"You are always new. The last of your kisses was even the sweetest; the last smile the brightest; the last movement the gracefullest."
— John Keats
  • 22 years old
  • Born on January 30, 1993 .
  • Passed away on December 10, 2015 .

May the breezes above blow softly and whisper in your ear...
  ~ how much we love and miss you ...and wish that you were here.

Welcome... this page is to be a home where we can all gather, each in our own moments of time, to just be, to share, to celebrate... with Adri.  Of course, as our lives continue, we each will keep Adri with us wherever we go ~ and I thought we all could help Adri's life to continue as well by sharing with her, each of ours.

Whether a note at 2:00 am just to say I love you or some good news you can't wait to share, wouldn't it be wonderful to look back, in years to come, and see just how much we helped her to still live, on some level, by keeping her company?

Share your adventures. Tell her of the moments you've faced. Moments you've surrendered to or even conquered.  Rekindle your memories with her. Tell her how much she's missed.  I think we'll all somehow find this not only therapeutic but as well... fulfilling to know we've kept Adri company in not only our journey, but hers as well.

Share a song, a picture, a story, a memory, a moment.  Keep Adri's comforting way with yourself by sharing with each of us her legacy ~ for deep down, we all know the ways Adri would be with each of us in our moments.  She stll is <3

Posted by Ashley Saner on February 1, 2019
So, this might seem strange because we didnt really know each other and you've been gone for a while, but I wanted to say something here. I didnt know who I was my entire life, and I missed out on a lot growing up. I loved, and I mean loved anime and video games growing up and at some point someone took over my entire life and I never got a chance to learn that about myself. I feel so strongly that if I hadnt had these things happen to me in life we might have actually been good friends. Before the library, we actually went to the same summer camp one year and we played mario with the link cables and you seemed like fun. To be honest I wasnt sure if you liked me as a person all that much but I had fun. It was such a small blip in my childhood but for some reason I've been thinking about it lately. You didnt remember it when I mentioned it to you in high school and I felt kind of sad about that :/ I was a different person back then and it's not your fault you didnt know me...no one really did. I think how I seemed might have been why we didnt cross paths as much. And I dont know what got me thinking about this to be honest, but I realized how much I regret not trying harder to talk to you. I started to watch anime again last year and I was kind of shocked I found myself crying. I didnt really know you know you but it hit me that you were a real person whose just gone. I wanted to make it to your funeral but I couldn't and it wasnt because I didnt want to. I really wish I tried harder and I can't explain why this is hitting me now but I just wanted to say that. Anyway, Happy belated birthday. I hope you're okay out there.
Posted by Mary Facompre on January 30, 2019
Happy Birthday beautiful angel. Continue to watch over all of us.
Posted by Mary Facompre on December 10, 2018
Forever in our Hearts. Till we met again
Posted by Kathleen Brown on October 26, 2018
YOU... love and miss you, babe <3
Posted by Bill Sundeberg on January 30, 2018
Happy Birthday Adri. Love ya!
Posted by Michele Webster on January 30, 2018
25 years young! Can't beat that! I think of my Adri, out in the work force, influencing the world to be a much better place. I really never knew someone soooo committed to finding the best / searching for the best, in a situation or a person. I'm trying to emulate that and let me tell ya, it ain't easy!! I think of her as my Taco Bell girl, possibly... infatuated with her manager!? And "forever" missed is not true. Missed for just a little while longer. After meeting again, we'll all join this kid, my Adri, in making this world a much better home for all who share the planet, animal and human alike. Thank you FATHER, for the memories - that will last for an endless continual lifetime.   Adri's Gram
Posted by Michele Webster on December 10, 2017
I just had an *england muffin* as my Adri used to call them. Every time I have one, I think of her and how she has changed the english language for me. Smiles, just smiles every time. I love her and everyday I am closer than the day before to my being able to hug her ever so tightly. Until then Father, thank you for her resting.  Gram
Posted by Michele Webster on January 30, 2017
I think of my Adri every day FATHER and I know that everyday that I am without her, is one day less I have to wait for her, to hold her again and laugh. Thinking of her "flexibility" brings a very broad smile to my face. And so I wait, thankful that I can, and I remember, thankful that I can. Thank you for Your knowledge and comfort that my Adri is and always will be OK! Thank YOU for giving her a well deserved rest.
Posted by Bill Sundeberg on January 30, 2017
HBday Adri. We all miss you. Love, Uncle bill
Posted by Bill Sundeberg on December 9, 2016
Just wanted to say Hi my lil Adri... missing you, love uncle bill
Posted by Harmony Mason-Williams on August 30, 2016
If I'm being completely honest, everytime I think about you (everyday), I get a harsh reminder that this world isn't fair. It's so cynical and bitter, but I miss you so much every single day. I think of when we used to be around each other and my heart feels so heavy like stone. I watch Steven Universe, and I want to talk to you about it. I want you to get excited and want to talk about it. I miss and love you so much. I hope things are as bright as you are wherever you are. Keep shining my lady!!
Posted by Bill Sundeberg on July 28, 2016
Hi my Adri. Wanted to say hi, no reason, just that because.
Love you --kiss--hug--
Posted by Kathleen Brown on July 20, 2016
Always thinking of you, babe... 

Posted by Bill Sundeberg on June 28, 2016
Hi Adri, love ya
Posted by Kendall Leaf on June 18, 2016
Hey Adri. <3 I was looking at the gaming schedule for Dexcon coming up and I saw an event for Homestuck: The (F)Larp and I thought of you right away. Just so you know just like Dreamation back in Feb I will be bringing you with me to Dexcon but this con has an extra day packed with extra fun. I know you will love it. There is so much to do. The description of the event is Dream Bubble Delinquents" presented by Allie Campbell & Mary Rose Valentine. A group of children stand in a hotel. It just so happens that today, Saturday morning, is the day of a very special game. Today marks the beginning of their greatest escape yet. Play as your favorite characters from Andrew Hussie's smash-hit webcomic Homestuck, as you ascend to new levels of FLARPING. We must caution you, however. There will be adventure, mystery, japery, and silliness abound. And, of course, stairs. We warned you about the stairs, bro. Join us as we run around, making awful puns and wearing garish costumes! Friday, 2:00PM - 6:00PM; One Round; All Materials Provided. Beginners Welcome; Fun, All Ages. Anyway I just figured I'd share that with you since from what I heard you are a big Homestuck fan. <3
Posted by Bill Sundeberg on May 30, 2016
I say Hi everyday. Today I did it here. Been a while. Love ya!

Uncle Bill
Posted by Kathleen Brown on May 28, 2016
...missing you incredibly, hun.
Posted by Kathleen Brown on April 29, 2016
Adri?!?!? So love how you nudge me... lolols. Funny how at times I get such an overwhelming sense of you being all around me. Love you!!!!!
Posted by Harmony Mason-Williams on April 18, 2016
Hey Adri. Sometimes I wonder if I'm mourning incorrectly, because I'm still so so sad. When I think about you I feel empty, sad, and sick. I know it's more important to celebrate than it is to feel sad, and I'm really trying but I don't think I'm doing a good job. Theres a massive void within me now. I think about you every single day, though, without fail. I miss so so much talking to you. Often I get strong cravings to just jump on Skype and talk to you, even for just a minute. I still cry and ache often. Everything still feels really surreal and unfair when I think about you, which is maybe why you haven't visited me yet in my dreams.
I miss and love you more than I'd be able to say or type. We all love and we'll always be with you. Thank you for making the world brighter. Again, I miss you.

Posted by Kathleen Brown on April 15, 2016
...and so here I am, missing you in your absolute entirety. It's the day before the Homestuck meet up tomorrow in the city. If all remained right in the world, you'd be upstairs, right now, tirelessly working on your cosplay. Pins, thread, scissors, patterns ...all of it, flying in the air as you create your brilliant craft. I miss looking into your room, you sitting there in your spray of materials, commenting "...this'll all be cleaned up by tomorrow, riiiiiiiiiiiiight?" Come tomorrow I'll miss your last minute collection of clutch to get yourself out the door in time to catch the bus you intended, but know... you'll end up catching the next. How I'd give aaaanything to witness your absoluteness once again... even if just once more. I love and miss you so much, my Adri girl. So very much. I trust you're still toiling away this day, accentuating the wings of angels around you ~ even swapping out their halos for Homestuck horns.
Forever on my mind... Always in my heart <3
Posted by Bill Sundeberg on April 15, 2016
Just thinking of my Adri, I do, all the time, as always...
Posted by Kathleen Brown on April 13, 2016
Hello honey... how's my girl today? Your man Sanders is, as we speak... alright, as I type, is in your old stomping ground - Washington Square Park. How I wish we could've gone; together. Always in support of your beliefs and positions, hun. It's been a day filled with you. From Bernie to Homestuck... you're with us. Always honey... Always.
Posted by Kendall Leaf on April 13, 2016
Adri. I just wanted to pop on by and tell you how much I miss you. I always leave your memorial card in my car so that this way no matter where I go you will always travel with me. When I went to Dreamation back in February my first thought was that you would have an absolute blast and would have made many more friends. You were and even in spirit now are such a delight and always bring out the best in everyone you come across. I miss you very much. I am sending many hugs to you. <3
Posted by Kathleen Brown on March 29, 2016
Missing you, sweetheart <3
Posted by Kathleen Brown on March 24, 2016
Hi baby... Well ~ the trees and bushes are all ripped out. Seeing Diane at Wayne's World in the coming weeks to plant in your honor, a weeping Japanese Cherry tree ~ in front, where the Korean Lilac used to be... you know... right in front of where Pepe lays. Wildflowers will adorn the side of our home where all bursts of colors will eventually come to be, season after season. Of course your azaleas are still there in the corner... I will try to cultivate to become larger than life as our years pass. Love you, my Adri girl ~ miss you more than I can ever express <3
Posted by Kathleen Brown on March 18, 2016
Hey babe... got your "ADRI" plates in yesterday. Oh, how you come through for me... Stopped to pick up the screws at Lowe's tonight (cause you know my existing plates are held on by 2 and 3! Lololols). So love that I will drive around, wherever it is I may go, and have people notice your plate ...and wonder just what it's all about. If they only knew <3 Love you, my Adri girl.
Posted by Bill Sundeberg on March 18, 2016
I didnt realize in a lose just how much there actually was.. Love you my lil Adri....... Uncle Bill
Posted by Kathleen Brown on March 18, 2016
Goodnight sweetheart... not a day goes by that I am not taken aback by the memory and legacy of you <3 Loved you then. Love you still. Will love you always... forever more so <3
Posted by Patty Facompre on March 18, 2016
To be loved ....
Posted by Mary Facompre on March 18, 2016
You will always be in our hearts and souls. A lovely angel gone too soon but will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Adri
Posted by Kathleen Brown on March 17, 2016
We are all here, honey... With you and for you. Always. And even longer thereafter <3
Posted by Jessica Marino on March 17, 2016
Adri always with us. For the first few months of knowing her. Had always called her Adriana. Then one day, we were standing in the lunch line at school and she says "you could call me Adri. My friends do. And you're my friend too." We made so many plans. I was going to write a movie once and when it was done, Adri was going to dub it in Japanese for me. And we said in the future, we are going to go to Japan and she would be our translator. We both agreed that it would be hard to come home because she just loved everything Japanese. When we were in middle school, she said that she always wanted to go to the cherry blossom festival. One day, I'll go, and I'll take you with me friend <3 I have so many fond memories of playing video games together, her introducing me to some I never would have played otherwise. She also introduced me to newgrounds where we watched a ton of funny kingdom hearts and sonic videos. She also excelled in sewing class and made tom nook from animal crossing as well as some other unique items. It was always so cool seeing what she would made. She is so creative. I remember when she got the legend of Zelda ocarina and was so excited to learn how to play. I think of her with every bubble tea, roll of sushi, and any time I play kingdom hearts. I wish we had more time together but I truly cherish the moments we did. Adri is a beautiful soul who will be with us always.

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