Let the memory of Ajayi be with us forever
  • Passed away on August 29, 2013 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved mother,grandmother and great grandmother Ajayi Osajeh, . We will remember her forever.

Posted by Debbie Madu on 29th August 2015
I remember how Mama would harass me for travelling late from Benin to Agbor, and how she would hug me when I arrive. I remember the gusting as we sat in front of the shop. Now remembering is a painful reminder. You're irreplaceable Mama. I miss you. Two years, and I still miss you just as much...
Posted by Mike Umoren on 29th August 2014
I remember Mama today as a loving and caring matriarch that supported her family and helped those around her. Many of us greatly missed her. as we celebrate the 1st anniversary of her passing on, we console ourselves in the good memory she left behind and the knowledge that she is at the bosom of the Lord. We shall keep remembering you and the legacy you left.
Posted by Anthony Osajeh on 30th September 2013
I am grateful to God for the life she led and lives she touched. Gratitude, also, to God for the time I had with her as well as the much I was able to learn from her. It is unbelievable that I now speak of her in past tense but then again, death is an inevitable phase of one’s existence. I and my family will definitely miss you - Mama and we pray that God grants you eternal rest..AMEN!
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 22nd September 2013
Posted by Olajumoke Alaga on 22nd September 2013
Shall I say goodnight or good day. The Mother of my aunt The epitome of goodness We will miss you....
Posted by Olu Ojuroye on 17th September 2013
Mama had enjoyed a blessed pleasant life and left great Children, grant children and great grand children. May her soul rest in perfect peace (Amen). Mr & Mrs Ojuroye
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 16th September 2013
FROM PEGGIE SAMBO Mama, what else can we say about you that had not been said. We give glory2 God 4 his grace. Mama Lagos, Mama EVERYBODY Rest in peace.
Posted by Onwughai Vivian on 16th September 2013
MAMA MA.................................OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOpls wake up stop sleeping. u ve slept enough.
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 14th September 2013
Mama, you requested for xmas party, we were making plans for that and we wanted it to be a very big do for you but you did not keep your promise. you did not wait for xmas to come. i miss you soooo much, nobody to call me sweku nwam ooo. I loved hearing your voice, how you will first pretend that all is not well until you realise you are speaking to me then you change your tone, mama RIP.
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 14th September 2013
Mama, Michael, Victoria and Samantha were looking forward to seeing you by xmas, now they will see you no more how sad. You promised them another dog, they were looking forward to that. The children bought you a very large mug for your tea as you loved drinking tea, they cant give that to you now that you are gone. Mama why o why. mama di mama, miss you plenty, plenty. RIP Mama.
Posted by Oka Madu on 12th September 2013
It is two weeks today since you left Mamam Lagos. The vacum you created can never be filled. R.I.P.
Posted by Oka Madu on 11th September 2013
Mama Lagos, the other day, I called yr number forgeting that you are no more. Lord I need yr grace to help me accept that Mama Lagos is gone forever.
Posted by Oka Madu on 11th September 2013
I used the last Tinco meat you gave me when I was leaving you on 12/8. Who will give me Tinco meat, orioma, oda, oboja again. It will be difficult to forget you Mama Lagos.
Posted by Oka Madu on 11th September 2013
Mama, Mama, Mama Mama, Iam still crying. My only consolation is that you have gone to rest from the serious leg pain. Each time the nurse was treating the leg, I cried with you, felt d pains with u. Mama rest without pains forever.
Posted by Oka Madu on 11th September 2013
From angel madu; oh mama i am so sad that you have left me somtimes i just sit down and think about you and say why did u have to leave me so early, mama sometimes i cry ,i cant believe u are dead mama may your perfect soul rest in perfet peace
Posted by Oka Madu on 11th September 2013
From angel madu; oh mama i am so sad that you have left me somtimes i just sit down and think about you and say why did u have to leave me so early, mama sometimes i cry ,i cant believe u are dead mama may your perfect soul rest in perfet peace
Posted by Maria Alcedo-Reina on 9th September 2013
We pray that the love of God and the blessings of Almighty bring back your lost smile. Our heart is filled with sadness to hear about the sudden demise of your beloved mother. She was a beautiful lady of fine spirit. We are all with you and your family during this difficult time. Me and my family are praying to God that you be showered with great strength and will powers. R.I.P.
Posted by Uduak Nelson on 9th September 2013
I still remember Mama's words on the phone when she called just to hear my voice, and when she said our slangs "De main de main". We will grealy miss her presence and her smiles. My family and I pray that the almighty God would give the family of Osajeh the strength to bear the loss of a very dear mother. May her gentle soul rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Precious Osajeh on 9th September 2013
It’s rare to find a daughter -in-law who will sing the praises of her mother-in-law. But all of those common jokes never applied to Mama. She was the best mother-in-law a woman could want, a mother to be proud of, a grandma to cherish and a mentor for hard work, firmness and financial independence.
Posted by Precious Osajeh on 9th September 2013
cont'd: I will miss her greatly. I have always from the first time got along very well with Mama; she was a sweetheart and always had a kind and loving advice for other people. She was a lovely lady, fun to be with and easy to please. She loved living and had a great love for her children and grandchildren
Posted by Precious Osajeh on 9th September 2013
cont'd: I could not have asked for a better mom in law, she was always hardworking, caring and generous. She took care of my children at birth and nursed them with so much attention, care and warmth and that was the best gift she could have given me. We will all miss you Dear Mother and will see you again someday
Posted by Precious Osajeh on 9th September 2013
Cont'd: Until we see again, R.I.P Mama Lagos. Until the day breaks, Good night Mama, sleep well! Love your daughter in law( you fondly called Ochuwa) and grandsons Michael and Daniel.
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 8th September 2013
From Milly Carew, May Mama's soul rest in eternal peace. She couldn't wait to see me her oldest grandchild. She will be missed dearly. I know She is sleeping in perfect peace xxx.
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 8th September 2013
From Renner Olukemi Adieu Grandma. We thank God for your life well spent. You shall be long remembered for your love, care, kindness, generousity and industry R I P
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 8th September 2013
From Patrick Abudah We thank God for Mama's life, she was one in a million, always there for her kids and every one she met, I wont forget her loving smile whenever my family visited. I noticed her closeness to her husband when he was alive, encouraged all to treat others as gold, may her soul RIP.
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 8th September 2013
From Julius Egede Mama was always there for me anytime, any moment. each time I call her she will say EKAWELE my son don't look for trouble, don't keep bad friends, you know you don't have father and mother anymore always know yourself and focus in anything you are doing. Mama lagos. RIP.
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 8th September 2013
From Precious Osajeh Mama Lagos, The strongest and most determined woman I knew. you have gone to rest no more leg pain or back pain and no more worries. RIP mama we will miss u and we won't forget u cos u left us with enough memories, ur stories, dama-dama, bushmeat and snails. RIP Mama.
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 8th September 2013
From Alexandra Osajeh We miss u Mama Lagos, my loving grand mother, I remember those days in my university. I miss you mama Lagos. Rest in peace.
Posted by Orsteen Egede on 8th September 2013
Mama... Wetin I go talk you too much mama, you were one in a tribe none like you in our land 'mama Lagos'. Where can I sit and have my freshly prepared root in Agbor kingdom again? Rest eternally MAMA!!!
Posted by MC Migz on 7th September 2013
Grand Mother, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being the strong and mighty woman you are. Thank you for raising up my aunties and uncles to be mighty men & women of God. Thank you for the happy times and for feeding us in times of hunger, physically and spiritually. You've gone to rest with our Heavenly Father so I say see you later, as your soul rests in sweet, Heavenly peace.
Posted by Andy Moore on 7th September 2013
I am who I am, what I am, where I am today all because of you. When I was growing up, you use to tell me that the way I lay my bed so shall I lie on it. I grew up to understand that you weren't referring to me making my bed but me laying a good foundation for myself. When all abandoned me, you welcomed me. You stood strongly by me. Wish I could turn back the hands of time. I'LL MISS YOU..
Posted by Ikechukwu Madu on 7th September 2013
Thank you mama, for all the wonderful memories, you were indeed a strong woman, most of all thank you for bringing my own mother to this world, its the best gift I ever received from anybody till date. You will forever be loved and missed!
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 6th September 2013
Mama, you promised me we were going to spend Xmas together with your grandchildren, they were all looking forward to that. Mama o Mama, Why o Why. You promised you were going to give your grandchildren another dog. Mama what about the suya and pepper soup you wanted me to make for you when I come to Nigeria for Xmas. Mama you should have kept your promise and waited for me. Miss you Mama.
Posted by Jennifer Osajeh on 6th September 2013
Death!!!!mama we miss u so much,no more dry meat,no more dama-dama,no more okpa,u were indeed a strong woman.rest in Gods luv.Adeiu mama.
Posted by Mary Adelusi on 6th September 2013
Mama everyone talked so nicely of you. I wish I met you when you were on Mother Earth. I miss all the nurturing every one experienced through you. I can see the quality of your training in my Cousin's wife, Mrs Sweku Umoren You are greatly missed. Remain at the bossom of our God till the day of resurrection. RIP
Posted by Wale K on 5th September 2013
Though i have never met Mama in her life time, but I felt her impact from her children. What else can one say about a woman that gave the world the likes of Mrs. Umoren, Mrs Madu. Aunty Julie, Uncle Nwaka and others. You see, someone once told me that a mother's character and person will always reflect in her children's attitude, and I enjoyed Mama's love, in proxy, from her children.
Posted by Sylvester Madu on 5th September 2013
Mama, your hospitality and care remain forever in our minds. The gifts to your children and grand children-yam, plantain tinco meat and garri every time and off course the groundnuts, sweets , chewing gums and biscuits. The inevitable Ogbomosho soup, pounded yam, dry fish etc will be forever missed. Mama we love you but God loves you best. Rest in peace Jin amen
Posted by Sylvester Madu on 5th September 2013
From angel madu;she made every body laugh when they were sad.she was a very happy woman even until her death . Full of laughter ,happiness and joy .i remember the times when she used to give me so many treats .i loved her so much , she was a real grandmother . So very kind to every body . I will for ever miss her ,i will never forget you and may god bless her for all her good deeds Amen
Posted by Victoria Osajeh on 4th September 2013
My Dear Mother, without you Mum, I will not be who I am today, you worked very hard to educate me, also thought me the act of trading , what I learnt from you, money cannot buy. I will forever be thankful to you Mum, My dear mother I will never forget how you suffered to provide for us, until your passing unto glory you were still trading. RIP
Posted by Oluaiye Rojos on 4th September 2013
She'll truly be forever missed
Posted by Victor Agahnti on 4th September 2013
ADIOS MAMA. Definitely you will be seriously missed both in Lagos and Agbor. Not only for that HUMANITARIAN that you are but also because of your general person. I remember some of those weekends that i spend at your house in Lagos. You prepare me Sunday Rice with some of those your dry fish. Loved it. Rest in the bosom of our Lord God forever. Amen.
Posted by David Maiyaki on 4th September 2013
Mama was a woman of virtue a role model and a symbol of hope to all women around her. she was a woman who was always loving and kind harted to everyone......a man once told me if u where hungry and you went to her house she would always give you food that's how she got the name "MAMA LAGOS" I guess it was this enormous love that she showed that made GOD call her home. Mama would be missed
Posted by Oka Madu on 4th September 2013
My mother told me that hard work dont kill, it makes u stronger. She taught me how to discipline and love my children, how to respect, care and love my husband. She taught me that every married woman must be a prayer worrior. Mama I spoke with u on Tuesday and you told me u were waiting for me to come on friday but u left on Thursday morning. I will forever miss you.
Posted by Oka Madu on 4th September 2013
Mama Lagos told me that if a woman puts too much load on her husband head, his neck will break. She also told me that no money is too small to save. Every time I chat with her, I always go with something important to my life. When I started having children, she made me know the importance of baby friendly. Any time she was coming for omugwo, she charters a 504 station wagon full of food that last
Posted by Oka Madu on 4th September 2013
From angel madu; she was a great woman strong and agile. We will all miss her and may her perfect soul rest in peace.
Posted by Oka Madu on 4th September 2013
From princess madu:My dear mama,words cannot describe the amount of grief i feel at your passing away...the lessons you taught me,the many times you sacrified you're own happines for mine.you were a true woman of virtue nd will forever be missed
Posted by Olusoga Odusanya on 4th September 2013
Mama Osajeh everyone's Mom. She had a word stronger than the rod to whip you back in line. We agree death is a conquest which you like Papa Osajeh and Alhaji Odusanya could not make. We take solace in the fond memories you left behind. SLEEP WELL MAMA OSAJEH.
Posted by Samantha Umoren on 4th September 2013
I often thought about her and all the things she did for me, not just to me but to my mum for all the great lessons and tips she gave my mum, that made her who she is today grandma teachings will be passed down to us, so even if some one missed their chance to meet grandma, she will still live on through memories and all the good advice that she shared. R.I.P. love and miss you.
Posted by Victoria Umoren on 4th September 2013
Dear Grand mother, you were a very strong woman. Despite the pain you went through you managed to make everyone smile and at peace when you were in the room. May your kind and caring soul rest on peace x
Posted by Debbie Madu on 4th September 2013
My mama san, E pain me say you no wait make get money, spoil you small. I can't reconcile the fact that you're gone. Your worth is immeasurable. Even in this God is faithful. I celebrate you, great woman

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