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Thanks to Fujimoto sensei!

Shared by Volodymyr Ganzha on February 17, 2021
Thanks to Fujimoto sensei I came to Japan and learnt so many things, which changed my life in a better way. Thanks to Fujimoto sensei I discovered the new ways of living and studying. New look at the agriculture, rural living, environment, bio-business. I met new people with another visions, principles, ideas. Once, Fujimoto sensei said, that ryugakusei students, which was about us, came to NODAI from other countries to study hardly and intensively, and the main goal is to bring the new knowledge back with us to our countries. In Ukraine, we had planted Sakura trees in order to always remember about Great Fujimoto sensei. Sensei will be in my heart for ever.
Shared by Rahel Msuya on February 16, 2021
I remember the first time I met Fujimoto sensei at Sokoine University. He kindly explained about the Nodai exchange program and tell us not to worry about coming to Japan. 
When we arrived in Japan Fujimoto sensei took great care of us by making sure we eat well, have warm winter clothes, and comfortable life in Japan. Since then he continued to be an amazing mentor.
I have so much memories of Fujimoto sensei and some of the unforgettable one are the times we spent at Joetsu and he  cooked  dinner for us. My favorite food was his very delicious curry rice. I also enjoyed the time we spent listening to enka when we were in the car or at the house (Fuyumi sakamoto was his  favorite) and he did played her CD  over and over. My first Japanese  song to memorize was “ mata kimi ni koishiteru” by Fuyumi Sakamoto because I heard it several times when Sensei  played it. There so many more memories I can not  write them all.
Thank you for all the memories sensei. I will forever cherish them.

Thank you, sensei, for everything

Shared by Huong Duong on February 16, 2021
Remember first time I met Fujimoto sensei was when he came to Vietnam before I come to Japan. He's so tall and looked so kind that I wished I could be his student, and later I truly became student in his lab. 
Remember when I was in Master course, sensei take me and Yuki to Joetsu several times, he cooked us foods with vegetable which was harvested from the little garden by the house. He was happy and show me his best smile when I took a picture of him harvesting.
Remember when we had gasshuku in a hotel (I forgot the name), sensei after showed us some information in the article, he falls asleep holding the bottle of water right beside us, maybe he was so tired spending so much energy for teaching us ^^ 
Remember when I told him I was accepted by my first company, he said "congrats. It's good, working in a maker company is very good". He might not know I was so so happy received his words.
All the memories when I think of sensei is like a father who take care of his children.
All I have now was started on the day I met sensei in Vietnam. Thank you, sensei, for everything. We miss you so much! 

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