" nothing matters but the quality of the affection ---
in the end ---that has carved a trace in the mind
dove sta memoria (where memory remains)"

~ Ezra Pound
"The Pisan Cantos"
  • 62 years old
  • Born on July 25, 1951 in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Passed away on January 13, 2014 in Vienna, Virginia, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Adhip Chaudhuri, 62, born on July 25, 1951 and passed away on January 13, 2014. 

(One of Adhip's favorite phrases because of the way Klaus Kinski delivered it in Werner Herzog's "Nosferatu." 1979)


Posted by Partho Sengupta on 15th January 2019
This "forever missed" echoes real deep.
Posted by Amit Shah on 13th January 2019
It’ll be five years tomorrow, Guru, and sometimes it’s still hard to imagine you’re not around. You’d be very proud of Neal and Maya and how aware and decent they are. Doing work that affects people directly. What more could you have asked for. I’ve posted a picture in the gallery from yesterday. They’re in Boston. Staying at our place.
Posted by Tarun Basu on 13th January 2019
Remembering Gautam da with fondness. Neil's visit to us last year brought back a lot of old associations and memories. He has turned out to be a fine young man - Ranjita and Tarun
Posted by Tapashi Chaudhuri on 13th January 2019
Five years without you Gautama!
Posted by Tirtha Chakravarti on 26th July 2018
Happy birthday Adhip
Posted by Tapashi Chaudhuri on 26th July 2018
Happy birthday Gautama..I miss you
Posted by Amit Shah on 25th July 2018
Happy Birthday, guru Love, Amit —— https://youtu.be/A_ypZLjVbFE “[Verse 1] Everywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy Because summer's here and the time is right for fighting in the street boy But what can a poor boy do except to sing for a Rock and Roll Band [Chorus] Because in sleepy London Town There's just no place for Street Fighting Man! No! [Verse 2] Hey! Think the time is right for a Palace Revolution But where I live the game to play is Compromise Solution! Well then what can a poor boy do except to sing for a Rock and Roll Band [Chorus] Because in sleepy London Town There's just no place for Street Fighting Man! No! [Verse 3] Hey! Said my name is called Disturbance I'll shout and scream, I'll kill the King I'll rail at all his servants Well then what can a poor boy do except to sing for a Rock and Roll Band [Chorus] Because in sleepy London Town There's just no place for Street Fighting Man! No!”
Posted by Partho Sengupta on 25th July 2018
Howzee Adhip! Am yet driving down this "Highway 81" Reality- it sure hurts man in 2018. Nights of White Satin dance around Hearts pound abundant energy- pulsating, Sitting quietly and idly dreaming- of those great days, my friend! RIP
Posted by Shibashis Ghosh on 14th January 2018
It was a pleasure to meet Maya, Neal & Margaret and spend new years eve with them. Brought back so many memories ... You would have been proud of them. Missed you ...
Posted by Monisha Das on 14th January 2018
Of course you are remembered, Gautam. We always share memories of our days growing up when we meet, the things you cared about and the issues you were passionate about. I always smile when I drive past that spot on 495 South in VA when your call would come through telling me I was already five minutes late!! Found a collection of wonderful letters from you when you were in Narendrapur and Stephens. Will cherish your thoughts. Lots of affection.
Posted by Tapashi Chaudhuri on 14th January 2018
Its been 4 years..remembered you with all the things you loved! Goat meat curry..mishti doi..beatles and of course a movie..Life of Pi it was!
Posted by Gautam Banerji on 26th July 2017
Fondly remembered and deeply missed.
Posted by Joanne K. Smyth on 13th January 2017
Today -- tomorrow -- is the 3rd anniversary of Adhip's passing. I solicited fellow teachers and family and friends and have raised some money to donate to lung cancer research in Adhip's memory. If you'd like to contribute to the cause, the mailing address is: IASLC (Int'l Assoc. for the Study of Lung Cancer) Checks should be made out to IASLC and sent to: IASLC Foundation 13100 East Colfax Avenue, Unit 10 Aurora, CO 80011 This is what he most wanted in the last days that he was alive, coherent, and engaged in the world: that people would take an interest in this research and provide greater hope in the future for people who suffered from the same illness that he did. My heart goes out to you all -- and to him, Joanne
Posted by Tapashi Chaudhuri on 13th January 2017
It will be three years tomorrow Gautama...and I still miss you
Posted by Amit Shah on 13th January 2017
Guru, I'm playing "Whole Lotta Love" at high volume in remembrance. I miss you often. You'd have your hands full with topics of interest in the world today. I am glad we met and shared a life together. The best. Always will be.
Posted by Uma Bose on 25th July 2016
I remember some lively discussion about plants with Gautamdada. Remembering him on his birthday with a quirky fact about him,-- he loved sheddho bhaat aka boiled rice with boiled vegetables, and among the vegetables was boiled okra.
Posted by Partho Sengupta on 25th July 2016
Wonderful memories of Adhip....great this e-memorial comes to me. Reminds me of good times and adventure......may his soul keep motivating his students and all those who came in touch with him toward a better change.....
Posted by Tapashi Chaudhuri on 25th July 2016
It would have been your happy birthday Gautama..miss you brother of mine..
Posted by Arjun Das on 13th January 2016
Two years seem like not so long ago. Likewise seem all memories of you. Old memories stay so the ageing process will not steal the ones I have of you in Parnasree. I take the liberty to say that you did change a few things in my approach on how to unleash the courage inside. It has done me good & no regrets. We shall meet again I am sure.
Posted by Uma Bose on 13th January 2016
I didn't remember what date it was last night when I went to bed. Early this morning I had a dream about having a conversation with Gautamdada, as we called him. When I woke up I remembered that it was the day he had passed away two years ago.
Posted by Monisha Das on 13th January 2016
I still have your emails, all of them. You are still very much with us. Be at peace, Gautam.
Posted by Amit Shah on 11th January 2016
Seems like so long ago. . . only a couple. Now that I'm almost retired, I'd be trading songs from the early Bollywood with you. Here's one from 1964: https://youtu.be/TFr6G5zveS8
Posted by Pankaj Butalia on 25th July 2015
A tribute to you, friend, that , more than a year after you left friends and family treat you as if you were still around. Maybe it’s your strong presence that ensures this, maybe it’s the warmth you exuded, maybe it’s that wry smile that did it, maybe it was your ability to touch everyone you met in some way … who knows … but it’s there for all of us to see, and value, till we meet you again to see if you’re still the same or have changed a bit in the hereafter! Auf Wiedersehen !
Posted by Monisha Das on 25th July 2015
Happy Birthday Godman. I sure miss coming to see you and hear your world views. I miss your Socratic questioning. I know you would love a good meal so where ever you are have a fill of the patishaptas you loved.
Posted by Dana Abu Hijleh on 27th January 2015
Dr. Chaudhuri was among the most caring professors I had at SFS-Q, and I'll always remember his wit, humor, and kindness. May he RIP.
Posted by Partho Sengupta on 15th January 2015
Sure Miss You Adhip. 15th January 2015
Posted by Arjun Das on 13th January 2015
Remember your laughter as it hadn't changed when I met you after over 20 years in Vienna. I hear it today again. You live on.
Posted by Arjun Das on 1st August 2014
No real words to decribe my feelings this bright morning during otherwise dreary monsoon days. But I know I have one more guy watching out for me till we meet again.
Posted by Gautam Banerji on 25th July 2014
With fond remembrance of our days together in Delhi. You left too early Looking forward to catch up with you when we meet again.
Posted by Joanne K. Smyth on 25th July 2014
Happy Birthday, Baby! Friends have called and family has written and all remember and miss you... Today the garden is bursting with blooms in your memory.
Posted by Amit Shah on 18th May 2014
From Georgetown University's Convocation speech, 2014. At the 45-minute mark: http://www.georgetown.edu/hoyas2014/senior-convocation.html
Posted by Caspar Murphy on 7th April 2014
Adhip was a wonderful kind and amusing lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna over many years. His excelled at teaching international economics, was fiercely competitive at table tennis and maintained a general bonhomie. I am very sorry to hear of Adhip's passing so young and offer his family my deepest condolences. Adhip, we loved your dry ironic humour. It makes me smile to this day.
Posted by Renee Jhala on 3rd February 2014
Miss you Adhip
Posted by Arjun Das on 3rd February 2014
For us he was Gautam. I first met him in 1966 when I had to join Calcutta Boys School and finish before I went on to the NDA. All that I had heard about Gautam was that he was brilliant and so I kinda looked up at him. He taught me the big names in music and that's when I first heard about the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger. My world of music got decided by him and I am grateful for that. Whenever I hear music which is very often; I remember his comments and this is the way I want to remember him.
Posted by Partho Sengupta on 3rd February 2014
We came from Calcutta to St. Stephen's in different trains in June 1966. We grew up in College together. He kept focus on studies; I did a little more freaking than him. We were both "turned on" with the melancholy of India in those days....he learnt in one way; I learnt from quite another angle ...the processes of self-discovery were quite different. He went on to US of A, got married to his Univ sweetheart with who, and 14 others, we had all traveled overland to the U.K in 20 British University AC coaches just before our final term in under-graduate days. Oh- what fun and frolic it all was! We kept in touch. He grew in academics; I grew in Corporate. And thus he was less into the "quest with futility" than I was in Corporate. Our paths converged when I gave it all up and joined academics and human capital development in early years of this 21st century. He was 'at it" from there; I am still "at it' from here where I try and stimulate application management into the very 'academic' academicians in India!!! ...And sing the Beatles songs, listen to hard Led Zeppelin, cool Fat Mattress and softly tune into the soft parades for sustenance. Believe you me! And so we developed our philosophies of life from different angles that converged quite often as we always realized when we met or spoke over telephone/mails. He gave me two books I still have- 'One Hundred Years of Solitude", which he brought over moons ago and "Wired to Connect" by Dev Patnaik, which I demanded of him to read before he gave me. Yes, I gave him two books to read I now recall- one mine own and the other Dev Dutt Pattnaik's "Jaya-an illustrated retelling of the Mahabharata" And we are both grateful that we did so too. He should be flying up there somewhere...will catch up man and fly higher than you or may be together like Jonathan Livingstone Seagull!!! ciao 4 the now Pedos (Partho Sengupta- Bhubaneswar) 3rd February 2014

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