Posted by Rene Haddox on April 4, 2019
May your light always shine as bright as it did while you were here with us.
We love you Akemi and miss you. May love surround your family and Allan and the boys.
Forever loved and forever missed.....
Posted by Yuko Dunning on March 17, 2019
It is still hard to acknowledge that I will not be able to see Akemi-san any more. I’m still hoping this is some kind of misunderstanding and somebody will tell me it’s not true… otherwise, it hurts. It hurts a lot…
She has let me be her friend for quite a long long time. Every year she always planned get-together lunches or dinners for us, a group of friends of the Orange County tomo-no-kai (Orange County Friend Group). Whenever we got together, we would spend hours and hours talking lots of stuff. I can still hear her voice. She was (and still is), among other things, charming, knowledgeable and funny. She would say Mato-chan did this and Taku-chan did that… I can still vividly see her smiling face. One time during such gathering she told me “If you need a pair of reading glasses, you don’t have to go to an expensive eyewear shop, instead, go to Daiso (a kind of Japanese dollar store). They carry variety of reading glasses.” I went to Daiso and found good ones. Thank you, Akemi-san! She was exercising to build a lean body. I asked the place where she would be exercising, and I did a trial. I had a very good exercise. Thank you, Akemi-san! One time during a gathering, it was revealed she was leadfoot! Ha, ha. Who could imagine she was such an enthusiastic driver!
There are so many things I remember about Akemi-san. I still cannot believe it ended so abruptly. I miss her a lot... Thank you, Akemi-san for giving us such a precious memories. Love & hug.
Posted by Mark Farfaglia on March 14, 2019
I called them the Akemi Group. Not unlike Akira Kurosawa’s Samurai, there were seven of them: Akemi, Hisae, Mineko, Miyuki, Yukari, Yuko, and my lovely wife, Yumiko. They were the Onna Bugeisha of Orange County. I don’t know if Akemi having the only name beginning with the letter “A” influenced a kind of obligation on her part to act as ringleader. One thing was certain, though: without Akemi, our determined band of female warriors would not exist. From getting everyone together for a seaside barbecue at Huntington Beach, to collecting the kids and husbands out in the open for a group hike, to organizing a rendezvous at a favorite eating spot, to having everybody over for a soirée at Allan and Akemi’s tastefully decorated home in Costa Mesa, Akemi was the coordinating force behind it all. And indeed, the Force was strong with her, as the top contender for the most memorable holiday card we had ever received demonstrated: Akemi, Allan, Yamato, and Takumi impressively dressed in full Star Wars regalia, posing with lightsabres and looks of determination that would put any self-respecting Jedi to shame. That was Akemi: true to her background in music (and what a voice!) and entertainment, she had a flair for the entertaining and for making a splash. She sat behind the wheel of a hot pink Toyota RAV4, and she drove it extremely fast. Having to reconcile Akemi’s surprising driving habits with her courteous, polite, and respectful demeanor was part of the fun of knowing her. The Farfaglia Family owes her a great debt, for without Akemi, Yumiko would not have known Miyuki, who was instrumental in translating for me when I asked Yumiko’s father for her hand in marriage. This means, of course, that Akemi’s influence played a pretty significant role In getting this family off the ground.
Godspeed, Akemi. Thank you for all that you did for all of us. Your memory will continue to bring joy, laughter, togetherness, and, above all, inspiration.
Posted by Julie Christian on March 12, 2019
Although I never met Akemi, I know you, Allan and my heart breaks for you. Your beautiful love for Akemi brought you two wonderful boys and I'm grateful that the love in your family will sustain Akemi's memory. Lots of hugs & love.
Posted by Erin Daugherty on March 12, 2019
I only met Akemi once or twice dropping her boys off at school.... but I have spent quite a bit of time in the classroom and the park with Takumi and Yamoto: It is clear to me that those boys come from a loving and respectful home. They are beautiful, polite and intelligent young men and I think that only comes from having wonderful and dedicated parents.  I am very sorry to hear this news. Our family will be praying for you in the coming days and weeks.  Kevin, Erin, Zoe and Zachary Daugherty
Posted by Jeanine Burdine on March 11, 2019
Missing you more than words can express. Will miss your sweet beautiful voice AND so grateful that we can still hear it in recordings.
Am honored to be family. Your legacy is your sons...
Love & Light always

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