Aggie Aroke Fobellah
  • 52 years old
  • Date of birth: Jan 9, 1960
  • Place of birth:
    Lewoh, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Dec 3, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Fontem, Southwest, Cameroon
May the memory of our dear wife and mom, Aggie Aroke Fobellah, be with us forever

This memorial website was created in remembrance of our loved one, Aggie Aroke Fobellah, born on January 9, 1960, and passed away on December 3, 2012. We loved her but God loved her more. She will forever remain in our hearts.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Ntumbong Yochembeng on 4th December 2016

"My dearest mommy, I can't believe it's four years already since you left us. I feel your presence in my life still. I know the only place you could be is in heaven, interceding on our behalf. You did not live long enough to reap the fruits of your labor, but you are making sure that we do. The blessings have been enormous. I love you very much my one of a kind mommy. You'll forever be in my heart. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. In your characteristic manner, I'm sure you are still taking care of daddy. Please greet him for me and extend my love"

This tribute was added by J Nkemnji on 3rd December 2016

"My Dearest Mrs. Fobellah (Forever Missed):

It has been four long years since you quickly left this earth for the Heavenly Mariapolis.  Your phone call to check on the family and to thank me for attending the white coat event might have been your last phone call abroad, just before you left Fontem (your retirement home) to the hospital in Yaounde.

While in Yaounde, all efforts were made to save your life and to fly you abroad for further medical follow up. Family and friends poured into the hospital to visit and pray with you but that was your golden moment to transition. God wanted you then.  We miss you and I will forever miss you. Your beloved husband has joined you and I am sure you both are happy, again, together, in Heaven.

Stay blessed and continue to intercede for the children and grand kids, family and friends, you left behind. Your shining moral examples and your generosity to many while on earth do guide my daily living.

Prof. Nkemnji"

This tribute was added by V~ Mgt. on 3rd December 2016

"Continue to rest in peace Ma Aggie. Keep watching over us. Your intercession has been very significant for these 4 years. We love and miss you!

Owa-Atabong Mbengu"

This tribute was added by Symphorosa Fonjock on 3rd December 2016

"Dear Mrs Fobellah you will always be remembered.
Thank you for the great time you spent with us in this world."

This tribute was added by J Nkemnji on 9th January 2016

"Dearest Mrs. Aggie Yoch:

It is about three years since you left mother earth for the heavenly Mariapolis.  You should have been 56 years on earth today – ever happy, wiser, kinder and beautiful – but God wanted you sooner. I went to Bellah Ngeh in December 2015 to attend your husband’s crydie.  I passed through your former compound and said a prayer at your gravesite. You were lying side by side with your husband as the beloved couple that both of you were.  I am sure you welcomed him into heaven. I guess he left the family here so soon because you had gone ahead and he was missing you.  Stay reunited and intercede for the family you left behind. Happy birthday to you, my dearest sister and friend, and know that we love you and miss you both.  Your kind and humble nature will forever be remembered. Your children and grand children are well and growing strong despite the void your departure has created in their lives.


This tribute was added by V~ Mgt. on 9th January 2016

"Ma Aggie, I stopped by to lay a flower for you and also to remind you of the unding love that continues to exist even in your pysical absence.

I am sure, you gave Papa a wonderful reception in the Heavenly Home when he finally met you some months ago to part no more.
I continue to miss you and remain closer to you through prayers. say hello to Papa. Enjoy your eternal rest until we meet again. Adieu...

Atabong Mbengu"

This tribute was added by Ntumbong Yochembeng on 3rd December 2015

"Mommy, exactly three years ago today, you left a void that has, and can never be filled. Have you seen daddy yet? I know he could not wait to be with you. I tried my best as i promised you mommy - but God said it was his time. He wanted you two to be reunited. Together, you both can create that strong bond that held us together all these years. The challenges are enormous mom, but as we draw strength from God, I know you are there cheering us all on. Continue to intercede for us mom. We retain all the lessons that you taught us. Ride on with the angels and continue to watch over us. I love you mommy."

This tribute was added by ndungako yochembeng on 3rd December 2015

"hello mummy,

its bee three year today and everything seems like just yesterday. The gap you left is still fresh and the truth is last October 10th, that gap was widened. Daddy held strong but The Lord did see that you two were destined for each other and He called him to join you so that together as always, you will continue to watch over us.
its really painful and difficult to accept but we remain convinced that though you are not present with us physically, you continue to watch over us the same way u did while you were with us.
i love you mum and will forever miss you.


This tribute was added by J Nkemnji on 3rd December 2015

"Dearest Mrs. Fobellah:

Today is the third anniversary of the day God called you to His heavenly Kingdom. I know you are resting in a better place and looking over the family you left behind, affectionately and kindly.  Your beloved husband recently left mother earth to be with you and I am sure you both are reunited with the angels and saints in heaven. Stay well in paradise and know that we miss you much and we will forever keep you in our thoughts. May many more friends, sisters, wives, and mothers following your shining example. Rest in Peace!"

This tribute was added by V~ Mgt. on 3rd December 2015

"Ma Aggie, it's been 3 years that your absence is deeply felt. Today makes me to have another recap of your earthly life that we shared-this brought me into tears again because almost every thought would have a scenrario of you and your beloved husband.
God decided to keep to His biblical words/promise 'what He has put together, let nobody put asunder...' by calling Papa on Oct 10, 2015 to reunite him with you forever.
The deep-seated values you both instilled in us remain as your TRUE LEGACY that we will continue to uphold.
Welcome Papa with that affectionate smile and hug. As we continue to pray for you, keep your heavenly duty of intercession for us and ask God to console us with good health, love,  joy, happiness and peace.
Adieu Ma Aggie et Col. Edward Yoch Fobellah

Atabong Mbengu & Ngwinkongoh"

This tribute was added by L T Fondong Fondong on 3rd December 2015

"Its been 3 yrs now, your memories of your last days still lingers fresh in me,continue to rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Fomenky Alem on 3rd December 2015

"In Memoriam - Three Years After!
For My Dear Sister
(Mrs Fobellah Agnes Aroke)
Today, December 3, 2015 marked exactly three years that you departed from this sinful world.
Your passing was and still remains a severe blow to us. While I continue to ponder on your abrupt absence on that fateful December 3, 2012, with my eyes still blinded with tears, I kept on to reminiscence who you were and some of the things you did during your life here on earth from my own personal perspective.
You were one of the most generous women and sisters I have ever known. You gave out, several times, even your last franc to someone in need and would not mind starving. You gave out your best and newly bought dresses to those who simply say they like them, you fed thousands without any qualm.
You were the best the wife any man could have ever had. You and your husband (Colonel Fobellah) formed an excellent couple that was the envy of all.  I had always nursed the secret ambition to live the enviable marital life I saw you and your husband lived. I saw two of you always concerting before taking any family decision. You made your home so comfortable that I always remember whenever your husband comes home the first question he asked is “where is my wife?” And if the response from us is that you have gone out or you have not been back from work, he will simply drive his car out and come back estimably when he is sure you are at home (No mobile phone then!).
You were the best daughter-in-law any family will seek. You received, fed, clothed and interacted freely and comfortably with all your in-laws. They all held you in very high esteem - a rare phenomenon from a woman. Your receptive attitude knew no bounds as it was extended even to anyone whom you came across.
You were the best mother any child will like to have. I saw you raise your children with love and care. Always making sure that they follow and respect societal ethical norms and values. Your persistent broad smiles endears you to all and sundry. A strict disciplinarian you were to your kids and those who lived with you.
So, my dear sister, since the Lord decided to call you to His Heavenly kingdom, your husband left on October 10th 2015 to join you. I am very hopeful that you people have reunited again to continue once more to enjoy your marital bliss. That reminds me of the saying in the bible thus “what God has put together, let no man put asunder…”
Your younger Brother, Philip Fomenky
(Now Ndi Nkemndenji Fomenky)"

This tribute was added by Nkenglefac Yochembeng on 3rd December 2015

"This tribute was added by Nkenglefac Yochembeng on 2nd December 2015

"Dearest mum,
Three years ago you left us. How time flies. We still miss you very much. Dad could not wait to join you. We are doing ok in all respects. Thank you for looking after us. Aroke your grand son is born. He sends his love. Accept greetings from Maoh and your parents as well. We will forever miss you. Much love.


This tribute was added by Ngt Press on 24th November 2015

"Dearest Aggie:

Edward, your beloved husband, has finally come to join you.  He left very abruptly, without saying bye.  I guess he was missing you much. Stay well and intercede for the family you both left behind. I know you both are together in paradise. The family and friends mourn you but know that you are in God's kingdom where you belong. You were always a shinning role model. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by V~ Mgt. on 9th January 2015

"Today is a day just as many other days that I have always paused to reflect about you, on your simplicity, generosity, faithfulness, love, and much more.
I'm glad that I don't do this in tears anymore. Every time I remember you or whenever I pause for a reflection on your earthly life, I find glad and joy, I feel profound and confident in my simple take about the church's teachings.  
Today is your birthday, I light a golden candle in your memory as a symbol of that love you showed me. And today, I pray in a very special way for your parents, husband and kids; intercede for them the gift of good health and courage to face the world challenges.

Rest in peace with the Lord, and continue to inspire me. Forever in my memory!

Mami-Tabong [D True Son]"

This tribute was added by Timothy Mbeseha on 3rd December 2014

"It is very difficult to believe that we have not spoken to you for this long year. All calls have gone unanswered. One must imagine that you are doing well over there. As for us, rest assured that we are only half complete without you. Take this great opportunity to tell the almighty that we continue to love you and wish he keeps you in the most comfortable room until we meet again.

This tribute was added by V~ Mgt. on 3rd December 2014

"Gone is another year, yet memories of you remain fresh as if it was yesterday. This is all  because your legacy lives on. Rest in the Lord Mami, and continue to intercede for us who are still on our pilgrimage.
I weep no more, I now rejoice because I'm confident that you're very close the Father. Keep the blessings and mercy flowing down unto us."

This tribute was added by V~ Mgt. on 9th January 2014

"Today, I come to remember the day God sent you to begin your earthly mission. It's a day worth remembering. As you are now very closest to God and His Saints, intercede for us especially at moments when we think all hope is gone. Rest in peace, Mami Agie. I miss you!"

This tribute was added by ndungako yochembeng on 4th December 2013

"hello mum, it's been exactly one year God called you to join the heavenly choir. it's not been easy for us all and for me but with all what you tought me and still keep watching over me, i know it's going to be ok. i miss you very much and i know you are in a better place. keep watching over us all especially Colonel and e will continue praying for you till we one day meet again. love you mum."

This tribute was added by Christy Aluna on 4th December 2013

"When He called her, she answered. she is somewhere listening for her name. May your soul Rest In Perfect Peace. You always answered when i called you and i will forever be grateful for that."

This tribute was added by V~ Mgt. on 4th December 2013

"As the year-end gets closer I began to realize that it is your first anniversary in Heaven. You laid there in that hospital bed, you tried so hard to hold on. God was calling you home. He needed another angel to help in the Heavenly Mariapolis. I still ask myself why? But it was your time to go, and the angels took you anyway. I reckon I miss you and I probably always will. This is so hard to get over like swallowing a bitter pill. I reckon I shouldn’t be crying because this is not how you’d want it to be. You are in the best place. Continue to intercede for us, Mamie. Rest with the Lord. Adieu Ma Aggie"

This tribute was added by christine.F. Ngulefac on 4th December 2013

"Mammie AGGIE Yesterday you Were, today you Are, tomorow you Will be forever precious to our hearts.We miss you so much. Its still like a dream.When i think of it i smile. Please continue to watch over us and give us the grace to emulate what ever lessons learnt from you.I will forever love and miss you."

This tribute was added by Ngt Press on 3rd December 2013

"Dearest Sister & Friend, Aggie:
It seems as if it were yesterday that you left us after a brief illness for the Lord’s Kingdom. I visited your resting place on November 23, just about a week ago. I said a prayer for you and I am confident that you are with the Angels above since you left this world, a year ago. The flowers on your gravesite continue to look fresh and beautiful. I know you are resting in peace.

The family from abroad came home to lay our mom, your namesake, to rest. She has come to join you in Heaven with other departed family members and friends. Rest in peace and jointly intercede for the family you left behind. Your humble, kind, and loving nature lives in my memory forever. Miss you now and forever!  - Jn"

This tribute was added by Fabiola Yaga on 3rd December 2013

"Same time last year the Lord took you away from us...I wake up each mornin still shocked that u left was too soon!;/You've always been more than a mom to me and i know you are in a better place..i love you!!RIP mama"

This tribute was added by Barbie Aluna on 3rd December 2013

"Today marks 1 year since your departure Mama Aggie as i use to call you. I have so much to say about you that words can not express. But if i can say evrything in one word i will say you are WONDERFUL. You were a good person at heart Mama and we will never forget you. we know you are in heaven with God so we are trying to dry our tears. we miss you so much and we love you."

This tribute was added by Nkenglefac Yochembeng on 3rd December 2013

"Dearest mom, it is one year since you left us. We thank God for the legacy you left behind and the wonderful life you lived.You were a great woman and may you continue to find rest in the lord. Adieu mom"

This tribute was added by christine.F. Ngulefac on 13th May 2013

"My dear mother inlaw,happy belated mothers day.I know that where ever you are, this day reminded you of how wonderful a mother you were when you were on earth with us and how wonderful you still are even in the spirit world.I do know you are at peace in the Lords Bossom.Special thanks for your intercession during our wedding.Even in your absence i did feel your presence.Love you mammie"

This tribute was added by Prof. Nkemnji on 12th May 2013

"In remembrance of a very special mother who is resting in peace with the Lord.  Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Aroke Fobellah"

This tribute was added by Beatrice Alenda on 11th January 2013

"Well done! Good and faithfull servant. Job complete. We will forever remember you.


This tribute was added by Prof. Nkemnji on 9th January 2013

"Today is your birthday and I wish you the best in your heavenly kingdom."

This tribute was added by Nkenglefac Yochembeng on 30th December 2012

"Thank you for being an exemplary mom, thank you for being an ideal housewife. We are proud to have you as a mother. You toiled so much for us but unfortunately you left us so soon with no opportunity to show our appreciation. May your soul rest in peace and may you continue to watch over us from the heavens above.
RIP mom. Adieu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Valery Nkemngu on 27th December 2012

"Mama,you have left a crater that will never be filled,but the good memories of you and your legacy will always be full in our hearts.May your soul find everlasting comfort in Heaven,till the day we shall meet again.Until that day,the good memories of you will give us the strenght we need to procede.But despite everything,my heart is still too heavy mama,because you are gone too soon.R.I.P"

This tribute was added by Estella Muma on 21st December 2012

"May you rest in the Lord's bossom mommy. Sleep on. You will be greatly missed. Blessed are they that die in the Lord, for they shall see God. Adieu Ma."

This tribute was added by Ngt Press on 21st December 2012

"Aggie Fobellah is laid to rest and in heaven. We give thanks to God for her exemplary life"

This tribute was added by Neckdem Tasong on 18th December 2012

"My pple say it`s better for a child to morn the parents as the reverse,she was an example,she just took a step we will one day take.As u rest in the lords kindom may u keep wathcx the family u left beind from above Mammie,may ur soul RIP"

This tribute was added by Agnes Fomenky on 15th December 2012

"The very first time I left my father's home for holidays, I came to your home in Buea. I have never felt at home out of home, but you made it possible. The very first time I wore "leather silpers" you bought it for me. How can I ever repay you back. You left us soo soon and that has put a deep hole in my heart. I will miss you forever."

This tribute was added by Nkemnji Ca on 14th December 2012

"Ma, When God says YES, No one can say no...or else We ALL would have said NO. Your Telephone number which you often called me with to know how I am doing is still in my phone book. You were a model not only to me but to most. My tears will take time to stop flowing. I am confident you are with the good LORD and hope you continue to pray for us. Bye."

This tribute was added by ndungako yochembeng on 14th December 2012

"Hi Mama General, till today it still seems like a dream, hard to believe. I can't even express myself. i know you are by God's side and you will continue watching over us all as you always did. It's a very difficult moment, mum, and do not know how to really go through. may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I love you dearly."

This tribute was added by Barbie Aluna on 13th December 2012

"It still seem unreal that i will never see you on this earth. May Your soul find rest in the arms of our creator. i was hoping for a Christmas miracle this year that you will get well. I had a very nice time with you and you treated me like your our child making me feel at home. I know you are in a better place. Adieus Mamma Aggie. We all love you so much."

This tribute was added by Atemnkeng Njukeng on 13th December 2012

"I thought with my brain, fresh from school i could do something for you mum, but God always has his ways of doing things. May He be pleased to receive you in to His Kingdom. Rest in Peace Mum"

This tribute was added by Charlie Asong-Morfaw on 13th December 2012

We all love you but the Heavens Love you more. May your passing give you Rest, Comfort and Hope for those you leave behind. There have been so few wonderful Mothers, wives and SWESANs like you. May you share in joyful company of Chiara, Jane, Stumple and other SWESANs till we meet to part no more; AMEN."

This tribute was added by kevin fomenky on 13th December 2012

"Go well my sister. I will always cherish all the good times we had. You lived a decent life and leave behind a legacy. May God grant you the rest and peace that you so well deserve. You will forever be missed."

This tribute was added by Napoleon Bessong on 12th December 2012

"You were not just Madam Fobellah to me but more of a mom... What we miss the most is that you are irreplaceable and we thank God enormously for you. R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Symphorosa Fonjock on 11th December 2012

"Sis. Agie, You left us so soon. What really happened? After Seat of Wisdom, we happened to have met again in Tombel where we had a great time . My family will not forget the warm welcome you gave us. You once more proved to me you are a real ' big sister '. You have gone but the good memories of you will ever remain. Hope the good Lord will receive you with open arms. Bye Sister Agie."

This tribute was added by Gabriel Nkengfack on 11th December 2012

"May the soul of the faithful depathed rest in everlasting peace! Amen."

This tribute was added by agombin leke anyi on 11th December 2012

"'''Mother,meeting you and knowing you for the first time was my blessing.The sudden departure from me is my ill luck. As you move ahead to joint our G. Parents,Parents,Sisters and Brothers,please intercede for us while in Heaven'''."

This tribute was added by Kerio Asong on 11th December 2012

"I thank God that women like Auntie Aggie Lived.Her true wealth was in all her kindness and hospitality.May her soul rest in peace.Nothing can destroy the memories of her kindness."

This tribute was added by ELSY LEREH on 10th December 2012

"JESUS looked at you and said, "come home, my daughter; it is finished. Your mission on earth is accomplished". We love you, but our heavenly father loves you more. To Him life is as endless as the skies and death is only a horizon. I am confident we shall meet again in heaven where there will be no more weeping. RIP, Aunty Aggie."

This tribute was added by Cynthia Witty on 10th December 2012

"May God carry you during this difficult time.  Your mother's memories will be with you always, and one day you will wake up, a long time from now, and it will hurt less.  God Bless, and if you need anything.  I'm here.
Take care, Cindy"

This tribute was added by Chris Tiane on 10th December 2012

"Your mom was truly an amazing woman, and her legacy shall reflect throughout you life. I will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong, stay blessed. Christiane."

This tribute was added by Bernard Alemanji on 10th December 2012

"Life is a merry go round. Once we are born, we await our departutre. Let us play our role as we are all actors and actresses. Frau Aggie you did just that. Hevenly blessings. We shall never forget you charity."

This tribute was added by betty agendia on 10th December 2012

"Its still unbelievable, like thomas, I will see before l believe. I can't just accept it cos, mama aggie, has been a role model, an example of not only a wife to the bellah family, but one who has impacted the life of many not just by her smile, but her action.   So Its difficult, very difficult to belief."

This tribute was added by Paul Serges N on 10th December 2012

"Cher Nkeng, nous savons qu'inéluctablement, un jour, l'existence se termine pour chacun d’entre nous. Ces quelques mots ne modifieront pas ce triste état de fait. Pourtant je tiens à vous témoigner ma compassion. Je partage votre douleur mais les mots me manquent pour l’exprimer pleinement. Pour vous, j'espère voir cette épreuve s'effacer petit à petit, au fil du temps. Toute mon amitié."

This tribute was added by Atabong Charles on 10th December 2012

""Good things don't last" Heaven is waiting to receive you.


This tribute was added by Patience Ntemgwa on 10th December 2012

"Peace to your gentle soul dear lady. You are in a better place now and will be fondly missed. Wishing much courage to the family in this delicate time."

This tribute was added by Nkafu Amingwa on 10th December 2012

"Auntie Aggie, your passing is just another reminder of how fleeting life and its illusions can be.  We will miss your smile and your grace, but most of all we will remember the love.  For one only dies when there is no one to remember them.  And we will always remember your love and your grace.  Rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Terence Awungjia Achaleke on 9th December 2012

"Hello Nkeng and Anu,
I still find it difficult to beleive that remeh is dead. I have very strong feelings that she is just resting. Please you people should shake her very well, I'm sure she will get up."

This tribute was added by Khumbah Vivien on 9th December 2012

"Sista Aggie, your passing away has been  so shocking,.....May the Lord grant you a peaceful rest in His bosom."

This tribute was added by Esong Emeaka on 9th December 2012

"Farewell sister. You would be forever missed. You played your role so efficiently during a very short time. You touched many hearts and positively impacted on the lives of many.
We love you but God Loves You more and has better plans for you.
Esong Fonkwe, London"

This tribute was added by George Alemnji on 9th December 2012

"Sister Agie,
We have come to understand that this world is a stage for everyone to play a part. You played your part without any boundaries.  The Lord felt it was time for you to leave the stage.  We thank you for the love and concern that you had for everyone. The SWESA Yaounde Chapter will forever remember you for the role you played in keeping this chapter going. We know you are in a better pl"

This tribute was added by ajong akemati on 9th December 2012

"I am speechless.This loss is beyond words. she was such a lovely woman. I often think about all the times we spent together in Buea. She was such a pleasure to have around. I have learned so much from her and will remember her always. May the good Lord grand your beautiful soul everlasting peace."

This tribute was added by Claude Nkafu on 9th December 2012

"My sincere condolence to the entire family and to you my brothers and sister. I know mum is with our Heavenly Father watching over us. Mum we would forever miss u. May your soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by yolanda awung on 9th December 2012

"Mami Aggie, My heart is still very heavy from the shock I got from your  illness & passing. Still in disbelieve. Will always remember your comforting voice in every situation. Mami, I'm short of words but all I know is that you are an angel watching over us all now. We love you but God loves you more. Tell mami Thecla and Mbebafua I love and miss them too. Adieu Mami Aggie."

This tribute was added by Terence Awungjia Achaleke on 9th December 2012

"Hello Remeh,
It was around mid October that I learnt with surppprise that you were sick. Little did I know it was to the extent that will part you away from us.
I find it difficult to beleive that you've gone.
I still have the feelings that I will soon get up from sleep to dicover that this is just a dream. "A Dieu""

This tribute was added by njuzy forbinake on 9th December 2012

"2012 worse news ever !I didn't even she was sick not to talk  of death.Death is so painful especially to see a love one go.You were such a role model,so caring and soft spoken,i believe you are in a better place now.Lets be happy for her life and the love she bestowed on us all.The idea is to die young as late as possible but we can't question God.Adieu Mama"

This tribute was added by L T Fondong Fondong on 8th December 2012

"Though you are gone we are still a team,you remain in our hearts forever,greet all who had gone before you."

This tribute was added by Eugenie Nkemka on 8th December 2012

"May the good lord guide an protect the family during this time of heavy emotions. Ur great love and smile will always be remembered by all those u touched in every capacity. Good people never die they leave on for ever i strongly believe u are going to leave on to eternal glory an be there for ur kids as a good mom an wife as u have always been may your soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Ntumbong Yochembeng on 8th December 2012

"Mom, my role model - you taught me everything except how to live without you. The pain and hurt are heart wrenching, too many questions on my mind. Yet, you are nowhere near to give me the answers that always made everything seem right. Even as grandmom, your momly duties outweighed. You left us so soon but of this i am certain - you sure finished the job that God sent you to do on earth!!"

This tribute was added by AJONG ELVIS on 8th December 2012

"I still can bring myself to belief ma Aggie is no more .Lets be happy for her life and the love she bestowed on us all.While we pray for her soul to rest in peace,we look forward to joining with her in that place where we shall all go one day or the other
Adieu ma greet all our love ones you meet out there"

This tribute was added by Fomenky Ajua on 8th December 2012

"The foot prints, love, kindheartedness, honesty, and selfless contribution you have made to our family and the life of others' will remain eternal .I am so sad, because I have not had the opportunity of expressing my gratitude to you, Sister Aggie. Just to learn that, the cold hands of death have come to cease you from our midst! Adieu, Sister Aggie, and Fare thee well."

This tribute was added by Linda Kemcha on 8th December 2012

"Mama ,we will forever miss you  .May Your gentle soul rest in perfect peace,till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Becky Sonkey on 8th December 2012

"My sincere condolences to the family! Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Christy Leke on 8th December 2012

The whole place is full of tears, I love you so very much but our Heavenly Father loves you most. May your soul rest in perfect peace!!!!

Leke Christy
Alabama, USA"

This tribute was added by renie leke on 8th December 2012

"Mamie, you have left us in tears, heartbroken, and I asked why now? why do bad things happen to good people? I know God had a better plan for you. Your gentle voice on the phone will forever echo in my ears. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.  Mamie Aggie, go well, farewell!!!!! My family and I will miss you forever."

This tribute was added by Ndobegang Fua on 8th December 2012

"It seems like I am dreaming and quickly want to wake up. It is hard to believe mami Aggi is gone so soon but I am very convinced the Almighty has a better plan for her. May she Rest with the Lord"

This tribute was added by Ara Caelis Ayuk on 8th December 2012

"Auntie Agie, words cannot describe how your departure feels. It hurts so bad!!! Your good deeds will live with us while you rest in God's bossom. He will surely make a way for we dont know who else will do all those things that only you could do. May your beautiful soul rest in very perfect peace. Adieu till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by amindeh spora on 8th December 2012

"Such a lovely person you were,always smiling and caring for others.We miss you so much mummy,please rest in the lords house.we love you so much dear"

This tribute was added by Eric Ganseh on 8th December 2012

"Everyone prayed to God to take your misery away. Since He's all knowing and all powerful, He decided your place is no longer in this sinful world of ours. We find comfort in that you're looking down on us and smiling from Heaven. Rest in Peace Mama. Ypu've gone ahead to pave they way for the rest of us. Till we meet again!"

This tribute was added by Mirabella Aluna on 8th December 2012

"Rest In peace(R.I.P) i will never forget about you because u take care of me. i love you so much."

This tribute was added by Marie Blue on 8th December 2012

"Death is a bitter reality. You have left us in so much pain and tears. You were such a role model, so caring and soft spoken. I remember how u stood by ur sick husband. Who will take care of him the way u did, only God knows. Peace mama!!!"

This tribute was added by Martha Takwih on 8th December 2012

"Mama, May your gentle soul rest in peace. You are with the Lord. Your journey has ended but we know you are in a much better place."

This tribute was added by ATABONGAFAC GODWILL AMIN on 8th December 2012

"MAMA AGGIE, We wish to tell you we are not ready to let you go but you have already departed. we miss the sound of your voice, and laughter,
     Thank you for the great role you played in our lives via your strong and real love. Forever in our hearts.
Adieu MAMA"

This tribute was added by Tnm Therealmoi on 8th December 2012

"Mami Agie May your soul rest in peace. I remember your kind heart towards the SWISCOL GCE students in 2009. We all love and miss you,  but God loves you most. RIP and prepare a place for us, for we'll all meet beyond the blues."

This tribute was added by Timothy Mbeseha on 8th December 2012

"Aroke, Your death came as a shock to me. Even though you were sick and reasonable people say it coming, I did not believe it could happen to you at this time. You were more than a wife to me and hundreds of Bellah Ngeh people. I truly had a special bond with you. My only hope is that you are in a better place because God willed it to be so. We wished differently but God knows best."

This tribute was added by Ndemaloah Paul on 8th December 2012

"Death remains a certainty but we hardly agendas it. The Preacher clearly states that there is time for everything; a time to be born and a time to die. These words have simply been fulfilled in the life of Mami Agie. for this we say thanks be to God as Saint Paul recommends (In every situation, give thanks to God). It is a big loss buGod knows why. Deepest sympathy to the entire

This tribute was added by Samuel Mbah Ndansi on 8th December 2012

"May Her soul rest in peace. She will forever be in our hearts. May we put her family and friends in our prayers and call on God to stand by them always and especially in this period of grieve."

This tribute was added by AGWENJANG Patience on 8th December 2012

"Dear mum, All though you are physically not present on earth, we are comforted that you have passed unto GLORY!!!

May your soul rest in peace!!!!"

This tribute was added by Clive Fomenky on 8th December 2012

"Ever smiling,so caring,so loving,so gracious, auntie you were a role model to many in the family and to the Nweh community.We will miss you but God alone knows why he had taken you from us at such a young age.we know that you are in a better place and we continue to pray that you find solace in The Lords'."

This tribute was added by Ndotti Mane on 8th December 2012

"Mama Aggie you left us so soon and in so much tears and pain, we will forever miss in a way words can't express....Rest In Peace !"

This tribute was added by Ndiambuoh Asong on 8th December 2012

"Tears can not bring you back, but i we will continue to have you in our memory, still we meet to part no more Adieu Aunty."

This tribute was added by AutoFill Nina Njukang Njang njang on 8th December 2012

"Mama,you truly put others first as Christine wrote. I remember when my mum was bereaved and by the time she got to fontem,you had cooked for her,with ur sick husband at the hospital. You were a model. I will love you for ever. RIP mum."

This tribute was added by V~ Mgt. on 5th December 2012

"When I heard of her ill-health, I commended all to God on daily basis; hoping to meet her in good health upon my return home.But I was saddened with the information of her absence. I cried, yet I came to realize that she is not death. It is merely her flesh that is breathless, but her soul is alive. I can still feel her calling me “Ata, “Mami-Tabong”, etc.ever in memory Ma Aggie RIP-Adieu."

This tribute was added by christine.F. Ngulefac on 5th December 2012

"My heart is broken.Really broken.I was just about to enjoy the best mother in law in the world..........For the shortest time we shared i learned just one thing from you;''Caring for others by putting others first and self last"I love you Mammie Agie.......RIP. Don't forget us where ever you are for you are now our mediator to the Heavenly Father......Adieu..........."

This tribute was added by Ray Allen on 5th December 2012

""Mama, meeting and knowing you was my blessing and departing from me is my ill luck. Please intercede for us while in Heaven""

This tribute was added by Azingala Fondong on 5th December 2012

"We love you mammie but God loves u most.We know you are in a better place where you can care for us all.RIP mammie"

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