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November 14, 2010

I remember when Mina told me she was pregnant, we was on the phone and she was on her way to the clinic to get the pregnancy test. An hr later i got the phone call "KEKE!! IM PREGNANT!!" i was so excited for her, and then two weeks later i found out i was pregnant. I was estatic cause we would be pregnant together, Mina has been my best friend for ten yrs and we been through a lot together so why not a pregnancy to lol.


Then i got another phone call that Mina was having a girl, because she was like a month a head of me i ended up finding out i was having a boy like a month after. I made jokes to mina our babies were either gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend and get married so we could be related or Adri was gonna find Jaiden a boo and watch out for him for those scandolous chicks lol.


I never got to see Adri because i lived very far but as all mina's kids she was my family, my niece and i love her dearly. I couldnt wait to see her and bring her & her sibs over so all our kids could grow up together as cousins should. 

I will never forget the day i found about Mina being pregnant with her, before she was even born she touched our lives and it hurts everyday that the Angels came for her, I went through a mind crazy mix of emotions i was mad, angry, sad confused everything. I got pictures of her (that i took from u mina lol) and i put them in my family album cause she will always be here with us, smiling and comforting all of us when we are down and smiling when we are at our best.

I love you Adri, Te amo mucho


Auntie Keke, Jaiden, Lil Karmina y ChiChi

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