This website was created in memory of our loved one, Dr. Samuel Adewunmi Adedeji born on February 4, 1941, and went to be with the Lord on June 7, 2021 at the age of 80 years old surrounded by his family. He is forever in our hearts.
Posted by Gboyega Obafemi on February 5, 2022
It is with thanks to God for the life my uncle Bro Dr Samuel Adedeji lived. We reflect today on the things he did to help humanity. We give thanks to God that he serve God through his life. We remember him in the lord today for his good works and kindness to us all

Gboyega Obafemi
Posted by Adeola Aluko on February 4, 2022
My Paa of Inestimable value,May you & other other faithfully departed souls through the mercy of God Rest in perfect peace amen.
You are remembered today & always with affections
Posted by Chris and Omosefe Enofe on February 4, 2022
Happy heavenly birthday daddy Rest on.
Posted by Jerry Kuye Obafemi on February 4, 2022
Posted by Leo K on June 23, 2021
It was only 12 months ago we spoke when you offered your kind words of comfort after your dear friend, and brother, my dad passed. That meant a lot to me. May uncle's sweet soul rest in peace - Dapo K
Posted by Theophilus Iwoh on June 23, 2021

I became acquainted with this gentleman doctor in 1988 at Lagos at the start of my undergraduate studies at the prestigious University of Lagos. He conducted a medical test on me (as required then) and wrote a frank assessment to the school authority. My admiration of him stemmed from his discipline and good work ethics. He taught me to always button up my shirt and tuck it in my trousers. He would berate his late nephew, Tomi Obafemi and me over our non-challant dressing. (Tomi was my indefatigable ally and big brother)
I was emotional when I heard of the passing of Dr. SA Adedeji. My condolences to his family, relations and Christian community.
We shall see him again in a wonderful form on the resurrection. - John 5:28,29.
Posted by Wole Abiodun-Wright on June 19, 2021
Tribiute to honour Dr Ade Adedeji

He was a good man.
His work ethics was amazing,8very admirable.He always found a way to get the job done!

I arrived at the Surgical unit, LUTH, in early 1979 to begin the Residency Programm. He was "my Chief" then and remained so until the end a few days ago.
He added value and wisdom to my career in surgery.
His work ethics was given full expresion whilst he served as the Secretary, Faculty Board of Surgery, PGMMCN.He simply did not know any other way!
Even as his health began to fail he continued to work at establishing a link between the ACG and the Nigerian equivalent.
His was a life dedicated to improving the surgical profession.

So, another good man moves on
Did we learn enough from him?
I pray that the good Lord accepts his soul and give him eternal rest. May He also console his wife and their children.
Posted by Emmanuel Efeni on June 19, 2021
With the demise of our brother, Dr SAMUEL ADEWUNMI ADEDEJI, we have lost one of the leaders who worked tirelessly for the transformation of the then Surulere Unit into today’s Okota branch of GKS by God’s grace. His good works in the service of the Almighty God will always be remembered. His service to humanity and works of Charity are fresh in the minds of many whose loved ones benefited from his famous Coker Hospital in Lagos. He was a kind-hearted physician who the duty of saving lives above making money. His memory will remain a blessed one. We cannot forget how Dr. Adedeji, as he was fondly called, put his private medical practice in Nigeria at the disposal of the poor and the needy who came in with health emergencies.
The Scripture enjoins: “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”. I Thessalonians 5: 18. Hence, the Administrative Committee, on behalf of the entire members of Okota Branch, thank God for the life of our late brother who passed away at the age of 80 years, exceeding the biblical three score and ten by His grace.

He was born into the faith of the God's Kingdom Society, the Church of the Living God. His father, the late Brother Samuel Odewale Adedeji and his mother, the late Sister Victoria Adedeji were among the early converts of St. G.M. Urhobo, the founding instrument God Almighty used to establish the God’s Kingdom Society. Dr Adedeji grew up in the faith of GKS and was a convinced member of the Church. He was very thorough and of impeccable integrity. These qualities stood him out when he served as a member of the Administrative Committee of GKS Okota branch. He was a recognized member of the Church, who despite his ever-busy schedule as a medical doctor, created the time for the worship of his Maker. Today, he is no more but we speak of his good deeds.
We shall see our late brother, Dr Samuel Adewunmi Adedeji again on the day of resurrection by God's grace and power. Daniel. 12: 2, John 5:28-29, Hosea 13:14. 1Thess.4:13, 14 & 18 etc.

Brother FMO Osifo Brother Emmanuel Efeni
Chairman Secretary

Posted by Rhonda Brown on June 19, 2021
Dear Sis. Stella,
May our God provide comfort and peace to you and your family during this time of bereavement. You are always there to provide comfort to everyone. Please know that we are standing with you at this time. Our condolences, prayers, and blessings to you from the WOF of Abiding Faith.

 "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;"... Rev. 21.4
Posted by Yinka Akinfe on June 19, 2021
Dear uncle,
I remember when you told me about the importance of an educated mind. I remember how your silent inspiration urged me on in my quest for knowledge. I remember how you touched families with your gift and seeing the joy you brought them by your work. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world and more importantly, I give God the glory for sending you my way. Rest in the Lord, uncle. Rest, servant of God.
Posted by Oluwasegun Egberedu on June 19, 2021
Our condolences to the Adedeji’s family
Uncle Doc only celebrated his birthday 80th February 4th 2021 four months later he is gone. It was an immense impact on us when Comfort and I we were told. We cried at the same time reminiscing, we give thanks for his life. “In everything we should give thanks to God almighty and His Son Jesus Christ.
My wife Comfort remembered him from the 80s when he use to visit, working in some of the British hospitals in London he was a genius, very generous, gentle. A man of few words he smiles a lot. He definitely was born to become a doctor ‘The people’s doctor’. We are blessed to have known him.
My uncle actually he was the only uncle I knew and he was also my doctor.
When I had an ingrown toenail he made me feel so important that I spent two days in hospital I was 10 years old and the nurses at the time said he did not want me to feel the pain.
When I got to the Uk I had a rude awakening of the true treatment I was given injection on the toe part of it cut off and told to go home and take paracetamol and believe me I felt the pain.
This is just one of many ways my uncle will treat everybody he will take your pain and make it trivial both medically or non medical.
Good night daddy, grand dad,brother, cousin, uncle doc! Rest in God’s arms in Jesus name!
All our love to his wife Aunty Ronke Adedeji and children Jokotade, Joke, Bola Adedeji and the rest of his siblings left behind. Peace of The Lord be with you all. Amen!
From Oluwasegun, Comfort, Daniella and Vanessa.
Posted by Nosa Omoregie on June 18, 2021
Daddy was a man of integrity.
For all the years we knew him, he has always show love to me and my family,
and I enjoy all the years I worked with him.
May his soul rest in peace.
Pastor Nosa and Mercy Omoregie
Posted by Chikezie Kalu on June 18, 2021
To a loving caring and wonderful friend! Receptive and adaptive! Gentle with a smile always in the face. You will be dearly missed. We thank God for your exemplary life and ‘Doctor’ as I always called you, may your soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Joy Komolafe on June 18, 2021
Daddy, that’s who you were to me. I cannot call you Uncle because you are Daddy to me. You and Mummy took me into your home when the enemy struck and wanted to swallow me. You made sure I was not homeless. You protected me.

You and Mummy never made me feel I wasn’t part of the family. Who I am today, I owe it to your generosity and kindness. Words cannot express all you mean to me but I am forever grateful to you, Mummy and my sisters – Joko, Joke and Bola.
I looked at my wedding picture and there you were, beside me, not just as Chairman of the occasion but as my second Daddy.

I am still struggling to comprehend you are no more with us. I remember speaking to you on your birthday and you were so full of life. But God who gave you to us has called you home to be with Him. I will miss you. The entire Olushina family will miss you.

Sleep on dearly beloved Daddy.
Joy Komolafe (nee Olushina)
Posted by Jerry Kuye Obafemi on June 18, 2021
It is with sadness we say we have lost our dear uncle Dr. Samuel Adedeji, He was a true uncle to all, God fearing man who cares and made everyone felt at home, we shall miss him. We pray his good works continued to be remembered by all.

Prof Jerry Kuye Obafemi
Posted by Olubunmi Grace Johnson on June 18, 2021
Posted by Olubunmi Grace Johnson on June 18, 2021
Humn, daddy/uncle, took me this while to pen a tribute! Yes, because I can only remember the way you were appreciating my call on your 80th birthday .
As usual, you asked smiling or laughing after everyone. You were our second daddy in the OLUSHINA family, I am sure if our Educational dossiers are looked into, your signature will be there!
You were ever so dependable, chairman at my wedding as well as my youngest sister’s Joy.
Your family and ours have remained one since you and our daddy met each other. I on behalf of all of us commiserate with mummy (aunty Ronke, God bless you ma) and Joko, Joke (my duduyemi) Debola (debo nene). The Lord will keep you all and preserve you to HIS GLORY in Jesus Christ mighty name.

Rest in perfect peace ☮️ daddy!
Posted by Olubunmi Grace Johnson on June 18, 2021
Humn, daddy/uncle, took me this while to pen a tribute! Yes, because I can only remember the way you were appreciating my call on your 80th birthday .
As usual, you asked smiling or laughing after everyone. You were our second daddy in the OLUSHINA family, I am sure if our Educational dossiers are looked into, your signature will be there!
You were ever so dependable, chairman at my wedding as well as my youngest sister’s Joy.
Your family and ours have remained one since you and out daddy met each other. I on behalf of all of us commiserate with mummy (aunty Ronke, God bless you ma) and Joko, Joke (my duduyemi) Debola (debo nene). The Lord will keep you all and preserve you to HIS GLORY in Jesus Christ mighty name.

Rest in perfect peace ☮️ daddy!
Posted by OLUWOLE ATOYEBI on June 17, 2021
May his soul rest in peace.
Dr Adedeji was a very committed fellow of the college who wanted the best for it and trainees. I remember while he was Faculty Secretary, he would organize training sessions for Residents at his spare time; and during my early sojourn in the UK, he sent several emissaries through me to professional contacts in the UK colleges to try and win support for our College and trainning programme. For these we should be forever grateful and remember him.
Adieu Dr. Samuel Adedeji.

Sam Osaghae
Posted by Chris and Omosefe Enofe on June 15, 2021
We are grateful that we got to know Daddy Adedeji, he was a kind and strong man always willing to offer a helping hand. He will be dearly missed. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Mummy, Joko, Joke and Bola, we pray for God's continued strength and comfort for you and your family in Jesus name.
Posted by Rosie Williams on June 15, 2021
Prayers and condolences to Sister Stella and family. Jacinta and I are praying for comfort for your family. We know that experiencing this break in your family circle has impacted you all tremendously. We pray that the love of God and precious memories will will give you solace and a peace that surpasses our understanding. Much love to you all.
Posted by Remilekun Adedokun Olutay... on June 15, 2021
Hmmm, my life story and indeed the story of my entire family will NEVER be complete without mentioning Big Daddy as he is fondly known. He was our daddy.

When the news of his death got to me , the first thing that came to my mind was my father Min. Felix Adedokun -his brother, how would I be able to tell him his beloved Senior brother had slept the sleep of death without it affecting him so so much? Because very very recently,my dad kept talking about his brother, hmmmm he was missing him .

Loads of memories are flooding my head and tears are filled in my eyes as I pen down this.

My dad would always tell us a story of how Doc had a particular shoe that my dad liked but doctor kept telling him(my dad) when he gets to a certain age before he would pass down that shoe to him(my dad)

Doctor was the one who birthed my younger brother in Coker Specialist Hospital Feb 21st who by God's grace is also a Minister of the Gospel, Min Adeoluwa Adedokun

Doctor would come and pick my sister and I from school AIRFORCE pry school Victoria Island and off we go to Ikoyi Club to meet Joko ,Joke and Bola and he would proudly tell anyone who cares to ask that we all are his daughters and from there home at Gbagada till Sunday after church service before we will reluctantly follow our parents Min.Felix Adedokun home to Pike street.

Or, is it when he would come back from the hospital and we as kids didn't care if he was tired or not , we just want to jump on his body , on the bed and he would always have that time to play with us.

Or , when he would carry us to the Clinic--- Coker Specialist Hospital so we could help out in sticking labels on medicine bottles.
I can still remember him with his glasses and he is staring at you , listening to everything you have to say before he would give his reply.

His home was basically open to ALL , his Clinic was also for everyone ,he wasn't bothered about making profit but render care to people, haaaaa, he was generous ,he was accommodating, he was a good man,he was friendly, he was our PRIDE ,I still remember 1990 when we (my sister and I) had to move in permanently to live with him, he made sure we attended the best school GRACE children school . There was always food at home, I remember our days of cooking beautiful nonsense as kids, Jokotade was our elder sister and we looked up to her as our role model.

Oh Daddy, I still remember how happy you were when my dad called you to tell you I had gotten married and had a son , I could feel the happiness in your voice , that is the kind of person you were--- happy for everyone. I could go on and on about how much of a daddy, uncle and senior brother he was to us

I won't fail to salute Big mummy (Sis Ronke ) for your care, support and love over the years for our Doctor, you were the pillar that stood beside him and God bless you immensely

To Jokotade, Joke and Bola ---- my sisters I wish to say Thank you for our years together as one big happy family ❤️❤️

We shall see him again on the day of Resurrection . John 5:28-29
Posted by Folasade Ayanlowo on June 14, 2021
To everything there is a season, a time to be born and a time to die. My inlaw, a rare gem, (husband of my cousin, Mrs. Stella Aderonke Adedeji) has been known to me since 1976. You were like a brother to me and a good friend.

A gentleman with a pleasant demeanour, generous and selfless to a fault. He was a kind, quiet and loving man. He was a brilliant doctor who was well known and respected at his work.

His generosity and calm nature was second to none, very hospitable and accommodating. We are pained by your death but you are free from all the troubles of this wicked and unfair world.

May God comfort and uphold the entire family he left behind. We love you inlaw and miss you. We thank God for your life well spent. Rest on the bosom of your CREATOR. O DI OWURO O Dr. Adedeji
Posted by Olaniyi Odeajo on June 14, 2021
You took everyone as your own, you never discriminate among your children and other children, relatives and siblings.
Your home was a bus-stop for people and your family accommodated all.
You were firm on what you believe but was ready to accommodate others' opinions.
You had the blessing of the Almighty God by marrying your wife (who stood by you in all) and giving you lovely children.
Yes, your baby sister, my mother, would miss you dearly but she is assured that you accepted Christ before your death.
You have done well and I thank God that when we spoke last, you still repeated and reminded me that "He is coming soon."
He has come for you, I believe that you are resting in His Bossom.

"Sleep on my Daddy."

Sign: Odeajo, Eniola
Posted by Olaniyi Odeajo on June 14, 2021
My dear brother, thank you very much for always standing by me, since the day of my birth till now.
From sending me to school, to taking care of me, even after the passing-on of my dear-departed husband.
We will all meet on the Resurrection Morning, to part no more.

Goodbye, my dear brother.
I will miss you.

Sign: Mrs Olufunke Odeajo
Posted by Olaniyi Odeajo on June 14, 2021
Precious in the sight of the LORD
Is the death of His saints.
(PSALM 116; 15)

The strength of a family, like the strength of believers, is in its loyalty to each other. You kept stressing the need for us to always care for each other. That, will always live with us forever. Thanks for the legacy you have left us with. I know that God has a plan, but this one is really hard to accept. However, we totally submit to the Lord's will ..... Rest on, Dearest Uncle!
Posted by Gboyega Obafemi on June 14, 2021
A Eulogy and tribute to our late Dr. Samuel Adewunmi Adedeji
     by the families of Adedeji, Egberedu, Adedokun and Obafemi

The news of our late Brother and Uncle Dr Samuel Adewunmi Adedeji’s death came to us as a shock. He was a devoted family man who touched the hearts of everyone in the family. His generosity and kindness was felt not only by the families but persons worldwide. It was King Solomon who said; “there is a season and time to every purpose; a time to be born and a time to die… A time to weep and a time to laugh” Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4.

Our late Brother and Uncle was an inspirational, knowledgeable Doctor of Medicine, his talent was felt by patients at the University of Hammersmith UK, Lagos Teaching Hospital and Cooker Clinic. We, the families, thank God for his life and that he kept the Christian faith until death.
We would like to recall some our Brother and Uncle Dr. Samuel Adedeji’s qualities. A soft spoken man, always there to listen, never said no to any request even if it meant he forfeit for his own benefit. When he calls anyone he always remembers the names of the family members. He is always praying for God’s help to all. What a star that death has taken away from us.

Our Late Brother and Uncle was humble, loyal to the family and his profession, patient and very accommodating, a firm believer of the God'Kingdom Society Church faith, despite his difficulties both in Nigeria and in the US, he remained faithful to God till death.

We, the families, have cause to rejoice and thank God for the life of our late Brother and Uncle Dr. SA Adedeji that he knew the LORD and served Him to the end. We consoled ourselves with the words of Hosea the prophet in Hosea 13:14 to wit: “I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death O death, I will be they plague, O grave I will be they destruction. Repentance shall be hid from mine eyes”

We have faith, and the hope that, we shall see our Brother and Uncle again on resurrection day as we comfort ourselves with the words of Christ in John 5: 28, 29 which gives us that hope, that we shall see our Late Brother and Uncle Dr. Samuel A Adedeji again on the day of resurrection by the grace of God

Signed the families of


Posted by Adeola Aluko on June 13, 2021
My Paa grew up as the only male in a family of females, so you can imagine how protective everyone was.
I spoke to him in Feb on his last birthday &he expressed his desire to see me in the USA again. I promised I shall be there soon God willing. but alas!he succumbed to the cold hands of death before my promise materialised.
You were such a blessing, so thoughtful,true to me &my family. I feel eternally to have known someone like you
I remember how you wept bitterly infront of Ward B2 in LUTH when calamity befell me in 1999 &said, "NOT AGAIN DEOLA "
Goodnight my Paa&our highly respected surgeon
May your noble soul &those of other departed faithfuls through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace Amen
To my big sis (big mummy),my aburos. Inlaws, grandchildren etc, God will grant us the fortitude to bear the loss. We pray along with everyone.
Sadly &sorely missed but remembered with affections.
Adeola Aluko (nee Okanlawon)
Posted by Lanre Obafemi on June 13, 2021
I listened to the song - Amazing Grace - as I entered the tribute page of my uncle.
Indeed, a man of grace and compassion. My tribute signifies gratitude and the need to remember my uncle as a gentle and kind-hearted man who touched the lives of many in his lifetime. He was well learned, humble, and considered the needs of others. The only son of his parents amongst 4 sisters – my late mother being one of the sisters.

Thank you for being an example of selfless love, humility, and humanity.

You will be greatly missed, but I have that precious hope of the resurrection. 
Posted by Oyelayo Odewunmi on June 13, 2021
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. The family will always remember you ,for your humility and a very generous and distinguished individual you are.You will continue to live in our hearts. Sleep on.
May the almighty God uphold all the families that you have touched. Adieu till we meet again
Posted by yeside akinbolagbe on June 13, 2021
May Daddy’s legacy in the family and professional life live forever. May the Lord console the whole family and comfort you with the fond memories that you shared. May his soul rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Tolulope Okeke on June 13, 2021
Always happy and very bubbly ‘Uncle Adedeji’. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Rukky Ekokobe on June 13, 2021
Dear Daddy,May your kind and dear soul RIP sir.You are the reason I am alive today,after saving the life of me and my Mum at Child birth. I feel so sad I didn't not have the chance to thank you sir.You were a great Man,that took care of people, kind and your smile sir that makes us know we are in safe hands. May God grace,blessings continue to be with dear Mummy and the whole family. On behalf of my mum and junior one's please take heart Mummy,your dear daughters and the extended family. Our sincere condolences. Thanks for the care u showed us all,we love u sir.Daddy died a "LEGEND". RIP SIR.
Posted by Isaac Egberedu on June 13, 2021
The news of your passing came as a rude shock. You had such a giving spirit and opened your heart and shared your blessings with so many. Your kindness and generosity knows no bounds. Your demonstration if what it means to be a Christian is so inspiring.
Your spirit produces love,joy,patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control.

You inspired and motivated me and I can not thank you enough for all you did for me. Love you and will miss you. Until we see again on the day of resurrection.
Posted by Yinka Odeajo on June 13, 2021
What can one say!!!!! A giant goes home. The pride of the Adedejis answers the glorious call. Your memories are etched in our hearts forever. The only uncle I called Daddy. Sleep on sir. We love you. May your soul continue to rest in peace
Posted by Nana George on June 13, 2021
Ade 2 as my husband Prof Olubunmi George of blessed memory used to call him was a
' junior' brother to my husband in every sense of the word brother.
He always sorted out my problems no matter how awkward the time I approached him , unless it was impossible.
He always had soothing words for any situation I presented him.
    May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Manny Osifo on June 13, 2021
We celebrate the life of a great man who touched many lives. The sad news of the passing of Dr. Samuel Adedeji shocked us like a thunderbolt. My aged father who happens to be Doctor's bosom friend and confidant, my mother, siblings and entire family are yet to get over his passing. They were inseparable, more like brothers than friends. The Osifos and the Adedejis are one big family.

De Doc, like we usually call him, was the epitome of a perfect gentle man to the core. A man of few words but great wisdom and intelligence. An accomplished Medical Physician of great repute in the Nigerian and West African medical circle, both as a practitioner and an academician. A great father, grandfather, brother and uncle who touched and saved many lives with his profession. A devouted Christian who served God to the end.

Growing up as a young boy, De Doc was literally the only Doctor I knew. He was everybody's Doctor. The community's go to doctor. He was both our immediate and extended family doctor and his private hospital back then, Coker Specialist Hospital was more of a charity center than a for profit hospital. De Doc saved the lives of many members of our family. He was more about saving lives than the material gains. I remember my uncountable visits to Coker either for treatment, counseling or visit to a sick family member. He was loved by all. My family and I will remain eternally grateful for your service, love and care.

De Doc was also a workaholic who spent countless nights at the hospital at the detriment of his family. But thank God for the understanding and support of his amiable wife Sister Ronke, an accomplished registered Nurse practitioner herself, who took care of the home front with their beautiful daughters Jokotade, Joke and Bola.

De Doc was indeed a Medical Guru and one of the last of his era. He was a gift to humanity and the Medical profession at large. He served his purpose well and the Lord decided to call him home.

On behalf of the Osifo family, I want to thank God for the great life he lived dedicated to the service of humanity. A decade passed the proverbial 3 score and 10; the legacies and awesome memories he left with us which we will forever cherish. De doc will be greatly missed. Once again, please accept our deepest condolence as this great distinguished man of honor goes home to rest. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sister Ronke, Jokotade, Joke, Bola and the entire family. As Christians we submit to the will of God and take solace in the fact that we shall all see again on resurrection day by the special grace of God..!!
Good Night Uncle. Adieu De Doc...!!

Manny Osifo
On behalf of The Osifos.
Posted by MabelMabelma George on June 13, 2021
Dewiumi, I pray the Angels to accompany you in your journey, lighten your part. May the Almighty God  accept you home and give you Eternal  Rest In JESUS mighty Name. Greet everyone waiting to meet. you. Always look back to care for all you left behind.

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Posted by Gboyega Obafemi on February 5, 2022
It is with thanks to God for the life my uncle Bro Dr Samuel Adedeji lived. We reflect today on the things he did to help humanity. We give thanks to God that he serve God through his life. We remember him in the lord today for his good works and kindness to us all

Gboyega Obafemi
Posted by Adeola Aluko on February 4, 2022
My Paa of Inestimable value,May you & other other faithfully departed souls through the mercy of God Rest in perfect peace amen.
You are remembered today & always with affections
Posted by Chris and Omosefe Enofe on February 4, 2022
Happy heavenly birthday daddy Rest on.
his Life
Samuel Adewunmi Adedeji was Born on February 4, 1941 in Lagos Nigeria

He Graduated from St. Gregory’s College in 1963, and earned his medical degree from University of Lagos Medical school in 1971

Dr. Adedeji completed his clinical residency in 1973. He earned his Surgical Fellowship at Lagos University Teaching Hospital in 1974 and was also Surgically trained at Royal Postgraduate Medical School/ Hammersmith Hospital London, UK in 1978.

He was a Board Certified Fellow in General Surgery and earned his Fellowship in 1979.

He was the Chief Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer at Coker Specialist Hospital Lagos, Nigeria until his retirement.

He had numerous academic and hospital appointments over his 30 years professional career, that included lecturer, consultant, registrar, secretary, director and executive member of professional bodies. He also authored or co-authored a wide range of research and medical journal publications.

He had a keen interest and passion for teaching at all levels. He was a Lecturer in Surgery and Surgical Oncology at Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

He was an energetic, motivated, resourceful and hardworking, husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother and colleague.

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Shared by Toyin Ojo on June 13, 2021
Honestly, I have not come to terms with the fact that you have gone to be with the Lord whom you loved so much. 
You were really a rare bird ,whose aura was epitome of humility,gentleness,kindness and patience.
You were freely giving to the poor and all those around you.
I remember when growing up,I would always harass you with my birthday" Uncle May 8th". You would always smile and make sure you gifted me with beautiful gifts back then. I still had one of the beautiful jewelry you gave me when I was in the secondary school until I got married.
My dear uncle,who would I harass with my birthday!!!!
My heart is really broken. I am going to miss those smiles and laughter of yours which was contagious.
Because of your humble nature,no one knew that you had a royal blood flowing through you. That your grandmother was a princess of Oyo ( princess Segilola Adeyemi)
Ayinde Edu sun re o. 
Good night and Rest in perfect peace in the bossom of your Lord.
Toyin Ojo nee Egberedu