This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Aize Obayan 58 years old , born on March 4, 1960 and passed away on January 29, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Folasade Adegboye on January 28, 2020
One year already gone, while it seemed like only yesterday.
I dearly miss you, your kind reassuring smiles, gentle words,
focused strides, sleep on.......
Posted by Adebukola Oyewunmi on January 28, 2020
To live in the hearts of those who love You, is not to die.
You Live
in my heart
and in the hearts of many others

Posted by Emmanuel Francis on March 30, 2019
I am a member of the winners chapel in Nigeria. I have always admired Professor Obayan from a distance. I have never met her in person but I have seen and heard about her exploit. I could not believe when I first heard the news of her demise. I checked and re-checked on the University website to confirm but could not find the news there not until later when it became public knowledge. I am fully persuaded that she lived a life well spent. She totally exhausted and maximized her life positively. She lived for others. She will be forever missed but her legacies will keep speaking and living. Rest on our mother eagle
Posted by Oluwaseyi Fatila on March 4, 2019
Prof. Aize,
Your life was an embodiment of all you taught. You are a precious gift to humanity on this day you were born. May generations to come know your name and your works.
Posted by Opeolu Adeyemi on February 18, 2019
For someone dear to my heart, Prof Aize Obayan.
It took so long to put these words down, but listening at your glorious service of songs and other gatherings by Pathfinders and Eagles, my heart is truly comforted.
I realised that my words are they same. So here are my heart felt words:
Am thankful for the life lived by Professor Aize Obayan.
She was a mentor, my mentor. A mother, a great leader, a great woman, a strong woman and a woman sold out to service to humanity.
It was a honor to work with her in College in my final year as the Vice Chairperson (female) of the Student Council of LMU.
For the fist time, I experienced a new kind of leadership. It was refershing and encouraged my soul. Something I needed for my gentle nature that still needed to lead and serve many.
She showed me how and my life has never been the same.
A new kind of leadership that pulled people in with love, not law, God's love, openess, firmness, kindness, warmth, care, action, excellence, service and truth.
She taught me how to lead in grace, firmness, love and humility, even in the public's eye. She taught me true diplomacy and lived a life that reflected excellence, passion and kindness.
It's so soon, way too soon and my heart still hurts, but after the tribute services, I feel comforted, because I am a part of her Legacy.
Am grateful for your legacy ma'am.
It leaves on in my life and heart and I will continue to implement all you've taught me, and build upon all I've learnt from you.
I will hold on to those outstanding memories with you. The events, our correspondences and your timely responses and care for the student body and all you led.
It was an honor hosting you at the Proverbs 31 Woman's conference. A highlight that I believe impacted the younger generation of women during my tenure as VCF.
Thank you for praying for me on my birthday, for blessing me on my convocation ceremony from LMU and for releasing me into the world to shine forth. I will never forget these moments with you.
I know now, that you stand with the host of heaven, cheering the rest of us on to keep up with the race and run in grace to win and to finsh well.
You'll always be in my heart Professor Aize Obayan.
I know you're in a place of glory with God.
Thank you for pouring out your life into me and all of us. Am a better woman today because of this.
Listening to tributes by People from all over the World, Pathfinders, Eagles and Staff from CU and LMU, one thing is quite clear.
You truly lived.
You truly loved people and served excellently with your whole heart, life, time and resources.
You indeed lived out the things you constantly said to us. You never talked cheep, you lived by your words and actions.
Thank you mama. Thank you so much.
Am encouraged to run on and not give up because of you.
Shine on in Glory Prof. Aize Obayan.
Opeolu Adeyemi
Marvel Set.
#ClassOf2016, LMU.
Posted by Joshua Ayodeji Popoola on February 16, 2019
The Prof. Aizeanta Oloigbe Imouokhome-Obayan I know: A mother, a friend, a Genius, the smart, a lover, the loved, a friend, a fighter, a winner, a carer, a listener, a 'goodwiller', a guide, a counseller, the humble, the reachable...

Prof. is many things to many people. However, the above stated is all she was to me.

She was open to all and discriminated none. I am of the opinion that she lived the scripture: 'Who makes you different from others and what do you have that you have not received' (1 Cor. 4:7). She sure employed her training to living. I and many others with Joshua and Toluwani would surely miss her.

I needed to discuss something with her as usual on the very day she departed not know she has been challenged health-wise for days. I somehow decided to wait and call during the day as she had been on my mind for days-only to be informed that my own dear Prof Obayan is up with Jesus that same fateful January 29. That is a consolation that we have-That She is with JESUS, She is very well and Alive; she is not missed. Halleluyah!

She made incredible impressions on me as a person in many ways-maritally, and other wise... I believe she has finished her course here. She has kept the faith!

My Prayer is that the Good Lord shall keep the family that she and her dear husband left behind...

Our hearts are with you, Toluwani and Joshua. Your parents left enduring legacies and great names which would put you in places of advantage in life.

The Lord is with you in your going outs and in your coming ins. We love you!

Joshua and Jemima Popoola
Chemical Engineering Pioneer Graduate/Pastor LFC. &
Former Laboratory staff of CU Health Centre
Posted by Divine Ukannada on February 16, 2019
A lovely woman your are indeed,
A rare gem with an amazing personality you're are a physical example of how we should work in love, integrity and discipline.
The first time we met you called my name and I replied "I feel so important that you know my name" and she said "you are important".
Her leadership will always be of great impact to me.
Rest in peace Ma.
Posted by Onyinyechi Chijioke on February 15, 2019
I was completely shocked by the news of your passing onto glory Ma. I so vividly remember you praying and declaring the word of God over my life exactly a year before you went to be with the Lord, after I hadn't seen you in many years. My Mum tells me everytime of how you fondly kept asking after my well being.
You will be forever remembered ma for being a trail blazer and a role model to me.
Be sure that we'll keep looking out for Toluwani and Joshua here.
Rest in peace in the presence of God.
Posted by Ajuma Abah on February 15, 2019
I was never close to her; but the respect I have for her is second to none.
Rest with the Lord, dear Ma'am.
Posted by Ijeoma Nwobia on February 14, 2019
Aize your transition to eternity is one I’m yet to come to terms with.
You were beautiful both inside and out. Your warmth to all and sundry was most exemplary.
I can go on and on.
Yet the pain of losing you will just not go.
I thank God for the opportunity to have known you; a great mother and friend of the young ones at Covenant University where my daughter came under your tutelage.
Posted by Chiemerie Ejiogu on February 14, 2019
Words would never be enough to express the sadness I felt when I learnt a rare gem had left this world. Although I never had a personal encounter with you, your impact was felt miles away. You were a force to reckon with, your charisma and simplicity were amazing. You were indeed a role model and you made me believe I could have it all....the career, the poise, the discipline, the family and everything you always taught. The world would forever remember you ma because though you lived a short while on earth, you emptied all God put inside of you to everyone around you especially we, the students. I miss you on Prof Aize Obayan
Posted by Jacob Oni on February 14, 2019
Good Night Prof. Aize Obayan
I was left alone thinking and asking myself, “how on earth could this have happened? Was I dreaming? I can’t explain. It was a painful moment but I have the assurance that she (Prof. Aize Obayan) is resting in the bosom of her saviour.
Whatever height I attain in my career, it all started with you who gave me a chance to be employed into the workforce of Covenant University in 2013.
Even though you are gone to be with the L#ord, Ma, I am eternally grateful that I came your way in life.
Rest on Prof. Aize Obayan. We love you!
Posted by Edith Okoi-chuk on February 13, 2019
My beloved Sister.
Your sudden departure to glory is still like a dream. I’m still wondering how come so soon. I have resolved not to question God but to trust in His infinite Wisdom that passes All human understanding.
I’m so grateful to God for knowing you. Indeed you lived your life to the fullest to his Glory. Only God knows all the lives you touched with your sweet gentle but resilient Spirit. Aize you were an icon of strength, an epitome of beauty inside out. I will miss you. I pray for God to strengthen your children to keep the flame of faith Aglow. Rest Sis till we meet at His feet.
Posted by Olokoyo Felicia on February 13, 2019
Tribute to a quintessential Proverb 31 woman I ever met.
Where do I start? My heart is still so heavy that words fail me. One thing I know is you shred yourself in pieces and planted a bit in each and everyone that crossed your path. You never held anything back. No time was too early or too late to show up for the ones you love. I can never forget opening my eyes at 2:30am after i had a CS to deliver my first baby and beheld you by my bedside and the giant birthday card and cake that followed first thing in the morning because you did not forget it was my birthday despite the trying night i had. You were indeed an angel because no human could have been able to do all that you did in just 24hours a day. You are only angry when you are not given the chance to love enough. You poured yourself into everything you do and everything you touched became gold. Excellence was your keyword and you hated half measures or average with a passion. Mummy, why do you have to go so soon! You did not fulfil the promise you made to me on Prof. Adeyemi's 70th birthday when i said to you "Ma I am just imagining how beautiful you will look on your 70th birthday" and you giggled a reply that you will look "gloriously dainty" on that day. Well, I take solace in the fact that though yours was a short journey, it was full of impact and indelible marks of positive seeds. I know for sure you are in a good place now looking 'gloriously dainty'. Your children, Toluwani and Joshua will surely reap the blessings of all the good seeds you sow in the lives of many. When they need one, a thousand will answer to them. They shall be kept and protected of the Lord to build on the legacy you left for a long time to come. They shall live very long and fulfil the number of their days. And as the Yoruba adage said "aiye ti esin (horse) ko je iru idi a je". They shall ride on the wings of the service and sacrifices of both you and your husband and go very far in life beyond your wildest imagination in Jesus name. Sleep on Mama Eagle at the bosom of our Lord where there is no sorrow nor pain, no tears nor regret. We love you and your memory will forever live on in our heart.
Posted by Samuel Oni on February 13, 2019
Tribute to a Great Mentor
I remain eternally grateful to God Almighty for ordering my step into coming in contact with Professor Aize Olohigbe Imouokhome Obayan. Truth is the wise saying of Charlie Jones that you will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read. Indeed, I am a product of God’s favour which has given me the privilege of being mentored by this great leader. Professor Obayan’s passionate love for me gave me the epithet– “Omo Mama”.
In one of these cherished conversations between a mother and her son, at about 11.00pm in the office, you said to me “You know I am a professor, so I will want you to also be a professor like me”. That conversation marked the beginning of my journey in the academic career as I got converted from administrative to academic cadre of Covenant University. Since then till your call to glory, you never ceased following up on my academic progress. I remain eternally grateful to God and deeply appreciate this great mentor, an icon, a leader, an amazon. Mama, as we fondly called you, thank you for the special interest you have in my wellbeing and progress and that of my family and for all the lives that God touched through you, of whom I am a living proof.
It is quite painful that you exited too soon, but as a famous writer once said; it is not the number of years that one lives that really matter but the live that one lives. Mama, you have lived a life of impact and has made indelible marks and great legacies that have engraved your name in history. Your short life has beamed lights of hope to many people of this generation and you will be eternally remembered for excellence and best practice that you had always stood for. Posterity will not forget you on the account of the many lives that were positively affected by your kindheartedness, the many lives that you touched by your tender love, the many faces that can now smile through your act of benevolence, the many destinies you have revived and the many destitute who through you, have had cause to hope for a better life.
Above all, I am consoled that heaven has gained you and that in the bosom of Lord Jesus Christ where you are, “God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. Revelation 21:4
Adieu, the Mother Eagle.
Your Son,
Samuel Oni
Posted by Anthonia Daramola on February 13, 2019
Mummy dearest, you were an epitome of motherhood. Never angry, always ready to be a blessing to everyone around you. Your generousity were awesome. You were my testimony partner. Thank you for giving me room to know you ma. Honeycomb will forever miss you.
Posted by Nkiruka Ekwegbeli on February 13, 2019
You left your footsteps
... so much more to remember.

Thank you ma.
Posted by PRINCE OGUNDE on February 12, 2019
Words are few, thoughts are deep and memories of you I will always keep.
The quality of life you lived,the impact, a pointer to the biblical truth of a Proverbs 31 woman
There is no doubt you are in heaven resting in the bosom of the Lord.
Adieu my VC
Posted by Kolawole Ajanaku on February 12, 2019
Dear Professor Aize,
You came, You fought, You fulfilled your mission and You won. You are just as the scripture says “You are a light……..that lighted everyone”. You brought light, hope and future when it was needed. Since the very first time I met with you in 2006, you have played roles of Mother, Sister, Teacher and Leader. It’s most painful that we shall no longer see you in the physical but I know you are joyful and happy in the bosom of the Lord. “When will she complete her programme? How is doing? How are my kids? How is the work in your new position?” These are some of the questions you always asked. It’s just unfortunate that you have to leave us now.
Dear Mother, you are not dead but rather sleepeth. You legacies will forever be speaking in my heart. Continue to rest till we meet on the resurrection day.
Jesus is Lord Forever………………….
Posted by Aderonke Oni on February 12, 2019
We still wonder why you had to depart so early. But I thank God for the life you lived, the destinies you touched and moulded, and the legacy you left for all of us. I was priviledged to be blessed by you in so many ways. First, I got a clearer direction for my life under your teaching on Long Life Learning during TTG. I came in close contact with you afterwards and every moment was a time of reflection for a higher ground. You were a true mother and leader, an epitome of excellence in deed. Your lifestyle of diligence is unmatchable. May your children reap to in fullest, the fruits of the good seeds you sowed into the live of other.
Rest on in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Oluwaseun Ayobami on February 12, 2019
Mummy!!!!! you broke yourself into tiny pieces and infused it into us all, your poise, your face, your voice, everything kept coming back. But thank God you left empty not holding anything back. The world will miss you but we are glad you've gone to meet the father. You are the greatest gift Landmark University gave me
Oluwaseun Ayobami Olatunde
Posted by VC COVENANT on February 12, 2019
A Tribute from Covenant University
The tradition of funeral oration has its origin in ancient Greece, when Pericles, in about 450 BC spoke at the funeral of fallen soldiers who paid the supreme sacrifice at the Peloponnesian wars.
It is in this connection that we present these lines to bid farewell to an amazing Amazon, an amiable mentor, a committed mother, a relentless builder, a loyal disciple, a quintessential leader, a daughter of Zion, and a handmaiden of the Most High.
What shall I say about the inimitable Professor Aize Obayan and her odyssey here on Canaan grounds? What shall I tell the cloud of witnesses about her pact with destiny and the colour she brought to the context of Covenant University?
What else is there to say about her undiluted passion for excellence far beyond the fragrance of the alabaster jar she did not spare on her assignment?
Should I also lacerate her professional and practical base in counselling, psychology and leadership development studies which she brought to bear in assembling the critical workforce for the universities she presided over? Is there any wonder then that she had a glorious ascent to the lofty heights in her field as a mother eagle?
Apart from her training, tutelage and forays of exploits in Benin, Ilorin, Scotland and England, we speak about her solid contributions at Covenant University between 2002 and 2019. She was also very visible at the highest level of the Ministry leadership, having served as the Education Secretary of the Living Faith Commission. She had the testimony of the very few people in the world to have served as Vice-Chancellor of two Universities in their life time. These are Covenant and Landmark Universities.
Within the context of Covenant University. She held the record of the longest serving Chief Executive for eight critical foundation years. She presided over the School of Postgraduate Studies, the then College of Human Development and most recently, the African Leadership Development Centre. She raised the platforms for excellence in whatever capacity she served. She crafted the rubrics and tenets for operation. She raised credible allies to pursue the goals set before her. She chaired top-notch committees and propelled our institutions to the pinnacles of excellence.
Though Professor Obayan was not given to seeking validation, her work bore testimony to her diligence which brought her to the paved platforms of the hall of fame. Just as her name tells the story, Aizeanata walked predestinated paths with accolades and goodness following her.
She was voted the best Vice-Chancellor of all private universities in Nigeria in 2006. She was honoured by the Institute of Strategic Studies of Nigeria in 2007. In 2011, the Southern University, A&M College, USA conferred on her the prestigious Leadership award. In the same year, the Alumni Association of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka bestowed on her, the Distinguished Diamond award for excellence. She received too many awards that time would not permit us to mention. She was also a Board member of the National Universities Commission.
Professor Aize Obayan was a highly sought-after conference speaker for Keynote and Plenary presentations for both national and international audiences. For example, in 2010, she spoke at the European Union-Africa Summit on Governance and Management in Cape Town, South Africa.
Professor Aizeanta Olohigbe Imouokhome Obayan walked this path on predestinated steps as a teacher of teachers, the professor of professors, the Vice-Chancellor of Vice-Chancellors, a counsellor, a loyal disciple, a winning working mother, an uncommon achiever, an accomplished daughter of Africa, an exemplary daughter of Zion and a handmaiden of the Most God.
This, definitely is not a moment for tears; it is time to celebrate an icon as we return all glory to God in a season of Dominion.
Good night our leader, our mentor and our dear Professor Aize Obayan!
Posted by Priscilla Ojone on February 12, 2019
You may have left us physically but I know You are alive with God. You Have made indelible impacts in many lives, especially mine and I will be forever grateful to God for the Gift of a Virtuous Woman like You.
I won't forget the lecture You gave us on Work Etiquettes during 2014 Landmark University, Towards a Total Graduate (TTG) class. I was distinguished because of things I learnt from You. 
The Lord comfort Your family and Grant us all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss
You live forever in our hearts Ma'am.  
Rest In Perfect Peace...
Posted by Charles Ayo on February 12, 2019
Tribute to Prof. Aize Obayan
One thing that I learnt from the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, after joining Covenant University in 2003 is the fact that there are no self-made stars, but God provided some individuals on our ways to mentor us to stardom. This is what Prof. Aize Obayan is to me. I thank God for making you available to me before you became the Vice-Chancellor of the University. Up until your tenure and after, you have been an amazing leader and mentor. Your love and contributions to me will forever be cherished and remembered.
Prof. Obayan, you represented everything the Winner’s Church represents. A bold and fearless servant, a quintessential administrator, and a committed leader with finesse and the Midas touch.
Succeeding you in office was swift and remarkable for me because of the solid foundation that you laid for the University. Thank you once again Ma.
You fought a good fight and have completed your course. However, with a heavy heart but gratitude to God your’s was a life well spent:
- Short but impactful
- Short but eventful
- Short but successful and remarkable
You demystified University Administration in Nigeria and left a robust and workable template not only for Nigeria but for Africa in general. You proved to the world that no profession or task is an exclusive preserve of a particular gender. How are the mighty fallen!!!!
We are consoled with the Word of God in Revelation 14:13 KJV: “And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.”
Rest In Peace, My Mentor!
Now to the children, Toluwani and Joshua, the book of Isaiah 65:24 KJV says:
[24] And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.
It’s my prayer that God will console and comfort you; meet you at your points of needs; send help unto your; and be your father and mother IJN.
It’s well with you. IJN. Amen!
Prof. Charles Korede Ayo
Immediate Past VC-CU
Posted by Joy Nwosu on February 12, 2019
My hands shake and tears pool around my eyes when I remember that you are gone. I hoped for a last moment miracle I even imagined step by step how it would occur but by 12 noon when there had not been a sneeze coming from the casket I knew it was not to be.
I remember the first, second and third time we had personal encounters.
How I loved DLD and TMC classes just becàuse of you. I remember those days when you would ask questions in class and would turn the most unreasonable answers to valid points. I can't pass the college building without remembering where you parked your car as the Dean that year.
You would forevever be in my heart as you broke yourself onto a million fragments and implanted a piece into everyone/ heart that crossed path with you.
Truly you are Gods handmaiden and you strengthened stakes and lengthened cords in your short sojourn on earth.
Ma, your legacy lives on. Rest on in the bossom of the Lord where all pain is gone.
You died empty.
Posted by Anthony Ubani on February 12, 2019
You were a source of inspiration to many of us back then at Landmark University that we could do anything we are determined to do. We will forever miss you! Continue to rest in God's presence ma!
Posted by Tolulope Allo on February 12, 2019
Graceful, elegant, eloquent, dainty, pristine mummy Obayan!!! My heart ache as I post this tribute. I am comforted in the fact that you impacted thousands of lives ever so positively so. You taught us during TMC class about dying empty, and indeed mummy, you practiced what you taught. You died empty!!! You poured out your self, gave your all in service and you ran a good race. Go on and win the prize waiting for you in heaven. You will be sorely missed. Ever sorely so. I love you mummy, I LOVE you!!! Your memory will never die. It lives on!!!
Posted by Adenike Bello on February 12, 2019
Mother eagle,
You left us with so much beautiful memories that we will forever remember and thank God for. Moments and memories of prayers, your warm and firm hugs, the platforms, your speeches, your admirations for anyone and everyone, your respect for people, your sense of urgency and eyes of excellence.... Your love for people, your listening ears.....I can go on and on.....yes.
The last conference I had with you was "breaking the glass ceiling".... I never knew that would be the last but it was remarkable for me....despite your busy schedule you still find time to celebrate every moment and every good news just like you did with me the last time.....can I forget my birthday gift.. .it was a prophesy that came to fulfilment.
From you I learnt, passion and love for students, I learnt not to shut any student down, I learnt to give audience to this young ones, I learnt that every answer is right etc ....I promise to make you proud and yes I will.
Thank you for the life of love, impact and excellence that you was indeed exemplary.......we celebrate you mother eagle......Adenike Kanmi-Adegun
Posted by Anastacia Ngadi on February 12, 2019
I remember your advice sweet Mummy Aize. Thank God for a life well spent. I love you so much and your memory lives on
Posted by Gideon O'tega on February 12, 2019
I remember the first day I heard you speak. It was sonorous and inspiring at the same time. It melted my ignorance away and calmed me at a time when I had turbulence in my life. In you, I saw the perfect Mother Eagle and the very standard to aspire towards. Words can never express what your counsel through the years means to me. Thank you Mommy for all your words of comfort, inspiration and empowerment. I'm so glad I got to bask in your greatness. Even now, my words mixed with tears continue to pour out as I mourn your demise. If only I can turn time back, oh how much more I would have treasured our moments together.
Aize Obayan, you are the Mother Eagle, and even now you have returned to the permanent nest, I look on your legacy with even more respect and importance. In my heart, I know you aren't really dead because your legacy can never be extinguished.
Good night Mother. Rest well. I love you deeply.
Posted by Chiamaka Okebalama on February 12, 2019
God knows I don’t deal well with death. It was just yesterday you held my first baby at the airport in Ilorin and I told you all about my new business ideas. You’ve never stopped cheering me on. Your love for my family is immeasurable. I speak in present tense because I know you are still alive. Alive in your words of wisdom and love , alive in our dreams and visions and alive forever in our hearts. We love you mummy and we’ll definitely make you proud. All your labor in us will never be in vain. Rest on mum ❤️
Posted by Joyce Abuka-Joshua on February 11, 2019
Mummy Aize, I call you Mummy because you were this and much more to me....
Leaving Abuja and relocating to Ota precisely 9 years ago, U were the shoulder I could lean on and cry on. U counselled, prayed with me, cheered me on, celebrated big & small victories with me.
And U found time to do it all!
Alas, I never knew the 15mins you called and spoke with me in November 2018 will be the last time I will hear your voice on earth. But your voice still rings loud and clear! Glad I met you Mummy.
The sound of your footsteps will be missed but your imprints in the sands of time and in our hearts can never fade away.
O death where is your sting?!
1 Corinthians 15:54-55

My Dear Toluwani, Joshua, the entire Obayan and Imouokhome Families...
The Lord's Grace surrounds you all.
You're covered under the Everlasting Arms of the Most High. Amen.
Posted by Lafta Ajibade on February 11, 2019
I remember in 100 level we used to keep in touch over email and we'll greet in Swahili cos I lived in Kenya back then.
You will definitely be missed. You are a gem that went too soon. You are in a better place right now but I assure you that your legacy lives on through me and many others whose lives you had an impact on.
On behalf of my parents, we'll miss you ma. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ogechi Nwobia on February 11, 2019
Mother Eagle.
You nurtured and loved and groomed like no one else could. Your smile, your warmth, your kindness and even the sound of your laughter are things I will never forget. I still struggle with words to communicate all that you were and the sort of void your exit has created. But always, I give thanks for the privilege to have come under your remarkable leadership. Thank you for your legacy.
Brilliant lights will guide you home Ma, till we meet again at Jesus' feet.
Posted by Agboje Oe on February 11, 2019
Dr. O. E. Agboje – a Tribute to Prof. Aize Obayan
My VC, you left too soon. But the fruit of your investment in thousands of us shall be remembered for life. I can never forget your excellent leadership. You made all my years in Covenant University wonderful. And you left a vacuum in CU which no human can ever fill. You are great and I thank God for your global impact. Rest in perfect peace with the Lord. God bless and protect your children. Good bye my Vice Chancellor.
Posted by Prof. Conrad A. Omonhinmi... on February 11, 2019
Prof. Obayan - the gloriously Aizecious Gem.
Awesome, interesting, marvellous, wonderful, gracious, inspiring, intriguing, astounding, honourable, .this was how she qualified others and in reality, herself. It was in "context" of who she was, deep inside.
She created "platforms" ...and when offered, she seized "platforms" to offer, create and lead others through moral tracks, spiritual heights, crucibles of dignity, humility rivers, and character furnaces, ....brought us through the leading edge, cutting edge, global edge, and leadership edge .....and she has arrived at Heaven's gate...well who can hold her from the throne edge of Christ NOW! as the master says "come up thither thou good and faithful daughter.
Welcome home Aize!!!
Posted by Adeyeha Temitope on February 11, 2019
You taught me the way of life. You taught me how to be responsible, you taught me how to control my mind. Thank you for giving my life a pattern. You'll be greatly missed.
Posted by VC COVENANT on February 11, 2019
No exact words can best describe the person and personality of the iconic Professor Aize Obayan, the third Vice-Chancellor of Covenant University and a one-time Vice-Chancellor of Landmark University.
No terms can accurately capture our impressions and reality of her life, times, exploits and deeds. But, the only consoling words to all of us as an institution are simply that: “she was a great woman, who allowed God to use her to plant the seeds of greatness for many, including institutions and centres she led, in the sands of time”.
Professor Aize Olohigbe Imouokhome Obayan was the Vice-Chancellor of Covenant University from 2005 to 2012. She was the third Vice-Chancellor of the institution and the third female Vice-Chancellor in Nigeria.
Before then, she had been the Dean of the College of Human Development of the same institution. A Professor of Guidance and Counselling, Mrs. Obayan was later appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of Landmark University in Omu-Aran, Kwara State.
It is worthy of note that as Vice-Chancellor Covenant and Landmark, Mrs. Obayan laid a solid foundation for an enduring academic standard, peculiar and awe-inspiring culture which still guide our paths to this very day, and of course raised the bar for excellence the universities.
Professor Obayan was the true professor of professors, who superintended the appointments, promotions and progress of many faculty and staff in Covenant University in particular. These include the fourth and fifth Vice-Chancellors of the institution.
A pioneer faculty of Covenant, Professor Obayan was part of the foundation-laying team, which created the enduring structure that has aided the inquest for becoming a world-class university as it is pursued today.
Many faculty and staff today can attest to it that Professor Obayan had direct touch and influence in their lives in their excellent endeavours as members of this University community.
She mentored a generation of hardworking and committed staff and faculty; she built a solid base for enterprising and self-motivated students, who are at present making impact in their various fields of human endeavour.
What more can we say?
She led a good life; fought a good fight of faith; sold out to Christ without reservation; raised wonderful children, who are excelling today in their chosen fields; served as a mother to all of us; mentored many far and near; and left behind enduring legacies.
Yes, she was biological mother to Tolu and Joshua, two wonderful children she nurtured to success, along with her late husband, Engineer Adetokunbo Obayan; but she was everyone’s mother, who cared for all, knew our birthdays, wedding anniversaries and could even remember each one of us by our first names!
As individuals and as an institution, our hearts go out to your two beautiful children, siblings, parents and other family members.
We may be affected by your physical absence, which happened too suddenly; but we are strengthened that you had a godly life. So, we are strong!
Goodnight Our Mentor.
May your kind soul rest in perfect peace!!!
Posted by Isaac Samuel on February 11, 2019
A great academic mentor, she made me know the difference between teaching and lecturing as a young academic. A mother indeed! She is a rare gem. We surely miss you Ma. Adieu!
Posted by Oyewole Dipo on February 11, 2019
You have indeed gone too soon Mum.
I call you Mum because you were a Mother to me in many ways I cannot begin to describe.
It has taken me this long to put these words together because accepting the reality has been difficult to say the least.
You were most supportive and understanding, never accepted mediocrity spuring everyone around you to be better versions of themselves.
Setting the standards high by your personal life and conduct made it seem possible, yet you were quick to lift when one fell short.
You will be sorely missed, your reassuring smile and words of constant encouragement that always preceded your, "It is Well, Praise God".
Though we have to say goodbye you will forever live on in our hearts.
Till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Gift Olumhense on February 10, 2019
Mummy Aize Obayan, words cannot express how I feel. You will forever be in my heart. You were an inspiration to me. You were a mother and a mentor. You always prayed for me. You always called me daughter. You always want to see me succeed. I promise to make you proud mum. I always loved you right from Landmark University days. You made so much impacts in my life. Rest in Peace dear mummy.
Posted by Gbenga Omole on February 10, 2019
Twenty four hours after I heard, of your passing, I refused to believe. How could she be late. I wrote it off as one of those rumours that go around. Alas, the news was true. Prof. Obayan is just like my mom away from home. She was chairperson at my wedding reception. I was a graduate assistant when I got married and she was VC. Yet she spared the time to honour this humble boy. In addition, she came to my little house to welcome each of my children, when I had them. The eldest is in JSS3 today. When mom gave you audience, she pushed aside everything on her table and gave you her undivided attention with her gaze like an eagle's. Dont be fazed if she recalls details of that discussion 10years later because she was genuinely interested in people. I love you ma. Hope isn't destroyed because I trust that one day, we all shall laugh at the feet of Jesus. Greet Uncle Toks. Rest in peace among the cloud of witnesses. Those of us in the play field will not let you down.
Posted by Olabode Faleti on February 10, 2019
Your memory will live with me forever.
You were my Mother...and my mentor...
Your words of encouragement...
Your chastising me when i was wrong...
Your directional words...
Your sacrifice of time and effort...
Your genuine love...
All through my sojourn in CU and beyond..
Your words "I am proud of you, Son"....always ring a bell...
Will miss you a whole lot Queen Mother...
Rest in the Bosom of our Lord...
Love you always, Mum.
Posted by Solomon Bayoko on February 10, 2019
As time goes by day after, i can not help to imagine if your demise was really true. Thoughts of shock keeps running through my mind from when i heard the sad news. But what can one do in this world of tribulation, all i know is that you were a mother to all, a guardian, a counselor, an adviser, a compassionate individual and the most of all a God sent. Not also forgetting that you were also a hard worker first for God almighty and in your service for mankind. What more can i say, words can't express it all.
I pray that you rest peacefully in God's bosom, you are forever remembered and always in our heart for those uprightness and ethics which you stood for.
God knows best, it is well.........Adieu.
Posted by Janet Ajamu on February 10, 2019
I never had the opportunity of talking to you one on one but every of your words spoken to us generally at LMU really counted to me. Thanks for all those teachings especially during TMC classes. You are really loved and thanks for being a great role model.
Posted by Ayodeji Idowu on February 10, 2019
You taught us all, the value of living a life with a worth while legacy. You led us by example. You showed us, that it was possible to walk the talk. I might not know how many eagles we truly are, but a part of you lives on in all of us.
Posted by Oladele Olufemi on February 10, 2019
We got the shocking news of passing onto Glory of Mummy Obayan as fondly called by my family. We are consoled by the glorious assurance from Titus 1 vs 2. That in hope of eternal life which God that cannot lie, promised before the world began. My first encounter with her was when spirit of God said I should appoint her as cell minister on the platform of (WSF) at Canaan Land. When this assignment was mentioned to her she was full of joy and said she just concluded her BCC course from word of faith Bible institute and be looking for opportunity to serve. The second encounter was when my wife received the vision for special prayer for Nigerian Universities. She served sacrificially and faithfully. We appreciate God for the life she lived, the many souls she touched, and have no doubt that she will find rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. She will be remembered for the awesome legacies she left behind .
Posted by Obanla Bolanle on February 10, 2019
I heard you say this particular quote in my first tmc class "I shall pass this way but once; any good that i can do or any kindness i can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it ; for i shall not pass this way again"
You have walked on this path and just this once touched us differently but we all have the same words on our lips now.
Your departure has only shown all that life is extremely brief. We know you didnt leave home, you went home... Rest on ma#profAizeObayanlivesOn
Posted by Ogechukwu Agim on February 9, 2019
She was a woman whose heart accommodated and loved so many, a true mother eagle, a virtuous woman, and a beacon of light in a dark world. Her legacy was so magnificent in life as much as it is now, even in death. She truly ran her race in an exemplary manner, and has now taken her rightful place with the heavenly host. 
We pray that your soul continues to find eternal rest with God, and that your dearly beloved Tolu and Josh, other family, friends and loved ones will be comforted by the Holy Spirit. Rest on, Ma. You’ll be dearly missed.
- Oge Agim Nwandu-Vincent,
For the Agim family.
Posted by Kenneth Etta on February 9, 2019
Mother Eagle,one who had sleepless night all in the quest to ensure we came out as Total Men soaring like Eagles. Mummy you were a role model worthy to be emulated. Thank you for teaching us lifematics and the principles of life. We will miss you forever but we are joyful because we know christains don't die,we only fall asleep. Adieu Mrs Aize Obayan
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Posted by Folasade Adegboye on January 28, 2020
One year already gone, while it seemed like only yesterday.
I dearly miss you, your kind reassuring smiles, gentle words,
focused strides, sleep on.......
Posted by Adebukola Oyewunmi on January 28, 2020
To live in the hearts of those who love You, is not to die.
You Live
in my heart
and in the hearts of many others

Posted by Emmanuel Francis on March 30, 2019
I am a member of the winners chapel in Nigeria. I have always admired Professor Obayan from a distance. I have never met her in person but I have seen and heard about her exploit. I could not believe when I first heard the news of her demise. I checked and re-checked on the University website to confirm but could not find the news there not until later when it became public knowledge. I am fully persuaded that she lived a life well spent. She totally exhausted and maximized her life positively. She lived for others. She will be forever missed but her legacies will keep speaking and living. Rest on our mother eagle
her Life


The year 1960 is certainly not an ordinary year for many Nigerians; it was the year our dear motherland Nigeria got her political liberation from the colonial masters. But seven months earlier to that exact date when Nigeria’s political history took a different trajectory, God Himself gave the world a pre-independence gift with the birth of an Amazon, excellence, forthrightness, diligence, resourcefulness, and God’s handmaiden and daughter: Aize Olohigbe Imouokhome Obayan.

Born to the family of grateful parents, Sir Frank and Lady Marian Imouokhome in Edo state, Nigeria; the late Aize Olohigbe Imouokhome Obayan was a child of destiny who continued to walk predestined paths and letting herself loose in the service of God and humanity. As a young girl with keen eyes and a feverish penchant for contributions, achievement and intellectual adventure, the late Professor Aize Obayan never failed to leave a golden ribbon in all she did or touched. She knew the value of work, service and contribution as primary determinants to anyone’s claim to success. Her legacy is partly in her investment in others and the desire to see perfection as something within the realm of human existence and imagination.

The late Professor Aize Obayan’s life, education, work, and personality were never products of fate but faith and certainly not by chance or luck. She walked the path and did the talk by choice and took predestined steps that defined her personality and the remaining steps she ever took. It is often and correctly said you are a product of your earlier exposures and education and that the child shows the woman! Late Professor Aize Obayan was therefore a product of a good home training and good education. She attended (among other schools) the famous St. Maria Goreti Girls’ Secondary School, Benin City, Saint Leonards School for Girls, and for her “A” Levels, she attended St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland – a school which has nurtured many women of international repute and remarkable abilities.

On her return from the United Kingdom, late Professor Aize Obayan gained admission to the University of Benin, Benin City for her Bachelor of Education (B.Ed, English) degree from 1979 to 1982. Her English background was part of that divine preparation for a future at the global stage. Everyone that ever met late Aize Obayan or heard her speak knew her English was impeccable. Listening to her was like watching an opus with a Nightingale on the stage!

After her mandatory National Youth Service Corps deployment in Kano was over in 1983, late Professor Aize Obayan took a dramatic step that defined her personality and the remaining changes that we celebrate today. She got admission into the University of Ilorin, not to study English as expected, but to study Guidance and Counselling. And to prove the validity of God’s leading and walking predestined paths, she earned her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Guidance and Counselling in record time in 1984 and 1987 respectively; a feat uncommon in such academic climes and era.

Late Professor Aize Obayan did not just become a Professor and a leading voice in the discipline overnight; she played her part and most importantly, paid her dues. Her career in academics began as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State in 1986. She rose through the ranks, becoming a Reader at the same University in 1995. As at the time of her transition to glory, late Aize Olohigbe Imouokhome Obayan was a renowned and remarkable Professor of Counselling with specialization in Multicultural aspects of Human Behavioural Disposition and later on in career, she carved a niche in leadership, which became one of her notable areas of strength and inquiry.

The late Professor Aize Obayan often told her mentees that whenever the students are ready the teacher will appear, signposting the fact that everything works according to design and order. For the global role she played in redefining higher education and leadership in Africa, late Professor Aize Obayan was prepared by God internationally to assume any role at any time. Her famous departure to the United Kingdom on sabbatical from the University of Ilorin was therefore a divine order. During her United Kingdom experience, late Aize Obayan taught at the University of Roehampton, United Kingdom as a Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology between 1996 and 1999 before returning home with her family, again, by divine direction. The follow up from this move led to her appointment as a Professor of Counselling at Covenant University in 2002. That appointment changed her life and testimony as she went on to serve at the highest level of university administration at Covenant University.

Late Professor Aize Obayan was never known to be afraid to tread uncharted paths or venture in so-called areas where only men have dominated and survived. She had blazed the trail on several occasions culminating in her appointment as the first female Vice-Chancellor of Covenant University On February 1, just about one month and three days to her 45th Birthday in 2005. This divine appointment was therefore not a surprise to many who knew her and the passion that drives her contribution mentality. By that appointment, late Professor Aize Obayan became the second substantive Vice Chancellor of Covenant University, the third substantive female Vice-Chancellor in the history of Nigerian tertiary education and the first, however, on the private university platform. She also served as Vice-Chancellor of Landmark University from 2015 to 2017 thus joining the exclusive club of very few Nigerian academics who had served as Vice-Chancellor of more than one Nigerian university in their lifetime. Others in the exclusive club include Professors Ibidapo-Obe and Chinedu Nebo (the former Federal Minister of Power).

Late Aize Obayan years and service as Vice-Chancellor of Covenant University will make a seminal book on leadership that an attempt to describe her tenure and contribution in such a brief profile can only undercut such a contribution. The Chancellor of Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, during the 10th Founder’s Day celebration and announcement of Professor Aize Obayan’s successor as Vice-Chancellor, observed that on her appointment as Vice-Chancellor, that instead of clearing her wardrobe for new arrivals, as many women at her level would normally do, the late Professor Aize Obayan cleared her bookshelf and ordered with open cheque, books on leadership and consumed herself in the quest for a new brand of leadership that will take Africa to the next levels.

In about eight academic sessions as Vice-Chancellor, late Professor Obayan mentored many, catered to more, and sought to be of service to all. Through those years as Vice-Chancellor, late Obayan was privileged to work with the Chancellor and Visionary of Covenant University, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, a man whose commitment to excellence, the restoration of the dignity of the ‘Black’ man, and the apotheosis of the African story, continues to serve as the main inspiration of the Covenant University Vision and Aize Obayan’s personal life story. She shared with the Chancellor the belief that Covenant University is just at the beginning of its quest for the ultimate prize – Its establishment as a World Class University producing graduates and researchers who will be leaders in their fields of endeavour. It is therefore not surprising that her remarkable performance as Vice- Chancellor earned her accolades, awards, recognitions, and many other related assignments in her brief but very impactful and fulfilled lifetime.

The price for hardwork, as often said by sages like Bishop David Oyedepo, is more work. After a successful 8-year tenure as Vice-Chancellor of Covenant University, late Professor Aize Obayan also served as the Education Secretary of the Education Commission, Living Faith Church Worldwide, where she oversaw the running of over 100 Primary Schools (Kingdom Heritage Model Schools) in Nigeria and abroad; 14 Secondary Schools (Faith Academy network of Schools) and two flagship universities of the Commission (Covenant and Landmark Universities).

Until her passing on January 29, 2019, late Professor Aize Obayan was the Director, African Leadership Development Centre, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria where she provided leadership, strategic directions and along with her team, managed the African Leadership Development Centre as driven by the Visionary, Dr David Oyedepo, Chancellor, Covenant University.

As we celebrate the life and passing of this great daughter of Africa, a cerebral academic, mother eagle, Amazon, mentor to many and destiny helper of many others, late Professor Aize Obayan was often described by those who knew her as a faithful and lifelong student of leadership under the mentorship of Bishop David Oyedepo. She always never failed to acknowledge the privilege accorded her to learn from the teacher and mentor, Bishop David Oyedepo. Her first certificate of performance from the Chancellor came on her 50th birthday in 2010 when the Chancellor, Bishop David Oyedepo pronounced that now she has passed the elementary examination on leadership which was epitomised in her hardwork and service delivery to the University and admitted her to a higher school of leadership, when he asked her to transit from diligence to SACRIFICE. Late Professor Aize Obayan bought into this new vision of leadership and sowed her life as a seed for that noble cause. It is no wonder she died in active service in God’s own university.

There is therefore no coincidence in the Spirit or with God. Many years before the Liberation Mandate was delivered to His anointed servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, God had prepared His foot soldiers for the assignment and no doubt, especially on the education commission, late Professor Aize Obayan’s name will surely be listed as one of those that played their part as assigned by God.

On the academic platform, late Professor Aize Obayan, as a Professor of Counselling, specializing in Multicultural aspects of Counselling was involved in extensive work in developing curricula for Leadership Development Studies and Personal Development Programmes. She was also involved in many Leadership Development projects. She was involved in the development, teaching and research in the area of New Leadership Paradigms for Africa (NLPA), working to sustain contextually relevant conversations pertinent to empowering leadership praxis in Africa. Until her passing, she was the convener of the Leadership Development Studies Programme in Covenant University and was a member of the Council of the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) and National Universities Commission (NUC) Strategic Advisory Committee established to drive the repositioning of University education in Nigeria. She was also involved in extensive research in the areas of Maternal Acceptance/Rejection and Children’s Behavioural Dispositions. Her research also spanned Family Systems with particular reference to the Extended/Extensive Family Systems and its impact on the Counselling Process. Her other research involvements were in the areas of Prevalence and Pattern of Substance Use/Psychosocial Correlates of Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis Use in Nigeria.

At the professional levels, late Professor Aize Obayan registered and was duly certified a Member of the Counselling Association of Nigeria in 1986. She also received her Grade III Certificate in Spoken English in 1978 from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and by 1979; the same London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art awarded her a Grade 1 Certificate in Spoken English with Distinction. She was also a Member of the African Network for the prevention and protection of Child Abuse and Neglect (and served as the Acting Chairperson for the Kwara State Chapter while still leaving in Ilorin, Kwara State). She was also a Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) as well as a distinguished Member of Council of the Institute. And in 2016, she was meritoriously awarded the Leadership and Integrity Award by the Black Heritage Magazine.

Late Professor Aize Obayan is a firm believer in lifelong learning, capacity building and continuous relevance. This is the major reason her academic and professional career and educational trajectory have spanned higher educational and organizational contexts in Nigeria and the United Kingdom with emphasis in the areas of Human Communication Patterns, Group Dynamics, Life Skills Development, Multi-cultural Innovations, Social and Emotional Intelligence, with extensive experience in running Human Groups and Skills Development Workshops both in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom.

The late Professor Aize Obayan was an award winning scholar, leader, and administrator. She won numerous awards among which are Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE)/SHELL Distinguished Education and Mentorship Award (November, 2005); National Universities Commission, Best Vice-Chancellor Award in 2006 (Private University Category); and the National Association of Women Academics Special Award in 2006.

On the 30th of March 2007, she received an Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the growth and progress of the Institute of Strategic Management in Nigeria. The same year, on the 20th of November 2007 to be specific, the Nigerian Institute of Management honoured her with an award for her contributions towards the success of her 2007 National Conference. She was also honoured with a special award for her meritorious service as a member of Board of National Universities Commission (NUC) from October 2005 to November 2007.

Late Professor Aize Obayan was also a Distinguished Diamond Award recipient of the Alumni Association of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (May, 2011). She also received a Leadership Award for Enhancing ICT and Research Excellence in Higher Education in March 2011 from the Southern University A & M College USA and a Special Award from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) for her contributions towards Training and Professional Support for Accountants (May, 2011). On the 13th of February 2014, the Nigerian Psychological Association honoured her with the prestigious Award of the Honorary Fellowship of the Association. This was in recognition of her outstanding scholarship in the behavioural Sciences, university administration and national legacy on transformational leadership.

Late Professor Aize Obayan was a favourite speaker at Convocations, Workshops, and professional/academic conferences in Nigeria and abroad. She presented the Keynote Addresses at the Minnesota State University international conference; the ACU supported international seminar in the year 2006 and the main speaker at Nigerian Institute of Management Second Annual National Women-in-Management Conference (11th May, 2006) where she presented a paper titled “Emotional Intelligence as a Critical Factor in Leadership Success”. She was a Special Guest Speaker at 2006/2007 Annual General Conference of the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria that held on 30th March, 2007. She was also one of the Resource Persons at the Nigerian Institute of Management’s International Management Conference that held from 19th-20th November 2007 where she delivered a lecture titled “Managing the Success of Yesterday for a Greater Tomorrow”.

As part of her commitment to national/international engagement and collaboration, she participated in the Stakeholder’s Forum of the 16th Commonwealth Ministers’ Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, December, 2006.  She was a Keynote Speaker at a National Workshop on Strengthening Advocacy for Use of Alternative Sources of Energy for Sustainable Development by Women in Leadership Positions organized by the Energy Commission, Abuja in October of 2009. She also presented a paper titled New Models of Funding Private Universities at the Plenary Session, 25th Conference of the Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (AVCNU), Osogbo April 2010. Late Professor Aize Obayan served as a Panelist on the topic: “Governance and Management: Supporting Institutional Capacity for Change” at the 2010 European Union-Africa Summit Side Event on the Nyerere Programme and Higher Education Cooperation in Africa which held in Cape Town, November 2010. She was also a Convocation Lecturer at the 2nd Convocation Ceremony of Crawford University, amongst many other lead speaker engagements.

As a sitting professor of Counselling at Covenant University, the late Professor Aize Obayan delivered the 15th Inaugural Lecture of the University on April 6, 2018. She eloquently delivered a brilliant lecture entitled “Lengthening Cords and Strengthening Stakes: Leadership Praxis and Transcendence in Counselling Practice” to a very diverse and appreciative audience.

At the spiritual level, late Professor Aize Obayan was a child of God, God’s Handmaiden, as she often referred to herself. She was a courageous and overzealous soul winner, a servant of God with proven testimony of His faithfulness. Even when her health was challenged, she continued in the service of God until it pleased the Master to send for His daughter. Until her passing, late Professor Aize Obayan was an active member of the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International. She was also an active member of the Hospitality Service Group of the Faith Tabernacle, Living Faith Church, Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The late Professor Aize Obayan was a family woman that practiced an inclusive family values. She bequeathed the “Extensive Family System” to the Counselling profession in Nigeria. She was her husband’s delight, helpmate and confidant. She was married to Late Engineer Adetokunbo Uchechi Obayan, a leadership consultant and their marriage was blessed with two wonderful children who have continued to use her as a mother-mentor and role model.

Talking about leadership, family dynamics or the power to become, the late Professor Obayan had always woven an indelible story of possibilities. In many ways, she became the fabric upon which many have written their own stories of awakening, their own stories of becoming. She was also a remarkable metaphor for what could happen if people – anywhere – recognized that they are powerful beyond measure, magnificent beyond expectations, and bigger than their old fables suggest. Despite the departure of her husband of twenty-eight years, late Professor Aize Obayan’s faith in God remained indubitable until she breathed her final air on earth. She knew that the future was for those who are with God and believed that one’s spiritual well being must be backed by a life of continuous & lifelong learning, capacity building and contribution to humanity no matter where or the circumstances one finds his or herself.

Late Professor Aize Olohigbe Imouokhome Obayan is survived by aged parents, Sir Frank & Lady Marian Imouokhome; a daughter, Miss Toluwani Obayan; a son, Mr. Joshua Obayan; sisters, brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law and many other relatives and well wishers.

Recent stories

Mother Eagle

Shared by Hrm Oluyeye on February 10, 2019

It took me this long to put words together because I just couldn't take your departure in so quickly. I first close encounter I had with you was in 2005, when the Chancellor officially handed me over to you and since then you have been my guiding Angel. 

Last October when we saw, as your usual culture is, you still asked me pertinent questions and we agreed on some issues concerning what am suppose to achieve in 2019. I never knew that would be the very last time I would have the privilege of enjoy your motherly counsel. 

My greatest regret was not having the opportunity to tell you I Loved You. You live forever in my heart, Mother Eagle!

Rest in Peace, Mama

My African sister

Shared by Lilli Wilkinson on February 9, 2019

Dearest Aize, from our first meeting you told me not to call you 'Professor', you humbly apologised for not being able to spend more time together when ever we visited Canaanland, you invited us into your busy schedule just so we could catch 5 mins of precious conversation, you took my calls from Australia always encouraging me to keep the faith and stay connected despite the distance, you introduced yourself to my husband when he visited taking special care that he was well looked after, you shared our joy when our miracle baby daughter was conceived, you helped us name her 'Adeola' - the white baby with the Nigerian name, you created space for our son to speak to the professors at CU...... your generosity knew no bounds. My most precious memory is of the time we were praying together in your office at CU - the presence of the Lord filled the room and our hearts in a spectacular way - from that day we were one in Him. Not 'forever missed' dear Aize but forever sisters, eternally connected by the One who brought us together. My dearest African sister! What a privilege to know you and share the friendship we did over the years the Lord gave us. My greatest regret - that my daughter Adeola never met you. Oh the many times we talked of meeting in London! We were planning a trip to see you later this year.... she has read every one of these tributes to get a glimpse of the wonderful woman you were. 'Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. As one seed falls to the ground, many others spring up and flourish. We pick up the baton you have passed on. We will run the race and finish the course until every tear has been wiped away and we share with you and Tok the everlasting joy of His presence. Thank you dearest Aize for being a devoted friend and loving sister. I love you and thank the Lord for your incredible example. Much love from your Australian family - Lilli, Mike, Joel and Adeola.

Thanks for being an impact!

Shared by Ruth Ashedagho on February 8, 2019

Dear Prof. Aize Obayan,

When I heard of your passing away, all that came to my mind was you lived a life of impact. Thanks for inspiring me with your life! Thank you ma for all the time at Covenant University.  Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord. You are forever missed. Adieu!