Victor Ogbonna Ezenwoko
  • 54 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 23, 1961
  • Date of passing: Mar 25, 2016
Let his memory be with us forever "We ask the Lord to light a candle that has gone out."

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Victor Ezenwoko, 54, born on July 23, 1961 and passed away on March 25, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Emeka Onyeka on 23rd July 2016

"Today would have been your 55th birthday, the absence of your cheerful presence leaves a deep hole in our hearts. Death would assume that it has dealt a great blow to us, not doubt it has.
Dee Ogbo, death can only take you away but cannot erase your good memories from our hearts. We are convinced that you are eternally celebrating this day with the Angels in God's paradise.

Fare thee well Sir!"

This tribute was added by Obinna Oriaku on 23rd July 2016

"Dearly beloved, Mr. Victor!

Whilst you have vanished to the world of immortality, the memories of you are still evergreen in our hearts. Howbeit, we lost you when we needed you most, we discern that you are resting with the Lord.

You possessed no less than any man would have asked for in a brother. Your leadership prowess is  second to none, little wonder you rose with such an unprecedented speed and enviable height in the the banking sector.

Though we are woebegone, we still emblazon the epoch of Abia state and the entire humanity, when God opened the windows of heaven and brought you as a child.  You were able to effect lives with your midas touch even within the sawed - off years you lived on earth.

May God perdure to bless this day you were born and the people you left behind.


Mr. Obinna Oriaku
Commissioner for Finance, Abia State."

This tribute was added by Nwaejike Chinyere on 23rd July 2016

"If u were alive till this day.....u would pop a bottle nd toast to long life ,prosperity,good health and so on......unfortunately, the cold hands of death has snatched ur physical body from us. But nevertheless,we would still toast to that which death nd d grave cannot hold captive which is d sweet memories of ur time on earth with us. We still thank God for d grace of this particular date. We bless his holy name for we believe it was his will that u do not see this day.we exhalt him for by his grace,u were able to leave us with good memories dat will console us until we join u in his bossom. So to this i say.....happy memorial birthday to a beautiful being that once lived amongst us."

This tribute was added by Maureen Onwochei on 6th June 2016

"This weekend, I bade farewell to one of the greatest men I was privileged to know...he was My Boss, My Mentor, My Friend...

You were firm, yet fair;
Intelligent, Articulate, An Uncanny eye for details, yet always seeking to impart knowledge;
Elevated by your achievements on the job; yet you embraced all...irrespective of level.

Passionate about all you did;
You pushed, prodded, moulded;
Never harsh but didn't brook mediocrity;
You truly inspired!

Always has a listening ear & sound advice for my challenges...on and off the job;
Fought alongside for time off when my health presented challenges;
My husband also quickly became your friend...that's how much your qualities endeared!

Sir Vic!
Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus as we ask God Almighty to console & strengthen your family and loved ones as they grieve over this loss

You will be forever missed..."

This tribute was added by Job Nankar on 5th June 2016

"Though i don't you in person, but i have heard a lot of wonderful things about you. you lived a focused and successful Life while on earth and it has directed affected me. I pray that God will help us to Live worthy lives here on earth so that we will meet our creator on the day we depart this earth."

This tribute was added by Rosemary Johnson on 4th June 2016

"I won't forget all i learnt from you. Each advice on how to be a strong and good leader to always staying focused n dedicated. You had one of the kindest hearts i have come across. Rest on boss. Farewell Sir Vic. May God comfort your family."

This tribute was added by Chinyere Ironkwe Okere on 4th June 2016

"Sometimes in life we would want to wish things away, as though the never happened. It still remains a shock and hard for me to believe its true that you are gone. You were a source of encouragement to me when i lost my dearest husband - Emeka Okere. Why does God allow certain things to happen? I haven't found the answer yet but i believe His thoughts towards us are of good to bring us to an expected end. I want to say thank you for your help and encouragement through my tough times. I pray God comforts your family in Jesus Name. RIP"

This tribute was added by yugoh ezenwoko on 1st June 2016

"My dearest Uncle Dee Ogboo...I write this farewell message with tears in my heart....Even as kids, we knew that u were( oh no..can't believe I said were?)a most wonderful, kind hearted and amiable uncle who loved everyone who came around you and that is the memory of you that I will cherish always...I have no doubt in my mind that our God Lord will grant u peace in the best part of his bosom..Pls keep watching over us cos you are now our guardian angel...Goodnight my darlyn Uncle...May God rest ur soul....From Yugoh Ezenwoko"

This tribute was added by Nnamdi Uwaoma on 1st June 2016

"Dee Ogbo we all will miss your presence forever,its quite a task typing this.May God accept your soul ."

This tribute was added by Amarachi Ezenwoko on 29th May 2016

"Dee Ogboo, it's so hard to accept this. It's even harder to say "goodbye!" May the good Lord comfort & strengthen us. Till we meet again!"

This tribute was added by Nancy Nwaejike on 27th May 2016

"My dearest Uncle Ogboo this is hard! It's so hard and painful. I just can't stop crying. I loved you very much, i really did. You will always have a special place in my heart. May God rest your perfect soul.  Amen. You will forever be missed! Adieu!"

This tribute was added by Charlie Ibe on 24th May 2016

"I am pained to hear the death of this gentleman I met once at Diamond bank Regional head quarters , Abuja over 10 years ago. Honestly my memories of meeting him and sharing the wonderful personality of dee Dr Mc Ezewnoko's wonderful family including my friend Rex is much enriched. He presented a high quality personality. As we live by the day under a strong argument that we are in this planet in transit, I am wishing my good friend an eternal farewell"

This tribute was added by Iheanyi Nwanosike on 22nd May 2016

"Dee Ogbos,

Our lives and careers were significantly impacted by you. Your simplicity, humility...yet with height, great intelligence and unique personality - are qualities we rarely see..

Your family shall see greater kindness. Your children would be greater than you. Your wife would find peace and comfort. Your mother would be healthy and strong. Your name would remain great.

May the Lord accept your soul and give you eternal rest. Amen."

This tribute was added by Comesee Amaraizu on 21st May 2016

"De ogboo,it is hard to believe you are no more,you were an epitome of peace,a man who always wanted the best for his people,it really hurts to know that good people are very rare to find and it hurts more when you have one as your own and loose it at a very wanting and unexpected time,well,God knows the best,we can't question him,your memories will continue to be in our hearts. adieu!have a perfect and peaceful rest,Good night De ogboo."

This tribute was added by Ugochukwu Amaraizu on 21st May 2016


                    MESSAGE OF CONDOLENCE.
We all stood perplexed, bemused and/or puzzled upon the public pronouncement of Mr Victor Ezenwoko's final odyssey. Till date, it is hard to believe that Dee Ogboo is completely missing in this planet. Words are not enough to describe a man whose legacies and contributions in life will remain unprecedented even in decades to come.

While we beseech our Heavenly Father to welcome his soul, we also entreat his family members to take solace in God's promise: that we all shall meet again on the resurrection morning. Rest in peace Sir!

Please, do accept our deepest condolences.

Barr Ugochukwu Amaraizu."

This tribute was added by Nwaejike ikechukwu on 20th May 2016

"Resting where no shadows fall.
In memory's garden we meet every day.
Together for ever.
Reunited, free from pain.
Jesus called a little child unto him.
Until the day breaks and the shadows flee
Earth has one gentle soul less,
And Heaven one angel more.
Deep in our hearts a memory is kept,
Of one we loved and shall never forget.
God will link the broken chain,
As one by one we meet again.
In our hearts he will always stay,
Loved and remembered every day.
Their life a beautiful memory,
Their absence a silent grief.
God bless you and keep you in His care,
Until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Nwaejike patience on 19th May 2016

"Dee Ogboo, I am bereft of words, I don't know what to write, how to write or where to start. But I remember the last time we spoke on the phone, u told me that we had something to discuss but in place of that discussion, I am now writing this epitaph.  This infact has left some lacunae in my life. My consolation is that u lived a religious life, restraining urself from being corrupted by the world.  One thing I know is that because u lived a good life,u died in Christ, no calamity shall hurt you,  u shall find peace and rest in death.  Adieu Dee Ogboo, sleep well chairman."

This tribute was added by Nwaejike Delight on 19th May 2016

"Dee Ogboo,ur death has left an unbearable heaviness in our hearts. Everyday I weep silently.  U were a gud man, u had a great heart and u were a peace loving person. U left a mark. They said we cannot question God and so at times like this,all we can say is :IT'S WELL. We surely miss u but we know u've gone to a better place. REST IN PEACE DEE OGBOO."

This tribute was added by Chike Imo on 19th May 2016

"To My great in-law, this is my tribute.
You were a simple man and a great thinker as well, You were an inventor, and above all, a responsible father to many.
I know your life on earth was not an easy one, but you failed not to give favour to people around you. If death is what one can exchange with philanthropic acts, you would have lived forever. However, a life well spent with a charitable heart is better than living forever without creating impacts in people's life.
Nevertheless, many of your most wonderful traits are now part of your family. I pray that God may give us the courage to bear the big loss of a rare gem like you.
Adieu....... Rest in Peace

Chike Imo"

This tribute was added by Ugorji Chisom Peter on 19th May 2016

"MY FRIEND MY MENTOR. Dee ogboo,the initial news of your death was like a dream to me. A dream I so desperately wanted to wake up from. A pillar is lost; A pillar to many who ran to you in times of all types of needs. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints " (Psalm 116:15). Your death is precious in His sight. It may not look like it, we may not feel so, but that is what it is. You worked while it was day. You redeemed your time. You laboured deligently,passionately,tirelessly and impacted lives. Your night has come and you have entered your rest. I never thought of saying goodbye at this time. Good night my mentor. Mr Ugorji Chisom Peter"

This tribute was added by Nnenna Sam-obioha on 18th May 2016

"Dear Uncle,

   Its been almost 2 months since your departure but my heart still bleeds as though you left us yesterday.I came here several times to leave a tribute but my thoughts and emotions keep running all over the place.Even now writing this, I still find it so hard to keep the tears from flowing.To say you are an ENIGMA is the least way I can qualify you.Yes, I say ' ARE' because your spirit will continue to live on.When I think of who you are and what people describe you as , I can only marvel at how good God is to have sent you our way.You are the the embodiment of love,kindness and generosity with not a single bone of unkindness! A peace maker,always willing to make everyone else happy before yourself
      You life is an example of the kind of Love the bible describes in 1Corithians 13.You lived a life that spoke of Love the way God will have us all practice. A friend said to me when she heard of your demise that you told her and I quote 'the best investment anyone can have is to invest in people'. You died a peaceful death and I thank God you died a righteous man.Your life teaches us all that 'it is not of him that wills or runs but of God that shows mercy' and that  'the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong'.

       I am consoled knowing that you lived life to the fullest and died empty because you fulfilled your purpose on earth.Till we meet again,rest in the Lord's bosom Uncle."

This tribute was added by henry Nwaejike on 18th May 2016

"News of your untimely death made me realize that the world is indeed a mysterious place and life itself a mystery. you spurred all around you to live a descent life of good deeds. you were there to lend a helping hand to those in need but today you are no more. i take solace in the fact that you lived a life worth emulating. just as the song says, "thus when we are done on this earth and it's toiling, we will only be remembered for what we have done"..., you will indeed be remembered for GOOD DEEDS AND YOUR LOVE FOR PEACE... I say good bye with a heavy heart to a friend, brother and in-law until we meet to part no more.......Engr. Henry .S. Nwaejike"

This tribute was added by Nwaejike Munachi on 17th May 2016

"I have searched for words to express myself as I write this tribute but I've found none. Your good deeds here on earth were just unquantifiable and for that,u'll be forever missed. Good night my peaceful uncle. Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Chinyere Patrick on 17th May 2016

"Ogom Ukwu Ogbonna, Oh you left us so soon. Didn't come to Lancaster in your next visit as promised. I really missed you, miss your laughter and kind smiles. What a sad loss! I miss you a man of peace.

Chinyere Patrick Nwokocha, your Nwanyi Bekee"

This tribute was added by Peace Akataobi on 17th May 2016


Mrs. Francisca Jude Nwosu

With grief I write to commiserate with you and the entire family over the sudden death of your beloved brother Mr. Victor Ogbonna Ezenwoko.

Your brother was a helper, a peace maker and a devout Christian who used his resources to affect the lives of people who came across him while alive.

It is my prayer that you mourn not like those who have no hope but be consoled by the fact that he left behind foot prints in the sad of time.

Please accept my heartfelt condolence.


Akataobi Peace .N."

This tribute was added by Sir Cyril Imo on 16th May 2016


The Nasty and destabilizing news came like a thunderbolt.It filtered in like an echo from the land of Osiris, quite unbelievable. For hours and days when a hint of what happened was heard, all phones of relations went dead. We, over here in the east, remained in the dark, confused, dumbfounded and not sure who exactly was involved. When the voices managed to open up, they were hoarse having cried themselves to stupor. The feeling was the same all over among relations, friends, all and sundry. An iroko has fallen, an umbrella that covered many has torn to pieces. And so has great Victor Ogbonna Ezenwoko left many as orphans. It is a true saying that a glowing firewood does not last throughout the night.

However, we cannot question God, for we are sure he is already resting in His bosom. If God had wanted otherwise, he would have considered Victor's efforts and contributions to numerous churches in the country, his numerous gifts to widows and orphans, his fatherly help to his siblings and even distant relations, is outstanding generosity to all his staff and colleagues in the banking sector and his highly natural smiling habit in welcoming everybody to his home and kept him to live much longer on earth to continue his good works.

Victor, it is  difficult to fathom the great vacuum your demise has created. Your loving mother you left behind, your wife and children, your brothers and sisters and their children, your in-laws, which I am one, all and sundry, who for many years to come will continue to remember you.

Adieu great iroko, adieu great umbrella. Rest perfectly in the bosom of God that loves you most.

Sir Cyril E. Imo (KSJI)"

This tribute was added by Tunde Olaleye on 16th May 2016

"I am deeply saddened that Victor left us so soon. When I had the sad news, I said to myself it can’t be true.. What a sad loss a good friend and an uncommon boss have gone.. For the 3 years we were together in the East 1994-1996, Victor exhibited an exceptional human being. He was a great guy, highly professional, unassuming, and very generous to those in need and a good family man. Victor was very humble and respectful to all irrespective of your level and was liked by all that comes across him. I am honored and blessed to have known you. You are truly a blessing in my life.It was like a family while we were all together in the east.  “Dee ogbo” you are gone so soon but you left a good legacy.  No one can prepare for a loss; it comes like a swift wind. I cannot believe you are no longer with us. I take comfort in knowing that you are now resting in the arms of our Lord. …. You will always remain in my hearts. You went too soon, leaving behind tears and pain. May God rest your soul? I always relate your story of the brave man. You always tell me it is better to be alive a coward man than to die untimely as brave man because the coward man will be alive to point to the brave man’s house that “that use to be the house of a brave man’.

Victor your soul is now at peace keep resting with the lord.  
Victor your pain is gone for you have found eternal rest

The Measure of a man: Not - "how did he die" But - "how did he live" Not - "what did he gain" But - "what did he give" These are the units to measure the worth of a man.
Adieu Vic my man. Good Night. It is well with your soul."

This tribute was added by Nwanyi V. on 16th May 2016

"The brightest eyes...
The widest smile...
The most beautiful hands...
The largest heart ever...

You are the very best part of my life. You taught me so much in so little time. Your life was a ministry to EVERYONE. To you, everyone mattered.

Thank you. For true friendship. For guidance. For mentorship. For help. For care. For hope. For protection. For provision. For treasured memories. For a head start and a new lease of life. For more than words can ever express.

You raised the bar too high..They don't make your kind of man anymore. Men like you don't die. They live forever!

Hand of Power!
Bridge of Hope!
Dee Ogboo!
Sir Vic!
Yellow Man!
My Chairman!
Obi Oma 1 of Oniru!
Destiny Helper!
Angel of My Life!
My Diamond By The Tollgate..

Father..Brother..Mentor..Friend..Phenomenon.. Gentleman..More than words can ever express... YOU LIVE FOREVER.

Forever and a day..

This tribute was added by Eucharia Ezenwoko on 16th May 2016

"A Tribute To My Treasure
          Dede Ogboo, Chukwubuikem, my original brother as I fondly and proudly called him Was my hero,a leader and a brother extraordinary.

          Anybody that had the privilege of meeting you will be humbled by your spirit Of humility, service and empathy for the weak, widows and the disadvantaged.

          You created a standard for us to follow and yet you created a vacuum no one can fill.

          You brightened my days,you made me laugh and you made me smile.You sacrificed a lot to make me comfortable and happy but I never had the opportunity to repay you,my brother.

        De ogboo,your sudden departure now seem to me like a deep dark cloud has covered my bright days,the joy and laughter you once gave me has turned into a deep punctured wound.

     God will repay you my brother since I never could,and if I am to choose again, I will Choose you again and again.

           May God bless your soul
           May God bless your legacy
           Reposa in pace mio grande fratello"

This tribute was added by CHRISTIAN AJIBO on 16th May 2016

"According to your siblings, AKUNNA n Chisom you were a sefless man and a pillar to many especially ur brothers n sisters, you made all of their dreams come true, but now they have arrived n want to say thank you, death unnoticeably stole you away. I join them to say we shall always miss and remember you. But God knows all and why he allowed them take u away. Rest in the lord the GREAT PROVIDER"

This tribute was added by Onyeka Ebere on 15th May 2016

"Uncle, It's been a while since you passed away, our lives seemed to have fallen apart when you passed away that day. You've left behind to mourn, your loving family. We didn't get to say goodbye but now all we can do is cry. We never thought that this day would come, but even though your soul has departed from earth, you'll always remain in our hearts.
Rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Bimbola Fabusuyi on 15th May 2016

"Although I never met you, but I heard that touching lives positively was your way of life. You lived a short but meaningful life and you will always be remembered for your kind acts. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Almighty and in our hearts. Rest on brother!"

This tribute was added by Priscilla Ezenwoko on 15th May 2016

"Opara Dim, as an old woman I had presumed that I will be given a most befitting burial by you and your siblings. But somehow, the Natural order of things have been reversed. Now I find myself weakened by age, I am burying you! I wonder if my life will ever remain the same Chai, odiegwu o.
A few natural events had occurred to me, little did I know that these events were preparing me for the most distressing news in my entire life.
Ogbonna you were a son indeed. You took care of me, your father and your siblings with so much care and kindness.
Every passing second, minutes, hour, day and night the thorny reality of your passing Keeps mocking me shattering my heart to bits. Although they try to hide it, I feel the weight of the grief on the faces of the siblings you had toiled to uplift in life and today you are no longer there to partake In the joy of their achievements which you relentlessly and selflessly laboured for.
I wish I could take your place right now. Who will call me Nwunye Ogidi, Nma o, P . Hmmmn it is well.  
I want to thank you for the special privileged of being your mother. Thank you for all that you did for me.
Thank you for the hearts you touched far and near.
Thank you for the lives that were transformed through you.
Your legacies will surely be remembered forever.

Since it is the will of God to take you to Himself at this time, I totally and completely surrender to His will. I guess my loss on earth is their gain in heaven.

Chibuikem, now that you have gone may the good Lord grant you eternal peace and rest.

Adieu my Son."

This tribute was added by Obinna Oriaku on 14th May 2016

"Tribute for late Mr. Victor Ezenwoko

I write to convey my sincere condolence to you on the demise of Mr. Victor Ezenwoko, a colleague in the banking sector whose news of death on March 25th, 2016 came to me as the sound of thunder storm.
Mr Victor, you were such a kindhearted man who devoted greater percentage of your life for the services of humanity. Your hard work and creativity in the banking industry distinguished for greater opportunities until death took you away from us. Indeed we have lost a genius. Your successes and achievements will continue to be a source of inspiration to many you left behind.
Indeed life is ephemeral. At this point we cannot question God for he declared that “Many are the plans in a human’s heart but it is the Lord’s will that prevail (Proverbs 19:21).
We take solace in the fact that you lived a worthy life as such we shall meet with you in heaven with Christ when He shall take us to his blessed rest.

Mr. obinna Oriaku
Commissioner for Finance, Abia State Governement."

This tribute was added by Obinna Oriaku on 14th May 2016

Though nature and even the scriptures stated clearly that man must certainly go to the world beyond, but when the information on the death of Mr. Victor Ezenwoko reached me, it was most shocking as well as disheartening.

For those of us in the banking industry we know how challenging such hurdles could be but despite those challenges, you stood the test of time. Your personal skills, ingenuity, and leadership prowess positioned you on the pedestal among the best brains in the banking industry. You were able to create platforms which changed the narratives in the sector. You were a kindhearted and hardworking man.
Your death has left a scar in my heart; as such a colossal loss has created a vacuum not only to your immediate family and the banking sector but to the entire people of Abia State and Nigeria at large.

In truism, you might be in another plane at this point, but we can rest be assured that you have finally gone beyond ordinary existence, something that appeals to the core of man's nature. It does not necessarily matter how long one lived on earth rather the impart one created. Your good will and deeds left indelible marks.

Let us take solace to the fact that the resurrection morning shall see us embrace you in the feet of Christ.

Good night Mr. Victor.

Mr. Obinna Oriaku
Commissioner for finance, Abia State Government."

This tribute was added by Obinna Oriaku on 14th May 2016

"Though nature and even the scriptures stated clearly that man must certainly go to the world beyond, but when the information on the death of Mr. Victor Ezenwoko reached me, it was most shocking as well as disheartening.

For those of us in the banking industry we know how challenging such hurdles could be but despite those challenges, you stood the test of time. Your personal skills, ingenuity, and leadership prowess positioned you on the pedestal among the best brains in the banking industry. You where able to create platforms which changed the narratives in the sector. You were a kindhearted and hardworking man.

Your death has left a scar in my heart, as such a colossal loss has created a vacuum not only to your immediate family and the banking sector but to the entire people of Abia State and Nigeria at large.

In truism, you might be in another plane at this point, but we can rest be assured  that you have finally gone beyond ordinary existence, something that appeals to the core of man's nature. It does not necessarily matter how long one lived on earth rather the impart one created. Your good will and deeds left indelible marks.

Let us take solace on the fact that the resurrection morning shall see us embrace you in the feet of Christ.

Good night Mr. Victor.  

Mr. Obinna Oriaku
Commissioner for finance, Abia State Government."

This tribute was added by Obinna Oriaku on 14th May 2016

"Though nature and even the scriptures stated clearly that man must certainly go to the world beyond, but when the information on the death of Mr. Victor Ezenwoko reached me, it was most shocking as well as disheartening.

For those of us in the banking industry we know how challenging such hurdles could be but despite those challenges, you stood the test of time. Your personal skills, ingenuity, and leadership prowess positioned you on the pedestal among the best brains in the banking industry. You where able to create platforms which changed the narratives in the sector. You were a kindhearted and hardworking man.

Your death has left a scar in my heart, as such a colossal loss has created a vacuum not only to your immediate family and the banking sector but to the entire people of Abia State and Nigeria at large.

In truism, you might be in another plane at this point, but we can rest be assured  that you have finally gone beyond ordinary existence, something that appeals to the core of man's nature. It does not necessarily matter how long one lived on earth rather the impart one created. Your good will and deeds left indelible marks.

Let us take solace on the fact that the resurrection morning shall see us embrace you in the feet of Christ.

Good night Mr. Victor.  

Mr. Obinna Oriaku
Commissioner for finance, Abia State Government."

This tribute was added by Charles Arbuah on 13th May 2016

"Uncle Victor, you took a stroll and never came back. I still wonder why this sting called 'death' will come your way. Haaaa, am really in shock; yes alofus are asking endless questions without answers. God please grant us the fortitude to curtail this mighty LOSS. Dede, you entertained us with some much fun in your last visit to the villa. Very generous, simple and hardworking. I will forever miss you . Rest till we meet to part no more. Charles Arbuah."

This tribute was added by Chinyere Nwankpa on 13th May 2016

Ogbons, I write this tribute with a bleeding heart, with hot tears running down my cheeks. Your departure from this sinful world is still a huge shock to me without a farewell word. I find it difficult to believe you are no more. Ever since the demise of our father, you played the role of papa and senior brother in the family. You Were the umbrella that covered all Ogidi children, we had strong bond that united us together. You carried everybody along without complain. Apart from your immediate family, you were there for everybody. Your humility was incomparable, you were very intelligent and a positive individual who would look for the best in any situation. You symbolized peace and never believed in injustice, you were a fair master,a crises manager, a motivator, a man of great generosity of spirit. You were a a rare gem.
By your death, the oppressed, the ophans and the widows are weeping, those in need of your help have given up hope for help, you lived a life worthy of emulation.
I have asked God questions why and how this tragedy befall us, but God knows why. His will is divine, hence He called you home on a Good Friday. I am strongly convinced  that you are resting in the bossom of the Lord.
Though you are dead, your legacies will remain forever.
Adieu my beloved Ogbons, Adieu De Ogbo, Adieu Sir Vic, Adieu Chairman, Adieu Fair Master ,Adieu Omere oha, continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord, until we meet to part no more.
Your Elder Sister
Chief (Mrs) Georgina Chinyere Nwankpa"

This tribute was added by bona egboh on 12th May 2016

"Eska2!!! Nwanne mmadu! This is a colossal loss! My bro, you will be surely missed by us all...I remember the great times back in Onitsha...GRA...Eska2 my brother... May the good Lord bless your soul...Requiescant in pace, Amen."

This tribute was added by Onyinye Ebere on 12th May 2016

"Dee Ogboo, every waking moment of my days since your passing, we meet in memory's garden, reunited and rid of pain.
Deep in my heart, I treasure the clutter of memories of a beloved brother, sprinkled with tears, wishing God had spared you for a few more years so I could attempt to square all the years of sacrifices, words of encouragement & all your acts of kindness & empathy towards me; never selfish, always loving & kind. These are the memories you left behind.
Inevitably, partings come and hearts are broken, loved ones go with words unspoken. I take respite in the faith that earth may have one gentle soul less but heaven has one Angel more.
I Love You, Big Brother!"

This tribute was added by Nwankpa Ugochukwu on 11th May 2016

"My big uncle, my name sake, I still find it hard to believe. If I am  asked for a day in my life that I would like to be erased  from my memory? I would say - the day I lost you! I lost my dearest Uncle that day, one who was like a father to me.
You were a strong, bold, jovial, a rare  larger-than-life kind of character - a pillar that supported our whole family! Oh what a huge loss. Your death has definitely created a vacuum, one that suffocates me every time I think of you .I have so many fond memories of you that I will cherish forever. There was nothing in the world that I  asked for that you ever said no. You did so much for me. Uncle, we never knew that morning that
God was to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly,
in death we do the same.                          But the good news is - You left us beautiful memories, your love is still our guide and though we cannot see you, you are always on our minds. So we're consoled.
You will be much missed and we all love you ! Adieu De Ogbo"

This tribute was added by Emeka Onyeka on 11th May 2016

"Dee Ogboo,

I feel pained to write these lines, much as I have consistently refused to accept the truth that you are gone. I met you once and have so much loved your personality, I thought I knew and had interacted with wonderful personalities until I met.

I am painfully exhausted realizing that I can never again in this life watch, witness or enjoy your disciplined sense of humor reeled in total humility. I am confused and totally disappointed that I couldn't get a second chance to tell you what a wonderful person you were.

I have no doubt that heavens have good record of you and I wish you a joyful rest in Christ Jesus.

Fare thee well Sir!"

This tribute was added by Nwogu Chigozirim on 11th May 2016

"Death still remains the only confusion and problem both in science and religion that man has tried alot of times and failure still remains the outcome. Making life so uncertain,death remains unwanted.
He was one of my favourites  among my uncles who was fond of me and called me by the name "CHIGOX". A man I'll never forget. My eyes are heavy, tears filled in it with freezing veins. My heart grieves in pain because of the love and good will I had towards him. Really, the parting of a loved one simply makes the heart squeeze in pain and tears falling uncontrollably. Oh lord! It shouldn't have been now, God can't you reverse it?
A very good man, a great example to the living, voice of the poor, mouth of the dump, pride of the family and the backbone of the weak....
Till we meet again dear uncle & grandpa, you will still be my uncle in my next life. Forever love, I miss you.
                                                                                                  One of your own

This tribute was added by Nwogu Chikanma on 11th May 2016

"Despite the fact that death is inevitable to every human creature, still, there are some that are supposed not to die, Dee Ogboo, you were one of them.
   Dee Ogboo Ogbo, as I fondly called you, you were a loving father, a great uncle, and a wonderful friend. Your love for us cannot be quantified. Dee Ogboo, I know you as a man who loved justice, a man that was contented with what he had, a free minded man, a philanthropist who took other people's problems as his, a generous and kind hearted man who always kept his words. You were an epitome of love, peace and hospitality. You were a true apostle of Christ, who walked and worked intrinsically in faith.
   Dee Ogboo, I didn't know you would go celestial so soon because you were bubbling with blood and water and when I spoke to you on that fateful twilight of Good Friday (25th March, 2016). I never knew this is how it feels to lose someone so dear, because up to this given time, it still sounds incredible to me that you are no more.
   I bid you farewell until we meet to part no more.
   Good Night Dee Ogboo Ogbo.
                                                                                                           Your Niece,

This tribute was added by Nnenna Okenwa on 11th May 2016

"Great Sir Vic, mentor, teacher, friend  disciplinarian. ...someone I can call at any time T for advice.You were my life coach in DB. It's hard to believe that you are gone.. I miss you and I pray that the good Lord comforts all that you left broken hearted . Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Nnenna Okenwa on 11th May 2016

"Great Sir Vic, mentor, teacher, friend  disciplinarian. ...someone I can call at any time T for advice.You were my life coach in DB. It's hard to believe that you are gone.. I miss you and I pray that the good Lord comforts all that you left broken hearted . Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by CHIOMA WOGU-OGBONNA on 11th May 2016

"Our Dear Barr. Tony Ezenwoko.
It is with deepest shock that we received the sad news of DEE OGBO's death.
We interacted with him severely and can attest to his humility and brotherly love.
We most sincerely share in your pains and grieves this moment.
We remain prayerfully with you and the entire Ezenwoko family.
Please, do accept our deepest condolences.
May DEE OGBO's soul and the souls of ALL the faithful departed continually REST IN PEACE- AMEN.


This tribute was added by Chidiebere Ogbonna on 10th May 2016

"I saw you first during the Diamond Bank customers forum held at Presidential Hotel in Port Harcourt. You were just  the right man for the job. You made a lot of your customers smile, and restored jobs and businesses that was at the brink of collapse. You will forever be missed by all. Adieu great man of our time!"

This tribute was added by Sr Geraldine Enemuoh on 10th May 2016

"It is with great shock that I received the news of your death from your sister.Initially,it was very difficult to understand,but when I began to analyse it,all I could see was a case of God calling His son to rest.
Dee Ogboo,on earth,you were an achiever in all ramifications and the most interesting aspect is that you never ceased to share your blessings with all that came in contact with you.You distinguished yourself in an enviable manner.
We would have wished you stayed much longer but as it pleases the Almighty Father to call you home at this time,we sincerely pray that He will grant you a peaceful rest in His Kingdom.
    Adieu Dee Ogboo.
    May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace............Amen."

This tribute was added by Nonye Ezenwoko on 10th May 2016

"Dee Ogboo, every passing day, my heart aches like a sore tooth. However, I am grateful to both God for the undoubtedly victorious life you lived.You were victorious both in life and death. Little wonder, you left us during the Easter celebration, the very season of resurrection from the dead.I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that you will rise again in glory when the Trumpet shall sound. To you, death is a looser and not a winner.

While we cry here because we miss you dearly, I believe that the Angels of God are celebrating your victory as you arrive at the main gate of heaven.

I can imagine our Lord Jesus Christ welcoming you into the company of the Saints as "our worthy distinguished Mr Victor Ogbonna Ezenwoko"

May your blessed Soul enjoy a blissful eternal rest.
You will be forever missed  by all of us till we meet to part no more.

Goodbye Dee Ogboo!
Adieu our Chairman!!
Good night my unbeatable brother!!!

Your beloved sister,
Nonye Ezenwoko (your OMO)"

This tribute was added by Uchechi Dimkpagu on 10th May 2016

"Dee Ogboo, you were an amiable gentleman and you will be sorely missed. May you continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Uchechi Dibiaezue on 10th May 2016

"De you will surely be missed. Shine on brightly in the bosom of the Lord"

This tribute was added by Sandra Orajaka on 10th May 2016

"Death is the last chapter in time, but the first chapter in eternity. Eternal rest grant unto Victor, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. keep resting in peace.... Amen."

This tribute was added by Cuthbert Wari-Toby on 10th May 2016

"You are known to many as Sir Vic despite your resolve to be called Victor. We still could not help to hold you at the highest heights ever.

Sir Vic,
Your exterior doesn't coincide with your interior,
You were a facade to diminish who you are;
Your masquerade is falling apart;
Because I could see the depth of your soul;
Unraveling like rose petals beginning to grow;
You're one of the most difficult Phenomena to explain;
But one of the MOST EXQUISITE Ones to encounter.

Your invitation to your home to share the yuletide season with your family is one of the most gracious moments.

Sir Vic,
To be able to say I(We) love you;
We had a hell of a nice time together;
It's over but in many ways, it will never be over and;
I do know that I(We) for sure Loved you;
To be able to say that and mean it
That's rare and valuable, Señor.

To your wife, kids and loved ones, I will say fill your skin with kindness and find solace in your solitude. It takes bravery to be kind but to be brave, you will need to know how to stand for something even if you are completely alone.

Be Brave, and stand for all your Husband, Dad, Uncle, Brother, Friend, Executive Director and A True Diamond believed in!

Sir Vic, you are a priceless Diamond...Rest in God's Bossom.

Cuthbert Wari-Toby Remembers a Great Man"

This tribute was added by Ojerime Ikpikpini on 10th May 2016

"You were a rare gentleman.Words can't necessarily describe how much of an invaluable person you were to us all knowingly and unknowingly. You are greatly missed.
Miss you now and always"

This tribute was added by Chinedu Ekeocha on 10th May 2016

"Nnam Ukwu and Dede, may your spirit find rest in the bosom of God"

This tribute was added by Munika Oboirien on 10th May 2016

"Sir Victor, you were a father, a friend, a boss and a mentor.  You will be greatly missed. You were a damn good man, you never seemed to mind lending hands to those who came in contact with you. I take solace that you are enjoying eternal rest in the Lord's bossom.  Adieu Sir"

This tribute was added by VIVIAN EZENWOKO on 9th May 2016

"Oh death! I still cant believe it!! Still in shock!! DEE OGBO, are you truly gone? Odi egwu!! Life is vanity upon vanity.
Sincerely, we have truly lost a brother, a pillar of strength of EZENWOKO's and everybody that has come in contact with him. I am deeply hurt. You left the day no one was expecting it. Very painful!!! There was no chance to even say goodbye to u DEE OGBO, but I know you are seated on the right hand of God.
DEE OGBO, CHAIRMAN, as we fondly call you, just know that you left a footprint in the sands of time that no one can erase. I love and miss you so dearly.
Adieu Nwokoma, Adieu the great Iroko of the entire Ngwaland, ga ije gi nke oma. We shall meet to part no more.

This tribute was added by Chinedu Ezenwoko on 9th May 2016

"Till today I still can't believe that you're gone. I still feel the same pain in my chest that I did the day I found out and that pain is definitely not going anytime soon.
You were not just my father. You were my mentor, my motivator, my friend and much more. As you were to many other people.
I can not thank you and mom enough for the way you raised Victor and I. You had big plans for us and I promise to make you proud.
Rest in peace knowing that your children are going to finish what you started in our lives.
Rest in peace knowing that your wife and children are going to fill your shoes.
Rest in peace knowing that you were greatly loved by us.
Rest in peace knowing that you will be forever missed.
Losing you is the hardest thing I've ever had to go through
I love you dad
I can not wait till we reunite in heaven. Until then, rest well my father; you deserve it."

This tribute was added by Oludotun Olaifa on 9th May 2016

"De Victor, De Ogbo, Sleep on, Rest In Perfect Peace. You were one in a million"

This tribute was added by Olaniyan Olusegun on 9th May 2016

"RIP!!!May the good lord give you eternal rest."

This tribute was added by chinyere iykohaegbulam on 9th May 2016

"My dear Victor, you always used to say to me, once a boss always a boss, so I guess you were still my boss till you continued your journey. Working with you was one of the best times I had in Diamond Bank. You were like an elderly brother to me and we still kept touch long after we parted ways. Rest in peace great soul though I still can't believe am saying this to you. Goodnight Victor till we see again on resurrection morning."

This tribute was added by Uzo Onwuka on 9th May 2016

"Dear Sir Vic, all the times I met you during my time at Diamond Bank, you were always jovial and would leave me laughing so loud or giggling like a school girl... I soon found out that this was your leadership style. You were a good man Sir Vic and touched many of us with your warmth, amidst the pressure of work. Your passing is sudden and painful but I know that you are in a much better place... You have left a huge vacuum, but God knows best !"

This tribute was added by Belinda Aluwong on 9th May 2016

"Hmmmmmmmmmm sad, sad, sad is all I can say.  Such a great man, Oh death where is thy sting or grave where is thy victory.  Rest on Sir Vic."

This tribute was added by ikechi ikwuonye on 9th May 2016

"Sir Vic,

It's was so sudden and fleeting, like a candle in the wind.

No farewell words were spoken, No time to say goodbye,
You were gone before we knew it, And only God knows why.

Don’t tell us that you understand; don’t tell us that you know.
Don’t tell us that we will survive b’cus you never should have left now.

Though our arms are empty, our hearts know what to do.
For every beating of our hearts, says that we cherish you.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.
If tears could build a stairway, and heartache makes a lane,
We’d walk the path to heaven, and bring you back again.

Death leaves heartache, no one can heal;
Love leaves a memory, no one can steal

But you showed you don’t have to live forever to touch the world,
Your only need to touch the world with enough kindness
To live forever in their hearts.

Walk tall, walk on… one of a few good men, I’ve ever known!"

This tribute was added by Stacy Uche on 8th May 2016

"My darling Uncle. I miss you so much. It saddens me daily to know you are not here. It hurts. I love you so much. Never thought you'd be taken from me so soon. We had plans. We had a deal that expires in 4 years and you won't even be here to see it come to fruition. My heart is broken. I love you, my angel, Uncle Victor!"

This tribute was added by Dubem Ngwuluka on 8th May 2016

"Don't know how to explain when I heard the news of your death. I console myself knowing that you are now resting in the bosom of our Lord.  You are a man of the people, voice of the voiceless, and epitome of humility. Continue to rest with the Lord till we meet to part no more. Goodnight my Mentor."

This tribute was added by Queenette Udensi on 8th May 2016

"I  only met u in person just last year. But before then I heard so much about u and how good u were. Even in death, may ur light kip shining and may ur soul rest in peace. To d family u left behind God's comfort n care will always dwell with them. Rip Sir Vic"

This tribute was added by Hon Augustine Mmerole on 8th May 2016

"Dee Ogb, you brought out the best in me with your advise. My family and I will forever miss your fatherly touch . I won't cry cos we know you are resting in the blossom of the Lord. Rest on big Uncle"

This tribute was added by LOIS Sankey on 8th May 2016

"Oga Victor.....you were the best leader, mentor and teacher . You believed in me at every point on every assignment and gave me the confidence and support to become what I have become today. Thank you.......forever in my mind. You touched and molded so many people.Rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Obasola Ogunmeru on 8th May 2016

"A great leader! Ever ready to help the young to grow. Your exit is too soon, Oga Victor and  a colossal loss to me and to the banking industry. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord!"

This tribute was added by Chinedu Ezigbo on 8th May 2016


Since the news of your passing I have always screamed "NO, not Sir Vic" to every thought of you. I have eventually come to the realization that your physical presence may have left us, you may have passed from this world, but NO DEEDEM VICTOR YOU ARE NOT DEAD, IT IS DEATH THAT IS DEAD.

There is too much beauty in you that death cannot win.

Chukwum debe gi n'ndokwa. Amen."

This tribute was added by Obiano Chinweuba on 8th May 2016

"Words can't still explain how I feel inside, your memories will leave with us forever. May your soul and soul of all the faithful departed rest in perfect peace Amen. RIP Sir Vic...."

This tribute was added by GOGO ANYANWU JNR on 8th May 2016

"In 2006, I met a man in Diamond Bank whose personality was life-absolute - infectious smile, bright eyes that seemed intimidating but very friendly, and I introduced myself - and beaming, the man said "I am Victor Ezenwoko but call me Victor". That day till I received the rude shock that Victor is no more, he left a lasting impression of a man you sure find difficult to ignore! To his wife and children, siblings, and the entire Ezenwoko family, I can only image your hearts - please take solace in the good times spend with Victor. May his soul rest in peace. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Nwogu Ikedichi on 8th May 2016

   They say it is always the good ones who go first and I am tempted to agree,  given recent happenings in my life.   Dee ogboo was a perfect gentleman to the core. He was my uncle, the best one anyone could ever ask for. He was always ready to help out with other people's problems.Dee ogboo, even up till now,  we still can't believe that you are gone,  it's very unfortunate that you left us when we needed you most but our creator knows the best, may he have mercy on ur soul Dee ogboo and may you rest in perfect peace, Amen.... Uncle, ur death will always remain a big blow to us, I love u and I will forever miss u.....
  Gaa nke oma!!!"

This tribute was added by Olisa Onuora on 8th May 2016

"We lost a very nice guy.....rest in peace Sir Vic"

This tribute was added by Chibuzo Obazele on 8th May 2016

"A very amiable and quintessential gentleman. Rest in the bosom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by omenihu ezenwoko on 8th May 2016

"He was choosing from the womb to do something that would make a difference. Now that he has passed away, of course, there is pain and even anger at death coming to a man we dearly loved and cherished.
But in many ways, the gift of his life lives on in our memories and in what all of us have become because of him......He is alive."

This tribute was added by Francis Nwauzor on 8th May 2016

We needed you...but  God  needs you more.
It was too short the company we had with you.
You manifested God himself in all you did on this earthly journey.
Kindness is your second name.
Your life was sacrificial because you did not live a selfish one.
You were a solution to everyone's problem who came your way.
May your soul rest in perfect peace.
God Almighty we  cannot challenge you and your decision. .
Please keep his soul well and grant us your comforter.
Auf Wiedersehen. ...Servus...goodbye
Till we meet  again. ..
I be Nwauzor"

This tribute was added by Alozie Alex on 8th May 2016

"Like a candle in the wind,you left like you have always said.."Men of honor do not struggle with death"
Your simplicity, peaceful nature,humility ,sense of humour  and
Humanitarian  nature was second to none.
We have been enriched by your ideas and inspired by your mission.
May your soul find perfect peace in God our father. Amen"

This tribute was added by John Azuta-Mbata on 8th May 2016

"So shocked to hear of Victor's sudden demise.I attest to his leadership and high integrity.My colleagues and I would greatly miss his friendship and professional help. His clear understanding and contribution to the development of our business would always be remembered and appreciated. I send my heartfelt condolences to the family and Diamond Bank."

This tribute was added by francisca Ezenwoko on 8th May 2016

"I feel so sad and empty knowing that you had left us in this miserable world. The more I try to come to terms with the reality of your death, the emptier I become. Words can't express how I feel inside of me and the pain I go through each passing day.
You showed us fatherly love and sacrificed your happiness just to make sure that we were comfortable. It hurts so badly that i didnt pay you back. It's well.You were a cross bearer and never turned down people's request no matter how difficult.You gave succour to the needy and never looked down on anybody, the level of your affluence notwithstanding. Your generosity knew no bound.
Daddie, you will forever be remembered because you were God's sent. You  lived a worthy life and now that you're gone, we shall fight on knowing fully well that you're still living in our hearts. We will not disappoint you because you never failed us.  Daddie, you were not a saint but you were a righteous man. You fought the good fight of faith, lived a Christ like life and died with Christ on good Friday. May God grant your gentle soul eternal rest Amen.
Good bye daddie, my brother like no other.

This tribute was added by Chinyere Alex Alozie on 8th May 2016

"Dee Ogboo,I can't really believe you're gone.You were a father to me and my family.I miss your warm reception, your smiles,your jokes.You lived a selfless life.Indeed your demise has created a big vacuum that can never be filled but God knows why.Sleep on! Man of the people! You lived a beautiful life!"

This tribute was added by Maria Onyia on 8th May 2016

"My dearest Victor, I first met you when I was working with U. K. Eke. You were then a branch manager in Onitsha then quickly rose to become my boss. You also became my friend and a friend to my entire family. You became my husband's very close friend too. You bought the ticket that helped me get a visa to the USA, and when I returned years after, you encouraged me to start Berkley and Juilliard Academy. You were smart, hardworking, focussed and yet loving. You were unique, a very rare combination. You were exceptional. I planned to surprise you with a visit and testimonies of our success. I planned a special appreciation call too. Then on Easter, I saw the news on Facebook. It's late now but I must still say all I wanted to say. Thank you Oga Victor, for being my boss, friend, mentor, counselor, brother, and motivator. I wish I had said this to you on time.  Thank you! Maria Rapheal Onyia  PhD"

This tribute was added by Stephen Makkatti on 8th May 2016

"Sir Vic, thank U for the success principles: diligent, discipline, confidence, fair and firm. Its so sad you left too soon but U will always be remembered. Adiós Boss!!!"

This tribute was added by amanze njoku on 8th May 2016

"Sir Vic, may your gentle soul rest in peace. You are a good man and the world will testify to that.sleep well till we all meet to part no more.the lord will keep you and recieve you in his bossom.amen."

This tribute was added by Patricia Uche on 8th May 2016

"Dee Ogbo, it is not really how long one lived but how well. You were God's most wonderful masterpiece. You lived a life worthy of emulation. Though you are dead in the flesh in the spirit, you are still alive and well.
    You touched many lives, you were kind, generous, peaceful and a great philanthropist. You were leg to the lame, mouth to the dumb and speechless, father to the fatherless, husband to many widows, and you comforted those who had no hope.
    Dee Ogbo, among other things you told me in December 2015 you made this statement: "You cannot help everyone, but you can help someone. If you put a smile on someone's face, God will put a smile on your face." That was your philosophy in life, and you really lived it until the time of your sudden death. You were loved by your family, friends, and many whose lives you touched. Like you always sing: "Our hope is built on nothing less, but Jesus' blood and righteousness. All other sands are sinking sand. Even in the grave, Jesus is Lord." You were an angel here on Earth, and you touched many with your angelic hands. May your humble soul rest in perfect peace.
-From your loving sister, Patricia Uche"

This tribute was added by Geoman Nwaogu on 8th May 2016

"Dee Ogboo,
The news of your passage was like a whirlwind in the United States here. And we, the Ngwa sons and daughters who knew you and what you stood for wept like babies. We had and still have many unanswered questions. Why you? Why the Ezenwoko family? Why now? Why in this way? Why the Ngwas? Why Abia? Most importantly, when and how can we have another like you? It is hard, painful and sorrowful to write about you in the past tense. When my younger brother and me saw you from afar in the village last Xmas, we had no inkling of the fate that awaited the entire Ngwa land with this devastating news. How could we, as mere mortals that we are? It is difficult to find the right words to pay tribute to you. I pray that God will console your children, wife, brothers, sisters and the entire Ngwa land. I pray especially for your mother whose principled life and that of your late dad formed the platform upon which you sprang forward in life. I know you are in heaven because you lived an exemplary life. May your death be a reminder to all humanity that we all need to straighten our lives as we all shall return to the Lord sooner or later. And may all those whose hearts are filled with evil know that on the final day, we will only be remembered by what we have done. We thank God for giving you to the Ezenwoko family, Ngwa land and Abia State. We only wish you didn't depart so soon and so suddenly."

This tribute was added by Simon Uche on 8th May 2016

"Beloved Victor (Chairman), I cannot believe that you left us all of a sudden and creating a vaccum and hole that cannot be filled. We were like David and Jonathan in the Bible. We loved each other dearly just like David and Jonathan. Your departure is just like Jonathan departed and bruised David's heart. You are love and you will ever be remembered. May the Lord grant you everlasting rest.
Dr. (Pastor) Simon Nnabu Uche"

This tribute was added by Kate Festus-Abibo on 8th May 2016

"Dear Sir Vic, May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace and I pray God to comfort your families. Rest on sir"

This tribute was added by Nkechi Ebere on 7th May 2016

"Daddy,with uncontrollable tears streaming down ma cheeks I write this. There were soooo many lessons to learn from you ( from your humility to your selflessness to your gentility, to name but a few of your attributes). De Ogbo, I still wonder why God had to let you go this sooon but i guess i will never understand because His ways are not our ways neither are His thoughts ours.I remember the 5weeks I spent with you in 2014, you were really fun to be with (I would miss your dance steps and the way you used to tease me). I would miss you calling me "Prof" each time we spoke over the phone. You didn't wait to get the helicopter you said my future husband would bring to u instead of wine * smiless*. I miss you soooo much grandpa/ uncle. People say the rich mostly give to the rich  but you majorly gave to those who couldn't even pay you back because you believed that the greatest investment anyone could make in life is investing in people. Daddy, we all miss you. If tears and prayers could bring u back am sure you would be back with us but angels like you deserve to be with God and I believe you would be happier with him. Love u sooo much uncle. Till we meet to part no more!"

This tribute was added by Fr Chima Nnadozie on 7th May 2016


I write with pain in the heart and also with thanksgiving to God Almighty, for the life and times of a renowned personality, in-law and friend, whom God has called to his eternal reward in the mean-time. He until the last moment remained an icon and a model of authentic Christian and community living. A Holy man. A good man. A simple man etc.

His presence on earth was that of inspiration, motivation and courage for all who came around him. A respecter of men, an educator of champions. It is indeed a chapter closed over excellence, simplicity, humility. However, even in his absence, his shadows will continue to loom large, his mission even well accomplished.

Those who benefited from his benevolence remain un-countable. Very difficult to pick out a fault in him. A man of truth and justice underneath is compassion and love. Victor's dealings with people we characterized with unity of purpose and purity of intention. Victor never condoned half measures, he rather encouraged excellence. A transparent man.

My pain is that this type of Victor comes once in a generation. I pray the Almighty God to console me, his immediate family, (wife and two children), P-De-P (the mother) and other siblings.

Farewell Ogbo, Farewell great one, Farewell Ogom as you fondly call me. Go in peace true and worthy friend till we met to part no more.

Rev. Fr. Chima Nnadozie (CMF)
V  -   Victory
I   -    Innocence
C -    Charitable
T -     Trustworthy
O -     Obedience
R -     Religious and Respectful

All these you represent while on earth as "Victor"

Victor nwa Chineke eh wo
Victor nwa Ezenwoko eh woo
Victor nwa Chineke Eeh
Omere unu gini ee Omere unu gini
Ogburu madu.

1. Onye nwuru n'elu obe Eh woo
utali apiara ya nihi unu eh woo
okpu ogwu ekpubere ya n'isi ee
Omere unu gini ee Omere unu gini
Ogburu madu.

2. Ube amara ya n'akuku ee woo
Asu aburu ya n'iru ee woo
Akaja emere ya maka njo mu ee
Omere unu gini ee, Omere unu gini
Ogburu madu."

This tribute was added by Adannaya Ezenwoko on 7th May 2016

"Dear Grandpa, it always warmed my heart each time you looked down at me with the most beautiful smile I know and called me "Princess". You were not only my Grandpa, but also my Uncle, Friend & Teacher. I am proud to be an Ezenwoko because of you.  l miss you so much, Grandpa; I will always love you to the moon and back❤."

This tribute was added by Nwogu Samuel on 7th May 2016

Dear Victor,
       I write this letter with a heavy heart and eyes full of tears. I remember very clearly that we spoke on the phone on Thursday 24th March, 2016 and you promised that you will be visiting home on Easter Sunday-27th March, 2016 and had already bought your flight ticket. Indeed, for this impending visit, our discussion was brief, since we looked forward to a full time discussion, come Easter Sunday.
      With deep sense of loss, I regret that this visit never took place again, as what we heard the following day was the ugly news of your death. This devastating news came to us like a thunder bolt, with great shock and horror and none of us here believed it. What a tragedy!
     In our confusion, many questions have been asked without any answers. You were not sick for a moment Vic. What actually went wrong then? Who was responsible for this eclipse? These are some of the questions to which no answers have been found.
     Your sudden dismise without a word to anybody is a calamity and a colossal loss. People, young and old are weeping , the widows you catered for are  confused in their grief. The St. Michael Catholic Umuacha ( your home church ) which you contributed very immensely  to build and the entire community are mourning. Your friends and well wishers are still in doubt. The young school leavers who submitted their CVs to you last December, with the hope of securing a job through you are helpless and despondent. The list is endless.
      Victor, your life here on earth was short but greatly eventful. You preached and practiced peace. You were kind and generous and above all God fearing. You showed love to everyone who came across your way. You were indeed a man of the people who lived a simple life free from arrogance and deceit. Honesty was your watch word. These virtues are lasting legacies that will remain even after your death.
    Since death remains a mystery and an inevitable end for all mortals, we take solace in the fact that you lived an exemplary life worthy of emulation. I am proud to say that you touched many lives positively during your sojourn here on earth and this will for ever remain your testimony.
     Lastly, having fought the good fight and maintained the faith, God in His infinite mercy and goodness, will not fail to count you worthy of His heavenly kingdom. Keep resting in His bossom till the resurrection morning when we shall meet to part no more.
    Good Night.
                                                                                             Your Brother In law
                                                                                                     Oga Egbu"

This tribute was added by Nwogu Eugenia on 7th May 2016

"It is indeed unfortunate, painful and unbelievable that we are writing a tribute to you because you supposed to have lived to bury our old mum, but today, reverse is the case. What a purnishement? Mother burying his son. MY brother who could not hurt a fly, It's only God who knows the circumstances behind your tragic death, God I believe that vengeance is yours. The wicked will never go unpunished.
     Dedem, we spoke last on 24th March, 2016 and you told me to prepare a nice vegetable soup which you will eat on Easter Sunday when you come, I got your house ready, dressed your bed waiting for your arrival. Little did I know that the bed I dressed is where your corpse will be laid.
    Dee Ogboo, you were a special gift from God, a peacemaker, very reliable, gentle, caring, very respectful, cheerful, simple, charitable, accommodating, generous to a fault, brilliant, a linguistic, forthright in your dealings with people, always ready to help in any situation and exceptionally likable. People who knew my senior brother will testify these qualities.
    I can't believe that I will neither see you nor receive your calls anymore. Well, we are nothing to question God because he alone knows why.
    If options were given either to live or to die, I know you wouldn't have chosen to die now and I strongly believe you made heaven. Well, if there is anything like reincarnation, you will still be one among the twelve.
    Nwannem oma, O.G.B, rest in peace till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Dave Imoh on 7th May 2016

"Dee Ogbo,
U were one of a kind, a rare gem, a rare Ngwa man. Ur humility and hospitality was second to none. I am proud to be called an Ngwa man because of people like you. Sleep on my brother. "IN UNUM LUCEANT". Continue to shine ur light upon us. Ngwa Land will miss u, GCU will miss u, u will always be remembered. U fought a good fight and u kept the faith. We will never forget."

This tribute was added by Kenneth Agbara on 7th May 2016

"On that Good Friday night  you went to answer the supreme call, it was like one of your usual journeys. But you  have not returned ever since. You are gone like a candle in the wind.
Death is a necessary end that will come when it will come. But like a candle, you lit dark corners and brought illumination. You brought joy and laughter to all around you.
You have run the good race. You have also fought the good fight. Though your life was brief but you were like an eagle. You left indelible marks in all that you touched. You had soft, gentle and big heart - a heart of love and forgiveness.
I believe that those who gave lives beauty live forever in the hearts of men.
Ogboo, you remain forever in our hearts as affirmed in the last stanza of Edna St. Vincent Millay's "Dirge without music"  'Down,down down, in the darkest of the grave.Gently they go, the beautiful, the tender, the kind; I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned'.
Adieu,  brother, friend and in-law."

This tribute was added by CHIMA NSITEM, ESQ. on 7th May 2016

"The beauty of life isn't in the number of years lived on earth but in its quality and the number of lives impacted positively. No matter how long one lives on earth, it would still have an end; even the days of Methuselah came to an end. Sir, I never got to meet you in person in this plain of life but the testimonies of your good deeds are more than overwhelming.
We all mourn your demise because you will be missed here but heaven isn't in a mournful mood because a good man just arrived home. Philippians 1:21 says- For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Rest in Peace, Sir.


This tribute was added by uchechukwu Nwaejike on 7th May 2016

"News of your death hit me so hard that i still think it is but a dream....but there is a consolation, you lived a good life worthy of emulation and so there is a ray of hope and a smile on my face even as i write this with tears trickling down my cheeks...your watch has ended and you have returned to your maker...a place where there is no sorrow, death, fighting or hatred...we will all miss you and you will forever be imprinted in our hearts......we love you"

This tribute was added by Nwaogu Hyacent on 7th May 2016

"We will greatly miss you Sir. You were a great philantropist and an icon of humility.

This tribute was added by Austin Okeme on 7th May 2016

"You went about doing good in your own quiet way. You were taken too soon, but our consolation is that God in his infinite wisdom knows best. You have completed the mission he assigned to you on earth. And in a quiet way as you have always been, he took you to be with him. Rest well, amongst the angels, chairman! God bless you"

This tribute was added by Nnamdi Nwaeze on 7th May 2016

"Death is indeed a necessary end! Though I knew you from afar, the echoes of your big heart and magnanimous sacrifice to put smiles on so many faces stood out and will remain evergreen in our hearts. God bless you sir Vic.Sleep on dee Ogboo"

This tribute was added by Chinelo Nwuke on 6th May 2016

"Perhaps ...

Perhaps some day the sun will shine again,
And I shall see that still the skies are blue,
And feel one more I do not live in vain,
Although bereft of you.

Perhaps the golden meadows at my feet,
Will make the sunny hours of spring seem gay,
And I shall find the white May-blossoms sweet,
Though You have passed away.

Perhaps the summer woods will shimmer bright,
And crimson roses once again be fair,
And autumn harvest fields a rich delight,
Although You are not there.

But though kind Time may many joys renew,
There is one great joy I shall not know
Again, the joy of talking to you, seeing you, laughing with you Dearest Uncle Vic... Fare thee well. You are truly Forever missed..."

This tribute was added by Charles Nwangwa on 6th May 2016

"I had met with Dee Ogboo just a few times but it  left me with an indelible impression about him. He struck me as a very amiable and accommodating fellow. My in-laws and indeed abia state  has lost an irreplaceable gem. I pray God to grant him eternal rest and give his aged mother, wife and children and the entire Ezenwoko family the fortitude  to bear this devastating loss."

This tribute was added by Nkeoma Mazeli on 6th May 2016

"Sir V, your sudden death still seems like a dream. You were an inspiring boss, friend, always there to guide, direct, listen and encourage. You will always be remembered. We pray for the peaceful repose of your soul in the bosom of our Lord. May God bring comfort to your family and friends.Jee nke oma Oka omee!"

This tribute was added by Maurice Ezenwoko on 6th May 2016

"We all new dat u neva wanted to live us nw, but it jux came whr "we" ur family cannot do anytin to keep u alive. Dee Ogboo, Ugwu mba, Father of all, u were d wing dat protected all.if there is anytin lyk reincarnation, I also wish to hv u as my Deede. U will 4eva b missed. May ur innocent soul rest in d bossom of d lord.........."

This tribute was added by Iheanyi Ebere on 6th May 2016

"Dear Uncle, the all-encompassing lesson I learned from your lifetime is that "I can show my faith by my deeds". You inadvertently taught me what it means to have virtues of Humility, Kindness, Generosity, Longsuffering, Forgiveness, Sacrificial Giving & above all, Perfect Love. I know for sure that I am a better man because of these lasting legacies you left me. May you rest in the arms of God's Love."

This tribute was added by enyioma ezenwoko on 6th May 2016

"Dee ogbo,chairman,man of the people,a light that brightly shone,Diamond among diamonds.Its still so strange and unimaginable what i am hearing.No wonder on Wednesday before good Friday i kept feeling so restless and very unusual.hmm!Friend of everyone both young and old.Never a dull moment with u.Help to the less privileged.Giver extraordinaire,Rich and yet humble.who will call me yomsi again?oh death oh death what did umu Ezenwoko do to u?chineke nna a marala hue n"ile.You were indeed Godsent.My consolation is that you are in a better place.Live on man of the people,Live on chairman,LIve on Diamond among diamonds!"

This tribute was added by Ejike Ezeude on 6th May 2016

"I am still trying to comes to terms with the reality that you are gone. I never had any personal encounter with you, but you were one boss I admired so much. Your passion and your willingness to lend support to all was unequalled. Your sudden demise is indeed a big loss to us and especially your family. I pray the good Lord to grant you eternal rest and your family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Rest In Peace Sir Vic."

This tribute was added by Goddy Ebere on 6th May 2016

"Oh! Ogbo, my brother, nothing can quantify your loving kindness to anyone that ever came in close touch with you. You were quite simply an epitome of humility. How can we ever bear this great loss?
Your demise has left us with a deep chasm in my heart that would take only God's grace to heal again. May you find rest in the bossom of the Lord. Till we meet to part no more, So long, Brother!"

This tribute was added by kate Ohale on 6th May 2016

"Mr. Victor Ezenwoko your demise  was a shock to each and every other person that hears it. Though the Bible made me to understand that death is inevitable. It is  a prize every living creature will pay no matter the time, age, rich, or poor. Sleep well Mr. Victor Ezenwoko, May your departed soul rest in the bossom of the Lord. Amen."

This tribute was added by Chidumga Izuzu on 6th May 2016

"If we had the power, we would bring you back to us. You were the perfect father, friend, and uncle.

You taught me that family isn't always about blood. You taught us hard work, dedication and kindness.

You were perfect, inspiring, and a role model. Words can never be enough to describe this irreplaceable void.
I still want to call you, to hear your voice once again, to listen to your advice.
I will always love and remember you."

This tribute was added by Precious Anyiwo on 6th May 2016

"Oga mii, it still seems like a rude shock to me when I heard the news that you've left this world!
It is so so sad hence, I am tempted to ask questions....why now? Why you? A kind and loving soul? However, I take solace that you are enjoying eternal rest in our Lord's bossom.
Sleep on Oga mii...sleep on Sir Vic..."

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Nwachukwu on 6th May 2016

"You are one of our best. An urbane gentleman. I lost a brother and a good friend. I remember vividly how You taught me how to use the computer in  your former bank(Ecobank Ajose Adeogun)How time flies. Will forever miss you. It hurts sorely but we cannot question God. Adieu my good friend and brother. May God give your family especially your mum the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Rest in Peace my dear"

This tribute was added by Ukaegbu Chioma on 6th May 2016

"You were kind. You never seemed to mind lending a hand to those in need. You show people your love and compassion.Rest in peace Dee Ogbo. Adieu! Adieu! Ga ije gi nke oma."

This tribute was added by chinenye ezenwoko on 6th May 2016

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal and love leaves a memory no one can steal.Chai! What a life, DE OGBOO!!!!! how could we have known, that
God was to call you home that faithful day?
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you so soon and Abruptly  
You did not go alone
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home.
You left us with beautiful memories,
Your love is still our guide,
And though we cannot see you,
You are always at our side.
Ezenwoko’s family chain is broken,
Our Iroko has fallen,
And nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will certainly link again. Even
In death, you will continue to participate in every act,
Thoughts, decisions that we take, your love will for ever
Leave an indelible imprint in our memories but we fined
Solace that our lives has been enriched through you. RIP OUR DEAREST UNCLE. Nwoko Obi oma. HMMMMMM!!!!"

This tribute was added by Anita Chimbo on 6th May 2016

"Dee Ogbo, You will forever be missed, you ve left a big vacuum, I doubt anyone can fill, you were a good man, a help to many, each time I remember your jokes I smile but when I tink I wunt see u again I get so angry, I remember hw u used to ask me *Oby, ndi otu unu nnu, umunnegi, I da jula esem?* if tears could bring u back, u ll b alive today, i ve asked too many questions yet no answers, we take solace in the All knowing God cos he ll answer those questions soon. Adieu Dee Ogbo, Adieu Nwokoma, Rest in perfect peace! Dearest Uncle. I will never forget you."

This tribute was added by Obiageli Eke on 6th May 2016

"Sir Vee Nwokeoma kedu ebe nga ebido ? It's still difficult for me to accept the fact that I can't call and speak to you again. You were always there to listen and give good advise. A great friend and boss, you will be greatly missed as I continue to pray that God will grant your family the grace and strenght to bear your loss . Continue to rest in God's bossom Ezigbo mmadu."

This tribute was added by Katchy Ohiaeri on 6th May 2016

"My Oga and my friend, Victor I miss you dearly because of your kindness towards me, towards your friends, towards your family. You came, you saw and Victor, you triumphed. You have an enviable antecedents for us to take a cue from. I pray your family will have the fortitude to bear this loss. We love you Victor, but God knows best!!! Adieu, RIP."

This tribute was added by Chisom Augustina on 6th May 2016

"I Don't really hv much to say coz am still shocked.....buh its well....Dee Ogboo, Nwoko obioma, Enyi onye obula, I knw u r at d right hand of God Almighty resting, u shall b missed forever in our family......still praying to God Almighty to give us all d fortitude to bear ds painful loss....once again its well....Ngwa gaanu ije GI nke OMA...."

This tribute was added by Mike Okpulor on 5th May 2016

"The news of your sudden demise was to say the least, a rude shock. No one could have seen that coming. Our community has lost a rare gem. My heart goes out to the large family you left behind. May the good lord comfort and reassure them of his love. Fare thee well, dee Ogboo!"

This tribute was added by Nwankpa Anita on 5th May 2016

"Uncle Dee-Ogbo, as I grow up calling you, With you in my life I knew the true meaning of leadership and humility.I lost a truly special person and a fantastic uncle.I pray you continue to rest in the bossom of the lord.You are greatly loved and missed.Farewell Dee-Ogbo"

This tribute was added by Jude Nwosu on 5th May 2016

"You were my boss, mentor and in-law. But you were indeed more than these to me. Your humility was second to none. I thought I knew how good you were, but I was wrong. Now am beginning to understand that you were God sent.

You named our son Chinwekele and he will grow up not knowing you, his grand dad. It hurts!

We had unfinished businesses, hope you remember? So why did you go now.

Safe journey Dee Ogbo."

This tribute was added by Ngozi Osuji on 5th May 2016

"Sir Vic,you were a father a friend and a boss,the mouth piece of the oppressed,the news of your death remains a great shock to me as it still seems like a dream.
Farewell boss,rest in peace my oga"

This tribute was added by josephine okpor on 5th May 2016

"When things happen we are tempted to question God and ask why? However we take consolation that you are resting with the Lord knowing you lived a life worth emulating. May God console all members of your family in this period. Rest on boss!!!"

This tribute was added by Zutty Khrushchev on 5th May 2016

"Hmmh, still sounds strange that Uncle Victor has answered the divine call but our only consolation is that he lives in glory. God will sure look after my Aunty and his favoured kids. He was like a father and big brother to me. Farewell sir. Just rest on in God's bossom."

This tribute was added by Dike Obasi on 5th May 2016

"May your Family find peace and consolation. Sleep on."

This tribute was added by Nwaejike Chinyere on 5th May 2016

"Even a tanker load of tears cannot bring u back.... that fact we know.....buh d memories we bear frm ur stay on earth generates d feeling dat u are still amongst us.......we live with d consolation dat u hav reunited wit ur creator.....Adieu uncle..Adieu grandpa."

This tribute was added by Agwaoma Ogbunamiri on 5th May 2016

"It is with great sadness that we write this today to celebrate the life of our friend. Victor’s life was taken away from us too soon and it is hard to understand why tragic things like this happen to such good people. However, this is a question without an answer and we should not dwell on the loss of our dear friend, son, husband, father, brother and uncle. Let’s celebrate his life and remember all of the remarkable things Victor accomplished in his life and how wonderful his life was.

It is incredibly sad that Victor’s life ended so soon and we cannot put into words how much we will miss him. Victor was a positive person and would not want us to be sad. If he were here he would tell us to cheer up, smile and remember that our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ and his righteousness. Even though Victor may be gone, his memory will live on in all of us forever. Victor we appreciate your friendship and will never forget you and the wonderful times we had with you in United States.

Uncle Victor, as my children and I used to call you, we thank you for all the wonderful time we had with you. We salute you for your brilliant mind, for your enlightened friendship, for your passion and commitment to justice, for your nurturing of others, for your generosity, for your moral leadership, for your patience and understanding, for your spirituality, for your deep devotion to your family, for your truth, and for your uncritical acceptance and love.
You will forever live in our heart!
John, Agwaoma, Uche, Ugo and Chinedu Ogbunamiri"

This tribute was added by Chinyere Iwuajoku on 5th May 2016

"I saw you in Everlasting Covenant Church Los Angeles, if only I know I was sitting beside an Angel.
Grandma has lost an irreplaceable son, Pastor & Pastor Mrs Simon Uche, Nonye and the Ezenwoke royal family has lost a beloved brother, husband & father but in God the rock of their salvation they have found strength, comfort, peace and encouragement to keep your wonderful memoir aglow.
Dee Ogbo as you are fondly called by many, you lived a good life, you touched so many lives and Angels like you don’t die, they live on.

Your wife, children, mother & your entire family will miss you, the world will also miss you but of a truth Angels like you are on assignment they don’t live in this wicked world, they live in heaven.

Saint Victor Ezenwoko is sitting at the right hand of God.
                              HE LIVES ON"

This tribute was added by Onyinye Ezenwoko on 5th May 2016

"Forever you will leave on in my heart...so painful to bid you farewell. If there is anything I could do to bring you back, I would have done so no matter what! Love and miss u so much but God loves u more. God u took him for a good reason I know; I pray U turn our mourning into an oil of Joy as ur word says in Isaiah 61. Rest on my dearest Dee Ogbo!!"

This tribute was added by Chisom Uchendu on 5th May 2016

"He was the light that brightly shone
He was the joy that filled the room
He was the laughter that filled the air
He was the jewel,precious & rare
I think of you in silence and no one sees me weep
Because my silent tears are shed while others are asleep
God , give me the strength to face the sorrow
The courage to bear the blow
But what it means to lose you, only He will ever know
They say time helps us to forget
Patiently I wait.
Sleep on my Father, my Brother"

This tribute was added by Ogechi Ezenwoko on 3rd May 2016

"DeeOgbo, there's never a day, hour or minute that I don't think of you and wish that God had given me more time to be with you,because you made a difference in my life and held a special spot in my heart.

I lost a truly unique, one of a kind person when I lost you.
You had a smile that lit up a room, you were a beautiful person... everyone who knew you loved you. You had a great heart, everyone meant the world to you.
You were the full package.. so full of life, energy,& love.
Although you are gone you will never be forgotten.

Saying goodbye to you is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
I miss you,"

This tribute was added by Anthony Ezenwoko on 3rd May 2016

"Everything anyone could ever dream and ask for in a brother. And it all ended so suddenly. I pray that the light of the Almighty continues to shine on you and that  you find a permanent place in His presence. Farewell my beloved dede."

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