His Life

Col Ajit Datta - Commanded 4 Garhwal Rifles at Solan

Col Ajit Datta.
Commanded 4 Garhwal Rifles at Solan.

1971 India-Pakistan War

Dera Baba Nanak Battle

"Yes it was my proud privilege and honour to be associated with a band of brothers and heroes whose stories of valour still run in my memories as if of yesterday. Remember vividly the aftermath of the battle on 6 dec morning of 1971 with burnt bodies and wounded lying about with yours truly watching helplessly till medical evacuation. Post battlefield trauma is not a myth as such memories are very unpleasant and unforgettable." - Col Ajit Datta.

Tagra Raho

Nanu mama used say "Tagra Raho" while saying goodbye, which is the regimental salutation of the Assam Regiment ("stay strong/fit") in the Indian Army. 

This is the joke he sent last year.

A  Assam Regt officer told me this story. Some ASSAM bn personnel were attached for guard duties in the GOC's House. One of the men had to go into the House and whenever he would meet the GOC's Wife Greet her Loudly . The GOC's wife was on the obese side.This daily greeting by the soldier was not liked by her. She conveyed her displeasure to her husband stating that he was poking fun, of her obesity. The GOC promptly summoned the CO of the Battalion.The CO told the GOC that he knew the soldier, who was sincere and an outstanding soldier and he would not make fun of any lady and more so the GOC's wife.The CO asked , as to what exactly did the soldier say. The GOC rang up his wife, who said"TAGDA RAHO MEM SAHAB" Both the GOC and the CO burst out laughing, for it was the ASSAM Regimental Greeting. The GOC requested that the soldier be asked to greet his wife with 'Namaste Memsaheb'......☺️☺️