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Night of Tributes for Abiodun Toyosi Makanju.
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Thank you for all your prayers and support during this trying period.
Posted by Tomisin Aiyere on June 4, 2021
I only got to know of Abi two months ago through the Foodtherapy platform however she made such an impact in the short time I knew her. She was our group captain, always encouraging us to work out and eat well, every morning I woke up to a motivational message from her. Her messages to me were full of care and warmth. Captain, your presence will be so missed! Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Nneoma Kelechi-Uloh on June 4, 2021
It's amazing how someone can make such a huge impact in one's life within a short period of time.

In the few months I've known you, you became a strong support system. You checked up on me consistently through the period of my son's admission at the hospital. We were determined to make sure we exercised and ate healthy in May. So, you kept encouraging me daily and calling me out on the group each day I didn't show up. You were more than a group captain, you became my friend.

You were indeed a blessing in the short time I knew you. Heaven has gained an angel but we miss you here. You remain in our hearts forever and we can only console ourselves that one day, we will meet to part no more.

Sleep on angel. ❣❣❣❣
Posted by Zuriellle David on June 4, 2021
Abyyyyyyy....... Hmmmm this life!!!!. I have never met aby in person,we met thorough our wassap group ( @foodtherapy)
Aby was our group captain, so full of life.always checking on everyone making sure we workout and eat healthy....
Aby your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure ,you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
I will always keep talking about you, you deserve to be remembered........
Heaven just gained an Angel.....
Sleep on my captain
Posted by AYOTOLA AWOJIDE on June 4, 2021
I still can’t believe it, this hurts sooo much.... it’s been a few hours I heard now and I still can’t grasp this, I’m struggling ABIODUN! You buzzed me on May 19th 2021 my birthday, it hurts that I’ve deleted all my messages cos it was a lot... how could I have known it will be my last with you... Aby I smiled every time I ran into you in faculty of sciences UNILAG. Though I’ve known you since Queens College. The tiny shrieking voice at the front of row two in Y! That voice became sweet, friendly and warm. I looked forward to hearing from you through ENNY! I don’t know what happened but wished I talked to you more often ABIODUN OKEKAZEEM! Sun re oooo
Posted by akinboro yewande on June 4, 2021
I love you and I'd miss our conversations babe. You were and still remain special to me. Thank you for teaching me all I know now
Posted by Mercy Adeniyi on June 4, 2021
Abiodun was very sweet intelligent hardworking , Her smiles light up every one’s mood. She is always there for all of us. I Remembered my son’s first Birthday she made sure everything thing went well. She flew in that morning with mo. It was such a pleasant surprise. We will all miss you dearly.
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Posted by Tomisin Adeyanju on June 16, 2021
Still cant believe you are gone Abiodun
You are a blessing to this world
You are caring understanding sweet
Supportive a good listener and a lover of God. Hmmm rest on sis.
Posted by Tolulope Wale-Ogunsola on June 12, 2021
We weren't close. I knew you over the years as Tunde's girlfriend then wife. It's really inspiring over the last few days hearing and reading about how warm and caring you were. So i have no worries about how you are right now. You are great resting in the bosom of your Lord.
It seems all the special ones are going early nowadays. It makes one wonder about the rest of us that are left! We who are left should take a cue from people like you and live our lives walking with God purposefully. We should love more and give of ourselves more as Jesus commanded us to love our neighbours as ourselves. We only have one life to live, whatever length, let it be impactful like yours!
May God grant Tunde, your mum, siblings and the rest of your loved ones the strength to bear your departure. Sun re.
Posted by Onono Ogirima on June 10, 2021
Dear Abi Makay,

Your good nature and energy were contagious, you made such a great impact in our maintenance group. You say the nicest things, you cheer and encourage everyone.

Our paths crossed barely 2 months ago but I will miss you.
her Life
Abiodun Toyosi Makanju née Oke-Kazeem was a dedicated family woman who clearly understood the significance of a prosperous home to long-term stability and happiness. She invested her life in building and regularly refining the ideal home she had dreamed of; in alignment with those she placed maximum value on. Her career and life progressed satisfactorily having created a stable base from which she sprang.
Abiodun was a motivated and intelligent Administrator and Manager driven by a strong desire to impact meaningfully on her immediate environment and the people contained in those spaces. She was purposeful about creating conditions that enabled people to thrive physically and emotionally. She was process-driven and kept keen attention to details.
Abiodun was educated at the University of Lagos with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology and a Master of Science Degree in Public Health. She contributed significantly to the management of several health management institutions and systems in Nigeria through professional administration, project planning and execution and facilitating targeted research works and interventions.
Abiodun was a native of Lagos State, Nigeria, the city where she spent the better part of her life with her loving families and friends.
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My friend and confidant ❤️

Shared by akinboro yewande on June 4, 2021
I don't think we said more than five words to each other in QC but we met again at General hospital,Lagos in 2016 at the emergency to see a doctor for different reasons . From then on you became my friend,when I was having PCOS you encouraged me telling me everyday to be strong and I'd conceive and then island maternity in 2020 you continued to be my rock,I  mean a friend I tell deep things and I know not a soul will hear,you trusted me to tell me how you felt sometimes. When I got married I was always chatting you up on WhatsApp to report my husband and you would always say I over reacted,you would make me go back and apologize to him. You were there for me,you were selfless and I may have never told you this but biodun I love you. I will never have a friend like you,that's the truth. You are rare.
I'm sorry I didn't text enough, motherhood overwhelmed me,I'm sorry I wasn't there like you were always there for me,Rest in peace

Rest in love my Smoske

Shared by Ada Nne on June 4, 2021
Smoske! I really can't believe I'm writing this. Back then in QC days, we would joke around a lot. I remember when we used to make fun of the Math teacher then who pronounced 'Small Square' as 'Smoske' and then we nicknamed each other that.

Rest in love and power Abi