Adele Wedding Shower
Adele Esken
  • 95 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 4, 1916
  • Place of birth:
    Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Date of passing: Apr 1, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Los Angeles, California, United States
There was no one on this planet that loved life, family and animals with such a passion. Adele had an eccentric humour that was unforgettable...

This memorial website was created in the memory of one of the greatest women that ever lived, Adele Esken, 95, born on 4 July 1916 (her father's birthday).

She left this Earth and Me on 1 April 2012 to join the entire Ziff Family Circle that I yearn for every single day. I will remember her forever, she lives in my broken heart.

You will also find others that meant so much to my mother and it is only fitting since they do not have a website they are remembered here as well. Please look under the photo tab for the photos with complete captions. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by alicia esken on 4th July 2017

"Happy Birthday Delly!
Today, I miss you more than in a long time. I have tears in my eyes. It feels like forever since we laughed and shared secrets. You are going to meet a good friend of mine Blake, she was like my older sister. It's a very very sad day for me. And I so wish you were here. I love you and Dad very much and miss my family terribly."

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 1st April 2017

"Five years. I was thinking last night I do not remember what your voice really sounds like. What the timber was. I remember your laugh, your smile so innocent the same smile I see in photos when you were younger. My heart is so heavy again. I hope by now you met my friend Blake who was always kind and good to me. She left too soon. You never told me about the life challenges of so much loss. As I age I see a lot of you in me...........Forever loved, forever missed, forever heartbroken. I love you always, me xoxo"

This tribute was added by SHERYL ROTHMAN on 5th July 2016

"To my second mother... You will always be in my heart and soul. Growing up with you was the highlight of my early years and teenage years.  You have taught me so much. I still use your phases and wisdom with my son. Family was most important and we sure did almost every thing together. You have been a major part of my life. I love you and miss you very much...."

This tribute was added by Dean Theodore on 4th July 2016

"Happy 100th birthday too an Amazing life
Thank you for giving us your kind, beautiful, amazing , passionate daughter who Loves and a huge advocate for dogs cats and Animal rights ❤️"

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 4th July 2016

"Happy 100th Delly! The 4th of July is never the same, not even remotely. I remember such wonderful birthdays and such amazing times.Thank god for that, we had amazing run, no one did it better. I just wish I got you to Italy. There is not a day that goes by that I wish I could have you and my family back. Big kisses to my lovely mother who was simply different, elegant and full of life and loyalty. xoxo, your one and only..............."

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 8th May 2016

"Sitting at my desk instead of drinking champagne at some Beverly Hills hotel. It's just another day, is it? Feels like a million years since I heard your voice. I pass the flower stores and no one to buy it for. I miss you immensely, your wisdom and your crazy. I am doing better but of course I wish you were here it's tough when there is no anchor called "family"
xoxo. Kisses to all the family and all my furry friends, please take care of them.............."

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 1st April 2016

"So it's been 4 years already. Today I rejoice in knowing that I had a wonderful mother (and father and really an amazing family). Folks who loved me so much, as I get older I see how rare that is.

Mom, I found a sign finally, and believe me it did not go unnoticed, its sitting right beside me. I grew up hearing you recite the poem you wrote and loved so much. Each time you starting to recite it I shouted from what ever room the words. This poem was lost for nearly forty years, I found it going through art supplies for Sheryl and Dalton, in an old folder filled with old job stuff.

I gasped, it is (I have added the handwritten version to the gallery, everyone will note France's note on the bottom as she got it from you and sent it to me so long ago......)

                                 WHY I ASK MYSELF
                                  By Adele Ziff Esken

          Why I ask myself, are things also so hard for me &
          I give of myself where ever I need to be,
          And take all things in stride, because
          I ask why, be greedy, grumpy & mean
          When we all can be happy gay & serene
          And when I ask myself why, I answer,
          I do good to others, until my time is
          Then I'll know I'll do good until the
          day, I ride into the unknown
         And say, Pop move over, you are not alone.

Cut from the same cloth, you and I, if I weren't your daughter, I would be your sister. Know you are never forgotten no matter what whirlwind I live in the moment.

Oh, yes the radio on classic music, nice touch, Delly.
Kiss my family for me. I love you forever, Alicia xoxo"

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 4th July 2015

"Another holiday without you. Another birthday with no celebration. I thought it maybe a sign, a dear friend just happen to rescue a dog with your name. I found some pennies on the street, I keep looking for you, I am so alone. It's supposed to get better it's getting worse. I miss your words of encouragement, I miss your smile, I miss everything especially telling me its going to be better. Everyone is clueless. My heart is broken. Happy Birthday Mommy, your daughter who loves you so. xoxox"

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 10th May 2015

"Happy Mother's Day Mom and to Pesh too!

How did today become another day? We should be drinking champagne and saying inappropraite things and laughing.

I hope by now you met my dear dear friend Ruth who left this planet on her birthday. she took wonderful care of me and I enjoyed and loved her a lot. She felt like family. While she could never take your place or wanted to she was my older woman friend. Today I miss her too.  xoxo"

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 1st April 2015

Three years. I was never so loved and will never be as loved. Ever.
I feel peace that you are back with the family.

I love you and miss you. life was never the same."

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 4th July 2014

I thought today about the last intact birthday of yours. You, Dad, Pearl and Sandy and Uncle Walter were in California and we celebrated at Karen's home. I see us all in the backyard. Dad gave me hundreds to buy you something I bought you all this sportwear from Bullocks. Who knew it would be the last birthday we all would celebrate together as a family? They say time heals but I do not think so, no one had our bond sometimes we were like one person. I am empty, I am shakey and I miss you terribly."

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 1st April 2014

"A beautiful day in California, clouds in the sky crisp. I see visions of you in a red sweater or some black tweed. Your black hair blowing in the wind. I see a smile of a lot younger version of you. It feels like an entire lifetime, not two years. Supposed to get easy? No. My biggest cheerleader is not here and I remain lost and tired. here's to you my lovely mommy, my heart is still broken. xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Joy Edelman on 5th July 2013

"There is not a day that goes by that I do not think you. The standards you and mom set, made me the woman and mother that I am. I am so proud to have your strong values instilled in me which I know my children will pass on. There is not a stronger bond than the love of family. I am so lucky I had you in my life.  Love you Delly...belly  Joy"

This tribute was added by SHERYL ROTHMAN on 5th July 2013

"When I woke up yesterday morning July 4th.... my first thought was, it it Delly's Birthday.  She will forever be in my heart. Can't forget someone who has been a large part of my life!!!  Love you always...Sheshy"

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 4th July 2013

"Dear Mommy,
It's not getting easier when the 4th of July comes. There is no celebration, no birthday cake or ridiculously expensive present to spoil you. There are memories of a childhood and being well loved. There is no family, you are with everyone that counts. I know in time that will change, your are in my heart always, I love you, Alicia"

This tribute was added by SHERYL ROTHMAN on 5th April 2013

"As I lie in bed with my son Dalton a few nights ago, I explained the Ziffs to him.  Talking in bed & cuddling was what we did best on long nights.  I came from a warm loving family.  I shared with my son the stories of Grandma coming to NY, marrying Jacob & the special relationships I had with Delly and Uncle Walter.....Delly, you will always live in my heart."

This tribute was added by Jude Finch on 2nd April 2013

"Thinking of you Alicia. I do understand. Probably not exactly what you're feeling, but I do know  how close we were to our Mothers and how you devotedly cared for her & I can relate to those feelings of loss and emptiness. No matter how much you try to prepare emotionally for their departure nothing can prepare you. So soak up the memories & one day I promise, it will be slightly easier. x"

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 1st April 2013

"On a bright sunny day, much like today a year ago you started your journey to meet Dad, Uncle Walter, Pesh, Sandy & the rest of our family.
What can I say the hole in my heart is so big, I try to take comfort in memories,that only works when I can tell a story to an audience.In my alone time I am devastated and remain numb. No one understands. I love you Mommy."

This tribute was added by mara esposito on 28th July 2012

"Alicia, you are in my heart even though we face different oceans... your mother was a wonderful energy force of nature, and so are you!  xoxo Cousin Mara"

This tribute was added by SHERYL ROTHMAN on 6th July 2012

"You are in my thoughts this week as your birthday came and went.  I will always remember you on the 4th of July.  You were a firecracker.
We always had fun together!  I am so blessed to have grown up with you! my very special Aunt........
Love you Sheshy-"

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 4th July 2012

"4th of July 2012
Dear Mommy,
Today is the first birthday without you. For more than 50yrs we have celebrated your day. I will always remember the Polo Lounge,the Bel Air Hotel,Yamashiro & a host of glamourous spots we spent your birthday.  I am empty since you left 93 days ago, it feels like a lifetime. xoxo"

This tribute was added by Michelle Abbey on 9th May 2012

"I never knew Adele.  I met her once, but I've know Alicia for about seven years and I have seen her true devotion to her mother.  It was very beautiful.  Alicia, you are a wonderful and smart-crazy like a fox!
I would have loved to met your parents.  See you Sat plus Mal."

This tribute was added by Rosalie Berlin on 24th April 2012

"On a warm summer week end I see Adele and Pearl sitting on the stoop at Brighton 7th. St.   Uncle Jack and Aunt Sadie in the kitchen, Myrna and Karen and I playing outside and Walter and Ethel on there way over.  What wonderful times, what a beautiful loving family.  Adele I will miss your kind heart always.  I wish you peace now that you're with the people you loved the most."

This tribute was added by Myrna Ziff on 21st April 2012

"My Aunt Adele was kind, sweet, loving, caring and lovely.  I grew up just two blocks away from her and spent a great deal of my childhood with her. She was so much more than an aunt to me. We are all who we are because of the people who have come before us.  She was a big presence in my life and made an indelible impression in my heart.  I will always treasure having had her in my life."

This tribute was added by Rosalie Berlin on 19th April 2012

You were very lucky to have had such great  parents who adored you.  In return you were a wonderful daughter to them, especially to your Mother.  No daughter could have been more loving or cared more. You never missed a beat, you were always there and she will always be with you."

This tribute was added by karen neigher on 18th April 2012

"When I think of my Aunt Adele, I remember her as a young woman, full of life.  She was a truly generous, loving, warm, kind & wonderful person, and she will live in my heart as long as I draw breath. My great hope is that when her soul left her body, it flew to be with those she loved, and they are now all happy and together forever."

This tribute was added by SHERYL ROTHMAN on 18th April 2012

""Favorite Niece"  LOL (Everyone was her favorite)
Go to the Story page for my TRIBUTE.
Delly is one of the key people that shaped my life.
The name Delly is an endearing name.  I was the one who named her, “DELLY” almost 50 years ago. She will forever be in my heart!"

This tribute was added by Paul Siliato on 16th April 2012

"Alicia...the pictures are beautiful and your parents look like elegant movie stars from Hollywood's glamorous past.  For as long as we have known you we have always seen how devoted, loving, kind and loyal you have been to your mother.  She was so lucky to have such a beautiful and caring daughter.  And were so lucky to have such a beautiful and loving mother to share"

This tribute was added by Paul Siliato on 16th April 2012

"a lifetime of joy with.  We hope you find comfort in that...and also knowing how many friends and family have you in their thoughts and prayers.

Love Paul & Stephanie"

This tribute was added by Jen Stortz on 16th April 2012

"I remember going to California and visiting with my cousin Alicia and aunt Adele. So many years had passed between visits but the love and affection was still there. I've enjoyed hearing the story over the years about her fondness for ginger ale and making sure we had snacks at the airport when we visited when we were little. I will always remember my aunt Adele as a very sweet woman."

This tribute was added by Joy Edelman on 12th April 2012

"In life, people are blessed with one mom. I was fortunate to be blessed with two beautiful moms. My wonderful Mom Pearl and my amazing Aunt Delly. Delly and Uncle Jack visitd ever weekend. Chinese food was our staple dinner and cornbeef sandwiches with ginger ale was a typical lunch.  I referred to her as my "Doll Face."  Forever in our hearts, she will be missed.  Rest in peace Delly."

This tribute was added by Laura Chao on 9th April 2012

"I never met Adele but she is a special person because she has a special daughter, Alicia. May the memory of your mother live forever in your heart and all of the animals' hearts.  

From all of the Smooch Pooch Rescue Dogs......"

This tribute was added by Caryn Goldberg on 9th April 2012

"Adele, such a loving soul and a total hoot! I will miss you."

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 9th April 2012

"From my wonderful cousin Rochelle:
"When I think of my Aunt Adele, the words that come into my mind to describe her are “loving, caring and extraordinarily giving”. Kindness and compassion were embedded in her DNA. She had a wonderful outgoing, humorous and self-effacing spirit, and a super-nurturing soul."

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 9th April 2012

"From my wonderful cousin Rochelle:
I don’t remember her ever asking for anything in return. She just accepted people the way they were, and was always there ready to run (literally) and help when you needed to be comforted. She adored my Uncle Jack and Alicia, and was fierce in protecting them. And they adored her. She tolerated almost anything."

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 9th April 2012

"From my wonderful cousin Rochelle:
I never saw her get angry except at things that might do them harm. I remember once when I was in college, being horribly sick with food poisoning. She refused (there was simply no argument about it) to allow me to stay home alone, and took me to her house and cared for me for several very long days until I was better."

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 9th April 2012

"From my wonderful cousin Rochelle:
Later when I had my own kids she would see us off to the airport and make sure we had all had snacks to eat and of course bottles of ginger ale in case we got thirsty! She never stopped thinking of other people.  She was truly a special woman and I will always remember her with love and fond memories."

This tribute was added by Nadine Deck on 9th April 2012

"Alicia   So sorry to hear about your Mom We all love U in Arizona and I
send U Aloha love from Hawaii ,Rockit aka Rocky will live a wonderful
life because of U as we say in Hawaii  Mahalo Mahalo  U are so special
love Nadine"

This tribute was added by Tom Manning on 8th April 2012

"Dearest Alicia,

I am very sorry to hear of your mother's passing and you are in my thoughts at this difficult time.

All my love Tom xxx"

This tribute was added by marie noeltner on 8th April 2012

"Dear Alicia, Your wonderful mother was truly loving, intelligent and witty.  We have many fond memories of her.  Your memorial is a fitting tribute and our thoughts go out to you during these difficult times.  Be strong and continue to love... just like your mom was.  Big hugs, Marie and Edward, and Audrey, Daniel and Philippe"

This tribute was added by lorraine sakli on 8th April 2012

"Oh, Alicia, you were so blessed to have your amazing Mom.  I know how deep the void but you have so many wonderful memories to fill that hole in your heart.  She is always with you because she is part of you!"

This tribute was added by Brenda Barnette on 8th April 2012

"Alicia, thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute to your Mom. Although I don't know you well, I certainly can see the compassion for animals and integrity that I have come to know in you as wonderful family attributes. -Brenda"

This tribute was added by Cherie Vergini on 8th April 2012

"Alicia; I didn't have the pleasure of knowing your mom. You've done such a beautiful job of letting us know who she was with such a heartfelt tribute. Her spirit shines in everything you do for those around you & the animals who are blessed to cross your path. Know that your mom is surrounded by love and in a peaceful place. Much Love, Cherie"

This tribute was added by Jude Finch on 8th April 2012

"Hey A,
So so sorry to see that your dear Mother has passed. I didn't ever meet her but am astonished to see from the photos how alike you two were. I felt like I knew her from all the times you talked of her and your dear Dad. You were such a devoted and loyal daughter. Much love Jude x"

This tribute was added by linda muggli on 8th April 2012

"In some small way your mom saved Coco.  Because of her love for animals she left a legacy that will on in her wonderful and compassionate daughter.  You should feel at such peace when you realize the gift you were given to be with her at the most important transition of her life.  I was blessed with being able to be with my father at that moment and have felt peace because of it ever since"

This tribute was added by Toni Phillips on 8th April 2012

"Alicia, I did not know your mom ... but an apple does not fall far from the tree, so I can just IMAGINE how WONDERFUL your mom was!!  She taught you LOVE & COMPASSION for LIFE & especially GOD'S CREATION!!!!  Hugs to your heart, Girlfriend!!  Be at PEACE & KNOW that your mom is at PEACE & AT REST!!  Love ya!!"

This tribute was added by alicia esken on 7th April 2012

"95 years of a Fabulous life. Born in Brooklyn New York to
Sarah and Jacob Ziff. Passed peacefully as classical music played
with her daughter Alicia snuggled beside her. A devoted daughter and sister (siblings Paul, Walter and Pearl, all deceased). Married to the most handsome man Jack for 33 years before he passed in 1985 while walking their dog."

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