Agnes's Life
Sister Agie (Grandma auntie, Grand Auntie, Auntie Agie, “Nkemnkengafac” the traditional title she earned because of her benevolence) was born in mamfe, Cameroon to Peter Atemnkeng Forbin and Susana Tengungwoh Forbin. She completed primary education in Saint Joseph Catholic School Mamfe. She proceeded to vocational studies in Mamfe at the Regent Institute of Stenography where she obtained certification as a Stenographer. While doing vocational studies she also earned a certificate as a Practical Teacher (PT). She was posted to Lebialem where she taught at Government Primary School Fontem for a few years before living for Yaounde for greener pastures. While in Yaounde, her vocational certification became handy. She landed a position as a secretary at the University of Yaounde where she worked for several years before being appointed to work for Foreign Service in Yaounde and later on posted to the Cameroon Embassy in Washington DC. During her sixteen years tenure working in the Embassy, she brought several friends and family members, including nieces, nephews, cousins and your humble writer to this great nation, the United States of America. While working at the Embassy she did not stop her education; she continued her schooling taking remedial courses and subsequently gained admission into the University of the District of Columbia. She completed a program in business and was awarded a degree in business management.With a full schedule of working in the Embassy and pursuing her education, she still found time to participate and serve as role model in community affairs. She was a community leader. She was president of the ONLY tribe’s meeting called "LeCA" and hosted most meetings. She later became president of Lewoh meeting and also hosted all of our meetings in her residence in Silver Spring, Maryland.

She was passionate about working to improve lives. After her separation from the Embassy, she tried other paths before finding an interest with the Community Support Services (CSS). At the CSS she worked as an Employment Instructional Associate, providing daily support to individuals with disabilities. A position she held for sixteen years before her sudden and untimely demise in the early morning of Friday, December 13, 2019 following a five day hospitalization for bowel obstruction. Her contribution at CSS allowed individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to work and participate in community activities. Her work made a huge difference in all the individuals’ lives she supported.

She was a devoted Catholic Christian and very prayerful. She made several pilgrimage trips around the globe including Mexico, Israel, Italy, France and to other Holy sacred sites within the United States. In most instances she will take prayer request from those who could not accompany her and offer rides to others. In each of her trips within the US, sister Agie always made certain she brought back several gallons of Holly water which she shares among those who could not make it. She was a member of several catholic groups including but not limited to

National Association of African Catholics in the US

Head of First Saturday Fatima Prayers devotion, where she donated a live-size statue of our lady

Member of World Apostolate Ministry

She participated in distinguished St. Patrick Church e-mail group.

A member of Washington Council of Catholic women Archdiocese of Washington

Member of St Patrick Church contemporary Choir

Member of Catholic Women Organization

Member of St. Cecilia choir

Her love for Mary mother of Jesus was evident. She has a Rosary in every pocketbook, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, closet, car, etc. Sister Agie gives Rosary as a gift to every newborn child she visits. She encouraged family members to pray the Rosary. As a matter of fact she has two huge Rosaries hanging in my bedroom. 
My sister does not take calls at 3:00pm, for that is Holy hour and she has to recite the Devine Chaplet. Her only reason for owning a television was to watch EWTN, a station that presents Catholic themed programs

Sister Agie, Grandma Auntie, Grand Auntie, Auntie Agie, Mama Agie was a kind, funny, smart, selfless, generous and outgoing. Anyone who knew her well knew that she never took life too seriously. She was always pulling pranks and cracking jokes.

We all loved Sister Agie so very much and will miss her dearly. She touched so many lives. Her humor, kindness and selflessness will continue to forever inspire those of us who were lucky enough to know her.

Goodbye, my dear sister Agie. We all loved you very much and will miss you tremendously.

Agnes leaves behind a host of family members and friends to mourn her. Sister Agie will join her parents, sister, brother and other family members who had previously embarked on the road less traveled before her.

For and on behalf of the family,

Stephen Forbin (brother).