Remembering Aidan

Shared by Alan Chan on January 9, 2021

We are deeply saddened by the news. Aidan and Tyler were life-long friends since they first joined MAC more than a decade ago. He was always calm and cool, got along well with everyone and had a diverse interest in many topics. We once even discussed how to profit from Tesla stock through complex options. I was so surprised when he casually mentioned a "straddle strategy" which usually only a sophisticated option trader would use! 

He would always start the conversation with "Yo, Tyler" or "Hey, Alan" with a calm voice (never in a rush). He and Tyler always talked non-stop in the car and even during swim practice, so much so that coach Mike once separated the two to different lanes at opposite ends of the pool and yet they still figured out a way to talk (underwater, I think)...

Over the last two years, Aidan became interested in learning Chinese and many times, he responded to my messages in Chinese!

We have many fond memories of Aidan and will miss him very much...
Shared by Mandy Paradkar on January 8, 2021
We are at a loss for words and write this with heavy hearts. Connor, your brother has made a difference to all who knew him and for his donor recipients.  He always looked up to you and was proud to be your brother. Erin, we always saw Aidan as a protective and caring older brother and his love for you was always present. Khin and Kevin you raised such a polite, kind, loving and happy son with many talents. The photo gallery made us cry, yet it’s wonderful to see all of these amazing special moments in Aidan’s life. From Mandy, Deepak, Madi and Paige our thoughts and prayers are with each of you.

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