Posted by Tomisin Adeyanju on June 16, 2021
Still cant believe you are gone Abiodun
You are a blessing to this world
You are caring understanding sweet
Supportive a good listener and a lover of God. Hmmm rest on sis.
Posted by Tolulope Wale-Ogunsola on June 12, 2021
We weren't close. I knew you over the years as Tunde's girlfriend then wife. It's really inspiring over the last few days hearing and reading about how warm and caring you were. So i have no worries about how you are right now. You are great resting in the bosom of your Lord.
It seems all the special ones are going early nowadays. It makes one wonder about the rest of us that are left! We who are left should take a cue from people like you and live our lives walking with God purposefully. We should love more and give of ourselves more as Jesus commanded us to love our neighbours as ourselves. We only have one life to live, whatever length, let it be impactful like yours!
May God grant Tunde, your mum, siblings and the rest of your loved ones the strength to bear your departure. Sun re.
Posted by Onono Ogirima on June 10, 2021
Dear Abi Makay,

Your good nature and energy were contagious, you made such a great impact in our maintenance group. You say the nicest things, you cheer and encourage everyone.

Our paths crossed barely 2 months ago but I will miss you.
Posted by Wendu Ileka on June 9, 2021
What is life but many meetings with unexpected endings. My secondary school experience would not have been the same without you, from our long landline phone calls to my Yoruba lessons with you. Rest well Biodun, you were such a light and a gift of a friend. You will be terribly missed. From your "big square". Say me well to Mother T in heaven. Sun re Abiodun.
Posted by Gloria Enwenna on June 9, 2021
I still can't believe you are gone. Your last post on IG was so inspiring. I Celebrated you online but didn't have the time to reach out. I wish I did . You were such a charming lady. The last time I saw you in Lekki, you Just kept teasing me and talking about your dreams. I'm speechless Abi. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Aderonke Desalu on June 9, 2021
My sweet and surest sister of life,can't believe you're gone soon, I'll forever miss you my darling Angel.
Posted by Oluwadamilola Ayinde on June 9, 2021
As I type this, I still can't believe you are gone.

You were always full of life and you had an amazing personality. I still remember the convos especially the Microbiolology days at UNILAG. 

You will be missed dearly and never forgotten.
Posted by Anyanwu Ugonna on June 9, 2021
Biodun was always cheerful and accommodating. Always willing to help. Her death came to me as a shock because we actually communicated few weeks ago. Ofcourse she was in her usual cheerful nature. She will be greatly missed. My condolences go to her family. I believe we all will meet again someday.

Adieu my friend...
Posted by Rotimi Talabi on June 9, 2021
Biodun was truly amazing! I have so many wonderful memories of her- from QC days to living in the same estate in Ikorodu and much more. She was constantly in touch and would always have something nice to say every time.
One of our last chats was on my dad’s birthday. She said ‘’happy birthday to our PTA chairman’’ and we both laughed because it had been so many years since he was that.
I pray God grants her family the fortitude to bear the loss. Rest In Peace Aby!
Posted by Fleming Karikari on June 9, 2021
May your soul rest in perfect peace, Abi.
You may not have realised the impact you had on our lives. I only met you through your sister in England, but it feels like I’ve known you for years, and such is the positive impact you had on my life. I will miss your jokes, positivity, encouragement etc. We will see you again someday, and I pray for strength and encouragement for your husband and your family.
Posted by Ivy Okeke on June 9, 2021
Bey, I'm still in shock over the news of your earthly exit. Was just going through our last WhatsApp convo on your birthday this past April. Will miss how you were always dramatic when calling me Ivy blue. Rest in peace from this world's turmoil. May God comfort your loved ones and help them process your departure. Rest on, babe.❤.
Posted by banke olaleye on June 9, 2021
Biodun, we were not close in QC but Eniola Calfos has made us friends you were a genuine friend always checking on people, I just keep remembering all our hang out and you messages always asking "shey o tutu opo ju" Now who would ask me that? I remember the last time we spoke after my engagement all the prayers. You will be missed. Sleep well darling friend. I pray God will grant your husband and family the strength they need at this time.
Posted by Adeyemi Osinoiki on June 9, 2021
You will be missed Abi. I hope i am able to process never seeing you again. I always looked forward to year ends just to exchange gifts from both families. You even delivered to my parents this past year in our absence. This is certainly not goodbye. Rest on my darling. May God grant Tunde the strength he requires throughout this period.
Posted by Oluwadamilola Oyewusi on June 9, 2021
"Who stands face to face with Jesus and wants to come back just because we ask?"

I bless God for how you lived and the light you shone. I pray that it continues to warm and light up those who are still on this end. May it shine on the beautiful memories and make everyone smile more than weep at your absence.

Yes, I should have popped in more often as you said.
Posted by Victoria Yesufu on June 9, 2021
Abiodun your death came to me as a rude shock. I was planning to visit you at the hosiptal when I was told I would not be allowed to see you.
Our moments together were memorable especially the day after your last birthday, precisely April 27th.
Your words keeps coming back to me. Our discussions lingered.

Abiodun you were such a strong, dedicated, caring giver and loving colleague turned sister and friend.
I will surely miss our gists.Hardly will a month pass by without us calling each other.Our last phone call is still fresh on my mind.

You were always full of ideas on what to present for occasions and events. I recall when I needed to get gifts for my brother's wedding, you took out time to follow me to Lagos Island to get what was needed. Even until death you were working and putting your duties in order.

Abiodun you were SUPERSTAR.
I am missing your persistent call of auty Sola, auty Sola, auty sola everynow and again.
Abiodun, I will surely miss you.
May God comfort everyone you left behind.
Rest in Power
Posted by Monsurat Balogun on June 9, 2021
Abby,my Baba-oko's wifey,
news of your demise came as a rude shock but who are we to question the good Lord.
As he has called you to his side, may he grant you eternal rest always and may he grant those of us you left behind the strength and fortitude to bear this loss.
Rest in peace Dear Abby.
Posted by Oyeyemi Immanuel on June 9, 2021
Abiodun, words will not suffice. God bless your legacy and comfort us all.
Posted by Cynthia Anugwom on June 8, 2021
I'll forever miss you my dear friend, this came as a huge shock and i am soo short of words...Abbey you were a sweet soul..I and Kamsi would really miss you..Rest in Peace ore.
Posted by Adedamola Idowu on June 8, 2021
Abby, the news of your demise came as a rude shock to me. Your gentleness and radiant smile will be forever etched in our memories.
May the Lord grant Tmak and your loved ones the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. Rest in the bossom of the Lord. You are surely missed.
Posted by Bamigboye Adeniyi on June 8, 2021
Your passing on news came as rude shocking to me abiodun makanju.
May you find peaceful enternal rest in the Lord...
"Tunde makanju once again accept my condolences... May the stranght
From God cloth you at this period and also bring peace into your heart in the name of JESUS.
OH LORD comfort Abiodun's MUM...
Rest on "Abiodun makanju
Posted by JOHN I. RACHEAL on June 8, 2021
Abby!!! U are such a beautiful soul. We have not met each other, but we are as closed as if we have known ourselves for years. We pray together everytime we talk or chat. U have not met my children face to face but u love them so much. Sis, I can't still believe the news of ur demise. When Biola informed me, I warned her to stop it.
I was looking forward to meeting u and giving u a big hug, but its hurt me so much that I procrastinated our meeting.
BABE, I love u so much! But I know GOD loves u most.
RIP Beautiful Soul!!!
Posted by QCOGA SECRETARIAT on June 8, 2021
From all of us at QCOGA, we send our heartfelt condolences to family and friends of Abiodun.
Our prayers are with you at this time, as we also pray for the peaceful repose of her gentle soul.
Posted by Mimi Onalaja on June 8, 2021
I still find this so hard to believe. Abiodun. All I keep remembering is your mischievous smile/laugh and the cheeky way you interacted with others. What a loss. Even though we didn’t speak much after Secondary School, I hope you knew that you were loved and ‘Y’ would never have been the same without you. You’ll be sorely missed. Sleep well with God love.
Posted by Olufunke Belinda Walker on June 7, 2021
Reading all those beautiful memoirs about you break my heart even more. Ka bi o Kosi o Olorun. We cannot ever ever question you Lord. Last born father mi, my precious baby, my pepperless and stainless baby, beautiful in and out, you have finished your race; though short. You came, you saw and conquered with the so many lives you impacted. To say you will be greatly missed is an understatement. Rest on in the bosom of your maker and reign with HIM in glory in the day of resurrection Abiodunmi, Omo epe alaro, Omo binu inu Kassim. Your memory lives on!
Posted by Tope Ajao on June 7, 2021
I cannot even believe this yet, I never met Abi physically, we met online June last year so I have known her for less than a year but she has impacted me in ways I cannot even put into words. Thanks for letting your light shine so bright and being such a beautiful person in and out. Sun re o
Posted by Chinelo Osegbe on June 7, 2021
It’s been such a long time since we last spoke or saw, Abiodun. But I remember coming across your pictures recently on Facebook and smiled to myself cause I remembered QC days. We were in the same corner; you thought us more on how to be neat, prim and proper in your special ways. I was too shocked when I read about your passing. Still shocked. Your voice, laugh, comments, poise. You’ll always be remembered. Rest well dear.
Posted by Ogechukwu Modebelu on June 6, 2021
Abiodun. !!! I cannot believe you are gone. I remember meeting you in obong dorm during our Queens college school days from Lilian aka hot choco as you fondly called her then.your big smile always welcomed me anytime I come visiting to your corner and dorm. Writing this tribute short of words , I bid you Adieu and farewell!!! May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace!!
Posted by Fatima Binta Mohammed on June 7, 2021
May her soul Rest In Peace.
It’s really shocking how fickle this life is ..
One minute you see someone the next minute the person is gone .. our mates going so young ... GOD
May Almighty GOD give her family the fortitude to bear the loss
Posted by Chekwube Chizoba on June 6, 2021's sad writing this........I don't know what happened but I believe you are in a better place. We were bunkmates back then.....I remember ur tiny voice, n smile, organised ...and dream girls ( memories).......I pray God gives your family and loved ones the fortitude to bear this loss ......
God help us to make heaven at last to rest eternally IJN......
Posted by Zainab Rufai on June 6, 2021
It is sooo sad for me to write rest in peace for u Abiodun oke- kassim. I belive you are in a better place..... may the good lord comfort your family... amen. Rest in peace dear.
Posted by Mumeenat Babs-Animashaun on June 6, 2021
Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaehi raji’un. Abiodun - “cousin”, as we fondly called each other in QC - You were a shining light to all that knew you, with such a lively presence. You have gone too soon, but we are comforted with the knowledge that this is God’s will. May God Almighty grant you a peaceful repose in the hereafter and may you shine brighter in the Lord’s bosom. May God grant your family and loved ones the fortitude to bear this loss. Amen. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Omolara Saka on June 6, 2021
Abiodun mi owon. Rest in power my dear friend. Such a nice girl. I remembered those days in Dolphin estate with dem Funlola. I will miss you my dear Abby.
Posted by Martha Thomaa on June 6, 2021
Abby, Fish fingers! I miss you. I will forever miss you. I still haven't been able to believe you are truly gone, some goodbyes are truly hard to say.
You had such a sweet and caring heart. The softest voice, ah Biodun, I will forever miss you. Sleep well ❤
Posted by Tosin Fatai-Oso on June 6, 2021
May you rest in Gods bosom! Sleep well Biodun 
Posted by Amaka Aniebue on June 6, 2021
Rest in the Lord's bosom peacefully Abiodun. Its so sad to read about your demise, i sure hope that the good Lord gives the family and loved ones the fortitude and the heart to bear this great loss. Until we meet again... You will be missed.
Posted by Queen's College 2006 set on June 6, 2021
It's so hard and painful that this has happened. You're a kind and lovely person. May your soul rest in peace. You are loved. Sleep well from all at Queen's College 2006
Posted by apex soar on June 6, 2021
Abiodun, your soul is a joyful one.
You are a full of courage and that was why it shocked me when i was told that you had left us to meet God.
You are relentless in service. Also, you are a winner.
You sent me that sweet message on April 27, 2021 and I never expected that you would leave so soon.
Enjoy Abraham's bosom and of course you will rest and enjoy in heaven.
God bless your soul.
Rest in Peace.

Posted by tolulope fayemi on June 6, 2021
We were study partners during MSc in Unilag. She was so determined and passionate about her studies. She inspired me to be more serious. She is a kindhearted and warm lady. So free spirited. You left way too soon . Rest In Peace beautiful.
Posted by Bola Adeniyi-taiwo on June 6, 2021
Abby came into our lives for a short period but in that short period, her impact was felt significantly.
She was very central to the successful execution of one of our projects at The Workplace Centre a few years ago and gave her all to the organization.
On a personal level, Abby was ever ready to help me and my family in whatever way she could, right up to a few days before her passing.
Her smile was infectious and she radiated joy at all times.
Abby, May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace until we meet again to part no more.
Posted by omobolac coker on June 6, 2021
Abi, may light perpetual continually shine on you. May your gentle soul rest in peace .....
Posted by Uchechi Amaechi on June 6, 2021
Biodun, my good friend. How do I write this tribute? I am heartbroken. I can't even stop the tears from flowing. I remembered the last message you sent to me on May 26th when I asked you, how you were and you responded "Transition Phase", I did not know it was a message you passed across. You were a good friend, a wonderful soul. Heaven has gained. Rest in peace, Ore mi.
Posted by Babalola Samuel Ayoola on June 6, 2021
May Your Gentle Soul Continue to Rest ln Perfect peace. Your death is so shocking but God knows better. I prayed for TMak and the family She left behind that God in His infinity mercies shall continue to uphold you. Loruko Jesu Kristi.
Adieu and rest in peace.
Pst Ayo Babalola and Family.
Posted by Oluwatosin OGUNYEMI on June 6, 2021
Abiodun you were a nice soul, you were beautiful inside out, you had love in your heart for everyone, you were my friend. I am sure God as called you you to be with the angels worshipping him because you were one on earth. May God rest your soul and keep your family.
Posted by Olanrewaju Balogun on June 6, 2021
Abiodun as i used to call her she would smile and say i like the way you call my full name .She was my friends joy (Tmak)and i prayyou are in the blossom of the Almighty smiling at him .All i hear is your voice and remember your charming smile we would miss you dearly Abiodun sun re ooo
Posted by Folake Segun on June 5, 2021
You have gone too soon! Rest in Peace dear Abi. God comfort all who knew you and loved you.
Posted by Tosin Ozoya on June 5, 2021
Abi, that's what we called you. I was so shocked to hear of your passing.      So shocked that all I could say was 'Oh my God!' Then I started to reach out to people from Globemed so that I could find someone to speak to. A friend or acquaintance we had in common. I called Ben, Titi and Mercy.                                                     I wish this was a birthday message. I would have liked to thank you in person for the lessons I learnt from you.                                          You were there when it mattered the most. My traditional and white weddings. You sent me 5k on my daughters birthday.                        I have fond memories of you speaking about how much you loved The food Network and tried out recipes. You also didn't joke with lunchtime. You had a Ziploc bag with soup and made Eba a few times. I recall that you gave me garri once to make eba at the office.                                                   You were also very particular about positive confessions. You would say, I am strong.                                                                 As sad and shocking as this is, I am glad that you were saved. Till we meet again.
Posted by Mercy Adejobi on June 5, 2021
I am still lost for words!
In all we give God the glory.
I shall forever cherish the moments we shared as colleagues in Globemed.
I pray that the sweet holy spirt comforts your family and grants them strength, even in this difficult time!
Till we meet again on the resurrection morning!
Rest in peace dearest Abby!
Posted by Victoria Odubanjo on June 5, 2021
The news of your demise, came as a shock to me. I wish i kept in touch more. You will be greatly missed Biodun. Rest in Peace
Posted by Jennifer Ume on June 5, 2021
I sometimes randomly remember happenings and people from QC and memories of you and the funny nicknames you gave our classmates pop into my head.....nicknames like Ribena, green pepper, nosey..... You were such a fun spirit Biodun. Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord. May your family and all loved ones find solace in this. Amen
Posted by Florence Ameh on June 4, 2021
Life really does throw us things we never ever expected.
I met Aby on our maintenance group. I always wondered how someone could be so loving and caring. She is such to every one as our captain. I always loved her beautiful smile and words of motivation each morning.
Now we have to live without you here. You are greatly missed sister. I cry because, I wish you remain here but heaven beckoned on an angel- Aby.
Good night Aby Makay and rest on peacefully with your maker.
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