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June 29, 2016

All of us who knew Adam knew he struggled with addiction. The last few times I talked to him he was excited to be moving out of state to get himself back together, but I didn't know if I believed him....either he wouldn't really leave or he wouldn't get clean. But he did go and did get clean. I'm proud of him for his effort. Living with addiction is hard. He went to rehab, detox,and tried to get clean on his own and all of those are hard to do,especially when u are deep in ur addiction. This last time around Adam didn't make it, but he was trying to make it and trying to be successful. I don't want to say he's in a better place now or hes free or at peace, but I will say he is finally in a place where he no longer has to struggle with his disease anymore.  Our addiction is basically what caused Adam and Myself to be friends,and that's probably all we had in common, although it was a horrible thing that brought to talk to eachother-I am glad we became friends. He gave me some good advice,and I was able to give him some too. He had a big heart and cared so much for other people,and had I not become his friend I would have never known what a kind and caring person he really was.

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