Posted by Chisa Emeka-ugwu on February 2, 2019
AcharaUgo nwanyioma kacha ibe ya nma.
First Lady like u were fondly then called.
Nwanyi Ndia.
My Ebony black elegant & tallest Mum.
Saying I hv missed u more than ever is an understatement.
Wish I could turn the hands of the wall clock.
Wish I had the powers to bring u back to life.
Wish u were here to witness all lots that happened behind u.
I brutally miss u Nmmam,
Sincerely missed ur love & care.
My children missed u loads.
My brothers inexplicably feelings over u departure still hit them like iron bars.
Our Dad, ur husband still struggles life alone without u.
Words can't describe what we all feel over our loss of u. Ur unalloyed presence & sweet postures ever fresh & still green in our memories
We forever love Mum but God loves u most.
Sleep on Abingolongo!
Adieu & rest on in God's bossom till we meet to part no more.

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