One Day at a Time
  • 91 years old
  • Born on November 2, 1920 in Merritstown, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on May 12, 2012 in Peoria, Arizona, United States.

A beloved wife, mother, and grandmother, Agnes Plachko will be remembered forever.

Posted by Sharon Parker on 12th May 2017
Aunt Agnes is in my thoughts today. I also thought of her when Marylou and I had the good fortune to connect in the airport at DFW. It is very interesting to me to observe the way family traits and memories make re-connecting easy and fun. The family memories Marylou and I shared brought back feelings that have been dormant for many years.
Posted by Marylou Grether on 12th May 2017
Hi Mom. Although 5 years have passed since I last saw you, your love And memories live on. We are having a Mass said for you today. Here's a big hug and kiss for you and for dad too.
Posted by Sharon Parker on 3rd November 2016
The years fly by. I think of Aunt Agnes, and I believe she would be very proud indeed of the caring, compassionate person her daughter, Marylou, has become... and the family in which she is currently embedded. Happy Birthday!!
Posted by Marylou Grether on 2nd November 2016
Happy birthday mom. I wish we could share your favorite pina colada cake together. Saying a prayer instead, and know you are happy. Love you. A big kiss and hug to you and dad.
Posted by Chris Plachko on 13th May 2016
One day at a time. I think about you and Uncle Fran often. We had so many great times together. With the passing of dad all I have left are pictures and memories. I wish I could back and time and live it all over again. I really miss you. Every time I set a table I think of you. You taught me the proper way. I also think about the week I spent at your house on Tate when mom was in the hospital. You and Uncle Fran took such good care of me. All of you are back together. I bet you are having a blast. Love and miss you lots.
Posted by Sharon Parker on 12th May 2016
Another year has slipped by... I have thought about Aunt Agnes during the past 12 months, recalling enjoyable family outings in Cleveland and North Royalton with Aunt Agnes, Uncle Frank, Marylou and Steven. I'm grateful to have an ongoing connection with Marylou.
Posted by Marylou Grether on 12th May 2016
Hi Mom. Just wanted you to know there probably isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Thanks for the beautidul memories. Love and miss you
Posted by Marylou Grether on 3rd November 2015
Hi Mom. Although these written words are a day late, you are always with with me in spirit. The older I get, the more I realize all of the love and sacrifices you made for me. I am truly grateful for that.. I wish we could visit one on one again, but you know we always chat heart to heart. Love and miss you. Mary Lou
Posted by Sharon Parker on 2nd November 2015
Aunt Agnes will remain in my thoughts and in my heart. She is truly unforgettable! We shared many, many fun events and family gatherings during my formative years, and she helped influence me -- for the better!
Posted by Sharon Parker on 12th May 2015
I am sending warm wishes of consolation to your family on this anniversary of your passing... and enjoying many warm thoughts and memories about you, as well.
Posted by Marylou Grether on 12th May 2015
Hi Mom. Am really missing you. We are praying for you in a special way today as we have a Mass said in your honor. God bless. Love you. Xo please say hi to dad
Posted by Chris Plachko on 2nd November 2014
Happy Birthday Aunt Angie. Dad and I were just talking about you the other day.....happy memories. Love you
Posted by Sharon Parker on 2nd November 2014
Dear Aunt Agnes.... I think about you.... and feel joy when I do! Happy Birthday...
Posted by Sharon Parker on 12th May 2014
A candle lit in memory of my dear Aunt Agnes.... And best wishes to her family and extended family!
Posted by Sharon Parker on 13th May 2013
Dear Aunt Agnes: You have been in my thoughts recently. I send warm wishes and loving thoughts to your surviving family -- Mary Lou, Bob, Amanda and her husband -- on this anniversary of your passing.
Posted by Chris Plachko on 2nd November 2012
Hi Aunt Angie - you are getting a very special birthday present today - something tells me you might have arranged it though. Uncle Fran is joining you today. That is a pretty special gift. We miss the both of you terribly but it gives us comfort to know that the two of you are together again. Love to the both of you....
Posted by MaryLou Grether on 1st November 2012
Hi Mom: I know you missed Dad and asked Jesus to call him home so you could be together again. His final send off is tomorrow, on your birthday!! We will celebrate his life at the funeral mass on November 2, and then you can celebrate your birthday, together in heaven. Love you Mom, and Happy Birthday XO
Posted by Amanda Gill on 31st October 2012
Grandpa answered your call yesterday, and I'm happy you are both together in Heaven. I know he missed you terribly, as we all do.
Posted by Chris Plachko on 13th May 2012
So many memories are swirling around in my head of Aunt Angie - putting a smile on my face. Thinking of our family picnics, holidays , and staying at their house. Aunt Angie was a fiesty, caring, beautiful person. Uncle Fran, Mary Lou, Amanda, and Bob, the Plachko's send you love and condolences.
Posted by Amanda Gill on 13th May 2012
I am so blessed to have had Grandma in my life for 25 years. She made many events/holidays special for my family, and I remember spending many summer days shooting pool, garage sailing, and playing card games. Few people have her patience, will, strength, generosity, and persistence. She has played a huge role in who I am today, and I am happy she is now in a better place. She was ready.
Posted by Sharon Parker on 13th May 2012
I will miss Aunt Agnes. She was intelligent, outspoken, spunky, generous, funny. She is in many of my earliest memories of visits with extended family as I was growing up in Cleveland, OH.... My very deepest condolences to her family.
Posted by Robert Grether on 13th May 2012
Agnes was a dear mother-in-law. She was like a mother to me. She will be missed dearly. My heart goes out to Frank her husband and my wife Mary lou and daughter Amanda. She is in heaven now.

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