Shared by Nse Olugbenga on May 31, 2021
Aggie both of us laid the foundation of our house @ Ibeju- Lekki, lagos, we both lived together till you left me to be with Jesus on Tuesday 18th of May 2021 to be with our big DADDY (Jesus). The same way we were building together on the foundation which is Christ. Your resilience, persistency in warfare and strong fight enabled the stability of our mission. Both of us with all vigors and focus waited for the GREAT MOVE to start but never told that you will leave me to be with the Lord. You came, you saw and you conquered. I will continue where you stop. I wish you wait a while to see the end time move as promised by Daddy, rather, Daddy ALLOW death to take you away. nevertheless, keep watching as I keep working in the results of your hard labour. 
I am mourning you but without holiday. The works continue to make you and Daddy happy. I am a dogged fighter and really don’t shed tears, brave, bold and strong like nail but shed tears as big daddy withdraws you from seeing the GREAT MOVE you’ve worked hard for.Rev John Akinyemi

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