great photo of susie
Sue Ann Hoefler
  • 55 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 1, 1955
  • Date of passing: Dec 11, 2010
It's never goodbye, it's see ya later.

Loving someone and losing them, not a moment past, is never easy. However, life is not about regrets and missed opportunities – it is about living it to the fullest and touching the lives of those you love and care for.

Sue Ann, your spirit and love endures in us all. There are so many stories of your life, which you shared so selflessly with those around you, and it would be careless if we did not share those moments with the countless people whose lives you have made brighter. For each one of us has a story, a quote, a happy if not painfully, sidesplitting, laughter induced, hands on our knees, hysterical memory of you. You were always only a phone call away, even at four in the morning, if we needed someone to talk to and feel loved when we thought it impossible. In our darkest moments, you were our light and though you are no longer with us in body, your spirit and memory lives on through us all.

Sinatra sang it best in My Way and the last thing Sue Ann would want is to have a room full of people sobbing for the wrong reason, or in her case, a football stadium filled to the brim! It is never goodbye, it’s see you later, though it may 'bring a tear to me glass eye'.

Please share a memory, photo, quote, anything to help keep Sue Ann's life and love alive and with us always.



Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by PEG HOEFLER on 20th September 2016

"Hi  Sis,

It has been a while,  But, I was thinking about you and thought it was time to drop a line.  I was looking at how many people have signed on to visit you and cannot believe it.  OUTSTANDING - you had touch so many lives and made so many impressions.  All I got to say is I will be lucky if I get enough to count on one hand - LOL.
Well you are never forgotten by me either - not that I need to tell you this.  I know that you are still around from time to time & the new lights I put in are a little bit harder to blow - sorry about that - but you got a little expensive.  ok until next time  --- until then  I love you !!!!"

This tribute was added by Tom Fazzini on 11th December 2015

"Hi Sue,  just wanted to update you with some recent news.  Barry & Mary's  Daughter "Little Mo Hannah"  is married and working as a nurse in Bethel...! Julito is still dating Dakota, and he graduates this May. He is doing well in school and with baseball. Hopefully by the end of January he will know what college he will attend and play baseball.  Julito misses you something terrible and to help deal with his sadness he is designing a tattoo to encompass his memories of his grandmothers and favorite Aunts.  We love you,"

This tribute was added by JoAnne Hoefler on 11th December 2015

"Miss you sister Susie - always thinking about you . Seems like just yesterday you were gone. I keep waiting for you to call me from Alaska to chat for hours! Love you so much.....  "glass tear in my eye""

This tribute was added by Joan Koval on 2nd December 2015

"Sue Ann, I have been with my 94 year old mother in NY for the past few weeks.  We have been listening to Frank Sinatra for days now to help her remember the good times. Every time he comes on I have thoughts of you, especially My Way. Smiling inside thinking of the love you shared. Remembering you on this 60th Birthday!"

This tribute was added by Ann Glasheen on 2nd December 2015

"Happy 60th Sueann wish you were here to celebrate together love and miss you call me sometime from the other side Annie"

This tribute was added by JoAnne Hoefler on 1st December 2015

"We had a family luncheon today to celebrate your 60th Birthday Susie!
Miss you every single day!"

This tribute was added by tom murphy on 1st December 2015

"In our thoughts and prayers forevermore."

This tribute was added by PEG HOEFLER on 1st December 2015

"Happy 60th my Sister - Love and miss you"

This tribute was added by chuck murphy on 1st December 2015

"Happy Birthday Sue Ann,  I know you are aware of how much you are loved!"

This tribute was added by renee waldie on 1st December 2015

"Happy Birthday Sue Ann!  I can still see your smile and hear your giggle.  I miss you and love you and still feel your presence!  Love to the Hoefler family today from the Waldies."

This tribute was added by PEG HOEFLER on 27th August 2015

"Good morning my Sister,

Just thought I would say hello.  Pat & I stopped down to your old stopping ground in Elmira -- sure has grown up down there, the shopping centers - oh my you would have a grand old time.

Love and miss ya !! Peg"

This tribute was added by Michael S HOEFLER on 11th December 2014

"I still miss  you and  always love you"

This tribute was added by Joan Koval on 7th December 2014

"You will always be a healing angel in my life, Sue Ann.  Thinking of you during this sacred December month.  My blue bracelet that reads, "Do What You Love" always reminds me that you are still with us.  Peace to all of your family and friends,  Joan Koval"

This tribute was added by chuck murphy on 6th December 2014

"I am sure you know how you are still helping those you loved, and who love you!"

This tribute was added by Michael S HOEFLER on 4th December 2014

""Dear Susanne
Happy Birthday to you !! Happy Birthday to you !!!
Biggest  Happy Birthday to uuuuuuuuu.  hug ...always think of u  
miss  love  great are you wonderful !! ""

This tribute was added by Tom Fazzini on 2nd December 2014

"Happy Birthday Mo Sue and keep smiling on us. Julito is doing great driving, playing baseball, still dating Dakota and misses you very much, Arllen and I too.  Our conversations are about you today and the joy you brought to us and the love you always showed to Julito. You enriched our lives.  The Fazzini's send warm thoughts and hugs to all of  the Hoefler Family."

This tribute was added by JoAnne Hoefler on 2nd December 2014

"Dear Sister Susie, I think about & miss you every single day ... brings a " tear to my glass eye". You will be forever young to me. Love your sister JoAnne"

This tribute was added by PEG HOEFLER on 2nd December 2014

"Just wanted to give you this flower & let you know I am still thinking of you and miss you always.  We had lunch yesterday for and with you.

Love Ya !!!"

This tribute was added by Ann Glasheen on 1st December 2014

"Happy Birthday Sue Ann I am sure you are partying with the angels I sure do miss you and often think about picking up the phone and calling you to talk over life issues....should have a hot line to heaven so we all could chat with you love and miss you can't believe it is 4 years already"

This tribute was added by tom murphy on 1st December 2014

"Still missed................Always loved."

This tribute was added by Michael Hoefler on 1st December 2014

"!!!!!!!HAPPY BIDET AUNT SUZY!!!!!!!

Face your fears, cry with your glass eye and never let those rat bastards have the last word. Not a day goes by where I don't think on you and wish i could still call you at 3 in the morning because of the awesome time difference between east coast and Alaska - something i never took for granted ad miss terribly.

Missing you always.

-Your Nephew"

This tribute was added by jean wiltsie on 1st December 2014

"Happy B-day Suzie.  You are truly missed and loved."

This tribute was added by tom murphy on 2nd December 2013

"You touched so many lives for the time you were with us and I will always strive to love as you did. May God continue to Bless."

This tribute was added by Nancy (Lucas) Eichler on 1st December 2013

"Always smiling with a twinkle in her eye,
This is how I remember Sue Ann-
Always caring, always a "hello",
Loved Nursing and worked hard. Miss knowing she's here....."

This tribute was added by Tom Fazzini on 1st December 2013

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear sue sue, Happy Birthday to you! We Love You SueAnn,
Tommy Too, Arllen and Julito."

This tribute was added by Ann Glasheen on 1st March 2013

"Miss you Sue just needed a little visit with you I have something important coming up next week and would like you to help guide me and keep me calm. Love you Annie"

This tribute was added by Joan Koval on 12th December 2012

"Not too long ago I was meditating and seeking guidance "on my next step".  I called out to Sue Ann in my prayers knowing she always had an opinion! :-)  I let the thought go and went about my business.  While vacuuming in the bedroom, way back in a closet there was a blue wrist band stuck on the edge of a mirror and it said
"Do What You Love"   I knew it was from SueAnn.  Luv You"

This tribute was added by gayle kelly (brewster) on 11th December 2012

"Sue Ann , There isn't a day that doesn't go by that I don't think of you and all the things that you taught me.  The staff on 3 pm - 11 pm was like a second family when things got tough we all worked together  but when it was slow some of the pranks we played , the strike we went through and we lounghed in the sun and sone people yelled at us . I love and Miss You Sue Ann, Love , Punky"

This tribute was added by PEG HOEFLER on 11th December 2012

"Miss those bed-side chats !!  Love you"

This tribute was added by JoAnne Hoefler on 11th December 2012

"Dearest Sister Susie -  everyday I miss  & love you so very much"

This tribute was added by Camille Delmotte on 10th December 2012

"Thinking of you today Sue Ann.  Good memories of your beautiful smile and contagious laugh.  Just to say hi."

This tribute was added by Chris Linn on 1st December 2012

"The world seems a little bit dimmer with one less lightbringer.  Miss you my dear sweet cousin."

This tribute was added by Michael Hoefler on 1st December 2012

"Happy birthday my awesomely amazing, loving, fun, silly, passionate, crazy smart, sassy pants, strong willed, indomitably spirited, courageous, outspoken, fabulous, inspiring, creative, genius, bestest, most wonderful beautiful aunt Suzy!!!! I miss you so much!!!!"

This tribute was added by Colleen Drum on 1st December 2012

"Happy Birthday Sue Ann, I will never forget you or what a kind and thoughtful person you always were. I think of you every day my friend. Wish we had one more day to talk and be together, but until I see you again , I will try to live my life as you would. Love you"

This tribute was added by Margie Bird on 1st December 2012

"I still remember!!!  You are still missed, my friend.  On your day, I will remember the good times and laughs that we shared."

This tribute was added by PEG HOEFLER on 11th March 2012

"Love and miss you - Always"

This tribute was added by Bec Austin on 14th December 2011

"A year has gone by and still we miss you every day. You had a way of just knowing what to say or do. Miss your voice and that "just so you know" tone you used to take!!! Love you forever lady"

This tribute was added by Camille Delmotte on 11th December 2011

"Just remembering Sue Ann used to call my parents around this time of year to wish a Merry Christmas and send a card or gifts.   The memory of her laughter will fill the house this holiday."

This tribute was added by Ann Glasheen on 7th December 2011

"Just needed a little Sueann time it is great to visit this site and you can be very close to her. She is on my mind a lot since it was just her birthday and we are coming up on her one year anniversary. I am in NY and will be celebrating her anniversary with many New Yorkers. Miss you Sue"

This tribute was added by Colleen Drum on 1st December 2011

"Happy Birthday to my dear friend! I miss you so much and would love to have one of our talks just one more time. You always had the answers! I am sure you are having one big bash in heaven, SueAnn style!"

This tribute was added by Sherry Kaderli on 17th August 2011

"I met Sueann at Bethel in 1997 or so when I was a travel nurse at Bethel. Her Dad died during that time and I stepped in to cover her shifts while she went home. She was so grateful that we became very close. She was an excellent nurse and I would trust my care to her anytime."

This tribute was added by Robert Nelson on 27th April 2011

"Sue Ann, I remember her well in Bethel, as a police officer, seeing her at the hospital often. Off-duty we laughed, smiled, and supported one another... all of us from the lower 48 who were all on our own path to Alaska and beyond. Oh the memories..."

This tribute was added by Kathy Hunnicutt on 23rd April 2011

"SueAnn what fun we had in Bethel,I have missed you so much since leaving, I wll always remember your laugh. and remember you crawling in and out of Tom's black monster truck. I know you enjoyed giving Tom as much guff as he gave you. I hope you final"

This tribute was added by Angie Ammerman on 23rd March 2011

"I met SueAnn while I was a student at St. Joseph's. The respect, compassion and humor that she demonstrated was such a wonderful example for the students.  She taught us all she knew about OB took us under her wing. Such a loss. Thanks SueAnn!"

This tribute was added by Margie Bird on 15th March 2011

"Sue Ann: close the window, it is cold in here!!  We used to play the hot and cold game back and forth.  She would be HOT and I would be COLD!   I am still cold, so Sue Ann send down the warmth (your loving hugs and kisses)."

This tribute was added by Margie Bird on 15th March 2011

"When I landed in Barrow in 1999 to care for my niece and nephew, Sue Ann said, "You won't be going home anytime soon."  Well she was right.  I have now been here 12 years.  Sue Ann just know that Alaska would get into my blood just as it had her's."

This tribute was added by Nancy (Lucas) Eichler on 13th March 2011

"Sue Ann was in my Nursing Class at St. Joe's. My first memory of Sue Ann is her dimples! She smiled well! I remember her as caring, friendly,giving, sincere, and smart! (I did correspond with her when she first went to Alaska but then we lost touch.)But, the business of life can't let the heart forget those who impacted it! I will always remember Sue Ann, just as I do now. Nancy(Lucas)Eichler '77"

This tribute was added by Judith Gangle on 15th February 2011

"I enjoyed working with Sue Ann very much because she always made me laugh. This is such a nice memorial and so many lives that she touched. She is certainly missed here at Sitka Community Hospital. Thank you for sharing this site and condolences for your loss."

This tribute was added by Jackie Morgan on 18th January 2011

"My family remembers Sue Ann from Elmira, NY, I met her through her sister JoAnne, I was JoAnne's "little buddy." I will never forget how warm and inviting she was when you entered her home and I still remember her letting me brush her hair when I was a child when we lived in Cherrywood Manor...My thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time. Love, Jackie Morgan (Johnson)"

This tribute was added by JoAnne Hoefler on 18th January 2011

"I stayed with Sue Ann in Alaska.  Her obituary said it best, “She loved having friends and family stay with her in her beautiful comfy homes.  She was a great tour guide, perfect hostess, a fantastic cook….” She was all three when we stayed with her in early July of 2005. "See Story by Mark Whitney - Tioga PA"

This tribute was added by Michael Hoefler on 12th January 2011

"On one of those nights at work, we were chatting, and I just happened to mention that my belongings from home had not yet arrived, and so I was using hospital issue sheets, blankets and pillows. The next day, Sue Ann brought me the coziest blanket for my bed! A small gesture that made such a huge difference.

-Nancy Blake (excerpt from letter)"

This tribute was added by Kelly Hamula on 10th January 2011

"I had the pleasure of working with Sue Ann at St. Joe's.  She was so passionate.  Beautiful tribute to a beautiful person.  Thanks for sharing."

This tribute was added by marilyn coruzzi, M,D, on 7th January 2011

"It was a joy to work with Sue Ann. I always felt a little more relaxed working ER at Sitka Community Hospital when she was ER nurse. She made order out of chaos with much compassion & lots of laughter.
                              Marilyn Coruzzi, M.D."

This tribute was added by Susan Mikolajczyk on 30th December 2010

"I was so sorry to hear of Sue Ann's death.  Sue Ann was my "little sister"  at St Joes.  I remember her smile, her laughter and her big heart. I remember how she surprised me at my nursing school graduation with a gift.   After graduation  we lost touch but she remains in my heart.  She will be sadly missed.   Susan Mikolajczyk"

This tribute was added by Jan Murphey on 27th December 2010

"Sue Ann was our neighbor on Clover Circle.  We always looked forward to her toy soldiers on the front of the house at Christmas time!  I remember one Christmas she came to the door with cookies.  We tried to return the little Christmas plate, but she said it was to keep.  I always think of her when we use it.  She was a very special person and good neighbor.  We're so sorry to hear of her passing."

This tribute was added by Kim Schultz on 27th December 2010

"I will NEVER forget SueAnn.  What a blessing she was to so many.  I worked with her in labor & delivery in Elmira, and she was also my labor & delivery nurse when I had my first child.  I never could have done it without her and her humorous & loving way.  She taught me so very much as an L&D nurse also.  She will live on in my heart and in so many hearts I am sure."

This tribute was added by Michelle LeKites on 27th December 2010

"Each memory brings a smile to my face - the exuberance and joy she emitted every day serves as a goal for me in my life."

This tribute was added by Eileen Wayne on 27th December 2010

"May she rest in peace..."

This tribute was added by Eileen Wayne on 27th December 2010

"SueAnn was with me when I delivered both my daughters.  She worked with my mother on OB for years at St. Joes. My Mom was so nervous! I was so relieved when I saw SueAnn standing at the door waiting for me when I arrived in labor.  I can remember her saying to me, "Don't worry I have the drugs to keep you comfortable and the key to lock your mother out!"  I started to laugh so hard my water broke!"

This tribute was added by Arek robinson on 27th December 2010

"It’s been a great honor knowing and growing up with the Hoefler family; Sue Ann will be missed by everyone that ever knew her. She was full of life, love and energy, Every person should try to live like she has. Love you always and forever."

This tribute was added by Michael Hoefler on 27th December 2010

"We at the Arctic Slope Native Association and Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital are sadden to hear about your loss. Sue Ann was a dedicated nurse at our hospital for many years. She was a real trooper and a great example in her battle against cancer and determination fight for life. She will be missed. God be with you.
Marie Carroll,
Barrow, Alaska"

This tribute was added by Michael Hoefler on 27th December 2010

"SueAnn was a tireless, always entertaining coworker. She coached countless Alaskan mothers through their labors and placed the first diaper on just as many newborn backsides. Many of us will remember her with a chuckle.
Liz Johnson,
Anchorage, Alaska"

This tribute was added by Michael Hoefler on 27th December 2010

"I will always remember Sue Ann as the fun and feisty nurse at YKHC. Her apartment in the 800 bldg. was a haven and she was a joy to be around. Her loss is all of our loss.
Nicki Addonisio,
Anchorage, AK"

This tribute was added by Michael Hoefler on 27th December 2010

"So sorry for your loss. I have fond memories of Sue Ann as we grew up next door to each other.
Patricia Day-Alger,
Bath, New York"

This tribute was added by Wendy McDaniel on 26th December 2010

"Dear Mrs. Hoefler and Family:  I so enjoyed the slide show of Sue Ann and the family.   What a beautiful tribute.  I will be making my first trip to Anchorage this summer to visit a cousin and I will think ofSue Ann.  Please know you all are in my thoughts and prayers.   Love, Wendy McCredy McDaniel"

This tribute was added by renee waldie on 24th December 2010

"My 6 year old daughter only met SueAnn once, but over a year after she met her, she sat looking in the mirror, poking her finger into the dimples in her little cheeks. She looked up and said, "Look Mom, I look just like Aunt SueAnn." That was the kind of impact that SueAnn had on people. She saw the truth in people -the good, bad and ugly- and loved us anyway. I am so blessed to have known her."

This tribute was added by Colleen Drum on 23rd December 2010

"Did not have enough room on my previous tribute, but she was so special and such a dear friend to all, hold her memory deep in your hearts and cherish the time you had with her! She will never be forgotten as far as I am concerned. Merry Christmas Sue Ann, love you and will miss you my friend!"

This tribute was added by Colleen Drum on 23rd December 2010

"I will miss Sue Ann forever, she was such a beautiful and special person and a true friend to all. What you wrote about her fear of spiders made me think of the many nights we worked together at St Joes and all I had to do was look up and Sue Ann would jump up and start panicking that there was a spider above her. I guess you had to be there but the memory still makes me laugh. She was so special!"

This tribute was added by Becki Powell on 22nd December 2010

"I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet and get to know Sue Ann.  Every memory makes me smile and some make me laugh out loud. There isn't anyone more caring, genuine, honest, helpful and such a joy to be around. I will miss you, Sue Ann.  My thoughts and prayers to the Hoefler family."

This tribute was added by michael stiger on 22nd December 2010

"I am blessed to have been part of Sue’s life as one of her caregivers.
  In the many years that I’ve treated cancer patients there are only a handful of patients               that I will never forget, and Sue is at the top of that list.
Michael Stiger"

This tribute was added by Jim Melloh on 22nd December 2010

"Sue Ann, one of a kind, sassy, courageous, generous, life embracing, humorous, warm, loving, caring individual. Sharing the beauty you saw, in the ordinary and the majestic, in photos of places and people you knew. Such a deep sense of family. It was a privilege to visit you in New York and experience the hospitality and warmth of the family who meant so much to you. Quyana Sue Ann."

This tribute was added by Arllen Fazzini on 21st December 2010

"~Some people walk in our lives for just a moment, but stay in our hearts forever:~

A heart of gold stopped beating, two shining eyes at rest, God broke our hearts to prove, He only takes the best. Rest in peace our dear Sue Ann. We love you so much and we will miss you!!!"

This tribute was added by Andrea Friends on 21st December 2010

"Sue Ann has literally touched my life since birth. Being a friend of my parents and an excellent OB nurse, she was asked to deliver me almost 30's years ago. Since then she continued to bless us with with her presence and love. She helped guide me into the woman and Nurse Practitioner I am now and I will forever miss her voice. I am greatful that we all have such a wonderful angel looking over us!"

This tribute was added by Lee Stewart on 21st December 2010

"To Michael and family, I am so sorry to here of your loss.The Hoefler family has always been there for each other in good times and bad times. One thing no one can take  away from any of you is all of your memories of being together. Miriam and I have you all in our prayers. Lee Stewart"

This tribute was added by Arturo Brito on 21st December 2010

"When the snow falls, I think of Sue Ann and how we met in Bethel, Alaska 18 years ago.  I will always appreciate everything she taught me about medicine, life and love.  I feel her around me still and always will."

This tribute was added by Cathleen Hoefler on 20th December 2010

"Dear cousin. I am moved by the photos - you, the family -my family. I see the link - in a smile, a nose, a tilt of the head. I recall our conversation at my Dad's memorial service. You were honest, bold, warm, funny and wonderfully familiar for one I so rarely saw in our adult years. Now I feel your absence in the fabric of our family and ask your beautiful spirit to fill that void for us all."

This tribute was added by Tom Fazzini on 20th December 2010

"I can hear Sue Ann as I type this, “OK Tommy, no more boohooing you cry baby boohoo. I met Sue Ann 18 years ago in Bethel. From the minute we meet, we fought, and it never stopped, I can still hear her yapping in my ear.I loved to aggravate her.I would lay in bed dreaming up something to piss her off because it was so much fun. I loved that woman."

This tribute was added by Eric Noble on 20th December 2010

"I will miss Sue Ann as she was such a wonderful person with an incredibly kind way about her.  Her homes in Bethel and Barrow were always open to friends and amazing gathering took place spontanously.  Always generous and easy going.  She lent me her car once in Barrow and I almost ran into a Polar Bear.  My thoughts are with her and her family.

Eric Noble 12/20/2010"

This tribute was added by Soraya Aragundi on 18th December 2010

"Every time I was on-call at the hospital in Barrow and Sue Ann was the the OB or ER nurse on duty, I knew that the night would go just fine. Sue Ann was not only an excellent nurse, but she really loved her job and therefore would go above and beyond with each patient in front of her, never loosing her sense of humor or compassion. I will always remember her and will miss her greatly."

This tribute was added by Derick Ward on 18th December 2010

"SueAnn could fill a room with laughter and light up a room with her bubbly personality. It was an honor to have met her and a priveledge to call her a friend."

This tribute was added by Julian Gonzalez on 17th December 2010

"When we first met each other in Barrow we were unsure if we liked each other. We were both outspoken, assertive,humorous and smart-alecky New Yorkers. But I soon discovered working with Su Ann that she was compassionate, hard-working, intelligent and skilled. In fact,I have never ever worked with an OB nurse as talented as Sue Ann. I, and many, many others, will miss her greatly."

This tribute was added by Camille Delmotte on 17th December 2010

"Sue Ann became a part of our family and shared her great humor, compassion, loyalty, and love of life with us.  She was always present in our conversations and thoughts and whenever possible, we would include her in our activities too. Each of us have a memento of her; photos, presents, cards.  Life was made better by knowing and loving her and receiving that love in return.  Always remember you."

This tribute was added by Wanda Izard on 16th December 2010

"The Hoefler family is what I call a true family. They have been in my life for many years and I am sure they will be forever. I am so glad I got to see Sue Ann.  You couldn't be around her for long before you started to laugh.  I think she missed her calling she should of been a comedian. Love you much your sisters best friend. Wanda"

This tribute was added by JoAnne Hoefler on 16th December 2010

"The Hoefler Family is a very,very close family and to loose Sue Ann was a significant life altering event for our family. Susie - you were a big giver that never expected anyting in return. You gave and gave and gave.... over and over again to everyone - to family, friends, your patients and strangers. Will miss you dearly sister. Love you so much your baby younger sister JoAnne"

This tribute was added by tom murphy on 15th December 2010

"I will be eternally grateful for her phone call to me in late 2007 which led to me seeing her in May 2008 after 3 long decades. The best tribute we could ever pay to Sue Ann would be to live out our lives as she lived hers. Kind, Compassionate, Loving & Giving!"

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