Let the memory of Adetayo Olaitan Odusola a.k.a. Toyo; Atuyota; Snooky's; Belushi; be with us forever. Tayo, Goodnight!
  • 48 years old
  • Born on July 5, 1970 in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on August 31, 2018 in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our grandson, son, father, husband, brother, uncle, nephew, childhood friend, classmate, town's man, colleague, personal person: Adetayo Odusola (a.k.a. Atuyota, Toyo, Belushi, Mr. Fabulous). He was aged 48. His passing on Friday, 31st August 2018 was a rude shock to us all. Sun re o! We will remember him forever.

Join us as we celebrate his life.

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Posted by Lacey B on 18th October 2018
I am so very sorry for your loss. Our Creator purposed for us to live forever, so having to cope with the sudden death of a loved one feels very unnatural. Soon, we will be able to experience the truthfulness of Gods promise "And the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing" (1 Corinthians 15:26). What better hope than to know that God will very soon bring an end to death and all the pain we face (Revelation 21:4). My sincere condolences to all who knew and loved Adetayo.
Posted by Funto Orimalade on 2nd October 2018
I just heard this a few days ago. It really saddens my heart to hear this tragic news. I pray that you find eternal rest in the Father's arms. I pray that God will comfort your entire family, immediate and distant.
Posted by Fola Peters on 19th September 2018
I still can't believe this tragic news. It is a huge shock . Thank God for your Humble life. Tayo, Afolabi,Olaitan omo Odusola your life was like a blessing and your memory will remain a treasure to the people's heart you touched . You are truly loved beyond words and missed beyond compare . May God in his infinite mercy aid the family you left behind and may he give them the fortitude to bear the loss. May your gentle soul Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Kay Salami on 16th September 2018
The world has lost a great soul and heaven has gained one. Rest in eternal peace Cousin, not enough words can describe the pain and shock of losing you. Never known a brother so selfless, so loving, so caring, so protecting, so generous, so strong, so fearless, so cool. You were always a shining star who brought joy to wherever you led and to whoever you met. Young or old, rich or poor you never discriminated. You've left us with fond memories that we will cherish in our hearts forever. Sleep tight in the arms of the Lord bro.
Posted by Femi Sanni on 16th September 2018
Continue to rest in perfect peace bro
Posted by Yvette Nixon on 15th September 2018
My name is Yvette, you do not know me, but I am one of Jehovah's witnesses, and I am so sorry for your unexpected lost. When Jesus was here on Earth, he demonstrated what will happen in the future. He restored life to the dead. (Matthew, chapter 15, verses 29 - 38) Soon, no more death. (Revelation, chapter 21, verse 4. Prayers to you and family.
Posted by Soyombo Adekunle on 14th September 2018
Rest In Peace bro, I ll miss you too much FABULOUS KING, oja nla baba agbalagba, when I remember Toyota I remember bellucci aye aye water
Posted by Elizabeth Ajibola on 12th September 2018
Tayo l pray that your soul rest in peace , may the Lord hands be upon your family to Comfort and watch over them jealously. The Lord gives and takes so who are we to query Him, this is my message for the family and please don’t let us be like those who have no hope in the Lord he is asleep. Good night Mr Tayo Odusola.
Posted by Joseph Awobiyi on 10th September 2018
It's always disheartening to see young and inspiring Men sleep the final sleep on earth. There are no words to explain nor to console the love ones who are left behind. God you give and you take for reason(s) best known to You. HE HAS PAID THE LAST DEBT. Like David said to Solomon he has gone to where everyone would go. Son of Odusola rest in the bosom of the Lord where there is everlasting peace
Posted by Sege Nuga on 10th September 2018
Tayo, God always knows best. Missing you bro. May your gently soul rest in perfect peace. May the lord give us the strength to bear the lost. A great loss. Segun (Peter) Adenuga.
Posted by Paul Adenuga on 10th September 2018
Tayo, to say I am shocked and devastated is an understatement. I spoke to some weeks ago, I promised to link up with you the next time I was in Ijebu, A few weeks later I woke up early on Saturday morning to read about your demise. Initially I thought I was having a nightmare……. I called your brother Debola and he confirmed the sad news. Bruv you went to soon …… but who am I to question God. Our pathed crossed at Sanni Luba in Ijebu-ode 34yrs ago, we became friends then brothers. My prayers and sympathies are with Debola and entire Odusola family. I pray that the almighty God will grant you the fortitude to bear the colossal lost Adieu my dear brother Rest In Peace. Seun (Paul) Adenuga
Posted by Oludayo Adeyinka on 9th September 2018
Dear Tayo, Your death is still very shocking, difficult to accept but yet very true and very real. People say memories are what we hold very firm to us, that makes sense a lot to me now as I have fond memories of you. I still remember your smiles, your calmness on issues, your kindness , your gap tooth and your love. Tayo , you were a brother , an in-law, a fashion icon, a rare gem, one of a kind in the Odusola family and a complete gentleman . One of the memories that has stuck till today are my escapades at your house during growing up days: you were there to protect me , showed me love as a sister and you sort of protected me as well. If I knew the last time I saw you at Crystol Wembley UK would be my last with you , I would have held you closer. Tayo , I’m struggling to believe your quick exit and I know this death has left a big vacuum in everyone’s heart but it’s only God that will grant your Mum, sister Mosun, sis Adeoti , Bros Gbenga , Debola, Morola & extended family the strength to bear your loss. We love ❤️you even in death Sun re o omo alare, Omo alagemo merindinlogun ! Ijebu will miss you Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord
Posted by Fola Kuti on 9th September 2018
Many times we wait until a friend has died to tell the world what a wonderful person they were.And am just as guilty as the next person about that.Toyo,as a lot of people called you,watching you,you thought me we could be friends with pretty much anyone if we gave it time.”Flipmo” as you fondly called me,my heart is still heavy with sadness and disbelief that your gone.you were an experience.And we all loved it.rest on brother.
Posted by Tokky Ademosu on 9th September 2018
Still finding it very difficult to believe you are gone.Touched when I got the news but God knows best. You will forever be in my thoughts. The way you conduct yourself and business is just unique. Never a dull moment in your company. You are full of life before and after death. Continue to Rest In Peace eyan mi.
Posted by Aderonke Adetona on 9th September 2018
Wow wow wow.. What a news! I still can't fathom... But God knows best we cant question him....May the good Lord continue to strengthen the entire family... IJMN.
Posted by Tayo Alawiye on 9th September 2018
Heaven opened and poured forth it's rains to signify your triumphant entry into paradise, I shed tears despite my battling with the enforcement agents on that day my heart was with you.....rest on fabulous Snookys
Posted by Tayo Alawiye on 9th September 2018
I have been battling with the reality of your demise, I have not for once ever imagine it could be you as DP on people's profile with several qualifiers, I am still living in denial of your loss, our closeness on planet heart was designed by the most high, we shared so many things in common including our name "Toyo" you were at some point my personal ally, we did so many things together and you know how much I held you close to my heart. I endorsed the name Belushi for you and it bacme your symbol, I leave everything to God as He is the giver and taker of life......Oluwa ohun lo'ye, continue to rest in peace my fantastic Belushi
Posted by Emmanuel Agoh on 9th September 2018
Truly shocked and so sad to hear of your passing Tayo. I fondly remember our interaction at Snooky's!!! RIP brother. May God continue to strengthen and comfort your family, friends and loved ones IJN.
Posted by Segun Obanoyen on 8th September 2018
Adetayo, went into shock this .... When ...... Called me to informed me if your demise. Darling friend it's too soon but who are we to question God? Ur will be smile missed dearly, I pray the Lord to give your family the fortitude to bear the loss. Rest in prefect peace my dear friend and classmate till we meet to part no more!!!! AMEN
Posted by Obi Okoye on 8th September 2018
You were a blessing to your family and all those you came across. The love you shared with others is a tribute to you. Rest in the lord. Your family is blessed. Sojourn brother, rest in peace.
Posted by RONKE Lawal-Ayeni on 8th September 2018
A very rude shock....saw this on facebook Met you at The Balogun's house in Felele ibadan in the 90s with Kehinde and Wale Balogun.....very cool and always calm.....we all got on well so much and the memories will be forever fresh.... Gbenga Balogun was gobsmacked when I passed the news......so as Gbenga Lawal-Lopey.....all fond of you bro...... Rest -on-Mr Tee
Posted by OLUWOLE OGUNYEMI on 8th September 2018
TOYOBELUSHI. AS I always call you. You have spent your beautiful time on this sinful EARTH.You did what you could and left sweet memories. You leave on bro.Your EARLY DEPARTURE was so painful but who can question your CREATOR. MAY GOD GIVE YOUR LOVELY FAMILY THE PEACE WHICH PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING. GOODNIGHT SON OF ODUSOLA. ADIEU TOYO. WE SHALL MEET AT FEET AGAIN IN A VERY LONG TIME WHERE WE WILL PART NO MORE. SUNRÈ TAYO......
Posted by Leke Dacosta Osinowo on 8th September 2018
Toyota !!! a good heart has stopped beating , a good soul has ascended to heaven , I will never forget your Gentleness and kindness .May GOD give you an eternal rest , much more the family , especially Mummy ! A special mother beyond description the strength to bear this great pain ! Words can’t actually help me here but I know for sure unto GOD we have come and to him is our return ! Sleep well bro !
Posted by Demola Olukoya on 7th September 2018
Until we meet again , I am in so much shock and pain. We love you but Jesus loves you more. Sun re o.
Posted by Yinka Jatula on 8th September 2018
Tribute to a generous soul, my dearest cousin. News of your passing was a rude shock to us... but who are we to question God! We loved you here on Earth and even much more now... Sun re egbon mi Adetayo Afolabi omo Odusola...till we meet to part no more...
Posted by Victor Ugbelase on 7th September 2018
Tayo... Gone too soon indeed. What a sad loss. I always remember my short visit with your dear brother to your home in the early days of 'Snooky's'. Thanks for looking after us. I will always remember. May God grant you eternal life and much comfort to your bereaved family.
Posted by Bim Omoyeni on 7th September 2018
This is really sad and traumatic. I have no words. My heart is with all your siblings and kids at this trying time. Rest in peace
Posted by Kayode Awobajo on 7th September 2018
Having to write this about a long-time home guy from way back in Mayflower School is indeed a tough one but I owe this to your departed peaceful soul Tayo as my last respect even if I've not set my eyes on you since leaving Mayfee in 1987. Tayo, I was & still shocked since the day I read the news of you sudden death on our class forum and I still wished someone tells us the news isn't true but alas the reality dawned on me when I saw pictures of our own easy going, handsome, fabulous, humble & sociable Tayo in casket today. Well, I take solace in the fact that you indeed lived a good life & left worthy legacies which is even evident through the outpour of tributes and the huge turnout at your final passage. Surely we your Ex-Mays 82/87 colleagues will miss you greatly but God alone knows why he took you this time. Our condolences goes to your blessed wife and children and indeed the entire family and friends that you left behind. Sun 're o Adetayo omo Olusola!!
Posted by Eyigold Eyitayo on 7th September 2018
Life is truly a journey! The news of your death was a rude shock, truly shocking because you were known to be full of life, making life fun and a jolly fella. Our path crossed right from Sanni Luba Primary, and sealed with Ijebu Ode connection so when we met again in Mayflower you were the dude with the cool crew that I knew from way back. My prayers and sympathies are with the entire Odusola family. You have ran your race and finished your course, sleep well Tayo!
Posted by Kayode Okusi on 7th September 2018
Tayo Afolabi Odusola. AkA Belushi. In my heart your memory lingers, we are sad within our memory of our hearts today that you laid to rest. I knew you all my life growing up. I knew you always live your life without consequences. I don’t know what to say because i m still in shock. I don’t want to believe that you are gone. Death is only thing that is guaranteed in life. He giveth and taketh. Time slips by and life goes on, but from our hearts you,re never gone. May God continue to guide and protect you mom and families you left behind. May your pretty gentle soul rest in heaven. Sun re o. One and only Ogbeni oja. Love forever
Posted by Ayo Okuwa on 7th September 2018
Life is a journey with multiple bus terminals. We start the journey of life, the day we are born and become passengers who would alight at different terminals along the way. We are here today but not guaranteed tomorrow. Unfortunately, ‘Tayo Odusola, a brother, friend and classmate departed this earth at a young age of 48 on August 31, 2018. I can’t vividly remember the first time I met him but one of my earliest memories was about 36 years ago at a birthday party of our mutual twin friends Peter & Paul Adenuga. They organized a dance competition which involved about 20 or more kids, the Judges judged by elimination. At the end, Tayo, Debola, and I were the final three dancers who had to slug it out. Tayo eventually won, those were the days of Back Slide, Moonwalk, Robot, and Jeffrey Daniels of Shalamar etc. A few years later, we met again at Mayflower School, I remember during the Military reintroduction of school levies, my cousin Abayomi Okuwa, Tayo, other friends and I would leave for IJ, stay at my Uncle’s house on Kaka Street behind Muslim College entertaining ourselves. During our final year (88), a few of our common friends were Habeeb Otukoya (Dacosta), Wale Coker, Segun Obanoyen, and Osho Sosan whom we also spent time at his father’s house in Iperu. A year later, Tayo, Seun Adebajo and I attended Jamb classes together at the Basic School (aka Black and White Con T) on the Muslim College Campus, Ijebu-Ode. During my college days we would meet at different occasions until I left the shores of the country. In March 2002, I came home for the final burial of my about to be mother-in-law Olori Subuola Sule, on my way back I ran into Debola at the Schiphol Airport Restroom. It was a pleasant surprise, I told him I would be back in 2 months for my wedding and asked him to pass the invite onto Tayo as well. Lo and behold, Tayo that I had not seen for about 7 years showed up at my wedding party. I was impressed but I think that was the last time I saw him. He was fastidious about his appearance even while we were in boarding school where we only wore the school uniform 24/7. He would influence your fashion consciousness if you hung out with him. He was a nice, soft spoken guy who was never tired of having fun and enjoying himself. He had a unique way of speaking, most of us would mimic him severally just for humor. May the Good Lord who has called him back into his bosom, comfort his immediate family, Mother, Debola and other siblings. Rest in Peace Adetayo Odusola (Omo Oluseun Chemist). Adieu Toyo of IJ!!! By: Ayo Okuwa (Honor)
Posted by Bona Ibadin on 7th September 2018
Tayo, you lived life, loved life and enjoyed life...but left too soon. You are an irreplaceable loss to me and all your loved ones. I take solace in the fact that I will see you again in heaven. May God be with you till we meet again at Jesus's feet. Good night buddy,sleep well and rest in peace.
Posted by Kehinde Apena on 7th September 2018
Even the best of friends cannot attend each other's burial.. On behalf of your family, friends & colleagues we bid u dear Tayo farewell. Sleep on with the angels.. May God strengthen all u left behind..Amen
Posted by Jimson Thompson on 7th September 2018
I met Toyo through my cousin Jide Bantale, and he immediately left a lasting impression with his friendly, laid back, always stress free, no wahala nature, and his impeccable fashion sense, he also had a keen sense of self worth, imagine my surprise and pleasure, when I later discovered he was the brother of my very good friend Debola. Anytime anywhere we were opportuned to meet he always made me feel welcome even in my own neck of the woods! He was a really good and great guy. It is really hard to think of him in the past tense. Sleep on Toyo. U left indelible footprints in the hearts of those who knew u.
Posted by Idowu Olusoga on 7th September 2018
Tayo I will forever miss you. You were my brother not a friend. I learnt so much from you growing up. Bellushi as I always call you, you were my hero and mentor and even in death you are still my hero. My heart really pains everytime I think you re no more with us but I find solace in the fact that you re with ur maker. Goodbye Tayo, till we meet to part no more. RIP Bellushi.
Posted by Wale Lawal on 7th September 2018
AdeTayo, We met way back in the Mayflower days,then I met your younger brother. Your sudden death was a shock but God knows best. May God grant you eternal rest and give your family the ability to bear this loss. You will be dearly missed bro. Until we meet again Sun re o....
Posted by Vince Egbor on 7th September 2018
Tayo, a great man. A cherished friend, a mentor, a fun guy with a magnetic pull. You lived your life authentically and now you enjoy eternity with the King of kings. You're missed here on earth but it comforts us knowing that you are resting in the boosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rest well.
Posted by Adebola Ahmed on 7th September 2018
Tayo aka Toyo, never knew him as Toyo but remembered him as Tayo the lovely ajebutter boy! Not blue band but the real anchor.... Gentle boy with a gentle voice. Always wondered why he spoke so softly and politely. Never saw him fight nor argued with anyone. Always remembered him as a gentle boy aka man. That is his legacy and may it live long after him. He was a well loved boy back then in Mayflower and I really liked his sister Bola, she is a sweetie. I hope she and the rest of the family are bearing up well. I would really like to get intouch with Bola. If you ever read this message, please get intouch. Tayo rest on Bruv and I know that your children would always remember you as a loving father who did all he did in gentleness. That is your legacy Bruv and it would live long after you. May the Lord look after your young family and send his angels to encamp around them. As your soul rest in peace, may your legacies of laughter, joy and peace that you have imprinted into our hearts live on! Till we meet again Tayo! Sun re O!!!
Posted by Tolulope Okenla on 7th September 2018
Tayo I never knew February would be the last time to see you on earth while we are having a business proposal regarding my business towards December 2018,here am I in a shock!!! May the Lord Almighty grant you eternal rest and give us the fortitude to bear the great loss. Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!
Posted by Manny Agholor on 7th September 2018
Dear Tayo We meet while at our early life at Ketu through Supo right there your gentleman nature and sincerity of heart caught my attention and we became friends. The little time we spent has become a life time memory which would remain forever. I am sure you’ve been allowed into heavens to be with your creator for the good memories you’ve created while on earth. Brother, we shall meet in heaven by God’s grace and mercies, where we would never say good bye again. Rest in peace brother. Emmanuel Agholor Manny or Ibo as called by Tayo
Posted by Idowu Kashoggi on 7th September 2018
"FRIENDSHIP is like a BOOK. It takes a FEW SECONDS to BURN, but it TAKES YEARS to WRITE" - unanimous I met Tayo odusola in 1990 through Supotini Milan and since then we had a fantastic bond. A bond that I constantly drew strength and courage from. He was such an amazing guy full of life and never a dull moment! He was a man of high class!! We shared many moments together (both good and bad). I remember way back, whenever i feel like chilling out from ife campus, all i needed was to get fuel into my benz that will get me to Ijebu. Once in Ijebu i move straight to Tayo's and the rest is history. I always go back to ife buoyant. I will definitely miss you Tuyota Omo Oluseun Egbogi, ogun ti o je ewe lo ku kon ....sun re o!!! "Old FRIENDS are GOLD! NEW friends are DIAMONDS! If you GET a DIAMOND, DON'T FORGET the GOLD! To HOLD a DIAMOND, you ALWAYS NEED a BASE of GOLD" - unanimous
Posted by Temitayo Fatade on 7th September 2018
Hmmm... so sad , still in big shock a good fellow is gone. sleep on fabulous King .May ur gentle soul rest in peace . Goodnight Tayo and may God comfort all the friends and families u left behind
Posted by Olayinka Bobby on 7th September 2018
Adetayo Afolabi Omo Odusola, am convinced you left a footprint of life style for others to follow, you're quite distinct in all you do. Met you over 25yrs ago in Esa Oke and you've been a very good buddy ever since. Rest in perfect peace the King of all time.
Posted by Abbey Odukoya on 7th September 2018
It is a week now that I was woken up by a phone call- from a friend in London, telling me to go on Facebook and check KLB's status. If there was another word that captions shock as much as what I felt, after reading about the death of King Beluchi, someone should please borrow me. And maybe if anyone also has something that can bring someone back from death, I beg to borrow it once, to bring back Our Brother and Friend: Adetayo Afolabi Odusola: The most original Ogbeni Oja, Ijebu Ode never conferred. My respect and adoration for Tayo was tremendous and is even more colossal in death. The Originality Master was very original in all ramifications. He was a social savvy, cosmopolitan and sophisticated Country-Boy, devoid of rustic naivety of countryside. From Ijebu Ode, Toyo lived in the world and lived the world. He epitomized the cliche that the world is a village, right from inside the magnificent Fabulous Snookys. His love for Ijebu Ode was great and his apathy for the metropolis was legendary. I met Chief, as I knew him then, before he metarmophized into many great things that we all later knew him as, and before the advent of his numerous nomenclatures, about 33 years ago, when he was in Mayflower and I was in Adeola. He was always coming to hang with us in Tolulope Boys Hostel. The always soft spoken, innocent looking and cultured Tayo radiated confidence, he was a player never an hater, he knew what time it was without any extravagance and he was a trendsetter. He was meek but not weak, he was strong -and yet not bullish, he was confident never arrogant, he had an authoritative aura but not dominating, he was as rugged as he was extremely good looking, he was a bad boy, but in a very good and subtle way. Tayo was everything positive and I need not say more as the magnitude of tribute that we have seen is testimonial. Tayo, as you are laid to rest today, I pray to GOD to comfort all your loved ones, grant Mummy Cafe, the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss, strengthen the faith and the courage of your entire family. I pray to The ALMIGHTY, to protect, provide and guard your Children to great heights so that they can surpass you in billionfolds. Though you are not with us anymore, but you will continue to live in the hearts of many. Adieu Adetayo.
Posted by Adewunmi Adedeji on 6th September 2018
I’m short of words as I don’t even know where to begin. Tayo, you were great in life and greater in death considering the mammoth crowd that took it upon themselves to give you the last respect, I have no doubt that if truly the dead sees what transpires on earth you would be most joyous. I pray that the Lord grant you eternal rest and forgive all you shortcomings on earth and give mummy and the family the fortitude to bear the loss. Adieu my dear cousin. Rest In Peace
Posted by Olayinka Adesanya on 7th September 2018
Toyo ore arudi still shocked to my marrows.Rest in perfect peace my brother my friend
Posted by Femi Adeyanju on 6th September 2018
Tayo, you will always be remembered for your infectious smile and great humour. You had a way with words which is unparalleled. May the Lord receive you into His bosom. Rest in peace brother. Deepest condolences to my dear friend Debola and the entire Odusola family.
Posted by Wale Shoye on 6th September 2018
May his soul continue to rest in the blossom of the lord.....rest in peace Baba Oja
Posted by Dosty Odunlami on 6th September 2018
Much love Toyota. Continue to RIP
Posted by Lanre Michaels on 6th September 2018
Toyota...still heart broken that you had gone so soon and not sure I will ever come to terms with your demise...I even called your phone the moment I heard the sad news hoping I only just had a bad dream. You are more than a friend...you are family to me. Your sense of humour is second to none and I have so many great memories of you all of which I will forever cherish and keep with me till the end of time. You are an amazing human being with a heart of GOLD! You are larger than life and will be fondly remembered by us all. Your demise is excruciating and may the good Lord continue to comfort all of us (friends and family) that you had left behind and grant you eternal rest. Sleep tight brother - 1 luv

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