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A Farewell to My DEAREST Mother

Shared by Gwendoline Atemkeng on January 9, 2020
My Dearest mother, 

Where should I begin? I am still in shock.I have come to realize is more important to honor your memory . As a little girl you have always been there for me even though I know I gave you some serious headache sometimes.You have taught me the power of forgiveness, caring and always put GOD first. Last year you took me and the kids to Emmitsburg, that visit changed my outlook in life. I know GOD wanted his beloved daughter more. I just wish I had more time to spend with you. My life is better because you provided me with all the necessary tools to succeed and be a better person and for that I will be forever grateful.I just hope I made you proud .The kids, Alain and I will be forever grateful for all you did for us.  RIP my dear mother until we meet again.  The entire world has gain a guardian angel.

Love Ya, your daughter

God Loves You More

Shared by Kate Atabong Ndi on January 4, 2020
I still cannot believe you are gone.
I will never forget your welcoming and loving smiles and words of encouragement.
Rest in Peace. Our Good Lord Loves you more.

Farewell to our Mother and Queen

Shared by Relindis Atemkeng on December 31, 2019
I remember in Summer of 1999, you, sister Seraphine, Mama Fobella, and myself went to bush garden. You were so scared to get to the water slide. I convinced you and you did. The expression on your face coming down the slide was scary.Then you said to me "Akabang you take money go find die", Then we all laughed.

Goodbye, Rest in Peace till we meet again  

- Relindis

A la mémoire de Ma Agie Forbin

Shared by Lucia Forbin on December 25, 2019
je me rappelle comme si c était encore hier  que le temps passe vite nous nous sommes amusées en1999 ma première fois de venir aux USA tu resteras gravée dans nos cœurs nous t aimons très fort mais le Seigneur est là présent au milieu de nous tout ce que je souhaite que le Très haut envoie ses anges t accueillir dans ton vrai pays qui est le ciel sister Aggie repose en paix que la terre de nos ancêtres te soit légère.

Ngwinkong Fobella Rosalie

Safe Journey Sister Agie

Shared by Peter Atembe on December 22, 2019
Grand Auntie, I have not been able to believe that you are gone forever. Just a week after we meet and shared a discussion, you left us without saying goodbye. 
Sister, what can I say? Since I got to this country and met you for the very first time, you embraced me as your son. You guided me in all my endeavors, cautioned me and warned me when necessary. When my family later joined me, you equally embraced them and we have remained together till your departure. You had planned to take your goddaughter for a week during summer as she prepares to go to college. You were more than a sister to me. You were loved and cherished by members of our community and beyond. You championed the creation of the Lewoh community organization in the United States and remained a mother to all it members. You often called me to reiterate the fact that we have to make sure that LECUDEM-USA remain strong.  
Sister Agie, we loved you but God Almighty loved you most. We thank Him for the life He gave you during your sojourn on earth. I wish you a safe journey and pray that the Lord God will give you eternal rest in Heaven till we meet to path no more. Accept farewell from all my children. 

Adieu Grand Auntie.

Peter Atembe

Life long friendship by Cecilia Akunda

Shared by Lucia Forbin on December 19, 2019
I have known Agie for over 30 years.  We worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yaounde in the early eighties. I was transferred to London and she was transferred to Washington DC. We visited each other. Agie was a kind hearted person, sweet and generous. Always willing to help if she can. During my visit to her, she will make time to take me out shopping from one shopping mall to the other. The news of her death is shocking to me and my daughter. We still  can't believe she is no longer with us. My last visit to her made me understand that her relationship with God had deepened. She will wake me up at 0500am to say the Rosary and then go to morning mass. She will also take me to night vigil. I feel honored and privileged to have been Agie's friend in all the years. She will always have deep place in my heart.  My thoughts and prayers are with Gwen and the rest of the family. May her kind and blessed soul rest in peace.
Cecilia  Akunda

Sister Aggie, you live though gone home

Shared by Daniel Jingwa on December 18, 2019
Sister Aggie, you live though gone home. You live, in our hearts and spirit. Your laughter, joy, kindness and love live. Yes, you live, sister Aggie. 

How can I forgot that beautiful day, back in Maryland, when you modeled for my wife because she needed a model for her professional advancement? Though you were sooo busy with your own work, being there for my wife - to you - took precedent over all else.

Sister Aggie, you live - in our hearts - always. Go ahead home, sis. With love unend!

Farewell message to my friend.

Shared by Prudentia Akokem on December 16, 2019
Waooo!!!! Boh is really difficult for me to believe that u have gone without us going to the Holy Land or the Germany trips we discussed.
Agie, many of us will learn much from ur prayerful ways how u have just WALKED to Heaven. Boh,ur prayerful ways made u discuss matters concerning death with a pinch of salt. U even told me some years back that u will never bother people carrying ur corpse home that u have bought ur space already. I was rebuking u for mentioning death but u said u were ready at any time.So boh l don’t doubt where u are now.
Farwell AGIE wait for us any time.Rest In Peace.
Akokem (ma Achankeng Prudentia)

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