Let the memory of AJ be with us forever
  • 28 years old
  • Born on August 19, 1984 .
  • Passed away on April 7, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, AJ Jean 28 years old , born on August 19, 1984 and passed away on April 7, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Rosie Greenawalt on August 19, 2019
AJ I never thought in a million years that my son would be in Heaven at 28 years old. Today my beloved AJ you would be 34 years old. Not a day goes by that you aren't in my thoughts. I loved how you would joke and tease me... remember (ARNIE)!!! I will never let your memory die. I hurt so deeply I close my eyes as tears run down my face wishing you could hug me. AJ you have so many here on Earth that love and miss you so much. Your sister Jamie tries to be so strong....but she was like a second mother to you. We wonder what you would look like now? You were always a handsome young man...with a big smile and big dark brown eyes!! You always loved to help so many others....I bet in Heaven...your doing a special Angel Job....looking after others! I miss your smile and laugh so much!!
AJ I hope you are flying high through Heaven with Dad and all your Angel Friends! Laughing, singing, and dancing!!! Happy 34th Heavenly Birthday my son!

P.S. I know when God calls me home that you and dad will be waiting at Heaven's Gait .. waiting for Mom.....then we will be all together for ETERNITY!!

Posted by Rosie Greenawalt on April 8, 2019
AJ , The time just passes away but my grief will always be. I know you are happy and your spirit is free from pain . Today is 6 years since God called you home to be with Jesus and all our love ones who also have gone before you. If I here a young man laugh or catch a glimpse of someone who looks like you in some way I quickly look praying it's my AJ. Then reality comes crashing over me ....I sigh... and hold back my tears......my AJ is walking the Streets of Gold with Jesus along with my Michael and our other family and friends. I know you come and visit me in spirit I feel your presence and so does Baby Girl. I will always keep my promise to you....I have and will continue to do so ....Baby Girl is so loved and cared for. I miss you so very much my son. But I'm getting older and know it's just a matter of time till God calls me home too. I'm waiting on that day with such promise that you and Dad will cross me over to Heaven with Angels. "Happy 6th Angelversery " Fly high through Heaven with so much love and happiness AJ" Till we meet again always know you are deeply loved and missed by your mother and your Baby Girl. We sent up 2 balloons to Heaven for you....I hope you saw them.
My love for you is so far and larger than any ocean on Earth.

Mom, and your Baby Girl......xxxxoooo

PS... I wrote this tribute to you yesterday which was April 7th. However ...I later realized I posted in the wrong section. So I reposted it this morning.
Posted by Jamie's Address on August 19, 2018
AJ, I still can't believe how it seems like yesterday listening to you laugh, amd joke. I often wonder why , you were called home so soon, But I have been able to just put that trust into God, and even know I don't nor will ever understand, I know you are not in pain.. I miss you, I know your up there with Baby Rashid, and Lana, and Mike.. looking after all of us down here. Wish I could hear your laugh one more time, but I still hold on to the memories.. Love u baby brother with all my heart.. Happy Heavenly Birthday!!
Posted by Rosie Greenawalt on August 19, 2018
My dearest AJ... it's almost 5 1/2 years that God called you home. My son it doesn't get any easier for me. I keep looking for you in glimpses of other young men..I hear a laugh...or see someone that favors you....my heart races to hope that's you. But reality sets back in for me. I know you are in Heaven with Mike and the rest of our loved ones. You have no pain or suffering ..and have a healthy and happy spirit life with Jesus. AJ ...I have been keeping my promise to you...I have your precious Baby Girl....she is now 6 years old. She is showing her age...but is still acts like a puppy. I know your spirit comes through Baby Girl....she stares me in the eyes and kisses my tears away when I have meltdowns. She is such a good dog..I would be so lost without her. Having Baby Girl is having part of you still with me. I will always love and care for her as she does for me. AJ I know you and Mike were with me when I was diagnosed with Cancer on November 18, 2017. I also felt both of your presence during all my radiation treatments. Thank you for always being with Mom in such difficult times. My heart and soul will never be at peace until the day God calls me home to be with you and Mike. AJ "Happy 34th Birthday" in Heaven
I hope you are having a wonderful time celebrating with all the Angels and family in Heaven. I can see you dancing and laughing ...fly high my son with all the Angels. One day God will call me too....we three will then be together again forever and eternity.
AJ mom is sending up Birthday Balloons to Heaven for you.
Please watch for them my son.

Always loved and cherished,
" Mom"
Posted by Rosie Greenawalt on April 7, 2018
My special angel AJ....my heart and soul will never be at peace. I know you are with me in spirit. But not having you here with me ....smiling and making your silly jokes...playing tricks on me...hearing your laughing. I still look for you ...I see someone who might look like you or I hear a laugh....and quickly look around praying it's you. But then realiaty takes hold of me as tears stream down my face. My handsome son...I know by now ...you know Mom has cancer. I am being strong and brave just like you were. How is dad doing ...I bet you two are very happy in Heaven. Baby Girl will soon be 6 years old...she is my best friend . I promised you I would always love and take good care of her. I know Baby Girl is missing you so much. AJ.....AKA.....(ARNIE).....Today is your 5th Angelversy in Heaven....I know the Angel's choir is singing so proudly
I pray you have a very happy day....fly high my AJ. One day mom will join you and Michael....what a happy day that will be....having us three together again. Watch for the balloons that I will be sending up to you and Dad today. My AJ oh how I wish we were still all together again
Posted by Stephanie Albitz on April 7, 2018
AJ, I can hardly believe it has been 5 years. I am sure you and mom were with me when I left mom at peace at the beach a few weekends ago. There are days I feel like you are still harassing me lol. Happy angelversary today. Much love to you
Posted by Rosie Greenawalt on August 19, 2017
My beloved AJ... Today is your birthday you would of been 33 years old. Oh how my heart and soul deeply misses you....
Posted by Jamie's Address on April 7, 2017
AJ... I can't believe it has been 4 yrs already that God called u home....I know you are up there looking down over Mom and all of us down here.. Not a day goes by I don't think about u.. that Smile you had always, that laugh that made me laugh till I cried... Even in your last days you still had your Smile... With your big brown eyes.. I love you so much and Even know I can't hold you .. I hold you always in my heart.. Till I see you again brother... Rest easy...
Posted by Rosie Greenawalt on April 7, 2017
My precious son....today is your 4th Angelversary in Heaven. AJ... I will always love and miss you with all my heart and soul. Fly high today on your special day. ...with all your Angel friends and family!! I promise to always keep your memory alive. Till we meet again....AJ ...I will hold you in my heart....till I can hold you in my arms in Heaven.

Love, mom.....
Posted by Stephanie Albitz on April 7, 2017
AJ, I pray today that you finally have peace and no pain. I pray for your mom who tries daily to press on without you. I miss our fun times and games. Your children are beautiful. Bless your family.

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