Let the memory of Adeola be with us forever.
  • 32 years old
  • Born on May 22, 1986 in Ondo, Ondo, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on February 10, 2019 in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


Adeola Okungbaye was born at the General Hospital, Ondo State into the family of Chief Adebamisoye and (Late) Mrs. Grace Modupe Okungbaye on May 22, 1986. He started his education at Mictec Infant & Mixed Schools (now Mictec International Schools), Ojota in 1987. He attended Federal Government College, Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa Ibom in 1995 before moving to Federal Government College, Ikirun, Osun State from 1996 to 1998 when he then moved to Command Day Secondary School, Ikeja from 1998 to 2001 where he passed his West African School Certificate. He attended University of Agriculture (now Federal University of Agriculture) in Abeokuta from 2003 to 2008 where he obtained a B.Sc. Degree in Physics. He proceeded to Takum, Taraba State for the Mandatory NYSC Scheme in 2008.

He did not stop his educational journey when he got his B.Sc as someone in pursuit of knowledge, he went to obtain a Masters Degree in Computer Science with specialization in Information and Communication Technology at the University of Lagos, in 2012.

Adeola’s first employment was at Sunnet Systems, Victoria Island, Lagos where he rose through the ranks as an IT Expert. He left Sunnet in 2017 to join Snapnet Nigeria Limited as a Solutions Sales Executive. Adeola left Snapnet in December 2018 to join GDL Global where he worked as the IT Officer till the time of his demise.

In every institution or organisation Adeola served, he was very valuable, resourceful and diligent. Adeola was heavily involved in Christ Apostolic Church Oke-Isegun and Peace House, Ojota where he served as Youth President (Peace House) and Teens Coordinator (Oke-Isegun). He was a loving and God-fearing man, also saw and looked for the best in people; no matter their background. Adeola served on the Great Light Ministry (GLM) team for so many years, he was a willing foot soldier for God!

Adeola got married to Dr. (Mrs) Yejide Okungbaye on 23rd April, 2016. They welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Oluwadarasimi on 30th August, 2018.

Adeola was called to glory on 10th February, 2019; he is survived by his wife and daughter, his Dad and siblings and so many friends.


Posted by Tunde Omoju on April 14, 2019
Just now, only now am I able to surmount enough courage to view Adeola's FB page since his passage. For me it's been questions, questions and more questions - all unanswered - since that Tuesday morning, 12th February 2019 @ 09:36hrs when I received Yinka's sms informing me of Deola's demise two days earlier. I haven't gotten over his passing; I doubt if I ever will. It is not just about him; it is about what the whole Okungbayes mean to me and my family, particularly to my wife and children - a standard of faith measure, flag bearers of our common bond in the all-knowing God of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, the faith symbol of our common heritage, the great Christ Apostolic Church. How could this happen...again?...oh yes, again!
I have no words to console anyone, but to continue to seek answer; perhaps He will grant me an answer...someday. Perhaps, I, like others seeking answer, will get to know by and by...
Deola you lived. Live on dearest. We love you, we will forever love you. Adieu.
Posted by Adebayo Joshua on March 12, 2019
Bro Deola, knowing you wasn't a mistake, because u lived an impactful, resorceful and an examplary life, One phrase I could use to describe you is 'Young but Old'... what an old man couldn't have achieved, you fufiled even more... You did a lot in my life as touching reading books, true service in God's vinyard.. Much words won't discibe what uve done and memories we have shared together... Your life challenged me of moving closer to God... Rest on... Till we meet again.. Good night bro.
Posted by Oyemen Frances on February 23, 2019
Oh Death!why do you have to strike a soul so peaceful and gentle here on earth. Our work life was fun with you always willing to help make the significant change we need to work effectively,a great guy who worked seamlessly with everyone around him.I am glad I meet you for been impactful to me.
Sleep on until the call of heaven rings here on earth.
Rest in Peace Adeola
Posted by Arewa Michael on February 22, 2019
Uncle Deola as I fondly call him. His generosity is second to none. I remember when I was an undergraduate, he never got tired of acceding to my financial request. He had an influence in my ability to read books, my career, my relationship with God. Also he made me look dashing through selfless giving of his shirts, trousers. Uncle Deola, thanks for making a huge impact in my life.
Posted by Yemi Adekoya on February 21, 2019
He loved God,he loved God's work,he loved his family,he loved his teenagers,he loved his friends but God loved him more.I knew him more on a professional level than personal but if you knew Adeola,you would know that leaving relationships at professional was a tall order because he just cared more than the average Joe and went the extra mile for others.He was my wingman,my reliable deputy in GDL but more importantly,my brother in Christ.In the short time we worked together, he showed himself to be very competent and committed on the job.He had a calm manner to himself and possessed a can do attitude to tasks and challenges he faced.Our last conversation was on Friday, that we would see on Monday and sort out all our deliverables.Monday has now become eternity for he passed on Sunday.The best way I can describe Adeola is in a similar way Jesus described one of his disciples,"Behold a true child of God,in whom there is no guile".Adeola,we will miss you on this side of eternity.Till we see oneday,goodnight, my dear friend.
Posted by Precious Adegunle on February 20, 2019
Adeola, this will never make sense to me. It just never will.
For the most part, I’ve been putting it off my mind because whats passed is past but when it comes to mind, it doesn’t still make any sense. I still expect your call, I still lookout for your car, I still tear up and my knees get weak.
I don’t know that anyone deserves to die, but you especially did not. You enjoyed life and I was always in awe of that. Your ready smile, easygoing nature...I still don’t know how you did it; you seemed younger than me. I wish you wrote a book.
I keep going back to one of our conversations on God’s goodness and you kept reiterating and reaffirming that He is Good and I am comforted a bit.
Because what’s true in the light,
Is still true in the dark.
He is Good.
I wish I knew you for much longer. Everyone keeps talking about how great you were and wonderful and there’s no lie or exaggeration. One month wasn’t enough. Five or twenty years wouldn’t have been. Thank God for eternity.
You really will forever be missed while we’re here on earth though.
Thank you for free rides, amused shrugs at my tardiness and for being the most chilled creditor ever. You were so selfless and you made my life so much easier while you were here.
I will always say a quick prayer for your immediate family as often as I remember.
Rest In Peace Adeola .
Just Rest. A life well loved is a life well lived.
Till we meet again. Rest.
Posted by Chizoba Ernest Ikechukwu on February 20, 2019
Deola till now i still cant come to terms with this horrific news.really wish it was a different thing i was writing about. Questions going through my mind making it even harder to come to terms with this. I pray that God grants us all the strenght to go through, most especially your daughter and wife may God always comfort them whenever they feel the void. Keep the smile up there
Posted by Stephanie Odili on February 19, 2019
I cannot talk about the success story of my debut novel without mentioning your name. Your hours of editing and being a guide to me will never be forgotten. I cannot believe this is happening and I am so hurt. Deeply hurt. The tears are not enough and I'll miss you greatly! I cannot believe this is real.
Posted by Oladele Joshua on February 19, 2019
My man forever the best brother....he supports and always help .....
I can never forget you .....
I always tell him I love him more than anyone that isn’t my family
Bro Deola I love you ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Oluseun Onigbinde on February 19, 2019
Adeola Okungbaye and I attended FUNAAB. Somehow, I can't really place his set because he just gets along with everyone. When my wife told me of your passing, I was shocked. Steve and Niyi also mentioned it and it's clear the entire world around me loves this great guy. Adeola is extremely likeable, keeps tabs on ideas & shares insights. The world will miss you. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Ajibola Okungbaye on February 19, 2019
Dear Brother Adeola,
Thanks for being the elder brother I never had. 
I know you are in a better place.
Adieu brother
Posted by Adedayo Adesokan on February 19, 2019
Adeola!! All round awesome guy, extremely friendly... I met Adeola when I was doing my student internship, he was kind and friendly to me,always walked about with a smile...
He always sends me personal messages on my birthday even after years of no contact... I’m deeply hurt by this loss personally because he is a good person but I’m even happier that he knows Christ and he’s with the Father and his faith has become sight! We will see again brother!!
God strengthen your loved ones here on earth.
Posted by Titilola Akinro on February 18, 2019
Adeola, calm, quiet and God- fearing Adeola.
For the very first time in my life, I questioned God when I heard the news of your death. I still have questions but I have no answers.
Adeola, always smiling, in all the years I knew you, I never saw you angry. Your love for God was enviable and that is why I couldn’t understand how this happened.
Sleep on beloved, God will comfort your Dad, wife, daughter, siblings and everyone hurting right now.
Sun re o aburo mi, a o pade ni ojo kan.
Good night Adeola.
Posted by Oluyoye Olushola on February 18, 2019
ADEOLA OKUNGBAYE.... words can't express what you truely mean. Exemplary, good in and out, embodiment of wisdom, love,...to mention a few. Your humility is next to none, your smile is contagious.....hmmmmmm, I remembered how u pioneered the Youths of Destiny. Your achievements still lingering. I am sure your God given purpose was fully achieved. Yes! I know that No devil would have been able to kill you without God orchestrating it. ....I was more marvelled at your service of songs when yinka said "even at the point of death, my brother was still speaking in tongues". Your legacy won't be forgotten.... Till we meet to path no more... I love you
Posted by Damilola Akingbade on February 18, 2019
Bro Deola.... My Bros Dee. I'm still in shock that you're no more. You were so full of life, very cheerful, very humble, insightful, visionary and a true exemplary leader. You impacted me in ways that words can't explain. You kept encouraging me when I lost hope, especially when people don't understand me and I get weighed down. Your words were always timely. Times without number, you'd come to tell me something that I needed to hear as at that moment.
You loved me as your younger sister. You were a great influence in my life spiritually, physically. You mentored me to be this woman I've become. You taught me confidence. You taught me how to influence many young people. You influenced my reading habits. You introduced me to listen to messages right from my 200L. You introduced me to go out for programmes and leave my comfort zone. You made me realise that I'm a leader. You deliberately gave me people to mentor. You still came to say hello to me on Saturday. You taught me certain truths about life. You even came to tell me some steps I should take before I do my wedding. Bro Deola.... Words can't explain how terrible and sad I feel. You're the elder brother I didn't have that made your home accessible to us all.
Thank you for teaching me and guiding me in God's way. Devil thought he has cheated me. But it's a lie. You will continue to live in my heart. I love you so much Egbon mi.
Posted by Vivian Atureta on February 15, 2019
Adeola, I remember your very warm personality, intensity and focus on your tasks. You are not upset when I follow-up incessantly on you for updates about the customers even outside work hours. When I heard the news, I broke down and cried and cried with utter disbelief. I still can't believe it - it's just too heavy and cannot imagine how your young family can cope but for amazing grace! I am finding it extremely difficult not to question this outcome. You left a mark with me, and you will be fondly remembered for a long time to come. Adeola my dear friend and colleague I pray you are resting in the Heavenly Father's embrace.
Posted by Rotimi Okungbaye on February 15, 2019
I have never envisioned myself writing a tribute for my brother so soon. My brother was one of the best things that ever happened to me. He was my first role model, my friend, prayer partner, support, confidant and much more. He played a very vital role in what I am today, when I told him about me starting photography, he got me different tutorial videos to help me learn and we were always shooting pictures together. He has always been there, from my school days till now! He always came to check on me at Command Secondary School Ibadan, Covenant University and has always been concerned about me. My brother taught me many things I know about God, his steadfast love for God was so obvious that it rubbed off on everyone. Growing up, I didn’t really buy plenty clothes because I always had his clothes and shoes to wear. My brother’s death is a big shocker to me! I am so sad, I can’t take it!!! I know for sure, he has gone to be with the Lord and soon we shall all see him and rejoice again.
My brother loved everyone; friends, family, colleagues, strangers, church members. He saw the best in people. He was the man of the people, really cared and looked out for people; always calling and visiting people.
I am more than certain that his family will lack no good thing!
God is a good God!!! In the good times and bad, He is God!!!
Till We Meet To Part No More!
Adieu Adeola Olatunji Okungbaye.
Posted by Lanre Ibitola on February 14, 2019
'Deola, you are one fine gentleman I was privileged to meet. Always full of smiles; i never saw you lose your cool ever, all through the times we worked together in our Sunnet Systems/UBA work experiences.
I remember the day we ran into each other again in Fidelity Bank, sometime in 2015/2016 and we exchanged contacts. Very smart dude and polite to a fault and you sent me birthday wishes on my Birthday in December last year! I was shocked to learn today of your demise bruv, and I'm still finding it hard to believe that we lost such a rare gem!
I hope you find eternal blissful rest in the Lord bro. Peace...

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