Richard Adelman: 1946-2012
Richard Adelman
  • 65 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 13, 1946
  • Place of birth:
    Brookline, Massachusetts, United States
  • Date of passing: Apr 1, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
Let us all celebrate Richard's spirit in our lives every day

This memorial website was created in loving memory of Richard Adelman. He will be dearly missed and forever held in our hearts.

A memorial service was held at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, MA on April 17 at 3:30 p.m. We are very grateful to all who attended and shared in the celebration of Rich's life. It was a wonderful, music-filled memorial to a man we all loved and miss greatly.  

The family has requested that any donations in Rich's honor be directed to The Rhythmic Arts Project (, an educational organization focused on empowering and enriching the lives of disabled individuals through percussion-based music.

Please leave a note, add a picture, video, or a song.  Our family is comforted by your warmth and stories of Rich.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Bryan Cumming on 13th October 2016

"Richard taught me a lot. He never made it feel like "I'm teaching you now." He was always gentle, always exactly who he was, pure in heart. The lesson was always deeper than the teaching. All he had to do was be himself. That was a beautiful lesson. I loved him, and he loved me, and I join everyone who knows how beautiful his life here was because of the love that came through him."

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 16th April 2016

"Happy Anniversay My Love!  In my thoughts today Rich, in my Heart forever...seeing your gentle smile here&now. You My Love are greatly missed"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 16th April 2015

"Happy Anniversary Richard Lee!  Yep 50 years ago today, You married Me...What an amazing trip we shared!  I am forever grateful for your love, for You my oh so GentleMan!  Feeling your presence thank you :-)"

This tribute was added by Gary Peters on 1st April 2015

""I still drive to Brookline every day for work. The musical memories we made together show up often. Our friendship is one of the most precious gifts in my life. I miss you..........."

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 22nd February 2015

"I miss you babe"

This tribute was added by lynne mirando on 7th January 2015

"Just realizing richs bday was in oct but I wish him happy thoughts anyways...janice and kids so sorry ! The music is very soothing!! Happy New Year to you all.lynne"

This tribute was added by lynne mirando on 7th January 2015

"Happy birthday rich! You are still in many folks hearts and minds! Luv...lynne"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 6th January 2015

"Hey My GentleMan New Year it is...I miss you! ..Am grateful Everyday for the Love we shared, for our wonderful sons we raised, for what WE were & how we Did make a change Babe...We Rocked Shtix   My Angel"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 1st November 2014

"Hey Beautiful Man, Again I visit you to say HEY!  I So Loved You..We were very, very special!   I miss you Babe and am Still very sad!
Being Strong and Moving On baby... Am Trying...With Love In Peace  
Your Forever Ol Lady..and liking it..."

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 15th June 2014

"HAPPY FATHERS DAY RICH!  Thank You for helping raise two wonderful sons!  They are Great Dads Babe, you should be very very proud of our boyz to men!  Missing You Today!"

This tribute was added by Jack Bone on 22nd April 2014

"Richard was the master of tempo. Never rushing or dragging."

This tribute was added by lynne mirando on 5th April 2014

"Hey there Janice and kids...sure can't believe it's been two years already for Rich !  I know it will always be hard for you all but he IS that spirit in the sky!! And that soul will always be with you!! love, lynne xxoo"

This tribute was added by Sal Guglielmi on 2nd April 2014


This tribute was added by Lori McGlynn on 2nd April 2014

"Janice, Erik, Zac and your ever growing family....It is hard to comprehend that Richard has been gone for 2 years....What a wonderful Guy and a plus to our family!!! We were blessed to have gotten to know and love such a beautiful & wonderful loving & talented man!!!! Richard you are so very missed xoxo"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 1st April 2014

"I Will plant flowers For You Babe!  Miss YOU Rich- my  Heart aches; Spirit is Full...HEY YOU!"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 24th February 2014

"May I Call You In Heaven???"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 15th February 2014

"VALENTINE"S DAY without You Rich WAS NOT GOOD. Missing You"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 2nd January 2014

"HAPPY 2014.....Missing my TRUE COMPANION. Has been 21 months since Richard passed.  An Adelman was born 11 days ago...Winter Solstice 2013 brought us Sophia Bliss Adelman @8AM CST...LET THERE BE LIGHT..xo Sweet Sophia"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 16th November 2013

"Hey Rich; Have connected with many friends from our "early" years. tis good but also takes me back to When We Shared with each of them. Wow I miss you, I miss Us I miss what we had together..Wishing for FOREVER with You...MISSING You Rich xo j"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 31st October 2013

"THEY WON! YOUR SOX DID IT RICH!! At Home, Beautiful Indeed Babe!"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 30th October 2013

"Your SOX could win IT ALL tonight @ home...Yep World Series Fenway Pahk...Not since 1918 a Series win at home Right!  Let's Go Red Sox I Want This FOR YOU Richard Lee..Loving You from Earth Babe xo"

This tribute was added by lynne mirando on 15th October 2013

"Hey janice and kids! It is so wonderful you have kept this fantastic site up in richards memory. .He still lives on in so many lives. Most of  whom do not even know each other! What a special guy! ! Love you all and keep the faith! Luv, lynne"

This tribute was added by Richard Baker on 13th October 2013

""Rich was a friend that everybody wanted. His gentle personality and caring was always there. He was a great musician, but more he was the glue is any band. I knew him at Castle Music and I will always cherish his friendship in those days with Jon Edwards, and Rick Lilljequist and Stuart, and all the boys in the Shanty. God Bless his memory and a warm hello to Janice... RB"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 13th October 2013

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICH...SORRY THE SOX didn't win the first game for you!!  HEY  tonight..  the 13th your 67th they will play!  We Got This Right .   Picturing You drumming..AND loving that..I miss you Richard ...Happy 67th Birthday My Love. xo.from me"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 4th September 2013

"Missing YOU Babe!  Eric's Birthday; B&E's SILVER Anniversary how  SWEET!
Happy Rosh Hashanah My Life's Love....SHALOM"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 17th June 2013

"HAPPY FATHER'S DAY BABE! Dad to Our Two Amazing Sons..Thank You! Am with  Eric and Beautiful Family; Missing You So Much..xo Rest My Love j"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 14th June 2013

"Wishing you were physically present Babe. Our Family's celebrating Beautiful Times...MISSING you so much..wishing You could be present for OUR children&grandchildren; Talked with "The Rabbi" tonight; WoW he didn't know you left our Earth That's tough stuff! xo Ya know"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 25th May 2013


This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 16th April 2013

"Our 48th Anniversary is today! Remembering our simple wedding ceremony The Chinese Justice of the Peace, few family members present 1965 and Richard's family being Jewish, mine Catholic was then unacceptable!
We Knew we Were "True Companions" and What an Amazing Journey followed eh Rich?  I MISS YOU with ALL My Heart, Thank You Love for Being an Amazing husband!"

This tribute was added by Michael Adelman on 7th April 2013

"Rich my soul brother, possessed a sensitivity and tolerance for people which reflected in his music. whether it was Van Morrison, Bill Evans, Jose Feliciano, or Nina Simone Rich's diverse love of music transcended into his love of life."

This tribute was added by Caroline Adelman on 1st April 2013

"Rich, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for everything that you brought to all of our lives. Thank you especially for raising Zac to be such a kind, patient, and loving man, just like his father. I see your gentle spirit in him every day. You are so loved, and we miss you too much for words. Please help us all to stay strong and model our lives after your resilience and humor."

This tribute was added by Sal Guglielmi on 1st April 2013

"Rich was a good man in many ways. His death is such a great loss and just as great a loss is what dies inside us living with the void.
I think Rich would think that while you keep focused on the closed door of his life you may not notice the ones that open.
Rest in Peace Rich."

This tribute was added by Richard Sherman on 1st April 2013

"It is great that you are keeping Richard's memory alive.  I have always thought of him as being a really kind person and I loved playing with him."

This tribute was added by David Conrad on 1st April 2013

"Playing with Richard at the beginning of my life as a working musician taught me essential things about music; his friendship at the beginning of my adulthood taught me essential things about how to live. He was an older brother to me, and he and Janice welcomed me into their family at a time when I very much needed that. He lives in me, as I know he does in others."

This tribute was added by Bryan Cumming on 1st April 2013

"I was just thinking about Rich this morning, remembering how he turned me on to the joys of rhythm. One example was the drumming of Ziggy Modeliste of The Meters, on that great record "Hey Pocky Way."  Ziggy gives the groove a lift with an extra little beat. Richard loved it, and I've loved it ever since. Now it's 2013, and Ziggy is coming to Bonaroo. Rich was way ahead of his time."

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 1st April 2013

"My Tribute; A BEAUTIFUL MAN left us All Too Soon! Left this Earth Too Early; as He Gave So Much..WAS One Special HumanBeing Few&Far Between(as the saying goes) Richard Was A RARE BIRD! He WAS my Special Life Partner, Forever Missed/Always Loved WOW BABE 1 Year Whew Cryin On Earth Rich! xo"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 1st March 2013

"Tonight tis 11 months since Richard physically left this Earth.  I missed sharing our birthdays together. Am missing THAT smile, his incredible gentleness and caring...Am grateful for our Amazing family & Fantastic circle of friends..Thankful Rich is my Angel and I Know He is with me everyday; I feel his presence. Just Wish we could share Hugs. Loving sweet memories of You-Us"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 14th February 2013

"HAPPY LOVE DAY MY VALENTINE. Tis OK here Babe; our two Beautiful Boyz 2 Men made sure Mama felt LOVED...We done Good Adelman..They are Amazing.  Outstanding sunset Whew multi-colored beautiful experience! Am crying "those" Happy Tears Rich..STOKED...Thank You Love WOW"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 1st February 2013

"February 1st, 2013,10 months ago my Love you left  here.This  New Year on Earth I strive To Be Still....Be Free....To Go Explore!...I will use new awareness to Become more in rhythm with the Flow of Life, more in Harmony with it's Song..these are my goals please be my guide Rich Lovingly j"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 24th January 2013

"RICHARD LEE ADELMAN, an Amazing DAD!! Hey Rich Zachariah celebrated his 38th B-Day..WOW OUR BABY(sorry Z)  I KNOW you are With us I So Miss You. You were a Fantastic Father & have 2 Beautiful adult sons! Let them Feel your Presence in their lives!  Keep Them Safe Babe...i love you; forever.."

This tribute was added by Eddie Tuduri on 1st January 2013

"I had known Richard over the years since he played with The "Beaters"  as a fellow drummer he was someone I respected as did everyone. I had lost touch and .... when I broke my neck, there he was. Richard was completely supportive, he offered advise and understanding. Later when I started The Rhythmic Arts Project, there he was again! Always thoughtful, always kind, always Richard."

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 1st January 2013

"Almost 2013 here in SoCal and Just Sayin' Nothing Is The Same! Remembering OUR Ringing in New Year on Cape with dear Friends Rich So much laughing, lots of Great music, stories shared...I Am Alone(my choice) ringing in 2013.  Shared time with Liz earlier All Good.  I Am sad at heart; confused in mind and Dark in my soul! 2013 will be A Year Of Changes My Life's Love..Thank You for BEING"

This tribute was added by Amy Weston on 6th November 2012

"I remember so many wonderful times, hanging out, sharing great times.  Rich was our Best Man at Bryan's and my wedding.  Our marriage didn't last, but our friendship did and all the great memories of being together and making music together dance through my mind and heart as I write this.  Love, hugs and light to Rich, Janice and all the family.  Love you all and I cherish the memories"

This tribute was added by Chuck Fiore Jr. on 17th October 2012

"Janice, Eric, and Zach,

My condolences to you and your family on the passing of Rich. We spoke two weeks before he passed and as always he exuded such a positive spirit about everything. Always welcomed me when I was around and will miss him... He will be with you by your side forever now. Be well."

This tribute was added by lynne mirando on 14th October 2012

"Happy bday rich! Double digits! May you keep your loving wife and kids and their kids safe from where you are,  you will always bemissed!luv ya,  lynne"

This tribute was added by Arlene Brackett on 13th October 2012

"Hey Janice,    Happy Birthday to Richard,  Hope you are doing well,
How about asking Richard to tell Diane to do some lights and alarms for us too!  Love ya girl and think of you lots!"

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 13th October 2012


This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 25th June 2012

"Richard's Amazing Spirit is with me now...I feel him; I acknowledge& Thank him. I am NOT afraid..and believe me Rich is NOT subtle...Lights, smoke alarms HE IS WITH ME& making sure I KNOW. Loving YOU and so Grateful SHTIX! RAVE ON BABE!"

This tribute was added by Sal Guglielmi on 22nd May 2012

"Janice, Eric and Zac,
I was taken back by Richards passing and deeply saddened. Richard was a good friend and a pleasure to work with. I do regret drifting apart many years ago but I have great memories of hanging out, Gigs we played and places we toured. So many laughs. Working with him was such a pleasure he lifted every band and made me a better player.
I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless"

This tribute was added by Richard Sherman on 21st May 2012

"I met Richard in around 1975. Having played with Bob Conti and having gone through 30 drummers on one gig, I learned what Bob was looking for in a drummer.  Richard was playing with Jack Bone and me at a sleezy bar in West Covina.  I recognized how great he was right away and contacted Bob, who immediately stole Richard from me for Donna Summer.  He will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Bob Conti on 21st May 2012

"I have decades of "memories, music" and stories.I could write a book about my time with RIchard but I only have so much space here. I'll tell you this, Richard truly had peace and love in his heart. He was the voice of reason! Simply put he was a truly good man in every sense of the word. Talented, soulful and kind. He lives on in my memory and in my heart."

This tribute was added by Janice Adelman on 16th May 2012

"Smell the Sea, Feel the Sky, FLY INTO THE MYSTIC...You ARE Home Babe....I WILL miss you Forever but Know you are with me  SHINE ON SHTIX"

This tribute was added by Arlene Brackett on 13th May 2012

"Janiceeeeee,    Wow, I'm sitting here in tears.  Thank you for being
two brilliant, shining souls in this world of ours!"

This tribute was added by Richard Baker on 3rd May 2012

"Dear Janice, I was unaware of Rich's passing. I am so sorry for your loss and your families loss. Rich was a beautiful guy. More than a musician, he was a very very sweet guy and I was so sad to hear this. Bless you all. Please forgive my not knowing till today. He will be very missed by me."

This tribute was added by leo kowalczyk on 18th April 2012

"Dear Janice & Family                                                                                 my deepest thoughts are with you.I miss the times we had together.       Rich & I had some great banter about music & sports.                             Everybody talks about the sports heroes "over priced athletes, thats all they are! You & Rich are my HEROES and will always be! Bless you"

This tribute was added by Ken Eisenstein on 18th April 2012

"Hors D'oeuvre, Rich."

This tribute was added by Gene Vano on 17th April 2012

"Janice, Eric, Zac,
I have taken this long to write because I still can't get my head around it. Only the good die young.  Probably the most decent human being Olga and I have ever met. Hopefully he is walkin and runnin and dancin in a better place !  
Love,  Olga and Gene"

This tribute was added by Bryan Cumming on 17th April 2012

"When I met Richard, it was a jam session disguised as a sound check for Martin Mull at a club in Atlanta. He became my favorite drummer in about 4 seconds, and my best friend soon after that. Looking back, I can see how much my life was blessed by knowing and hanging out with Rich. More than I knew at the time. I loved him, but then, I'm certainly not alone."

This tribute was added by lynne mirando on 16th April 2012

"Dear janice eric and zac my heart goes out to you all! I cant help but think of all the fun and good times there were whenever rich was around. He had a way about him that made you  feel so special.a good man always has a good story and rich had many! Diane will be attending but I am going to have to catch up to you in n.c. Love you guys!!xxoo lynne"

This tribute was added by Alice Snowden on 13th April 2012

Our thoughts are with you.  We only met you and Richard a few times through Roger and Liz, but Richard and you left great impressions.  May your happy memories hold you close.  Love to you and your family.  Alice & Richard Snowden"

This tribute was added by mark adelman on 13th April 2012

"Rich was my not only my cousin but also my close friend, he was not just a rock star when he was drumming but even more of a rock star when he wasn't playing music,he was an amazing guy,sincere , caring , a one of a kind human being, I will miss him dearly, he had a big impact on Jess, Caryl and I , we love you and will miss you"

This tribute was added by Craig Adelman on 11th April 2012

"My uncle was a good man who lived a life filled with love, family and music. I will always remember the happy moments we spent together talking and laughing. I am lucky that I got to know Richard Adelman whose sense of humor and strength in life made me very proud to be his nephew. I will miss you!"

This tribute was added by Camilla (Jones) Clancy on 11th April 2012

"I recently found a news clipping of the "Charades".  Oh the flood of memories, Nantasket, the Battle of the Bands, the many practices and parties, but most especially the ride to Chapel Hill, NC to bring himself his drums.  I can still see his beautiful smile.  Janice and family, I am so sorry for your loss.  You are in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Chuck Fiore on 8th April 2012

"Rich had so much soul in his life as an incredibly warm and kind human being that also reflected on his wonderful talent as a pro drummer which many of us were fortunate to experience. I'll never forget how easy it was to be around him and his great grooves. Love and peace be with you."

This tribute was added by Barry Michaud on 8th April 2012

"So many good times and memories,I feel priviledged to have shared life and music with him,he didn't just play the drums,he played the song.A kind soul,I loved that guy.I wish the family peace and healing."

This tribute was added by Lee Foster on 8th April 2012

"Rich was kind. He was interested in his friends' well being. He always took the time needed for a chat.  He loved his wife and sons, and worked hard to give them a decent life.  He put me up when I was down. My heart goes out to his family."

This tribute was added by dave aston on 8th April 2012

"Richard was such a joy to work with as well as being a great friend. When you hung out and talked with him, he always gave you his undivided attention. I will always remember the many gigs we played together, from touring with The Hues Corporation, and Donna Summer and Brooklyn Dreams, as well as all the local LA gigs.May God Bless the Adelman Family and keep you in his perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Joy Aroff on 7th April 2012

"My Dear Richard: What a lovely man, wonderful wife, many things to work out when first we met. It was fun getting to know you and push your butt to realize there was still a world out there after paralysis. DR. Rudnick said get you doing something and we sure did. That wonderful soft demeanor, so smart, patient, loving totally Janice and your boys. A great pleasure to know and love you.RIP"

This tribute was added by Diane Hallisey on 7th April 2012

"Dear Janice and family, I was so sorry to hear of Richard's passing.  I knew him from the "Steamboat Willy" days with Barry Michaud and Allen Estes.  I always remember him calling his son with his thick Boston accent, "Come getcha suppah!!"  Lynne Mirando and I will try to come up for the memorial, but even if we aren't able to get there please know our thoughts are with you. Fondly, Diane"

This tribute was added by currie hambright on 6th April 2012

"my condolences to all - my heart goes out to you!  i was always so enthralled with all the great stories zac had about his dad.  it was an honor and a pleasure to meet him and hang out in LA.  as zac said - i hope he is now on the great drum stool in the sky, keeping the beat proper.  much love...    currie"

This tribute was added by Toby Smith on 6th April 2012

"To a great family-

Our thoughts and love are with you.


This tribute was added by Todd Sardella on 6th April 2012

"To the Adelman family, I am so sorry for your loss, may he forever rest in peace. It was a pleasure spending many nights at your home, making us all feel like family, you always opened your home to so many of us. To Zac, my old friend, I am so sorry for your loss, please know on this holiday weekend our prayers are with your entire family. God bless.."

This tribute was added by Ken Eisenstein on 6th April 2012

"He was my best friend, but in many ways, he could be every one's best friend. He really listened to & cared about others and was always there for friends & family to offer help, advice, and support.! A man with grace, subsance and a wicked sense of humor. As Marty Mull said, "A drummer is a musician's best friend"."

This tribute was added by Lori McGlynn on 6th April 2012

"We will forever cherish the day our family ( Fallon's) welcomed Richard into our lives when he married the love of his life, my cousin, Janice.  You made our family a better family.  You were a standout guy who was a loving husband, Dad & grandfather. We especially loved it when you moved to the Cape.  Thank you for taking me to the Melody Tent as it was the thrill of my life. xoxo L & P."

This tribute was added by allen estes on 6th April 2012

"way back in the early 70"s we had a band in boston called "steamboat willie"...richard was the only "veteran musician" in the band,playing also with jonathan edwards,and orphan.he truly taught me how to not take myself so seriously in this crazy business...a great drummer,a true friend,and a magical'll always be in my heart buddy.god bless!!!"

This tribute was added by Chris Boardman on 6th April 2012

"It was always a pleasure when we played together back in the day in LA. Unfortunately our lives diverged and we lost touch. My sincere condolences. I'm moved beyond words to see the joy in Richard's face in the photos. God bless you Richard for a life well lived."

This tribute was added by Tony Levin on 5th April 2012

"In our little band, some 53 years ago, Richard was clearly the best musician - and in addition he had the kind of magnetism that drew everyone's eyes to him and his great playing. In later years, Richard added to that talent a wealth of courage and warmth. He'll be missed a great deal, by many."

This tribute was added by Bliss Browne on 5th April 2012

"What a blessing to get to know this wonderful, resilient man--and to share with him the joy of a happy marriage between our daughter Caroline and his son Zac.   Richard, you will be missed;   the legacy of your kindness, thoughtfulness and love of life and music will remain alive and well. We honor you, and thank God for your loving presence. We are holding you in light, peace and joy."

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