Posted by Raymond Osei-Boadu on April 18, 2021
In French and Linguistics at Legon, Abena became "my Secretary" because she was very good in note taking so I always filled "my potholes" from her. Ever smiling and never angry. Abena was the only colleague who realised I was absent from 3 consecutive lecture periods and came to check me up since I was ill. Learnt of your passing after the fact. Thank you Abena, God be with you.
Posted by Ike Apea on April 14, 2021
Abena - I, along with Aggie and the boys pray that the almighty God rests your soul in eternal peace. Michael, our thoughts and prayers are with you, Annette, Andrew, Adelia, and the rest of the family at this very difficult time.
Posted by Lydia Diabour on April 12, 2021
Misabena.. my God I will give anything to hear u say mynaaama. I will forever miss our Sunday calls. Abena u are one sweet and kindhearted person I know, I love u blessings till we meet again. Pls say hi to Ma for me bye bye ooooooo
Posted by Lina Addo-Yobo on April 9, 2021
It is with deep sadness and a very heavy heart that I have found myself in a situation like this having to find words to say an earthly goodbye to you, Abena.
On that fateful Sunday morning when we got the call that you had passed away to be with your maker, I was glued to the spot and could hardly believe that it was real and not a bad dream.
Although we knew Abena wasn’t well, it was our hope and prayer that she will pull through and be back on her feet again. 
Abena, when we visited you in Texas during your illness, we were dejected to witness the challenging times you were going through. However we had every hope that you will get well and indeed you did. Little did we know that would be the last time of seeing you. 
We thank the Almighty God for the friendship we shared through our marriage relationship, for the opportunity of knowing you over the years and indeed for all good times we’ve had together as a family. 
Abena would always call with some appellation. During our visits, we would talk about different subjects. I enjoyed our discussions about food preparation and kitchen gadgets - your favourite vermicelli and the kitchen must-have ‘Air Fryer’. I am glad that your dear husband Michael has learnt to prepare vermicelli. We will forever cherish the good memories and continue with the journey ahead with Michael, Annette, Andrew and Adelia. 
Although we grief your loss, our consolation is that God in his wisdom knows best. Your memory lives in our hearts. 
Abena , Adamfo pa! Rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Francesca Bansah on April 6, 2021
Rest in Peace Abena, You will forever be missed. May God console your family.
Posted by Ebo Beecham on March 26, 2021
Last time I saw you was back in Legon but your smile and bubbly personality remain etched in my memory and our hearts.
God knows best and we can only but surrender to Gods will. Rest in perfect peace in heaven.
Yobai and the youth . . . . God comfort you and give you the strength to move on.
Posted by Christabel Mills on March 26, 2021
My dear Abena, memories of you keep flashing in my mind especially our days as roommates in Tanzania. You had such a warm and lovely personality and always full of smiles endearing yourself to all you came into contact with. I definitely will miss our long chats and your special gist. The Lord has taken you away from your loved ones but we know you are in a better place free from pain. May God comfort Michael, the children and the entire family. Rest in peace Abijay, Pumzika kwa amani. Mungu akubariki.
Posted by Susan Zwennes Adu-Aryee on March 26, 2021
Abijay always had a wide affable smile. Ready to open up a good long deep conversation. Danced well to anyone's satisfaction. Dressed well consistently. Always polite to everyone...
We talk about all these memories with fondness...
Your elevation to a higher service may be sudden but God has probably turned you into a more beautiful soul. May God grant you your well deserved rest Abijay
Posted by oko djangmah on March 25, 2021
Rest In Peace Abena. You will be greatly missed. Yobai may the God of all comfort be with you and your children and extended family in these difficult times. Stay strong and May God continue to heal your hearts.
Posted by Edna Agyemfra on March 25, 2021
Dearest Abena, gone too soon. Couldn’t have imagined that I would be writing a tribute for you. My bestie, still remember our daily commute to Sheridan College and your great social skills that made you the favourite of students and professors alike. Beautiful inside out. The last time you called to check on me I promised to keep in touch. I failed miserably. Little did I know you were ill. I tried frantically to get in touch when I found out but alas it was too late....I worried when you didn’t answer to my calls nor reply to my messages. Sadly I couldn’t even see you to comfort you. I prayed for you to get well but God had a higher plan. Rest well my friend. I miss you so much. Till we meet again, adieu.
Posted by Janice Acquaah on March 19, 2021
Abijay!! This takes me back, way way back to University Primary and Saturday Piano lessons and Cultural dance classes at Department for African were so sweet and a true lady. Abena, may your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. Sleep with the Angels
Posted by Oriana Banuaku on March 19, 2021
My dearest little sis Abena. This is so so tough for us all. We prayed, we cried out to God to spare your life. Words fail me my dear, but all I can say is may God grant you eternal rest Amponsah.

May God comfort Michael and the lovely kids you left behind, and the entire family.

Sis rest in perfect perfect peace. Love you.
Posted by Ama Ghunney on March 17, 2021
Abena why? It's been so tough to write this.
The guilt that I wasn't there for you when you were ill. The guilt that I should have done more. When I think that you passed without knowing just how much you meant to me; It's killing me.
We were at University Primary school together, then we went to Aburi Girls (same dormitory) then to Achimota School (same house). You were the perfect lady. Me, not so much. I used to tease you for being so prim and proper, and you'd always tell me off - with laughter and a smile.

Beneath that fragile look and small frame was one determined tough lady. A lady to be admired. Whatever life threw at you, you remained upbeat and positive. You know, in all the years I knew you, I dont think I ever heard you complain. You just took everything in your stride.

Life happens and we grow up. We kept in touch as adults but the text messages got shorter and the phone calls fewer until one New Years day about 3 years ago I realised I hadn't heard from you in ages so I called and followed it up with a text message when you didn't answer.
I got no reply but I just assumed you were busy. Unbeknown to me, you were ill.

I did hear about your illness but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would take you away.
Abena I am sorry, sorry i wasn't there for you. Sorry i didn't do more. Sorry I didn't try harder to keep in touch. Sorry I wasn't the sister I should have been.
But this isn't the end though, for wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.

Rest peacefully till we meet again ⚘x
Posted by Ruth Amenu on March 16, 2021
Abijay! you will be forever missed and always in our hearts. I still remember when I first met you in Primary school, it seems just like yesterday.
Abena was always so gracious and graceful and lovely, a gentle soul.
I know that Mike and your children have lost a gem, but you will forever live on in their hearts and they will always make you proud.
Rest in perfect peace, my lovely friend.
Posted by Prosper Dogbatse on March 15, 2021
Abena, loved and cared so much about her family! My wife Pat and I admired her devotion to ensuring everything was well with all. Abena was one of the first people to encourage us to look into natural and organic products and get away from chemicals! It was her passion and we are thankful as we continue to use more natural based products.
We will miss her, she regularly calls to check in on us and see how we are doing! So when for a while we were not hearing from her we were shocked to here she was ill! We don’t understand why such a beautiful soul has to leave us so early! God knows best! Our dear friend, may you rest well in the bosom of our Maker!

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