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Missing my sister....

Shared by pablo raborar on May 27, 2018

I am missing you sis. Megan is getting married and I was hoping that you will be attending the celebration. I know you are with the Lord and for a little while, we will be soon reunited. Noel is very thankful that you are there with him.Thanks for the memories and I am going to see you soon as God will it. 

Shared by V Isidro on November 7, 2011

from Beth de la Rosa-S., former classmate and close friend at SMA:

"This is very difficult to all of us, I'm sure.  Let us remember Agnes and celebrate her life.  Most of our batch mates remember Agnes for her signature smile and laughter.  In high school, she was hard-working and kind to everyone.  She was always ready to offer assistance.  I agree with Dulce......Agnes easily laughs at our jokes.  She can also throw a curve ball at you....

Seriously though, I know that Agnes loved Don with all her heart.  That was tested over time.  Agnes was loyal to her friends, she's reliable and committed.  Agnes deeply cared for her family, her parents, and siblings.  She was a faithful Christian. I admire her strength and courage.  To Agnes' friends, we appreciate all your love and commitment to our dear friend.  May God bless you for taking care of her when she needed you most.  We love our dear friend Agnes.  We will always cherish our memories together and we will all work hard to support and find a cure for this disease that she fought with dignity.  Rest in the arms of our Lord, we will miss you dearly.  I love you."

Shared by V Isidro on November 7, 2011

from Maria B., former classmate at SMA (who is also battling a different form of cancer):

"Kudos to classmate Agnes for your admirable strength, courage and faith.  It's not what was taken away that counts, it's what you did with what was left.  Your smile will remain forever in our hearts."

Shared by V Isidro on November 7, 2011

from Sonia S., former classmate at SMA:

"AGNES RABORAR: another void in the batch's hearts.  I'll always remember and be thankful for your laughter and your free spirited ways that touched my life.  You are now in a place not anyone of us can follow.....and you know what would lighten things up....?   That we know you are happy and in good hands now, and that your pain is gone and that although we still get to live this life, pretty soon, we'll be seeing you there too....."

A Prayer for Agnes

Shared by V Isidro on November 7, 2011

sent by Cecil B., former classmate at SMA:

"Merciful Father, hear our prayer and console us.  As we renew our faith in your Son, whom you raised from the dead, strengthen our hope that our departed sister, Agnes, will share in his resurrection, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  Amen."

Memories of Agnes (from Dulce C.)

Shared by V Isidro on November 6, 2011

The following was written by Dulce C., classmate and good friend from high school....

"What is it that I remember when I think of Agnes? First, for the past several years, she has always been in my mind every Sept 20, and will now always be in my thoughts during our annual birthday celebration, since we share the same birthday. How can I not remember her now every year when that day comes? "    Secondly, everyone who knows her very well would agree with me on this. It was her enthusiasm, generosity, hospitality, positive outlook, and her "refined and innocent" sense of humor that will always be remembered. She was the kind of person that would make everyone smile or laugh just by the way she’d react in a curious, innocent way to some of our jokes... with those big, wide smiley eyes, almost in a child-like curious amusement. That’s the trademark of Agnes. She was always smiling, and was someone who was always very polite and courteous. She always wanted to please and make people happy, and was able to do it well.   The one time that I will never forget about Agnes, which I truly appreciated about her up to this day, was our 24th year batch reunion that she happily hosted and organized at her home in Norwalk back in March 2005. It was one of our happy get-togethers some years ago before she got sick. She was very cheerful, strong and healthy...   But the last time I saw her in the hospital in mid-October, she was still strong and high in spirit, brave and remarkable, despite all pains and difficulty of breathing... she was still cheerful and positive and found strength somewhere...she told me in her very words, and I quote: "I trust the Lord... that's all we can do, and I have to be positive... I have faith that I will be OK..."   I was moved by Agnes' faith in God and was touched by her strength and spirit, and I expected that she would indeed recover, that she would get well and go home soon... but I did not know then that it would be the last day I would see her alive on earth...  and today, I pray and believe that she's now well with the angels, where there is no pain, no cancer and no suffering.  May God bless her soul and grant her eternal rest and peace in heaven."



Shared by V Isidro on November 6, 2011

(a poem written by Agnes' best friend, Cecile M.)


G reat in Character

N ever A Quitter

E ager to Learn

S imple yet with Grace.

M arried to Don

O nly man she loved

L oves God so much

I ntimate relation with God

N ice to Everybody

A lways will be remembered.

Thanks for being such a good REAL Friend. You are the person that was instrumental in bringing me closer to God.  I will always treasure you.

Your Friend,




Shared by Steve Davis on November 4, 2011

Agnes is to me a beautiful love of God’s – full of kindness and a huge humble heart of service. Always thinking of others and her impact to this world and those around her. When she hired into our group in Seal Beach, she was so very conscious of doing the best job she could and going above and beyond. Her courtesy was extra special – it took me a 2 years to get her to stop calling me “sir” and just Steve.  Of course English being her second language, sometimes she would mix up the sirs and mams…frequently calling our boss Kim “sir”.

 At work you spend a lot of time together, sharing stories, encouraging one another – and Agnes was our number one cheerleader. She had a remarkable memory – and not just for trivial information, but for the more important things in life – she remembered our trials and struggles, our birthdays and significant others and events. She cared deeply about us and our lives.

 My wife, Stephanie, had the pleasure of visiting Agnes in the hospital often during her final weeks. My wife is a speech therapist and one of her patients was a very young little girl suffering from the devastating effects of her own cancer. Steph never told Agnes that the girl had cancer – but Agnes would ask her each day how the little girls was doing and Agnes prayed for her.  No matter how hard they tried the poor little girl could not speak or walk. Then finally one day a miracle happened – the little girl walked, smiled and was able to imitate sounds. They had finally made success. Steph was so happy and couldn’t wait to tell Agnes but that very same morning Agnes went to our Lord. Perhaps there’s a connection – but it’s a marvelous testimony of Agnes’ love for others.

 Agnes had a very deep spiritual soul. She never missed her devotions and prayers to God and we talked often about the spiritual side of life. But more importantly the Spirit truly lived within her – her smile, love, and compassion were evidence of that. It’s a mystery of why God’s saints and prophets are sometimes taken so early from the earthly realm – but I know Agnes fulfilled her purpose. She spread God’s grace and love to His beloveds.

 Finally, Agnes was quick to give advice and guidance. She was very honest – especially reminding me that Steph and me better have children soon!  During one of our last conversations in the hospital she said “Steve – you are a great problem solver. That’s your purpose here…to solve problems!”  The words still echo in mind and I hope I will fulfill that purpose and solve some of the bigger problems life and this world keep throwing our way.

 Agnes will be missed to the end of our days here on Earth – her impact though is everlasting. But I find joy in the understanding that she’s with God in Heaven – she beat us to it.

We love you. 

Talking to Gi

Shared by Don Molina on November 4, 2011

 Your father has often told me the story that you would often wait for him so you could eat dinner together.  Alone among your siblings, you would wait patiently, many times until late at night.  So strong was your devotion to your father who worked long hours to provide for his family. 

Others have talked about this devotion to your coworkers and friends.  Even during your last days at Long Beach Memorial Hospital, your first thought was to entertain your visitors.  You lived your life for others, always dedicated to their welfare. Even after you’d moved on to other work, you would keep in touch with former co-workers by scheduling lunch dates.  Lucky were those who knew you.  Blessed was the man who married you.

It’s easy to see why you were dearly loved by those who met you.  You had a way of making friends easily.  Your warmth and laughter made others very comfortable with you.  You were a quick study, very capable at doing your job and typically looking for ways to lighten the burden for others.  Your eagerness and engaging personality was infectious, enabling you to easily bond with those around you.  One co-worker from Seal Beach said that despite an often hectic work schedule, she always felt calm and relaxed when working with you.  Another co-worker who rarely saw you even though his cubicle was behind yours noted he always recognized your cheerful laughter which brightened his day.     

Selflessness and devotion were your trademarks, allowing you to build an exemplary reputation. Your God and your faith guided you unerringly throughout your life, allowing you to endure so many trials during your final days.  God has now called you home, and our world is a lesser place since your passing.  Yet in our sadness we should recall one of your favorite quotes:  God will make a way.  God will make a way for us to endure this transition, though it may be one day at a time, or even only one hour at a time. 

Even so, what I wouldn’t give just to hug you close to me one more time, to kiss you one more time, to tell you I love you now and beyond the days of living.

I would like to express my deepest and sincerest thanks to everyone who shared this experience with my wife and me.  Those who visited Agnes at our home and the hospital.  Those who brought Agnes to her appointments and therapy.  Those who cared for Agnes and attended to her.  Those who offered countless prayers for her.  Those who send cards, flowers and gifts and wishes for her recovery.  Those who prepared these services.  Those who prepared the food for these services.  Those who called to offer their condolences.  Those who came locally or from out of town to pay their final respects.  Those who gave a part of themselves to us. 

Thank you.  May God bless all of you and your families.  

Thank you for your friendship

Shared by Aida Poyatos on November 2, 2011

Dear Gigi and Don, I wish I was able to talk with Gigi somemore although last I spoke to her I was driving in the freeway so I called her later and all I got was a message. Last thing she said, was to thank me for the prayer package and that she loves me and my family especially Jasmine, her God child. She was not the same and I continue to worry of her and prayed to help her go through each day. I missed planning vacations and eating out with her she knows the good stuff and what I like. She makes me so comfortable during my short visits in California with my family we laugh, we share all the good times and even bad times. Gigi will always be in our hearts forever and our prayers to Don and the rest of the family. We love you always.Pictures to follow.

Edgar, Aida and Jasmine Poyatos (from League City,Texas)




Shared by V Isidro on October 31, 2011

A small group of friends visited Noemi's lovely house in Hemet.

Shared by V Isidro on October 31, 2011

Agnes with BFF, Cecil

Shared by V Isidro on October 31, 2011

A late birthday celebration with Vicki at Don Jose's Mexican restaurant in Artesia.

Shared by V Isidro on October 30, 2011

Agnes (in her "celebrity" pose) with Issa, Cecil, Vicki, and Dulce

Shared by V Isidro on October 30, 2011

Agnes, with Zinnia and Arnnie, having brunch at a cafe in Seal Beach.  Arnnie was visiting from Manila.

Friendship across the miles

Shared by Tamar Sylvan Mitts on October 30, 2011

Deb and I were blessed to be able to travel from Washington recently to spend 4 days visiting Agnes in the hospital.  Agnes was her typical self, worrying about everybody else.  She told us where to have dinner and of course that is where we went.  She also told us that Don was paying for us.  We got in some trouble over that because Stephanie paid for dinner one night, Agnes really read us the riot act.                                     

This past April on my Birthday morning I was feeding my animals and the dogs started barking like crazy.  The Fed Ex guy was at the door with a birthday package from Agnes and Don.  Even during her battle with Cancer she was always thinking of others.

I will miss Agnes’ friendship, her laugh and her beautiful smile.


Shared by Jean Botana on October 30, 2011

Agnes was so kind and thoughful.  There was a group of us at Boeing that worked together in Huntington Beach for a time, she moved on to a new group and the Huntington Beach group moved on to Long Beach.  But she wanted to stay in touch with all of us so she would always gather the group together every year or so for a catch up lunch and fun.  And in this busy world we all live in I always thanked her and appreciated her continuing to keep us all in touch.  For many years she would bring her Christmas joy to each of us in Long Beach during the holidays. I remember the great time many of us had at the wedding of one of our friends, and I had the pleasure of sitting with Agnes and her husband during the festivities.  I will never forget Agnes and her undeniable love for life and caring for people.  She will be greatly missed.  God Bless my friend.


Shared by Steve Davis on October 29, 2011

Our birthdays were always extra special at work. Agnes would always bring in an amazing mango cake to celebrate : ) yummy!!

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