Posted by Mok Singh on April 7, 2021
My dear friend Ajose, will miss you very much, will leave on fond memories we had in Uni together until you left us.
Posted by Lande Abisogun on April 3, 2021
✝️Gone too soon. Nigeria is that much poorer with the sad and sudden loss of this hugely intelligent, and well-read deep thinker. I’ll miss reading Akin’s engaging and informative write-ups. My deepest condolences go out to his family and his nearest and dearest. May his soul rest in peace, perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Yanperuwa Oshisanya on March 11, 2021
We register our condolence to the entire family of late Justice Olatunji Ajose-Adeogun on our common loss of Akingbola Adeniyi.
In dedication to Akin’s lifetime of conciseness, one looks to the numerous condolence messages that characteristically adorn correspondence in the event of our loss of noble Nigerians. There is unanimity on the following requiem as speaking not only volumes on the dynamism of Akin, but of his eloquent visions.
Akin never beat about the bush on any issue, his relished subliminal seclusion was for productive and grand ideas. Akin compelled solitude and reflection to invite us, to ‘tell a tangled-wood-tale’ of his untimely passing with total shock and disbelief of he, who many kept postponing with eagerness, the day of catching-up with him. His works we frequently read, but left face to face till someday. Akin is now gone with the winds for eternity, due to procrastination.
Akin’s insightful, analytic and intellectual writings on the Nigerian State will be missed. These sterling qualities are recalled as evident even back in Igbobi days when he often engaged anyone interested in arguing his view points. ‘Akin was fearless in the strength of his convictions and often spoke truth to power regardless of whose ass is gored. He was truly a noble Nigerian. We sing his heroism and patriotism in seeking to see a better Nigeria. We will forever remain enriched by his writings.
Akin ran a good race and utilised his God-given talents to serve people to the best of his abilities. May Akin find solace and eternal rest in Lord’s bosom.
Adieu Beautiful Mind.
Joe Nwiloh & ‘lai Oshitokunbo Oshisanya
Posted by Ummy Bashar on March 10, 2021
Hmmmm!!! Mr Ajose-Adeogun as I called you, your passing is still unbelievable . You were a gentleman to the core, very sincere, honest and truthful. The way you were raised (which you were very proud of) shone through all you did.
I will miss your writings (You were indeed knowledgeable) and your simple but very sincere greetings every festive season.
You wanted a "good" Nigeria and in your own small way did things the way they ought to be done.
You will speak endlessly about Zeinab and would even share her pictures with me. I can imagine how difficult it will be for her at this moment. I pray God Almighty consoles her and may He grant you the peace you so much desired.
Posted by Akin Ajose-Adeogun Family... on March 9, 2021
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Posted by Sheyi Bmgby on March 5, 2021
I was only between the ages of 6 and 12 when I had the most frequent contact with my dear Uncle. Childhood memories become hazy and blur into one, but one thing that remains is the impact that individuals can have on the developing psyche during one's formative years.

One thing that burns on is the irreplaceable warmth that emanated from Uncle Akin. That sort of energy is incredibly rare and unmistakeable when you encounter it. There is a way that certain individuals carry themselves that inspire such respect, these individuals maintain the capacity to relax even the most the distressed and anxious of children- effortless affability.

I only wish that we could have had another conversation again before you left as we lost contact after I left Lagos. I know you will be smiling down on us...
Posted by Lara Akin-Aderibigbe on March 5, 2021

The news of Akin's death came as a rude shock, very hurting, hard to believe but inevitable.

He was knowledgeable, friendly but forthright to a fault. He will be greatly missed by his maternal cousins (Majekodunmis).

We are however consoled that he is in a better place and we bid him good bye with heavy hearts.

Lara Akin-Aderibigbe
(Nee Majekodunmi).
Posted by Dolapo Majekodunmi on March 5, 2021
You came, see saw & conquered. You were such a nice, loving & very very pleasant person Bro Akin. Very intelligent & vast. Your death came as a rude shock & very painful but I know you are right there in a better place sitted at the right hand of the most high God. Continue to rest in peace Cousin. Adieu
Posted by SAM ODIA on March 4, 2021
Akin, how shocked I was to hear of your demise. Though we didn't speak as often as we should, we remained in contact whenever the need arose.
Our last contact concerned our common friend, Olumaro Sagay with whom we both attended Igbobi College. I asked you if you had been in touch with him lately. Little did I know that would be our last chat.
May your soul rest in peace, my friend & classmate.
Posted by Aminu Yakubu on March 4, 2021
Even though I have never met you in person, I learnt a lot from you. We both spent long nights chatting about Nigeria and Nigeria's very rich history.

I admire you honesty, truthfulness and foresight.

May your gentle soul rest in eternal peace.

I wish you fair winds and flowing seas.
Posted by Yanperuwa Oshisanya on March 4, 2021
‍♂️ My ode to the enigma in Akin, is that the appropriate requiem for his passing would be a call on all those who knew him to discover his vision.
Goodnight Akin - the Valiant One

'lai Oshitokunbo Oshisanya
Posted by kolawole akinlade on March 4, 2021
Alan Ball ......that was your self-giving nickname of a hero who played passionately with his heart and won the World Cup .

We shared a passion for English football back then in Igbobi College from the early 70s , watched Match of the Day black and white tv at home Saturday evenings , very long before Premiership and Sky Sports /DSTV

We went through every copy of SHOOT ! magazine , played table-soccer with buttons , many missing from clothes at home !

Your later life developing into an articulate scientist and writer of Nigerian and global political science made me very proud of my friend .

Though have not seen my friend after school , almost 50 years on , Akin is the person to keep in touch until the last couple of weeks .

Unfortunately , fate has not granted the meetings we were forever planning .

Akin , as we were in different classes , would wait patiently for me outside my class at break so that we can share stories and spend time on our football passion .

Akin my noble brother

Alan Ball football passion friend

Goodnight...... will always cherish your memory
Posted by Olugbemiga Okunribido on March 3, 2021
I first met Akin in Corona School Apapa which I joined midstream after a short spell abroad as a child. Akin and I hit it off immediately and became friends. We were two of three boys often found together. Akin always struck me as someone in the know... he knew a lot about things. I don't know how, he just seemed to know. He was loyal and honest.
We went to the same secondary school but didn't see much of each other as we were in different houses, blocks and arms. After our O- levels I left the school and we lost touch. About 5 years ago I came across articles touching on the state of our country and its history on various platforms written by Akin!
I found his writing informative enlightening and rather insightful and I considered it great that I was back in touch with my learned friend.
We got back in touch with each other and he began to put me back in touch with old mates I had not seen or heard of for years. He had managed to keep in touch with them all!
We spoke and discussed current issues in January this year and I remember saying we needed to get together sometime before we all returned to meet our maker. I was shocked to find out in February that Akin had passed on. I had no inkling that this might happen...
I have lost my longest known friend with whom I have been in touch and I will miss him dearly. I pray that our God will look after all those he left behind and that he will rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Anietie Aoko on March 3, 2021
I was shocked to hear about your passing. The last I heard from you was on the 1st of February. We met not to long ago and became quite close. I am most happy that you encountered the most precious relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ in your life. When I lost my Dad you blessed me with some exotic drinks which I really appreciated. I will miss your quirky jokes, your long jist and our arguments about politics and women, most especially I will miss you Akin. You never got to fulfill some of those dreams you told me about. May your soul find eternal rest! 
Posted by Igho dafinone on March 2, 2021
the number of years we stayed good friends was sadly cut short by your leaving us. Both of us thought we would always continue to grow old having our historical discussions and explaining to children why history is so important. We all have to accept that God Knows best. May the Almighty Lord grant you perfect peace and eternal rest
Goodbye my dear friend
Posted by Richard Akerele on March 2, 2021
As you journey to meet all your forefathers and mothers we give thanks for your life and we wish you perfect peace. Elda and family will always remember your time as children in Apapa it is forever in memory. Farewell from the Beccarelli and Akerele families.
Posted by Yomi Ladeinde on March 2, 2021
Uncle Akin was an insightful man and amazing wealth of knowledge who loved to read and was always willing to engage people in intelligent conversations around topics he was extremely passionate about - history, politics and the law. Despite being opinionated with facts to always back his point, he equally allowed others in the room to air their own views too from different angles, which I always found fascinating growing up.

He also evangelised in his own way, sending daily devotionals and Biblical quotes to people (myself included), something I always looked forward to; which in fact became a daily routine for me

He will be surely missed but never forgotten, as he continues to rest in peace in a much better place and set free from this often complicated thing called Life.

It is well
Posted by Olumide Ladeinde on March 1, 2021
I never really understood the fascination with luxury pens in general. Uncle Akin’s fascination with a Montblanc or a Cross pen was even more strange and it confounded me as a young man who had just graduated from College. My graduation gift from my dear uncle was a Cross pen. Yes, a fancy pen! It wasn’t until I used it for the first time that I knew exactly what I had been gifted. It was more than a pen. He had given me, a young college graduate, confidence. Confidence in my education, confidence in myself and confidence to face the world ahead. To my beloved uncle – I am still walking and talking with that confidence you instilled in me years ago through a simple pen. You may lay down your cross now and rest in perfect peace. I will miss you dearly. Adieu!
Posted by Folarin Ladeinde on March 2, 2021
Who would have known that September 25, 2020 would be the last time I would see you and have our last face to face conversation. You care deeply, you are nice and "scolded" me for bringing Korede along to Lagos in the midst of the dangerous pandemic.

I will always cherish the special memories I have of you especially growing up before life happened, I relocated and we drifted apart somewhat.

"Uncle-Lakin" I truly thought we were out of the woods only to hear the sudden and sad news of your passing.

You made a huge and positive impact on a whole lot of people, for this I am comforted.

Rest well uncle Akin!!!

I will miss you!
Posted by afifa elmadani on March 1, 2021
Zayneb Omoyele Ajose Adeogun
لست أمام عيني     لكنني لا أرى سواك
قلت انك آت.   لكنك رحلت دون وداع
سأكون كما اردتني. أقوى على كل النوائب
لن أستسلم حتى اكمل مشواري وأرفع رأسك عاليا وترتاح في ذلك المقام
رحمك الله يا أبي الغالي توم
Posted by Laolu Taiwo on March 1, 2021
Akin & I always had a very brotherly relationship, partly because he was Biola Ladeinde's brother and also because he was warm and sincere - very rare attributes these days.

Beyond that, the digital age brought us even closer, as I exchanged WhatsApp messages with him, almost on a daily basis. This gave me the PRIVILEGE of reading lots of Akin's writings & commentaries, which were highly intellectual, historically factual & deeply analytical.

Akin was indeed a sound lawyer, a brilliant mind and was very passionate about Nigeria. But the Nigeria he wanted, was one of EQUITY, JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS. We pray & hope that our dear country will very soon, attain this laudable vision.

May God console Sola & Biola Ladeinde and the entire illustrious Ajose-Adeogun & Majekodunmi families.

May Akin Ajose - Adeogun's gentle soul, rest in peace. AMEN.

Laolu Taiwo
Posted by erica ogunsanwo on March 1, 2021
Loosing Akin to the cold hands of death came as very rude shock and very sad news.
However, I have great consolation in the fact that Akin made his peace with God.
For a long time Akin had been an atheist, but the mercy of God sought him out.
He had a divine encounter with God, which convinced him beyond any doubt that God indeed exists and intervenes in the affairs of men.
Since Akin shared this experience with me, I had been sending him daily devotionals, "Open Heaven" and "The Word For Today",  ( Morning Tea) on WhatsApp.
Anytime I was late in posting or forget to post, I would always get a message from him that he has not had his "Morning Tea".
Any of the messages that inspired him, he would send to others. He also enlisted other people on the platform so they can receive the devotionals directly.
Furthermore he would always ask for clarification on topics he was not clear about.
This is what has given me some consolation that he has gone to rest from his labour at the feet of his Saviour.
Every morning when I post the devotional on the WhatsApp platform you will always come to my mind.
Akin, you have always been a fair minded person and would always speak the truth. On behalf of myself and my siblings we express our heartfelt sympathy to our cousins, your siblings.
No doubt we shall all miss your wealth of knowledge.
Rest on Akin until till we meet at the feet of Jesus.
Erica Ogunsanwo
On behalf of my Siblings.
Posted by Olaolu Ladeinde on March 1, 2021
"Feet! Feet!!" You never liked seeing us with our feet up on the furniture. Interesting the memories that stay with us - from the endless stash of TinTin comic books, weekend laundry, sitting through WW2 documentaries, mummy's Frejon every Easter to the passionate and sometimes awkward discussions at gatherings - well, awkward in the way a young kid watches adults discuss politics animatedly.

One common theme over the years though, was your love for books and history. Seems there was always one title or the other you were after, sometimes not even available in regular bookstores. I will miss those random messages and photos about our family tree.

Your passing was so sudden and unexpected. We mourn your loss but reassured in the knowledge that you had a relationship with God at the end (thanks too for the regular Morning Tea messages).

In any case, put your feet up Uncle Akin. Time for a deserved rest...don't worry, you won't be hearing "Feet! Feet!!" from any of us.
Posted by Dapo Ajose-Adeogun on February 28, 2021
Bros had my time. He would drop by often and we enjoyed long passionate arguments mostly on history and politics, in which he was extraordinarily well versed. He was like a walking history and politics section of a library. If you ever needed an example of Integrity, Honesty & Dignity, that was my Bros, Akingbola Ajose-Adeogun. I will miss him dearly, his passing so soon to me, is a very sad loss. Father above, decides when it's our time, so I accept, giving thanks for the life we lived with a jolly good fellow. Adieu Bros.
Posted by Augusta Marchand on February 28, 2021
Paix a ton ame, Akin! Adieu.
Posted by Stella Kehinde Sokunbi on February 27, 2021
I met Akin at a frd’s office when I joined the Lagos State Service in 2010 and all can remember was that he was soo dissatisfied with the way the service was and was always complaining about the system. He was soo expressive in that regard that everything time our path crossed he would tell me how frustrated he was and that he would resign and I remember then he was a deputy director or so.
Few months after our first meeting we saw each other at the MOJ hall way and he told me he had resigned and that he’s managing his families business and was further upset at the amount being paid as his pension.
Late last year I saw him at the ministry and was very happy.
He was a very sweet open minded person and lovely.

May his soul rest in total peace. Amen.
Posted by Jaiyeola Titiloye on February 26, 2021
“Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His saints.”
Psalms‬ ‭116:15‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
I really cannot believe you are gone. You were so easy going and would always say it as it was! No frills but very honest about your opinion, I always knew to expect that from you. I am still in shock of your passing, we take solace that you loved God and you are now at rest with him.

You will be greatly missed

Jaiyeola Titiloye
Posted by Jide Ladeinde on February 26, 2021
May you rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen. May the good lord continue to spare and protect the family you left behind.
Posted by Tola Majekodunmi on February 25, 2021

I find it hard and painful to come to terms that boda Akin is gone. His death kept coming to my mind.
When i was very young, i used to see him as a quiet man; as time passed i realised that he had a gentle personality but great contributor, interacting well with people even we the younger ones.
He was brilliant and sound just like his mum. Has her resemblance as well. God, there is a vacuum this great man left on the OLATOUN MAJEKODUNMI platform. WHO WILL FILL IT? We shall miss him greatly.
Everything that has a beginning must have an ending. You have came, you have seen and you have conquered Akingbola Ajose-Adeogun.
Posted by Oluwatomi Ajose-Adeogun on February 25, 2021
My dear brother! Gentlemen personified.
Ah, I had just started seeing the wealth of knowledge about family history being displaced by you and then suddenly this shocking exit!
 There was no room for vile in your heart, no meanness in your blood!
I'll always remember how you calmed me down with words of wisdom and superior reasoning whenever I got impatient and angry with staff of The Morrocan Embassy Abuja.
  We may be mourning here, while you enjoying peace... And who are we to question God.
  May The Redeeming Blood of Jesus triumph over all our inadequacies.
Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon him,
in Jesus Name, Amen.
Posted by Kolade Adebayo-Oke on February 25, 2021
News of Akin’s passing knocked me for six and I’m still struggling to come to terms with that reality. Akin was a very dear and excellent friend. We met in the very early nineteen seventies and, in addition to maintaining contact through personal visits and letters to each other as students at the time and over the years since, we remained in regular WhatsApp contact until a short while before he joined the saints triumphant.

Akin was a very faithful and humble friend. He was also very intelligent and brilliant. He was a prolific writer who was very passionate in his views and opinions and whose articles contained wise and practical ideas and suggestions regarding issues pertaining to Nigeria. We regularly exchanged views and opinions on various issues and also prayed over them from time to time.

Akin will be greatly missed. I am so glad that he gave his life to Christ a long time ago. He was such a calm and gentle person with a very good and loving heart. He was very consistent as a precious friend and brother throughout all the almost fifty years of our friendship. I always felt very honoured to have been counted by Akin as his friend. 

I know that Akin is at peace, even though I would have wished that he remained with us for many more years. But who are we to make that demand on God when we ourselves don’t know when our own time here on earth will be up? Ours is to continue to fear, trust and obey our Creator. I thank God that Akin’s end was better than his beginning and pray that God will comfort all the family and friends he left behind. Adieu, my dearest Akin.

-Pastor Kolade Adebayo-Oke (aka Chief)
Posted by afifa elmadani on February 25, 2021
ايها الغائب الحاضر
انت حقا غائب
لكن مازالت اعيني تراقب طريقك
و ما زلت احمل ذكرياتك معي
: و كل يوم أقول
سيعود كل شيء لحاله
وسيبقى الحنين لتلك الأيام يرافقني
.إنك هنا بين العين والجفن
اطلب من الله ان يسكنك فسيح الجنان وان يلهم قلوبنا الصبر
والسلوان فلولا رحمة الله لاعتصرت القلوب داخل الاقفاص التي تسكنها
Sometimes the silence is the best expression of our feeling, because words are unable to discribe it.
Posted by Kemi Nelson on February 25, 2021
Akin dear your death came to me as a rude shock. I observed I wasn't receiving my daily prayers and our 'chat' political platform has not been active in a while just assumed you got busy. You were always in tune with history I learnt a lot from you. Few times I have cracked jokes with you that your brain should be in the museum. Who are we to question the Almighty God. May you find rest in the bosom of your creator.Sail on Akin.
Posted by MAJEKODUNMI BABAFEMI OLAL... on February 25, 2021
Continue To Rest In Perfect Peace Dearest Uncle

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