Posted by Linly Ramlal on June 26, 2021
Please accept my deepest sympathies and sincere condolences to the Ndumu family.Akenji has gone too soon.I am shocked and disheartened but God knows best.It’s my only consolation. I have the privilege of knowing you since 1996 when you would come to the pharmacy to pick up your Mom after work.You are such a fine gentleman.Rest In Peace my brother.Soar with the angels now!
Posted by Neh Ndumu on June 24, 2021
Uncle Akenji. There's so much I wish I could say to you. I cherished the time we spent together. When we couldn't see each other we would speak on the phone for hours, to make up for lost time. When we saw each other, I would follow you everywhere because I had always been attached to you. I told you secrets that you took to your grave. You were truly my best friend, and because of that I won't ever stop loving you. Losing you must be one of the hardest pains I've ever had in my life, as its something so unreal. It's hard to fathom that you're truly gone, and that I won't get another phone call, or hug. Your death is shocking to me, as I can't understand that my best friend has departed from me. The only thing holding me together is the fact that you're in a better place. This harsh world was cruel to you, but you were never cruel back. You treated me and others with love we could never imagine. You lived a selfless life, working to help the lives of others before yours, and that's why I'm certain you're in a better place. Although the pain of your death hurts me in ways I've never been hurt before, I could never stay mad at you long. I love you so much, please greet my uncle Nfor and Abongwa while you're there. Please continue to watch over us, we need you more than ever before.
           Love, your sobrina.
Posted by Mbony Pius on June 20, 2021
Hi Akenji,
It's sad that with your passing on to glory, we didn't have enough time to get to know each other very well.
Your transition into the land of our ancestors has awakened in me memories of your brothers Abongwa and Nfor, I was opportuned to share with them the same dormitory in Vielhauer house CPC Bali back then. Nfor was my SMALL, so a double lost to me.
Extend my greetings to them.
On the behalf of our family we extend our heartfelt condolences to the Ndumu's family
Pius Cheo-Mbonifor 
Posted by Fritz Ndoping on June 19, 2021

My friend. Mon frère. You dared to be different, but it’s a cruel world to those who dare to be. I do believe you are now in a better place. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Lembe Zamcho on June 19, 2021
My childhood playmate. I cannot believe your are gone!. When I heard the news, I thought back to all the things we used to do together as kids at GRA up station. You were an awesome friend and younger brother. Because of you I was not lonely at home. You played all my little games with me, laughed with me and made me feel at home. Thank you for your friendship. Greet Nfor and Abongwa for us.

Your sister,
Lembe Zamcho
Posted by Mark Hiew on June 17, 2021
Akenji was one of my best friends in college at the University of Maryland. I met him through the Student Global AIDS Campaign as student activists, and then he got me to join the International Youth Leadership Council of the NGO Advocates for Youth, which he was co-leading at the time. Akenji played such a formative role in my college years and shaped who I became. We would discuss Haitian politics or music or hybrid identities for hours, hanging out around College Park and in D.C. He helped foster my interest in international youth advocacy - we stood side by side at AIDS protests. He introduced me to so much great music. I always thought Akenji would become a great Cameroonian-American writer. Although we lost touch in later years, his influence has and will always stay with me. I hear his beautiful voice, his great laugh. I see his large, winning smile. I am so sad that he has left us so early, and am thankful for the many happy hours I got to spend in his company. My deepest condolences to the Ndumu family.
Posted by Kyle Johns on June 16, 2021
Akenji, I had the serendipitous pleasure of meeting and living with you for these last few months, and I’ve tried to distract myself from the reality you’ve moved on. It nearly knocked me to the ground with the gut punch news. You were like a brother to me, one of the smartest people I know and had infectious laugh that lit the room up. You will be forever missed by me and I hope that we can meet up in the next realm.

To the family: My heart hurts for you during this devastating time. He was one of the best, always in high spirits and he loved you all so much. I can’t speak on what exactly happened, for I don’t know, but he deserved more life.
Posted by Tamajong Ndumu on June 13, 2021
Uncle Akenji. Still trying to process your loss but I am lost for words. In the moments I had the honor of spending with you, you always provided insight and were full of wisdom. For me to call you a genius would be an understatement. We spoke about religion, meditation, science, history et al and you always had more than enough information on all these subjects. We met in Bamenda for the first time over 13 years ago but within minutes it felt like we had known each other for long. You had that effect. Passionate about your interests and curious about the essence of life. I You were an Uncle but a friend as well. I know somewhere in heaven you are entertaining the Angels. I will always miss you. Rest In Peace Uncle Akenji
Posted by Agatha Munu on June 13, 2021
Akenji: Mami Ndumu's personal driver!
Akenji: Mami Ndumu's handbag!

That is how we knew you in our BACCO-DC Family Meeting. I vividly remember the very last monthly meeting in 2020 before the world shutdown. You did not just drop your Mom off to the meeting but you stayed on and participated in the meeting discussions. You contributed such bright ideas about how to get people more engaged in the group activities!
We were looking forward to you adding more energy to the group.

But helas Akenji, you will be doing this now from heaven! Farewell Akenji. Journey well!

We will forever remember your ever smiling face and cheerful disposition.
Posted by TAMAJONG A. NDUMU on June 12, 2021

I had big plans for us. We were going to be old men together. I had many questions and i wanted YOUR answer - not wikipedia, or the text book, but YOUR answer - YOUR take on the situation - and i wanted to gossip with you!
I was very patient with this, because OLD MEN TOGETHER. In heaven we will talk. I smile and I cry when i think of you. Never will you be forgotten. Just since Christmas 2020 i learned your middle name ( NDENGONG ). I told you how much i liked it, how strong and powerful it sounded. I will say it often.
Posted by Nanga'ah Ndumu on June 11, 2021

  We have all been robbed. All of us. Your family, friends, community, this world. We have all been robbed of your laughter, your empathy, your humility, your unassuming genius, your sense of humor, your creativity... I could go on and on. Every person who encountered you, was somehow touched. I am sad, confused and I am angry. I am struggling to be grateful for the short time we had together; it wasn't enough. It was supposed to be decades more. I miss you so much, and some days, it doesn't seem real that I will never see you smile again. 
  What brought joy to my soul was seeing the dynamic and interactions between you and my son, who carries your name. He is (rightfully so!) crazy about you, and he loves you so much. He felt so comfortable in your arms, and when you were around, he threw me away completely and without remorse. I am so sad that he will not be further blessed by your presence and all that you could have taught him. You were such a wonderful uncle to him. I will raise him to bear your name with dignity and honor, as is befitting you. You are with the orga now. See you on the other side. 

Love always and completely,
Your little sister,
Nanga'ah Ndumu
Posted by Swati Shroff on June 11, 2021
I met Akenji in DC through Advocates for Youth. When I joined, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I can distinctly remember Akenji's positive, kind energy making me realize being part of this group was really special. I'm so sorry to hear we've lost his bright light in this world, but I also know it shines on through all the friends, family and others lives he has touched. Rest in peace.
Posted by Frinue Winnie on June 9, 2021
Akenji and I attended Primary School together. He was the most intelligent pupil and always enthusiastic to share his knowledge with anyone in need of help. After primary school, he went to Sacred Heart College and I PSS Mankon. We often ran into each other in each other at GRA up station. He was polite as usual with an easy smile. Later on, I found out that he had moved to the USA with the entire family. Years and years later I relocated to the USA and we reunited. He was particularly excited when I told him I had a background in Journalism and Mass Communication. He encouraged me to pursue that career but to his disappointment I switched to Nursing. Akenji was always willing to help and serve his family. Family was everything to him and he made it a duty to get to know his cousins and their families. He had his way with children and they fell in love with him easily. I remember the day I came to the funeral with my dad and Akenji gave up his seat for him. Ake, remember we had plans to celebrate my sons birthday? Why did you have to leave us this soon? The tears won't stop flowing. May God grant peace to your gentle soul.
Posted by Dr Raymond Tiwang on June 9, 2021
It was with shock and disbelief that We received the sad news of Akenji passing on to Glory. We will always remember him for his gracious attitude, very kind hearted,  always smiling and soft spoken. You just left too soon and God alone knows why. We will forever miss you!
Posted by Dieudonne Takwih on June 9, 2021
Hi Cuzzo/Big Bro,
I don’t know where to start. When this ignorant 12 year old came to America, i was lost. Akenji you stepped in as my big brother and made sure my initial experience of america was one never to forget. You took me to all amazing places and introduced me to many new arts. Until this day Oliver Mtukudzi is my favorite all thanks to you. I was so proud of you when you where conducting interviews for bbc and interviewed Kaynaan one of the biggest artists in the world.. when you went to ivory coast to write your book I was like this man won’t stop amazing me. I really looked up to you as my big bro and you made me very proud. Thanks for making our brief time together an amazing one. Please Send greetings to Uncle Abongwa and my dad. continue watching over us.

Love you big bro
Posted by Yana Hongla on June 8, 2021

I knew of you during our boarding school years at Sacred Heart College. You were always a pleasant guy with an easy smile - always in a good mood. You were also very intelligent and capable. So, it’s quite sad that your life came to its end relatively early. You had much more to offer.

I pray that you are in a better and more peaceful place. Rest In Peace and God bless you
Posted by SE Fon on June 8, 2021
I came to know Akenji because his birthday was a day before mine. He attended a movement building and leadership workshop I facilitated some years ago in DC. We had to step in a circle for an icebreaker exercise because we had somethings in common: our birthdays were 1 day apart and we were both Paysans. After talking and sharing stories, I realized that his brother was married to my younger sis (Eury). What a small world we live in. We both also had an activism background and dreamt of saving the world. Akenji was a gentle spirit, a dreamer and an intellectual being with a lot of life left to live. Death came too soon for him. Rest in POWER my brotha!
Posted by Leonardo Garcia on June 5, 2021

I didn’t know you long, but did we have some laughs! Your sense of humor and wisdom will forever live on in my memories. God knows you are in a better place brother.
Till we meet again.
Posted by Nanga Ndumu on June 4, 2021
Dear DJ Ndengs,

Reality hasn’t kicked in yet - I am so grateful for you , from picking Jr and I up the very first time we came to America , taking us to tour DC and all your bright ideas . Traveling with us to New York and just being a great uncle . We miss you dearly uncle Akenji and I’ll be praying for the repose of your gentle soul.

Love you
Sih-Nanga Ndumu
Posted by Laure Nkeumbang on June 5, 2021
Dear Akenji

I have not been fortunate to meet you in person but I have heard your brother Simon speaking so well and positively about you. It's very painful to see a bright, brillant,intelligent, handsome and kind young man leaving us so early. We can ask ourselves : why ? why ? why ? But, only our father in heaven knows. Our prayer is that he receives your soul in his house mercifully. May your spirit rest in perfect peace and blossom up there and may you become a guardian angel for your mother and the family.

We pray the lord power shadows your mother this difficult time. May he appease her sorrow and heals her soul. May he himself fill the void and gap you leave in the heart of your brother's and loved ones.

I hope you meet your ancestors there , your brothers, sis Lydia and great them all for us. You will be forever remembered with loving thoughts.

Travel well and rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Stage Tangyie on June 4, 2021
Big Bro Akenji, I just want to say I am sorry. I would have been a better little sister to you. I remember we had some deep conversations a few months back when you came and spend some time with us in Glendale. Thanks for opening up to me the way you did. That’s when I told you “bro I understand you” you were so happy you gave me a big hug and we cried. I remember our last intense conversation was about me, something I was not happy about and I came to you for advice. I am happy we had that conversation. You made me look at the situation in a positive light and you were fair with your advice. That’s when I promised to take you to the Bible Museum. I remember about a week before your death you called and reminded me. I am sorry I never made the time to take you. Thanks for being a big brother to us. I remember how you use to babysit us when we come to your house for holidays when we were kids. You will bath us, feed us etc. God knows how generous you were, you gave my first “Walkman” city player with CDs of Joe, Jarule, Destiny child etc when I was in high school. I knew all the songs in my CDs lol. I will forever miss you bro, that charming smile always on your face will always be on my mind. You said these words to me “Sis you are so beautiful omg be unapologetic about it and never settle for less than you deserve.”That will always stick with me. I can go on and on about you but Star has said it all as you were really an awesome Elder brother. I just wish you could spend more time with me like you promised when we had that deep conversation. You have taught me that life is short and make the best of it while you can. If you plan to do something, do it now. My heart hurt for your mother Mama but I know you are watching over her. Thanks for being her handbag and always doing your best to be by her side. I love you big bro AKA “Uncle Ake”. Say hello to our big bro Abongwa, big bro Nfor, Aunty Lydia, Aunty Doris, Aunty Sirri and Uncle Ngwamula. Continue to rest easy...
Posted by star Tangyie on June 4, 2021
My Champion Big Bro Since Childhood

My heart hurts!!!What kind of pain is this?. This is unbelievable and so unbearable!!!Death why????. My big bro was so young and had his whole life ahead of him!!!what kind of trouble is this!!. The memories are so many omg!!I cant believe I have to refer to you in past tense!!!I really hope this really brings me some closure because I'm shaking!!.

Mama Ndumu my dad's elder sister had five sons so although we were her nieces she treated us as daughters. I remember we couldn't wait to spend holidays with her and our cousins at up station. We knew we were going to have a great time especially with Akenji!!. Uncle Ake as we called him treated us as little princesses, every morning he will wake up and make us breakfast, our favorite moments was when he took us out for play dates, shopping and ice cream. We were so grateful to him for that. We enjoyed playing with him a lot at home also, we will jump on our aunty's (Mama Ndumu) bed with him, play with balloons, play pillow fights and hide and seek all day. He was a very awesome big brother. I also remember the wonderful moments we had with uncle Ake when he visited us in Cameroon as a bush faller. OMG our friends liked him so much because of his generosity and kindness. He will always take us out to nice places with our friends. He knew how to spend his dollars on his little sisters. I remember very well the pink and green pullovers he gave to us when he visited Cameroon. We were known for always wearing those particular pullovers on very special occasions. We cherished those pullovers, you could not tell us anything when we had them on. Fast forward to when we moved to the US. Mama Ndumu housed us for a whole year and we will forever be grateful for that. During this time uncle Ake was very nice and understanding enough to share his room with our little bro Bongnwi mean while uncle Tama(Ake's big bro gave up his room completely for my twin sis and I. Amazing big brothers!!.During this time uncle Ake sacrificed majority of his time to give us a tour of MD, DC, NY etc. I remember our first trip to New York with uncle Ake, Stage, Nanga and Bongnwi omg it was a very interesting trip!!uncle Ake tried his very best to make sure we were happy and comfortable. I also remember Cynthia Nguni's baby shower, uncle Ake decided to be our driver after the party and fell asleep while driving!!!Our sister Nerrisa yelled "big bro I beg wake up!!you want make we die?". He woke up and switched places with her then with a loud laughter he said "hahahah wouna di fear die!!wouna no worry, God go take we for house safely yah". I can go on and on!!!weyyy uncle Ake!!!. At some point life became very busy with school, work, kids and other many challenges and we were not keeping in touch as we used to. This is the part that really hurts me because I really wished I made an effort to communicate and keep in touch more often, I wish I found time to sit down with you for some meaningful conversations like we used to because you were extremely smart and intelligent. In fact any question we asked you, you knew the answer immediately. I remember the last time I saw you this year, you were very happy to see me, you stated "look at you Nchang!! you are a whole mother of two boys now,". You promised to visit the kids and I more often. I also remember you saying "we survived covid-19 isn't God good"?. I wish I had a hint that it will be the last time I will ever see you again. My big brother I miss your smiles and laughter!!your laughter in particular was very unique and contagious. This one is a very hard pill to swallow. You took great care of your mother, I feel so sorry for her, I pray God gives her strength to bear this pain. I pray also that your little sisters can fill in the gap for you so that she feels loved and cared for. You have taught me some huge lessons!!!!. I will never take life for granted again, I will stop procrastinating and I will do better with my communication to family. Wey uncle Ake, go well and prepare room for us in Heaven. Greet Big bro Abongwa, big bro Nfor, Aunty Lydia, aunty Sirri, aunty Doris, uncle Ngwamulah and our grand fathers for us. Rest In perfect Peace until we meet again. I will forever LOVE and MISS U.
Posted by Sam Nfor on June 4, 2021
Akenji, wise one… I can’t describe in words how your loss has broken me…but I’d try. You had answers to multi-dimension questions from diverse disciplines, and you kept family conversations lively. We all loved and enjoyed your brilliance and your company. Always, I would be looking forward to our discussions on your poetry and novels. What happened to our plan for you to move to Japan for a year and explore your creative ingenuity in some woods in Hiroshima-Nagasaki? Hélas!…Akenji, you exited the stage against the run of the script and your loss is unspeakable to say the least. Travel safe son…until we meet again…

Uncle Sam
Posted by Lem NubienneLem on June 3, 2021
The world has lost a star! You were like a special little bother to me during our childhood when I visited your home. I’m heartbroken to hear that you’ve passed. You brought joy, happiness and laughter to all who met you; you will be sorely missed by everyone. Rest In Peace Akenji. 
Posted by Dr Christopher Atang on June 3, 2021
It with a very heavy heart that I write this tribute on behalf of Akenji. You have left us too soon!!!. Please continue to pray for your family whilst in the house of the Lord. We love you but God loves you more. May your gentle Soul rest in perfect peace ✌ .
Posted by Judge Ashley on June 3, 2021
Akenji, it's been a while but this your departure is painful. Wayyy Too soon. Only you and God knows. You are missed definitely. Be our angel and watch over us bro.
Posted by Brigitte Songwe on June 3, 2021

Akenji, the Lord called and you answered, "Lord, here I am". The shock of the news of your passing is so heavy in our hearts. We pray the Lord grant your soul eternal rest in His kingdom.
Posted by Vewessee Jude on June 3, 2021
The last time we had to meet was in Bangkok but due to my work schedule I couldn’t meet you. You were a moving encyclopaedia. Back in Sacred heart after the first tests, I was curious to meet the guy who scored 20/20 on all tests. That was Akenji. Gone too early bro, you still had a lot to offer in this crazy world. See you on the other side Keji.
Posted by Rose Ambe Manka’a on June 2, 2021
I am short of words Akenji, God alone knows why that You were just becoming used to me and creating the fun that you were!!!!! I won’t see and have that from you again.We can’t ask enough questions, we pray that the good lord who brought you into this world receives you back home son IJMN . Always in our hearts ♥️. Sleep on
Auntie Rose Manka’a
Posted by Peter Suh-Nfor TANGYIE on June 1, 2021
Eloi Eloi lama sabachtani
Eli Eli Lama SabachAkenji
Here at the dawn of transformation
Just at the blossom of sophistication

Weh! Ngu - Ngubi Benjamin
Aah! encyclopedia of updates
Our faith faints, the blast bleeds
Our family fades, this bomb burns
Yet Lord, into Your Hands we commit ALL.
Posted by Nche Ndumu on June 1, 2021
Uncle Akenji to say I'm numb,confused and dumbfounded is the biggest understatement. How can you die Uncle Akenji? The pain is too much. Thank you for all you did for me, you were the most brilliant, entertaining person anyone could meet. The word genius is overstated, but you were indeed a genius. I still think of the times we had all those intellectual debates, driving round DC, and all the great times that we had. I'll never forget. I'm sorry this had to happen, Rest in Peace Uncle Akenji. You are the best ever

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