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An Angel Among Us

Shared by Dr. Olusola Oguntolu on March 15, 2021

"The worst Solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship"
                - Sir Francis Bacon

The passing to the great beyond of this truly great man, a mentor, a friend, a teacher and confidant is beyond the capacity of ordinary humans to comprehend. Having faith that the almighty called him home for greater service, his sojourn here completed soothes the pain and void.

"My Admiral" as I fondly called him defined what true friendship ought to be. He was an angel walking among us even if we did not know it. His unfailing delivery of daily devotionals first thing in the morning followed usually by a text or a phone call, sharing his wisdom and wit will be greatly missed.

The love and devotion to his family was self-evident. He was immensely proud of his children and the wonderful, confident yet humble adults they became. He celebrated each milestone and accomplishment with such pride, I know he is at peace knowing he guided them to a place of clarity and fearlessness for what the future may bring.

I had the honor and privilege of being an advisor particularly on matters related to his well being. His humility and deference to the wisdom of others despite his deep knowledge and status is instructive. 

The near endless magnanimity to all who come in to his orbit is legendary. My fondest memories are the prayers and messages of goodwill that he and my dear departed mother sent through me to each other - even though they never met. It was especially painful that I lost both of them within days of each other, but I am uplifted by the brilliance of the joy they shared and will celebrate their memories.

I hope the Almighty assists us all in carrying forward the message, wisdom, wit, knowledge, deep faith and philanthropy as he did. His memory will live forever in the hearts of all that were fortunate to have crossed paths with him.

My Admiral...Sun 're o. 


Shared by MOROUNMUBO AMODA on March 5, 2021
  I had gone NNS QUORRA while the Admiral was a Captain and the CO of the Ship. He saw me through his office window walking towards the classroom block. He called me to his office and showed suprise that I would passby without stopping to see him. I excused myself that I would have done so after completing what I came for. 
  He was having photoshot in his of. He insisted that I should have a shot. I told him that I wouldn't look good since I wasn't prepared. He asked the photographer and his team if it won't be an honour for them to take such a beautiful officer. The answer was, chorus Yes.
  After the pictures were taken. The CO realised that I had no watch on, he took off his own wristwatch and put it on my wrist. He asked for the pictures to be taken again. By now everyone was laughing and I that was reluctant to take pictures was now posing. 
  By the end of the exercise, he asked me to go with his watch but I said no and had to explained to him that I took off my watch in my office to washed my hands; and didn't remember to wear it before leaving my office in NNS OLOKUN(BEECROFT).
  That's how generous the Admiral could be.

Shared by Frank Ihekwoaba on March 1, 2021
I am invited to my neighbor's house for the first time. So I walk in tentatively,  sit politely, and prepare to speak in hushed tones in the home of an Admiral.  Then he comes down, took one look at me, called me by my full name and there was the beginning of a friendship.  A man who carried no airs, loved humanity, generous to a fault,  laughted at everything, never a dull moment, a first class mind you feel deep down not in your face. The kind of man you never, never ever associate with eulogy. So why, why oh God am I writing this about The Admiral now.  Well, because you Father know best and you know tomorrow which no mortal can see or understand. Adieu wonderful father,  Adieu great friend,  Adieu fantastic neighbor that never fails to bring a smile to the faces of fathers, mothers and children.  Adieu to the man the host of heaven must be smiling to welcome home. Adieu Admiral Joe Aikhomu. 

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