Dean Akpan1
Professor Idorenyin Udoesen Akpan
  • 45 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 21, 1968
  • Place of birth:
    Obotme, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
  • Date of passing: Oct 29, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Abuja, FCT, Nigeria
Let the memory of Professor Akpan be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Professor Akpan Idorenyin Udoesen, 45, born on December 21, 1968 and passed away on October 29, 2014. 

Dr. Akpan was the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at the American University of Nigeria and Chair of its Communications and Multimedia Department until his untimely death on Wednesday October 29th 2014 in a hospital in Abuja after a brief illness. He is survived by his wife (Emilienne Akpan) and two daughters (El-Miracle and Faith-Emmanuela).

We will remember him forever.


Please join us on this site, by leaving a tribute, to remember him and share your memories, thoughts and prayers.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Ima-abasi Wilson on 20th October 2016

"My Prof, though you have returned to meet your creator, you will always be remembered for kindness and service to humanity. May the good continue to grant your soul eternal rest in the bosom of Abraham. AMEN!"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 20th October 2016

"There's no day that rises
When I don't think of you
There's no night that closes
Without thoughts filled with you
I miss you, that's forever
But I know where you'll always be:
With the spirit, son and father
Who called you home - Rest in peace
                ~ Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 11th September 2016

"I close my eyes
And see you smile
I hear you whisper
It will be alright
            ~Emilienne I. Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 30th July 2016


Everyday I meet someone
Whose life you changed for good
The stories which they share with me
Remind me so of you.

The tears you wiped
The hearts you calmed
The fears you took as yours
The hopes whose lights
Kept shining bright
The hands you never dropped…

They come to me
And sit with me
Remembering who you were
They smile with me
Or hurt with me
As memories are shared.

You're sorely missed
But God knows best
You'll never be forgotten,
The lives enriched
Before your rest
Will keep your story spoken.
                    ~Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 23rd July 2016

"In the music, I hear you singing
Through the preaching, I hear you talk
Hold me Lord through each day I'm grieving
Help me please to carry on.
                  ~ Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 11th July 2016

"You will never be forgotten and you will be forever missed."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 3rd July 2016


When the heart hangs from breaking in so many places
And hope can only hover with nowhere safe to stay
The breath of God opens, gently blowing and releasing
The strength to lean on Him and stand firm through the tears

No one can understand the agony of losing
A trusted soul mate, amazing partner and accessible friend
Unless they’ve been upon this dreadful journey
Of doubts, confusions, pure rage and threatened faith

I’ve reached the depths of raw despair and anguish
Been battered by fierce wilderness called pain
But grace, oh grace, has always brought such mercies
To get me through and pull me out again

Each day brings on revitalized challenges
Nature remains an awesome beauty to behold
And through the frenzy of what some refer to as living
The majesty of God seeps through as peace unfolds

Sometimes I smile; God’s love is overwhelming
I even share a true laugh here and there
I am surrounded by his incredible blessings
The gift of life is first – yea and amen

I hear you deep in worship, movingly singing
And since I cannot climb the stairs to your abode
Down here I’ll open a divine floodgate of music
And dance with God, the keeper of my soul

The will of God is perfect and I know it
I just don’t understand the way it works sometimes
But that’s okay; He’s got me and won’t forsake me
We believed him together, and I still do, especially now.
                    ~Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan"

This tribute was added by Faith-Emmanuela Akpan on 7th June 2016

"it has been long since i saw you but i know your always by my side


This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 31st May 2016

"Words will never be enough to express a lot of things. We miss you, but also remember you with so much fondness, joy and love."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 26th May 2016

"The day that angels welcomed you
My lfie was torn to pieces
There's no day that I don't miss you
And send you love and kisses
                         ~ Emilienne I. Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 4th May 2016

"'I miss him Lord', I say each day
But I know that he's with you -
And so tonight as I call your name,
I thank you for seeing me through.
                      -Emilienne I. Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 4th May 2016

"Music was an integral part of your beautiful soul, and as I listen to Yanni, I hear your voice in every subtle instrument and feel your passion in each distinctive note.  You were so happy, and really made the world a better place, because no matter how one looks at it, and irrespective of the prevailing circumstances, your life was truly  music in every single  way.
I light a candle in my heart for you tonight ; and the flames do not burn, but dance to life, to love, to peace, to rest, to you."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 4th May 2016

"Someone you held very dearly spoke about you yesterday and to his comforting words, I had these to say:

'Your kind words this morning reminded me of the daily railings of hope which I hold, as I walk gently forward through the brokenness path I have been called onto and the purpose that slowly unfolds as I move on. I rest my back on these railings when all I can do is sit down on the floor and breathe, and occasionally, I have to hold them firmly for support when my feet seem quite heavy and my heart is too weary. But best of all, as a barrier , they keep me inside guiding light preventing me from falling onto the other darker side.
God bless you and goodnight mon frère.'"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 2nd May 2016

"I spent some time with our girls today and a parent at the school walked up to us and started talking about when last she had met them - which was during your memorial service. She said she had flown in from Abuja that day and immediately came to the campus where she joined the candle lit procession to the library. She recounted how kind and accessible you were and how hospitable you were to her and her child. She then wished eternal peace unto your beautiful soul. I thanked her for adding another treasure to our memories of you as we held our hands remembering, feeling and missing you."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 26th April 2016

"I greeted and he enthusiastically said, "How's Prof?" I paused and and very gently informed him that you were now at peace in your father's home. That was hard for all of us. It always is. You are sorely missed and will forever be. Shalom."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 12th April 2016

"Remembering you today as always and looking to the light where you are. Nothing will ever be the same again."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 27th March 2016

"Resurrection Sunday. The power is now yours. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 21st March 2016

""Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality."
                                                          ~ Emily Dickinson"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 17th March 2016

"It is still so unreal. But you are at peace, and that is all that matters now."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 1st March 2016

"Thinking of you as deeply today as I do everyday. Rest in peace Sweetie for you are in a good place now."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 26th January 2016

"The first Distinguished Journalists lecture held yesterday in the multimedia lab named after you and as I sat in there, I felt even prouder of you and the legacies you had left behind. We miss you and talk about you daily but I know you are truly in the best place. Rest in peace sweetie. Ediye."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 13th January 2016


Abrasive stillness in the space around me
grips my heart
Once more reminded of how frail I am, I take a stand
And smile through silent hurtful tears while music soothes my life
For hope is very much alive in me, I will not die.

I open really wide my arms and blow myself to steps
My eyes are closed, I softly move to rhythms in my head
I feel the pain explode in me and rip my peace in shreds
But still I breathe, teeth in my lips, I bleed; but it will end

I will not run, and though I ache; I’ll be just fine you’ll see
I’m not afraid of anything on friendly terms with grief
I wrap my arms around myself to keep the cold away
And move into the promise of a blessed and brand new day

Does it get easier? I don’t know; infernal weakness grows
But wings of blessings lift my toes, and fly me straight to hope
Where I will be renewed again with strength that only grace
Can give whenever there’s a need – unrivaled and untamed.
                                                   - Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 11th January 2016

"I don't know how this gets any easier. Yesterday someone asked me about you because he had not seen you in  a long time. I was with the girls and the question jolted the three of us. I don't know why... I can't say why...You are fondly remembered and profoundly missed."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 3rd January 2016

"I look at the ocean and try to understand its depth, power, blessings and reach.
The waves remind me of the things you did and the seeds you planted,
The ripples unite into the enabling force of kindness, compassion, meaning, friendship and love which you left in peoples' lives.
My scope is limited but I know that just as the expanse opens up far beyond what I know, so does the amazing impact you left behind seep into more lives than you would ever have imagined.
The cold air from the Pacific blows against my face but I live your warm reassurance that everything is going to be alright.
Up in the sky, the sun stretches out in amazing rays of red and orange; and I smile
Remembering how beautiful you left every space you were a part of and how passionately you gave of yourself to every experience.
Your heart was angelic and every moment with you was insightful, educative, motivating, funny and truly magical.
I look around me and as I behold the mosaic breath of nature, the pain I feel intensifies but I surrender to a higher power and connect to a perfect will;
Which breaks within endurance, chips away for purpose, heats into shape, straightens through focus, equips by mission and directs with destiny.
I hurt deeply from missing you but I will remain blessed for knowing you, beloved son of the most faithful and loving God.
Happy birthday with the King.
- Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 3rd January 2016


This tribute was added by joseph rishante on 21st December 2015

"Professor Idorenyin AKPAN, you have left a leadership style of professionalism, full of warmth and saturated with humaneness such that we shall never forget. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 4th December 2015

"16 years ago today, we joyfully proclaimed "I do". You will never be forgotten and you will always be remembered with gratitude, pride and love. Rest my darling, in Elohim's bosom, in peace."

This tribute was added by Jayida Gashau on 3rd December 2015

"I did not get the chance to meet you, but from every single corner I've looked all I've seen is the love your family, friends and people who did not get to meet you have for you. You were really loved by all, and still loved. I'm certain that you were a kind man, and God knows why He called you to dwell in His place so soon. Your legacy and kindness remain in our hearts. Rest in the bossom of our Lord, and may God continue to keep your loved ones strong. Amen"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 1st December 2015

"I hear your name everyday as people remember different things about you. You are truly missed. Rest in peace and thank you for the paths you created, the people you lifted, the passion you shared and the legacies which will speak through eternity."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 1st December 2015

"May this month which heralds the celebration of the birth of Christ clothe you in even more divine refreshing peace."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 23rd November 2015

"How is it possible, I ask myself, that you are no longer here
The dullness in my heart reminds me of that with daily tears
The only way I find comfort is knowing that you're finally home
And at peace with the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost.
                                     - Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 20th November 2015

"Your light shines and guides us through each maze, every day
Your light warms and keeps us here together through the pain
Your light blazes and opens up paths for us to safely tread
Your light glows keeping you in our lives, keeping us forever blessed
                            -Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 14th November 2015

"Flowers for you my darling, you who made everything beautiful."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 14th November 2015

"I hear you in my heart
I feel you in my mind
And everywhere I look, I see you shining bright
You'll always be with me and
With God,
I am going to walk this path until we meet
Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 13th November 2015

"I will remember you forever. Forever."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 12th November 2015

"Your glow makes each day beautiful and each night spectacular. Always in our hearts...and on our lips."

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 12th November 2015

"Sharing the light you gave me. Sharing your love too."

This tribute was added by Ebuka Ukoh on 29th October 2015

"What an INCREDIBLE blessing U were . . .

ALL U contacted felt that GOD KIND OF LOVE u exuded - that one that ELIMINATED fear TOTALLY from your surrounding & while U CORRECTED US there was always a good dose of INSPIRATION to go with it . . .

Rest ON Dearest Dean Akpan!

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 29th October 2015


you should be here to chat with me
and watch our children grow
to sing a song or dance with me
and share the thoughts you hold

you should be here to see each change
that’s happened since you left
the world has moved at such a pace -
defying common sense

you should be here to keep a smile
on faces since forlorn
to close the wounds in broken hearts
and still the raging storms

you should be here to see the seeds
you planted - how they’ve grown
the seeds of love, of joy, of peace
of courage held by hope

you should be here to give the world
who were meant to be -
ordained to preach the word of God
and show us how to dream

you should be here, I think of you
with every breath in me
remembering all we used to do
in strengthening harmony

you have been here, you've run your race
completed what was asked
you are now in the perfect place
at home, with God at last
                               - Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan"

This tribute was added by Emilienne Akpan on 29th October 2015

You’re in the break of morning light
That welcomes me each day
To yet another lease of life
In spite of all the pain.

You’re in the breeze which blows my hair
The leaves that dance on trees
The grass I feel to lay my head
When overcome by grief.

You’re in the voice that calms me down
The peace that says “be still
I’m here with you, don’t let these doubts
Abort your destiny.”

You’re in the smile that comes my way
The laughter that I hear
The warmth that spreads across my face,
The kindness of a friend.

You’re in the gentleness of love
Surrounding us each day
When emptiness and hurtful loss
Just want to have their way.

You’re in the words that soothe our hearts
The songs that keep us close
With rhema we can understand
And channel to our souls.

You are in God, you are at home
And finally at rest
-Where death and sickness have no hold-
Forever missed and blessed.
                             - Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan"

This tribute was added by Osasu Arigbe on 29th October 2015

"Prior to meeting Dr. Akpan, I had not met a professor that could make students feel so welcomed and relaxed around him. You were so receptive the first day I met you that we soon became friends. I admired many things about you:

-The fact that you had accomplished a lot yet so humble
-The love you had for your family
-The pride you had in your culture demonstrated through your dressing, and
- Your interest in cooking.

I cannot forget the standing ovation you got when you were given an award in 2011 during the Founder's Day event. You were greatly loved by all who knew you. I know you are in a better place - away from sickness and all the troubles of Earth. May God continue to guide and protect your loved ones. Continue to rest in His bosom. It is well."

This tribute was added by Folake Cole on 29th October 2015

"I remember the first time I walked into your office. The first thought that came to mind was "what a stylish man". Your sense of humour, friendly and warm approach towards me was quite surprising considering the fact that I wasn't a CMD major. That was the first and last time I ever had a face to face conversation with you. I'm grateful to God that my friend sent me to your office that day for I wouldn't have known a wonderful man with such a great personality like yours. May you continue to rest in peace. God bless your soul."

This tribute was added by Grace Ayorinde on 29th October 2015

"You will forever be missed Prof. Rest In Peace!"

This tribute was added by Michael Otabor on 29th October 2015

"It was like yesterday, when we had our information sessions in Warri, Benin and Uyo...I remembered we both eat in the same plate, discuss about a lot of things...And Prof Said to me...I admire the way you think and Act, Pls never give up the good work...How I wished you can see the extent I have gone now....I will forever miss you, My heart is always too heavy to say good bye, because all we shared still rings in mind...We meet to part and we have parted to meet no more...till the last day...RIP my Brother, My Father, My Prof and my Pastor...The academic world miss your endless impart.....Michael Otabor...Al. Dar University college of Dubai. UAE."

This tribute was added by Adeiza Atureta on 29th October 2015

"Dear Dean,
A year has passed, but the memories of you are still etched in my mind. Thanks for providing clarity to those academic issues. Your words were helpful in the end. Peaceful by thy rest, dear Dean."

This tribute was added by Chijioke Eche on 29th October 2015

"Continue to sleep in peace in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ."

This tribute was added by Nneka Bush on 29th October 2015

"It still feels so sore and I  can't stop missing you."

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Raymond on 29th October 2015

"We miss you dearly. Rest well in the bosom of our father."

This tribute was added by Utibe Nkanga on 29th October 2015

"To our dear dean we have really missed you, even though it's been a year. We have not forgotten you and you have been in our heart. My condolence goes to the family, I pray that God continues to comfort you people and protect you as well. Till we see again dear dean."

This tribute was added by Evelyne Motaze on 29th October 2015

"It has been a year since you were abruptly taken away from our lives.
Where did time go?
A year spent coping and adjusting and trying to get things right.

We hope as you are looking down on us, you are pleased at what you see, as you realize how important you were to many who crossed your path

God has been faithful to your “oh my ladies” and we all thank God.
The void left behind is irreplaceable, the pain immeasurable but slowly, with each passing day, life goes on.

Your princesses miss you much and talk about you regularly with much love and great memories.
I know you watch over them and you are very proud, as we all are, to see them blossom and grow, not forgetting those guiding principles you both taught them.

Every day in some small way, memories of you still come our way.
Though absent, you are always near, still missed, loved and always dear.

Rest In Perfect Peace, Idy dear. Xxx"

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