Posted by Bob Bendotti on March 3, 2021
I knew Al only briefly during his time on the Corporate Board for Universal Technical Institute. And yet, Al is one of those special people in one's life who makes an indelibly positive first impression. That impression began with a smile, a hearty laugh and a great sense of humor. But beyond that was Al's intelligence, leadership and ability to make the complex simple.  I enjoyed exchanging book recommendations with Al who was an avid reader. I will miss Al and lament the loss of an opportunity to spend more time together. Message to Al: Thanks for sending home food from the UTI dinners and for sharing the seafood tower with my wife! RIP my friend and congratulations on a life lived so well. Condolence to Al's family and many friends!
Posted by Paula Garavaglia on February 25, 2021
Alan was such a wonderful man, full of life, love for his family and friends, good humor, and always a special person to spend time with, regardless of the occasion. He fought a brave battle with grace and dignity and now he is resting comfortably in God’s hands. He will certainly be missed. May he Rest In Peace.
Posted by Scott Whitman on February 23, 2021
Al and I went to college together at USC and he was my fraternity brother, Phi Sigma Kappa. So, I knew Al for 53 years and considered him a friend and a brother. We shared an apartment together our senior just up the street from the frat house. Our frat bro group went on annual guys only outings and Al participated in a number of those. The primary activity at these outings was golf, drinking, eating and retelling the fun stories from our times in the frat house. Golf was not Al's sport. He tried to learn the game but it was not for him and he opted for other activities like race car driving school while we played golf. Al was good looking, tall and lean, smart, humble, quiet, reserved and had a quirky sense of humor and laugh. His passing is so untimely and he will be missed by his brothers. Our thoughts and prayers go to the Cabito family as they mourn the loss of their loved one. Fight On!
Posted by Robert Lee on February 22, 2021
I have fond memories of sharing USC and Phi Sigma Kappa with Al from 1966 to 1970. He was a good friend and a fine fraternity brother. He will be missed. He certainly died way too soon. My best to Judy and the family.
Posted by Nicole Belina on February 20, 2021
We are so very sorry for your loss. We spent several holidays with Al & Judy. I remember him always smiling and always in a great mood! Our thoughts are with the family.
-Martin & Nicole Belina
Posted by Sandi Kayse on February 19, 2021
Hi to Judy and the girls...I have several work memories of Al, but thought I'd share a few family memories to make sure you know just how much he loved all of you. Even though we were in an office setting, clearly his love for his family came through...loud and clear in typical Cabito fashion! I recall a day when I was sharing that I had been working with my daughter on her 4th grade Mission project. Al got really excited and asked if I wanted to buy one of his daughter's projects, he was offering a really low rate, but, no, I declined. :). Another vivid memory is one year near Christmas when Al joined us at a gift exchange. His eyes lit up when a tea kettle that played a Christmas song came up, and he was determined to take that home to replace an aging copper kettle one left on the stovetop for what he said was ages...After the holidays Al told me that every time someone touched the gift it made noise and he laughed the whole time. He will be missed. Best to all of you
Posted by alva adams on February 18, 2021
Al, was an amazing guy with a great sense of humor. I can still see him walking through the Market Rep department with that smile on his face. I loved his laugh and most important of all his respect for me as a person.
My deepest condolences to the Cabito family.
Posted by Dianne De Cuir on February 18, 2021
Alan and Judy were the first people to welcome us to the neighborhood when we moved to Incline. We have fond memories of warm, summer evenings spent sitting in their "bear garden" sipping wine and swapping yarns. Alan had a hearty laugh and an unending supply of stories to entertain us. He was the best read, most fun and the finest guy to be around. We miss him dearly.
Posted by Edward Ohlin on February 17, 2021
A truly wonderful fellow to work with. Seems as though the good ones often leave us earlier than they should.
Posted by Barbara Skiles on February 15, 2021
Like so many others, we first met Al through Toyota. However, through proximity and a chance meeting, we became friends again after our Toyota days were over. Knowing Al outside work was such a gift. He was a car guy, of course, but also a boat guy, wine guy, architect enthusiast, snappy dresser (love the SHOES), foodie, traveler, etc, etc. His many interests, and his depth of knowledge of so many things, made him truly special.
But the role that was the most special was that of patriarch of the Cabito clan.  The creative energy he put into the planning and execution of family gatherings and events was a joy to witness. He loved to tell stories about the process and how the gatherings went for each family member. He was clearly a man who loved his family.
Our memories of Al will be of the great friend he became. We will miss him
Barbara and Bob Skiles
Posted by Ron Fox on February 14, 2021
Al was not only smart but also fast. After a meeting in the San Francisco region we decided to go to Buena Vista to relax and let all the knowledge sink in from the meeting. Alan C was across the room and I think he was reviewing the notes he had taken at the meeting. I was close to the door when they announced that the last cable car was leaving. I yelled out to Al and then I jumped on the cable car. Positioning myself on the rear of the car I was able to watch Cabito come tearing through the door and chase the cable car up Hyde street. He made it and I was in awe of his speed and endurance. I also remember a Saint Patrick's day after meeting with our boss Jerry Depew, we decided to go an honor the saint at Harringtons. The place was packed and all was going well until Glen Caffey jumped on a table to celebrate our outing. The next day Mr. Depew called us into his office and informed us that he saw Glen on TV so we were caught. We all know how well Alan C could talk but this time he failed. I will miss you my dear friend but have lots of memories to fall back on until we meet again.
Posted by J M on February 13, 2021
Best Boss Ever
Shared by Jim Mooney on February 11, 2021
Al hired me into Toyota. He was leading a new group and I liked his straight-to-the-point style and intelligence...not to mention his incredible sense of humour.

I learned a lot from Al. Know your numbers, keep it brief, if you get a “no” that may mean “yes” down the road and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Al can be so proud of his daughters. I truly enjoyed working with Andrea at Toyota - - rock star and all star.

Al always made celebrations fun at his and Judy’s home for Christmas parties and I always wondered what ever happened to that crazy blow up Santa on his boat in the Naples parade! God bless Al and the family. Jim and Lisa Mooney
Posted by Dennis Thornhill on February 13, 2021
I have the privilege of continuing the Market Rep legacy that Al installed at Toyota and Lexus, which several have commented. Al had such an unflappable, wicked smart and well-rounded comprehension of our business, always balancing good governance with respecting Dealer relationships which are foundational at Toyota. I still have visions of Al walking through the Dept, stiff backed, smiling, gracious to all and in a funny way always present at meetings but graciously slid nearly every document back at the end (to me, perfect memory recall, no need for paper retention, haha, again, so smart(). I was so fortunate to consider Al a mentor and career advocate for me, many a conversations on “knowing dealers and representing field perspective at HQ as such important traits”, still my marching words nearly 20 years later after working under Al upon coming in from New York. To Judy, you and Al always brought smiles to me and I know my Mom truly cherishes her special relationship with both of you. Hosting you both in 2015 at Cavallo Point in Sausalito for the Grand Feast & Wine Event with the Horton’s and Lexus guests was an honor for me. To Andrea, you luckily join me in learning from and carrying on your Dad’s Market Rep legacy, as he clearly was a Master of so much. A truly great leader and an even better person. Miss you Al and Thank You, peace and prayers to the Cabito family.
Posted by Rachel Montijo on February 13, 2021
With heartfelt sympathy in honor of a life so beautifully lived, may you carry all the special moments and cherished memories in your heart today and always. Al was such an incredible man. He was always kind and genuinely cared for his peers. We would share stories of our families and he was so proud of his children. May God bless the Cabito family during this most difficult time.
Posted by Barbara Obrapalska on February 12, 2021
To Judy, Andrea and Family,
I am so sorry for your loss. Al was a wonderful man and will be dearly missed.
My thoughts and love go out to all of you.
Posted by mamie warrick on February 12, 2021
I send my deepest condolences to the Cabito family. While I did not work directly with Al, I would see him at coffee meetings in Torrance. I always admired his style -confident without being brash, witty, and so smart. He had such a special laugh you could hear down the corridor or in the atrium. He also showed me how execs could have different leadership styles. I shall miss him.
Posted by Michael Bevan on February 12, 2021
Al’s passion for all things Market Rep, and his openness to sharing and teaching was a huge factor in my career and my time spent in RMD. He helped set a definitive but flexible course for managing the Public Companies - at a time when most of what they would ultimately evolve to was unknown. Most of that governance still leads the industry and holds up incredibly well today’s business environment. Remarkable! But his best lesson was to listen to what the dealers wanted to do, consider the impact on current policy and the network, and try to find a way to accommodate dealers - if there was a way to get it done and maintain the integrity of the policy & process. He understood how to make the policies work to say yes rather than no. Also remarkable!
Al, thanks for the support and the friendship. God Bless!
Posted by Gene Coster on February 12, 2021
Al hired me in January ‘79. My first job included preparing the month end industry sales report and he generously brought me along for the sales presentation to the President of TMS to answer questions. I was a kid barely out of college and he provided me with every opportunity to grow and contribute to the success of the company.
Al was a great person and one of greatest managers I had the pleasure to work with. 
Al made sure work was fun too. He invited me to dinner to meet his family, and we’d go to lunch to talk and crack jokes. No work discussions required.
I raced sail boats growing up in Southern California and he invited me to go sailing on his Omega. Fortunately I never went overboard like Glenn Caffey. Note to Glenn: When Al yelled, “prepare to tack!”, you were suppose to duck under the boom.
It’s painful to hear about Al’s passing. I’ll always remember him with admiration for his many skills and appreciation for everything he did for me.
My warmest and most sincere condolences to Judy and Andrea.
Posted by Jody Porter on February 12, 2021
I worked closely with Al for several years at Toyota and learned so much from him.  He was smart, creative and funny. Al had a higher tolerance for lawyers than most people, so we got along great.  He leaves behind a wonderful legacy. My condolences to the Cabito family.
Posted by Glen Caffey on February 12, 2021
I first met Al in 1974 when we were both working for the San Francisco Region. Our Regional Manager was Hal Bracken and the Assistant GM was Jerry Depew.

Al was a District Sales Manager and I was a District Service Manager. We both lived the Marina District in downtown SF and called on the East Bay dealers. His Dad had left him a sail boat docked in the SF Marina and that is where we raced from for several years. 
He was an excellent Captain, until he had me launch the Spinnaker on a turn one Saturday and I got flipped Overboard. He was able to turn the boat around and pick me out of the water but we did NOT win that Race. 

After racing we would always wind up at Perry’s on Union St. (link below), that day he had to buy me a beer (or 2). I will never forget Al and all the fun we had over the years. 

His influence was so strong on me that to this Day I still go to very similar Bar on Main Street in Downtown Huntington Beach, Longboards. 

Al, I will buy you a Beer tonight in honor of our long and everlasting friendship. 

Sail on my friend, just hope you don’t get flipped over board by a Spinnaker . . . I can feel you looking down on me as I write this, 

Love you Man . . . The Admiral,
Posted by Constance Bies on February 12, 2021
To Judy and Family,
My best memories of Toyota belong to the 5 1/2 years I worked for Al before he retired. His smile, big laugh and generosity will always be a treasured memory. Al always remembered me during the holidays - even last year - and our email exchanges were funny and full of life. 
Al was unfailingly kind, loyal, and always gave his time and advice.
May this flower forever bloom in your love for him.
Always, Constance
Posted by Bob Wade on February 12, 2021
I'll never forget working with Al and Dian Ogilvie on the public ownership issue. Dian and I tried to provide leverage on the legal and PR fronts, while Al did the heavy lifting developing a public ownership program and negotiating agreements. Despite the challenges and stresses of that time, Al handled it with wisdom, confidence and a great sense of humor. We have lost not only a great colleague, but a very good man!
Posted by Kevin Higgins on February 12, 2021
Al was such a kind and generous man and such a strong leader over his wildly successful career. So many of us learned how to be better as a result of working with him. My condolences to the Cabito family.
Posted by Mary Legallet on February 12, 2021
Andrea and Family,

I am so sorry to hear this news. Al was truly one of the good ones. Smart, funny, and wise. My thoughts and prayers are with the Cabito family.
Posted by Mike Wells on February 11, 2021
Al was one of the most admired and respected executives at Toyota. He was a kind and honest man. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Cabito family.

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