her Life
Family background

Abi Areago-Agbesanwa was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Areago. She was born in 1975, a year after her parents moved back from England. She was the fourth daughter of six sisters and one brother. 


She started her early education in Surulere, Lagos. Her secondary education was at Government College, Eric Moore until she left for England where she completed her secondary education at Sydenham Girls High School, London. 

Growing up, Abi was a bit of a tomboy and was very studious. In secondary school, she was always experimenting with electrical objects and we could tell that a male dominated field would be best suited - which she pursued in the years to come. 

She took a Diploma at Thames Valley College and went on to study Mechanical Engineering at South Bank University in London. After university, she worked with BA Associates, London Underground and a few other companies as an IT Consultant. 


In 1999, she got married to her childhood sweetheart Jide. They welcomed their first son Jordan into the world in 2002, followed by Jorryn in 2006 and then Johnathan in 2010. As a mother, she took care of her family whilst studying for a second degree. She wanted to be a counsellor and was always helping people whenever she had the opportunity to do so. 

Abi’s legacy

Abi was a virtuous woman, a loving wife and Jide entrusted his heart to her. Her children blessed her and her husband praised her. 

She was a member of the Redeemed Church of God, Luton Parish before her illness and when she was too weak to drive, she would get Mrs Toks Oyemade or her other friends in Herfordshire to take her to church. 

Abi took care and supported others even when she was critically ill. She would always encourage us all saying, ‘Let’s do it’ or by telling us 'Don't give up hope.' She always prayed for people. A few days before her death, she was in excruciating pain and could hardly speak. However, she still led prayers for a group called ‘Praying Parents’. 

On Saturday, 4 January 2020, Abi went to be with the Lord. She left behind her parents, husband and three adorable boys whom she cherished dearly. Her siblings Folashade, Adenike, Olayinka, Maryam (aka Tope), Ibironke and Oluwatimileyin.

Abi, you will surely be missed by all who knew you through this journey.