucks)....last year was a every hard year for me with you gone. I have learned a lot too, I put a cane bolt in the gate,fix the water sem. And I can closes up the house for the summer. But most of all I learn a lot about me. Being lonely is hard but I'm doing it.. Gary & Liz went up to the lot! Got it all rake up and put a request to the piles pick up. Tomorrow is Gary & Liz anniversary. Troy's doing good his Kinney are holding their own. Taylor and the kids are doing good she hate working. Tiana  doing good too. Spencer back with his mom. Now you are all caught up.. Happy new year to you! 2014
Love ya! & miss ya! More!!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 28th December 2013

"Debbie call last night we talk about Christmas. They all had a good Christmas with family. And all is well. Talk to Diane she went to Ca for Xmas with Adrain,she sends movie of Adrain he getting big. Good looking kid to he must get it from me! This Xmas I had to put in a cane bolt in the gate by the pool. I want u to know I did it all by myself, 1st try!! It been cold here 60 day 40 at night and windy. I took the tree down so the house is back together and all put away. I don't know what I'm going to do for new year yet! Gary & Liz & I got our tickets for Maui . I need to go, I was thinking about you. Miss you! Lots!! Still don't know why we are there. But things aren't the same with you there! Love u!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 19th December 2013

"Yesterday Gary & Liz and me made plans to go to Maui for 12 days. I hope it will be fun! I know it going to be hard at 1st because we all went to Maui together in 2010. Yes we are going to have some awesome memory of you. Tucker going to stay with Fay & John,I just hope he wants to come home with me. I want you to know tucker looks for you in every gray tuck and he barks at it if he can't see in. Well I was thinking about you! Miss ya! Oh! You know Liz can't swim watch over her!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 12th December 2013

"Today is the anniversary of your mother death I hope all your Q you had,are answer from her and both of you have made up. Today u woke me up, I think you know how hard it's been for me to be alone, they say it will get easer I say bull shit!. Gave your mom a big hug. And thanks for making me get up very morning. Love u ! And here a big hug to u xoxo"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 2nd December 2013

"Today I got out all the Xmas junk out. The tree up,I don't know why!!. I always keep last year cards. This is the 2nd Xmas without you I should fly back home for Xmas but it to cold at the lot. I need to do my Xmas cards too! Now I have to sign it Joanie and tucker. Talk to Debbie she has a house full with grandkids. Ron going to the doctor today I hope things go better for them. U really need to watch over her! Well this was going to be a short note to you. Missing you!"

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 24th November 2013

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Michael. Happy Birthday to you! Now make a wish and blow out all the candles. I love you"

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 24th November 2013

"Well Michael, as this day is coming to end, I want you to know that you have been on my mind all day,Happy Birthday brother, you should be here but your not and it just doesn't seem right. I love you and miss you terribly. Hope your day was a great one and know how much you are missed and loved,   love your dooders(bug)"

This tribute was added by Gary Stevens on 24th November 2013

"Dad, I have missed you so much..... Still angry, that you left us.  We were not ready.!  But, then again we wouldn't ever be ready. You inspired us all, to be great. I love you, dad! And miss you every day."

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 23rd November 2013

"Mike: Happy Birthday. I hope you are partying with Mom & Dad. You should be hear to celebrate your birthday with all of us. Miss you very much. Consider this your email birthday card. LOL  I think about you almost daily. We didn't spend as much time as we should have when you were here. I love you"

This tribute was added by Troy Stevens on 23rd November 2013

"Dad, happy birthday although I'm sure time does not flow the same way as it does here. We will continue to age until that day where we can be together again. I miss you and hope you are happy where ever your spirit may be. Love you very much."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 22nd November 2013

"It's your birthday,I don't care you are the same age as me 58yr old, and I'm missing u still. Last night we had lighting, so I fix a drink and sat outside and watch and remembering us our 1st lighting storm here. Sitting outside watching the rain and the water running down the road. And jumping in the truck to see if we could see a flash flood I miss those time. What sad is we won't ever have that time again. Happy birthday! Old man! I add a birthday picture do you remember witch one it is? Let's see if our family or friends can guess witch picture it is! And what it was!..miss you lots and I wish you the best! Love Joanie"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 19th November 2013

"Today I got up thinking about you, and your birthday coming up you would of been 58 years old. There isn't a day that go by I don't think about you. The Seahawks are 10- to 1 but I guess you know that , Gary watches the game with you ( I think he hate it that ur sitting on the side line.) things here are going hang out with Fay she is the best ! John like to talk about moving,I don't know what I would do! Miss ya!"

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 24th October 2013

"Michael, my one and only brother, I sit here with a very heavy heart today, tears on my pillow and running down my cheeks, I miss you so much, my life has had an empty space that can be filled by no other. We lost you a year ago today and there has not been a day that has gone by with out thinking of you. You were taken from us far too early and left so many with broken hearts, I love you"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 24th October 2013

"Mike: you are so missed. It's been a yr now. Still having trouble still believing that you have left us. You are not forgotten. I find myself in tears at times remembering my brother & the talks we had or remembering the silly things that you would email me. I wish we all would've had more time with you. I will always love you & miss you :-(  they say time heals all but not a broken heart"

This tribute was added by Troy Stevens on 24th October 2013

"It's been a while since I last posted on this site as it is always hard to see your photos and see how young and happy you were and how much joy you have brought to all our lives. Our world is much darker now without your light in our lives. It's been one year since you passed away. I miss you very much and hope you are at peace. Take care of my Myla for me until I can see her again too."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 24th October 2013

"It's a yr. ur anniversary. It's hard to believe you are gone,but every day you are missing from here. I miss every thing about you. I had my ups & downs this yr. I know our life together is over, but your memory of our life together will always live on. I miss you calling out my name,I can't hold you in my arms..I can always hold in our hearts..The boys are having a hard too! Love u !!"

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 22nd October 2013

"We are getting close to the day. I didn't want to write you on that day because then it is more real. I miss you and I'm sorry I didn't get more time with you. I still have a lot of trouble believing you are not here. Thanks for being a stand-in father at times. It sucks that you are not with us. Hope you are hunting or working in your shop wherever you are now."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 13th October 2013

"I  see your school friend Monty added picture of you,and your school days. It's to bad they are so small and bad quality.
Thanks Monty for trying. Mike was a great kid and even better as a man and father and the best grandfather he is so miss and love. I hope he is looking down and see how miss is! Love u !!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 8th October 2013

"The closer it to the anniversary the more I think about us. I guess I won't be having any anniversary anymore but you will. We have a special bond that I will treasure! Our life together will happen again when I die we will live in our kids hearts forever! And our grandkids hearts too! I need to put you away in my heart in tell then! Lov ya! And miss you more! And forever tucker miss u too"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 4th October 2013

"I left Wa. 9-26-2013 went to ID seen aunt Mary ,Cindy, Mark & Margie & Terry & Mindy & Jason and Wes Stevens.i stay 3 days. And went to salt lake & stay 4 days with Tiffany & the kids that was the best part. I got home the 10-3-2013 boy the palm trees are getting big. It's 11mos. Now soon to be a yr. I'm getting better about the fact your gone and wanting to move on with a new life, lov u"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 20th September 2013

"It the 20th your sister Trudy birthday is tomorrow. I know u won't be emailing she so I will. I will tell her u wish her a happy birthday.this make me cry thinking about my lost. Sometime I get so mad at u for leaving me. But I always have stop and think what is there after? You are miss so much it hurts, I just hope you are watching over us and see our hurt & help us go forward. Love ya!"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 16th September 2013

"Mike, I missed you emailing me today (15th) for my birthday. Bummer. As you know September is your 3 sisters birthdays.  you should still be here to help us celebrate our birthdays. You didn't always remember on our days but you would call or email us. I been thinking how much I miss you. It's been hard not being able to talk with you. I took it for granted that you'd always be here.  :-("

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 13th September 2013

"I want to reminded you it Debbie @ Donna 60 th birthday. And soon it will be Trudy. I know if you where here you would e- mail or call. I will tell them happy birthday from you. Miss you lots."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 5th September 2013

"Today Debbie & Ron are out here at LCP I showed her the movie you made of Bubby. She cried but I think we are getting better. I going to make a dic so she can watch you and hear you,and a see the other side of Mike. The side I lived with and loved. I miss you holding me kissing me and you telling me you loved me,I hope u miss me too! I'm going to see Wes Stevens when I go to ID lov ya!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 24th August 2013

"It's 10mos and you have been gone. We all miss ya! Lots! I'm starting to think about going back home to AZ. I can't wait to see Fay and John and buckie. Next week I will be spending time with Debbie and Ron he's having a bad time with his health. Hopefully Donne well be up. I would like to see Trudy before I go. Keep me safe! Love ya! & miss ya! Too! Tucker love u too!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 22nd August 2013

"Last night I got on our lap top and went thur the video of you, I miss ya! Lots I'm going to try to get them all together for all of us so you won't be forgot,I want ur great grandkids to know you. Tucker miss you too he hear the video and start looking for you. I hope u are enjoying Seahawks, I think they may make it to the super ball. Love you!"

This tribute was added by Gary Stevens on 18th August 2013

"Dad, I have missed you so much this summer. Your laughter, smile, voice. And watching mom try to move forward. Hurts me deeply, it's been 10 months. Hard for me to accept. My habitats are hard to control. Just like yours. There's time I just want to be with you. And at the same time, I can't do to Lizzy, what you did to Mom.  I put you on table, to watch Seahawks, every game."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 18th August 2013

"Starting to think about the trip back home. I'm glad we moved to AZ being warm and seeing sun all the time just can't bet it. I wish the watering stem was head home the 26 of sept. Gary & I walk thur what I need to do before I leave I lost your list so I'm wing it. I'm seeing someone but not sure I'm ready for it, being alone is hard,tucker like him I do too. But moving slow,& safe"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 7th August 2013

"I can't sleep and I have no one to talk too! Taylor had she baby. Haven't got to see it yet. I'm hating being alone. I can wait get back home,I don't know why there no one there. When I go and visit friends all they want to do is talk about the passed and you and that just make me sad a more alone. I hate feeling like this but I guess this is part of lost.i think I need to start dating!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 25th July 2013

"It's 9 mos. I'm staying here with Randy for a week visiting and talking about you,are ur ears warm. Both of us wish you would of taking better care of ur self and how you could of had more time. Randy like my car, he said you would be happy about. Troy's back he enjoy his trip to St.Martin. Dave bought a ford tr. I know you having him ya! Miss ya! I wish we could just talk!!.."

This tribute was added by debbie isaacson on 13th July 2013

"hey Mike...I want you to know, I don't believe in "you" making our bathroom door hard to open and close(trailer) and the stairs going into the trailer feel all wobbly...I do remember who helped I say knock it off...we will always remember. Love and miss you! deb"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 12th July 2013

"Today it would be our anniversary so happy anniversary of 32yrs we have been with each other for 34yrs.. In 12more day you have been gone 9mos. We said to death do we part you my of parted and I know you didn't want to. But I miss you I have cry more now with you gone. Taylor did a tribute to you on FB I wish to get past this lost and feel good about life. I need to be happy. Love ya!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 7th July 2013

"Mike Ronda win the chili cook off after she win she yell! I did it for you mike. She love you and miss you just like I do.. I'm worry about Debbie & Ron he drove over the bank at lake Connor park it wasn't good he didn't get hurt.. But look out for her, she is having a rough time I'm worry for her @ Ron. See Taylor ,Tiana ,Mason this weekend watch over all of us we all miss you! A lot love"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 4th July 2013

"Tomorrow it the 4th of July lake Connor Park is having the chili cook off Ronda is making her chili and she said she doing it for you so think chili. I have been taking line dancing and today I ask Dylan to go and he did and had fun. This weekend I will be seeing your sisters Deb-Donna I hope it go well I don't want to cry anymore. Miss ya!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 24th June 2013

"It going to be 8 mos. it getting a little easyer,but I do miss ya! I'm getting the rental painted,replace the back door. I took out the compost,Gary paying to fix the back yard. See I'm being busy. I'm taking a line dancing class. I'm getting all my doctor app done,I wish you would of kept up with your doctor app.trucker is still missing you too!love ya! Wish you where here. :("

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 17th June 2013

"I love and miss you MIchael Dean"

This tribute was added by debbie isaacson on 17th June 2013

"miss you you, deb"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 16th June 2013

"This is our 1st Father's Day without you, but it a day we can't forget. I look around, & remember all the past Father's Day you had with the joy and smiles you got from the boys and the grandkids. We may not be able to hug or gave you a big kiss,but we all hold you in are heart and we will never let you go! I'm sending you a hug & kiss happy Father's Day your the best ! God dam it i miss u"

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 16th June 2013

"Happy Father's Day Mike.
Miss U"

This tribute was added by Troy Stevens on 10th June 2013

"Dad, this is really hard every time I come to this site I want to cry... It hurts so bad that your gone. It hurts to see your picture and and the thought of never getting to see you again. Why did you have to go so soon? Nothing is going to be able to fill the hole you left us. You meant so much to me. I love and miss you very much."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 10th June 2013

"Went to sandy retirement party. It was fun, but it make me feel a little old. Got to see the kids,both sandy kids are so grow up. I have replant the grass looking good. The golf cart is getting a tune up,Ron & Debbie golf cart isn't running so they are going to need to fix it(see they need you too) missing you lots! I just wish we could really talk for 5mins! Love ya! Lots. Taylor miss ya!"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 5th June 2013

"Mike, I have been thinking of you a lot.  I keep coming across the picture I just posted of you when you were about 8 or so someone had photo shopped Team Leader on it. I felt I had to share it. I love & miss you. Tell Mom Happy Birthday. I still find it hard that you are gone. You went too soon; you were suppose to celebrate my retirement with me. I retired month & 2 days ago. xoxo"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 5th June 2013

"It's every day I sit here and ask why this happen to us.i took tucker up by clubhouse 1 tucker ran up to the paper box,he miss you too. Today your mother birthday so wish her happy birthday from all of us. I hope you miss us as bad as we miss you. I painted the shed. Troy say he want to build a mother in law apt at his new house I'm thinking about it! What do you think?  I miss ya! Love to"

This tribute was added by Troy Stevens on 2nd June 2013

"Dad, it's been a while since my last post. I have been really busy buying a new house and prepping my other house to lease it out. You still are my inspiration for my life's pursuits. I would have loved to get you input on purchasing my second home and becoming a landlord, so instead I'll have a property management company manage it for me. I miss you very much and hope your happy."

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 1st June 2013

"Michael, I felt you with me last night, damn it I wish you were here, I love you so much and miss you. The world just isn't the same with you gone, I can still hear your voice and your laugh, I can still see your face and your smile, It hurts so much that it is all a memory now, I know you are walking with angels now, I miss you big brother. Always will,"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 30th May 2013

"Went to Randy Johnson retirement party. He done I wish you could of been there!. And everyone talked about you and what a nice guy you are. I did talk about yours and Randy hunting trip they all got a good laugh. Pat talked about you too. Randy look happy about retiring, but I could see he's going to miss all the guys but not Boeing.i wish you could see him he miss you too, love ya!"

This tribute was added by debbie isaacson on 26th May 2013

"Mike, we miss you! I think we will always miss you!! It as been 7 months , love you, Debbie"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 22nd May 2013

"Is there a heaven?"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 22nd May 2013

"It's 7mos tomorrow they are bring in the fish at LCP all your friends & family donate $425.00 thank you all. I'm hoping to go down a watch it take place.I sold the car to Taylor she said she will take care of it. I'm going to Randy Johnson's retirement party the 29th we need to roast him. Will it lonely here without you,I think it harder here then AZ."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 15th May 2013

"Today I traded your truck in for a new car. It was hard seeing your truck every day and thinking about all the lost I fell now your gone. I will start making new memories,it still unbelievable your gone there isn't a day that go buy that I don't think about you, they say it take time they lie. Oh Donna Cetell is with you gave her a hug! Tucker & I miss ya!!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 5th May 2013

"Well I'm back a the lot in Lake Connor Park I see yours and mine hard work, it make me miss you, it's hard I'm just pushing thur it day by day. Friends have stop by they say the same things. I'm going to Debbie & Ron's lot to take off the traps & cleaning it. You know you should be helping like we always did? Miss ya! Lots! Love ya too!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 18th April 2013

"It going to be 6mos. I fill it's been along time without you. I wish I would of just fix myself a drink and went out side with you and just talked, before you where gone, just so I was there for you.. I'm getting ready to go back to Wa. I will miss you as my co, pilot. I hope you are running @ jumping and chasing angel smile I love u @ miss ya!! Ur wife...."

This tribute was added by Tiffanie Benson on 10th April 2013

"You probably already know this but the kids and I went to visit Joanie in your AZ house last week.  After hearing about it from you and seeing the pictures in your emails, it was great to see the result of all your hard work.  We had a great visit with her, Troy and Spencer but we sure wish you had been there to spend time with us!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 5th April 2013

"Today is my birthday, last night I was thinking about you. and now I'm a year & 8mos. Older. It suck you will always be younger then me. The cactus you got has flowered just today thank for the flowers. Tiffany and the kids came down,they loved the pool,I hope they come back! Spencer is here hopefully I can get him back on track. Love ya!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 26th March 2013

"Love you and miss ya!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 24th March 2013

"We miss you always, especially. During the. Holiday,and memories of you will always be in our hearts. Each and every day,I think of you. And in my special way, I love you more, I do! Forever in my heart, always on my mind.     I love you.  Joanie"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 24th March 2013

"It been 5mos now Holliday are hard but I'm plugging right along. Got the house painted looks great,you would like it. I'm going to do the gr,floor too. Just because you wanted. It is really starting to warm up here. Tucker still won't let people hug me I was hoping he would get over it but the fireman really screwed him up. Happy Easter! We miss ya! And love you too! Wish you where here!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 21st March 2013

"Mark & Margie came out they like the house mark wanted to go play golfing but we went up to Oatman to see the burro but jackass they had to be in Vegas to pick up the kids. Went with John & Fay down the river they have zip line down here. Tucker love being in the boat."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 21st March 2013

"I 'm getting the house painted, you should been here to help with the color. I know you wanted to do gr floor I will get it done.  Tucker & I are just plugging alone. The pool is 82 do you want to go swimming? Sam & the kids will be here 25' Troy's be here 28 and Tiff & kids be here the 30 you should be here to show them around. Miss ya! & love ya! So does Debbie she having a hard time too"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 7th March 2013

"Today I was think about u I need to tell u Taylor is having a baby girl.Spencer moved back home he's not doing good he is having a hard time with u gone.but in time like all of us we will get it together. Tucker is under foot all the time. It getting warmer now so he can't go with me in the car. Mark & Margie will be here Sunday. I miss ya! Call Randy!"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 2nd March 2013

"I haven't written in a while, so I thought it was time. It's been just a little over 4 mos ago you left us.  Mike I really do miss you & think about you all the time. It's still hard to believe that you are gone (but not forgotten) I had a really good talk with Joanie last night. We talked & laughed & cried about things that we remembered about you & others. I send lots of hugs & love"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 26th February 2013

"I remember that day, Diane and it made me think about when he had the 1st surgery on his foot,then the 2nd one 3mos. Later. He said to me wow I hate the fact you can take care of things all by yourself if something happens to me and I just laugh. Now I can tell you I hate taking care of things by myself ( just hate it )"

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 26th February 2013

"We miss you! I thought about you yesterday because I was beating myself up for not using my phd. I remembered when I first got it and I came up to the lot.You gave me a big hug and said, "I never hugged a doctor before." I think I discounted it, but it was really meaningful to me and I wish I would have let you know how much that comment meant to me. I hope you hear me now. xo"

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 25th February 2013

"just is not right you not being here, wanted to call you and I couldn't, Can you hear me when I talk to you? We all needed more time with you. I love and miss you brother, so many things I want to share with you"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 24th February 2013

"It's 4mos now, I woke up at 5:34 thinking about our last day together,and I just cry. I still don't understand, I come to this site often, at times I wish you could help us understand why things happen this way. But I'm still taking one day at a time,I'm doing some painting inside to keep me busy.oh! Tucker miss ya! Too! Love ya!! Watch over us all. And make me stop crying.."

This tribute was added by Troy Stevens on 20th February 2013

"It's been a while since I last posted a message... sorry about that. It's just so hard to come here and see pictures of you and have a flood of memories come back to me and realize your gone and that I will never be able to sit with you and enjoy your company. It makes me cry to think of all the lost time we are going to have because your gone. I miss you very much. I love you Dad."

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 20th February 2013

"I love and miss you Michael. I was thinking about your road runners today and I had to laugh. Take care my dear  brother, I so wish you were here"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 19th February 2013

"I find myself visit this place often. I think Troy & Gary need to put more pictures on it and changes the song too,  The stair way to heaven. I'm doing ok The change in my life is hard for 33 yrs you where here every day & night now I only see you in picture but you are always in my heart. Tell the boys to up date this tribute love ya!"

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 17th February 2013

"Where the hell are you? We miss you."

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 13th February 2013

"Michael, I love you and miss you so much Crying for you today, I so hope you are at peace, I hope the sunshine is upon you and you are warm I pray that you are with mom and dad. You are in my thoughts every day, I pray that you are watching over Joanie and keeping her safe. You are so missed"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 11th February 2013

"Happy Valentine's
I'm going to miss all my dark chocolate, my card. This is the 1st one you missed. It's ok. I just want you to know I'm thinking about you,I guess this is your card I didn't forget.miss ya! Big wet kiss to ya!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 27th January 2013

"It's 3mos now sometimes it's seems like yesterday, things just pop into my head that make me laugh. I was thinking about the time you had surgery on ur foot and you put the grown on backward I started laughing at u. You got so mad at me,u looked around ( I hate it when ur right) Trudy & I just laughed u told us to go away. We went for a smoke a u called us ! It was a 6 hrs surgery. Love u"

This tribute was added by sandy strand on 19th January 2013

"John an I are freezing to death here in Wa.I know you an Joanie would laugh an say pack it up an come visit ahwile.We would but we would miss that winning smile an witty charm. I know where ever u are they are getting the Mike we all love an miss. FOREVER YOUNG MY FRIEND! Look after that Tucker and your best friend Joanie they need you more than anyone. Till we meet again. MISS YOU!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 17th January 2013

"January18 1980 was our 1st date and we have been together 33 yrs. we had a great run at life,did a lot. Now I'm here thinking about the time together, our date was fun. We went to dinner and dancing U talk a lot about Washington & family. I remember our 1st night. You wouldn't take your sock off. That's when I started to fall. Love u"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 12th January 2013

"Gary made it back home with the boat & truck. Gary said it was along way,they hit snow in Id.22hrs. I been going thur the desk for tax this was your job(help). I miss you picking on me and me picking on you back,your touch the more time go buy I ask why? will I hope you are missing us too, gave me strength. tucker miss's the truck ya!"

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 9th January 2013

"Michael, its been a while since I visited this site, it makes me cry, knowing you are not here with us any longer, I think about you every day, and I have to smile and even laugh at the times we shared together, whether it be as little kids, teenagers or in our adult lives, you were always fun to hand with. ALWAYS! I love you brother and miss you so much! I hope you are in peace Michael!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 9th January 2013

"thing about you! Gary leaves tomorrow to drive the truck & boat back look over him. I know your watching over all of us, the coffee cup tell us every day. This memorial sites help me talk to you & gave me the strength I need, so keep visiting me. love u and miss u lots. Tucker miss's you too. he is running along the golf cart to the mail box love u."

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 3rd January 2013

"Mikey- saw your great house in AZ. It looks like you and Joanie! Joanie gave Adrian the wooden truck you made and he has been playing with it ever since xmas. This Christmas our hearts were aching. I miss your laugh, your smile, and the background noise of you and Joanie making fun of one another. Our lives are fundamentally changed by losing you. You are missed so much. Enduring love 2U"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 3rd January 2013

"New Years was a hard day. I went thought some of our picture we had a great life,even in the flood picture it was fun but. Gary is coming down to get the boat and your big boy truck to drive them to Washington to sell. It suck that we didn't get to take it out on lake mead. I guess we and dream about doing so. Miss ya! And love u too!"

This tribute was added by Gary Stevens on 26th December 2012

"Dad, sorry I haven"t commented in awhile, had trouble with site. But I dreamed for the first time on my Birthday of you. I at a place with great food. At very hard to place to get an invitation. And every third to forth person I saw looked like you. And I was saying to Liz, that guy looks like dad. Wait, that guy looks like dad, and so on and so on. Maybe your full and happy, visit again."

This tribute was added by Troy Stevens on 26th December 2012

"Merry Christmas Dad. I wish you were here with us. I know you are in a better place, but you know what they say "Misery love company" and if we must live in this messed up world it would be nice to have you around to share in it. :-)  I love and miss you."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 25th December 2012

"It 2 mo 's and it Xmas it been hard for me. I took Diane & Adrian to Xmas tree pass,they love it. We went to the lake on the Nev side Adrian said it was cold,but he went in any way. The hold time you where in my head so I know you had a good time. I let Adrian drive the truck he had a great time. Merry Xmas Mike I love you, miss ya! Too"

This tribute was added by Spencer Stevens on 20th December 2012

"Gramps, I miss you. A lot. I don't even understand how it's even possible for you to be gone. I still see you sitting in your chair out back by the pool at your guys' house in AZ and in the kitchen at the table drinking your coffee and reading the paper. I wish I had more time with you, and I really really wish I could have let you know how much you mean to me. i love you gramps"

This tribute was added by Dylan Rodvik on 16th December 2012

"Sorry  took me a while to do this, but it feels good to finally say it. Just wanted to let you know that you meant a lot to me, and that I will always miss you. You were there for me when I needed guidance, and when I just needed to pass the time. Because of you id like to think I'm a better person with a better look on life. Than you for everything you have ever done."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 15th December 2012

"Today I got a letter from Donna  Latthar she wrote me a letter about the day you were waiting to here about the birth of your 3 grand-baby. She said you were at a meeting so you couldn't get any calls. I called she pull you out to tell you it's a girl. You yelled it's a girl you were so happy. and she didn't like you hunting for Bambi. she said it brings tear to her eyes. her payer go to u"

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 10th December 2012

"Mike, I miss you so much, every day. My heart is broken.I think of you ALL the time. It hurts so much. You were the best brother any one could ever have. I love you Michael"

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 10th December 2012

"Mikey...Adrian and I will soon visit your AZ house for the first time. It won't feel right without you. I think about you daily and sometimes I imagine you in the background listening to me and Joanie gab, then I remember. I wish you were still here and I was seeing you in a couple of weeks. You were the only stable, consistent male in my life. I guess my mom did something right."

This tribute was added by elizabeth stevens on 9th December 2012

"The last weekend your seahawks beat my bears. So I owe you the framed $20.00 dollar bill we shared as a bet. And today 12/09/12 your seahwks beat up Arizona. Your new home state. Score...58 to zero. I know you would have been proud and excited. And my husband, your son, is saddened because he misses hanging out and cheering along your side. I hope your with him hanging out. Love ya..Liz"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 8th December 2012

"I put up the Xmas tree today,. I got my first Xmas card today with just my name on it and all the shock came back.This will be the first Xmas with out you in 32 yrs. Tucker & I miss you. We are taking your tuck down to get it washed, it's getting dusty. Don't you ever wash your truck?. Love ya!"

This tribute was added by Troy Stevens on 7th December 2012

"Dad I was thinking about you today. You have been in my dreams since your passing, and I am realizing just how much I'll miss you. I hope you have found peace. I want you to know you will never be forgotten. You have done a wonderful job raising us kids and giving us a strong foundation for us to carry on in you values. Rest in knowing this. I love you and will see you again in time."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 5th December 2012

"Today they are putting in the tile we pick out. It look great. Tucker and I had to go out to dinner jack in the box.oh your roadrunner came in the house today looking for you, he shit in the house. I know your laughing now. It's not funny"

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 29th November 2012

"Michael, brother I miss you I think more every day, the pain in my heart is terrible. The clebration of life was really quite awesome and as I said there it is easy to see the love you enriched all of our lives with, especially mine! I will hold in my heart and treasure forever the times you and I shared together, You were the Best brother a girl could ever have. I will always love you!"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 25th November 2012

"We had your celebration of life last night it was great. The boys did a great job. Your Aunt Mary,and all the kids came they said it was a great job.The sun came out too and so did a lot of Boeing worker.It made me miss you more. Watch over us I love you."

This tribute was added by Taylor Stevens on 24th November 2012

"Plz come back grandpa. I can't take this pain anymore and I certainly can't hold in the tears any longer. I have tried to remain strong but it's not working. I miss u dearly. I love u so much grandpa and I'm sorry. I can't say anymore because just typing this is hard. I don't want to believe this. I refuse to say goodbye. I'll see u again someday and I'll always be ur little peanut. <3"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 23rd November 2012

"Well is is your 57th birthday today.  I miss & love you very much. I still find it hard to believe that you are gone. You are not forgotten. I come across something that will remind me of you & I either laugh or cry. Like when you made your great nephews Trent & Nic toys for Christmas & played with all the kids.Or the special place you have in your great nephew Rylan's heart"

This tribute was added by Gary Stevens on 19th November 2012

"Going to airport tomarrow. Will be getting Mom, You, And Tucker. Many people are getting together because of you, dad. It will be a sad but joyful occasion. You need to watch and know, many people loved you. You were, are, and will always be an inspiration to those who you blessed with your friendship. And DAD, its still hard for me to accept you"ve left us. I thank God for giving me you."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 19th November 2012

"I'm still in shock and disbelif that you are  gone.Today Tucker & I are going to Las Veges and flying home with you, Tue.This is the hardest thing I have ever done.I miss you and love you too! Oh by the way the water sym is off will you fix it, My heart is hurting will you fix that too! love ya!<3 <3"

This tribute was added by sandy strand on 15th November 2012

"John an I will miss you forever. So glad Jones got us together that last time. Who knew it would really be the last time. I guess its true, only the good do die young.Happy hunting, fishing and laying in the warm sunshine.Our memories will live on,and boy do we have some.Keep smiling Mike yours was the best.ROCK ON FOREVER BUDDY!"

This tribute was added by Selena Pattison on 14th November 2012

"I know he would of adored you and followed you around everywhere. I will never forget you or the many things you taught me. I will carry your memory with me everyday. I miss you very much and will love you always. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Selena Pattison on 14th November 2012

"Michael Dean Stevens you were by far the greatest man I have ever known. I am still in shock and disbelief that you are gone. I wish I would have been able to see you one more time. I have so many wonderful memories of you that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It was an honor and privilege to call you my dad for the short time that I did. I wish you could of met Mason your great grandson."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 10th November 2012

"Today I pick you up,I have you here and I'm reading all the massage on this Tribute.I know you are crying with me.You are loved, Watch over us
thank you to all from Mike love you too"

This tribute was added by Kris Klippert on 8th November 2012

"Oh Mike....the uncle I knew and loved. Just wish I knew you better. You have always been there for me. I am going to miss you dearly. You were always the one that made a point to walk up and ask "How have things been?" and when I answered, you always showed concern if it was troubled news and joy if it was good news. You never attempted to make the conversation short or change the subject."

This tribute was added by trudy stevens on 7th November 2012

"Michael, My dear brother. Life was cut way to short for you and for those of us that had the honor and pleasure of having you in our lives. I could not imagine my life with you not in it, we have shared so many things together and I will forever treasure and cherish them. You were always a boy, a son, a man, a brother,a uncle, a husband, a father and a friend to so many, You are missed,"

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 7th November 2012

"It's been 2 week I still in shock. I wish we had more time so we could of said our good buys and had a good hug.I miiss you. Mike Stevens I miss the look  the smile. But most of all I miss picking on you and laughting about it..The hurt at times is so hard. I love you anyways."

This tribute was added by Randy Johnson on 4th November 2012

"Mike my dearest friend your time with us was short but bright. You brought laughter and happiness to all of our lives. We are all better for knowing you. You were to many of us our best friend. You were always there for me whenever I needed you, as you were for your friends and family. I will dearly miss my hunting, fishing and all-around best friend. Mike may god bless and watch over you."

This tribute was added by D Palm on 3rd November 2012

"What a terrible shock to hear the news. Too soon ,way too soon. So glad that you were able to make it down to the Sunshine and Warmth. I remember how often you talked of it. We were hoping to be down there at Xmas to see you.
And thanks Mike ,so much for "talking me down from the ledge" more than once at Work.You took your share."

This tribute was added by Claire Timbers on 1st November 2012

"Mike, we all have a second family growing up as kids and I am glad that Gary and Troy brought me into yours. You have taught me how to be and given me advice when I needed it and also been there when my family wasn't. I will never forget sitting around the fire pit listening to your stories. I will never forget you. Your new adventure awaits  Love U and Thanks!        Matt"

This tribute was added by Luanne Bond on 1st November 2012

"Mike we are deeply saddened by your passing and may never understand why you passed too soon.  You were an extraordinary man with much love for your family.  That love will live on forever.  Rest in Peace Mike, you will be missed.  Love, Luanne & Kenny"

This tribute was added by Fay Robinson on 31st October 2012

"Mike, we knew you for such a short time, but we consider you and Joanie our dear friends. We enjoyed the pics & cute  emails & thank you for staying in touch over the summer. Only God knows why you were taken from  the arms  of those who loved you so much and  those  who were so fortunate to call you FRIEND.  Rest in peace dear friend.  Fay and John"

This tribute was added by Gary Stevens on 31st October 2012

"Dad from the beggining I loved, admired, adored, and charished you. You were my best friend, father and mentor. I'll miss the campfires, your grilling, our seahawk games together, but most of all your companionship. You taught me so much. I knew some day I would half to face this. But not this soon. I will honor your memory. Your son Gary."

This tribute was added by Joanie Stevens on 31st October 2012

"I want to thank you for all the times you said no and then said ok.I want to thank you for our dreams even thought it was short. I look around and see you all around I will always carry you around in my heart just like your familys and friends well. To our sons, I want you to know he always love you and you where his best benefit in life. keep watching over us. and Tucker real miss you"

This tribute was added by Donna Klippert on 30th October 2012

"My Brother Mike
Shared by Donna Klippert on 10/29/2012
Mike was a very special part of my life. I will miss him forever. I remember our fights we had as kids, all of the happy moments we all had. I remember you trying to teach me (your older sister by 2 yrs) how to play baseball & you telling me I threw the ball like a girl. You were excited& thought it was a cool thing  to become a brother-in-law"

This tribute was added by Robin Neumeister on 30th October 2012

"Rest in Peace, Mike.  "Moooooooose", to you!  As my brother's best friend, from back in the day.... I loved Mike and have precious memories.  I hope that God and your own memories, bring you comfort during this time.  Mike's legacy will live in the lifes of his next generations.  He was fun as my "other" brother, and I am sure the world is worse off without him.- Warmly, Robin Neumeister"

This tribute was added by Troy Stevens on 29th October 2012

"Dad I miss you very much.You have made such a huge impact in my life. There are no words to convey my gratefulness to you.You have been a pillar of strength in our family. I have admired so much about your values in life and have tried to reflect them in my own.You provided great stability & meaning to our lives. You will never be gone from me and I will honor your life in my own. Love U."

This tribute was added by Paolo-Ronda Stracqualursi on 29th October 2012

"Michael,you may be gone but will never be forgotten.Thank you for your friendship,all the wonderful memories,laughs and all your help.We will never understand why you were taken from us so young,but the memories will always live on.We will always be there for your family.We love and miss you Michael D Stevens."

This tribute was added by Diane Cole on 28th October 2012

"Michael D. Stevens we miss you very much. Your passing is still unbelievable. I am deeply saddened that the world has lost you. As I said to you at the hospital...thank you for taking care of our family so well. I am so sorry that my son will not get the benefit of knowing his uncle throughout his life. Thank you for being a source of strength, wisdom and calm for all of us."

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