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  • 97 years old
  • Born on September 12, 1919 in Santa Barbara, California, United States.
  • Passed away on April 8, 2017 in Oceanside, California, United States.


After a life filled with family, friends and laughter, Addie McMenamin passed away peacefully on April 8, 2017 at her home in Oceanside, California, following a brief illness.  Addie touched many lives during her 20+ years in the Occidental College Alumni Office, her first 20 years of retirement on Filucy Bay in Longbranch, Washington, and her 15 years of retirement in Oceanside. 

Addie joined John, her beloved husband of 71 years, who passed away in February 2014.  She survived by her two sons (David and Stuart) and their spouses (Lindsay and Laurie), two granddaughters (Sara and Sylvie) and four great grandchildren (Jake, Charlie, Riley, and Mckenna), as well as numerous close friends, including colleagues and students from Occidental College and community friends from Southern California, Washington and places too numerous to mention.

Addie specifically requested that there be no formal memorial service or funeral.  Her immediate family will gather later this year to celebrate her life and how it impacted each of us.

In accordance with Addie’s wishes, memorial contributions may be made to the McMenamin Scholarship at Occidental College, 1600 Campus Road, Los Angeles, CA 90041.

Music played an important part of Addie’s life, from playing the violin in the all-college symphony in Santa Barbara to singing in the Women’s Glee Club at Occidental.  In recent years, our visits with Addie invariably included singing some old favorites with her, and on her last day of life, Addie was quietly humming Que Sera, Sera.  We hope that each of you takes a moment to sing one of your favorite songs in honor of the incredible life of our beloved Addie, and that you leave a tribute to Addie below (or share a story about Addie using the "Stories" tab).

Posted by Claudia Loy on 1st June 2017
So sorry to hear about Addie's passing. She was a beautiful soul. But the saddest day for the Key Peninsula community was when they moved from their home in Longbranch and moved to be with their family in California. They both were amazing people and it was a previledge to know them and have them as friends.
Posted by Laurie McMenamin on 23rd May 2017
Having Addie in my life for the past 53 years was such a gift. I admired her love for her family, her intellect, her kindness and generosity, and her humility. Addie also had that rare quality of being in the moment- loving whatever she was doing. She approached life with an infectious enthusiasm, an optimism that never diminished even as her eye sight failed and her short term memory disappeared. My weekly visits with her were lessons in kindness and gratitude. Thank you Addie for being such a dear and adept teacher. I will miss you.
Posted by Judy Schroeder on 6th May 2017
Addie (or Mrs. McMenamin, as I called her until she insisted, years after graduation, that I stop) was my "boss" at the Oxy alumni office, starting in 1959. The amazing thing is that, even though I have lived in Indiana since 1962, we kept in touch through all the intervening years. It was a huge delight sitting with the McMenamins at our 50th class reunion, and we enjoyed visiting them when we came to see my daughter in Oceanside. They showed us their condo, and the last years we would meet for lunch at Mimi's. For me Dr. McMenamin was the adjunct; Addie was the main attraction. She was a role model for me, personifying genuineness, kindness, humility, intelligence, and humor. I appreciate your letting me know of her death. I celebrate her beautiful life.
Posted by Marsha Saben on 3rd May 2017
Thank you for sharing about Addie's passing. She and "Dr. Mac" left an indelible memory our lives as mentors as to how to live a good life. Dr. Mac played a special role at Oxy for Larry during his college years. After we married, we had the opportunity to stay with them overnight in Washington during a trip through the Northwest. I'll never forget Dr. Mac's huge dahlias in his garden or the wonderful hospitality of Addie, cooking us a lovely meal and opening up their home to two young people just beginning in life. They had wonderful words of wisdom to share about marriage, work, and life that have guided us through the years. We will miss their annual Christmas card but know they are now together again. Our thoughts are with the family and hope your loving memories help ease the pain of her loss. Larry and Marsha Saben
Posted by Richard Cornuelle on 29th April 2017
Sometimes we know things through direct experience. Sometimes, not having the direct experience, we draw our conclusions based on the evidence we can see. While I've known Addie for over 50 years, I find I know her as Stuart's Mom or as Dr. John's wife. Those two powerful gents put Addie somewhat in the background for me. Sure, Addie's natural gentleness and kindness were ever present. For me, the deeper evidence of Addie's wonderful character is indirect and shines two ways. The first is as the partner with Dr. John in a loving relationship of what, eighty years? Folks, that takes something special. The second bit of evidence is embodied in my friend Stuart. The facts that he is who he is and that Addie is his mother are not a coincidence. Aloha to Addie for a rich life lived well.
Posted by Casey James on 25th April 2017
Addie was unforgettable, always having fun, always up for anything. We travelled with John and Addie to the Great Barrier Reef, reconnected on the side of Mt Rainier where we accidentally ran into each other (image 35) then again in San Diego where we spent a year and Addie and John's grandchild played with our then 3 year old son. We eagerly opened the annual Christmas letter knowing we'd be in for, at the very least a goodchuckle, but probably a full fledged belly laugh. I wish they had been President and first person.
Posted by Stuart McMenamin on 23rd April 2017
Addie was the best. Even in her waning days she was as sweet as pie. Our recent conversations always started the same way…Addie, this is Stu, I’m your little boy, you are my mom and I love you. At which point she would smile and give me an air kiss. She had some difficulty believing that she lived to 97. When I would tell her that it was 2017, she would say … Noooo … or Wow… or That’s amazing. And when I asked how she was doing, she would always say “really good.” She had that positive, sweet attitude through to the end. Like I said, Addie was the best.

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