Let the memory of Alan be with us forever.
  • 90 years old
  • Born on October 28, 1925 in South Orange, New Jersey, United States.
  • Passed away on August 17, 2016 in Saint Augustine, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Alan, 90, born on October 28, 1925 and passed away on  August 17, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Please tell stories and add pictures.

Lets celebrate his life, his passions and keep him alive through our memories and continue his living legacy through active participation in making the world a better place as he did!

Posted by Hazel Henderson on 21st December 2018
Dearest Alan : Thinking of you at this Holiday time and how much fun we had together. I'm still wearing your US Army dog tag on my wrist and refer to your writings and books . Now your " Eliminating War " will be distributed on the website of "World Beyond War " ! Loving you always, Hazel
Posted by Alexandra Cassidy on 29th October 2018
Thinking of my amazing step-Dad. He was an inspiration and brought so much love and laughter to my Mom's life. I had the great honor of reading his letters sent home during his time in the Army of Occupation during WWII. A historic treasure trove and illustrative of both his intellect and his sense of humor. He is missed now and forever.
Posted by Hazel Henderson on 28th October 2018
From Hazel Henderson : Remembering my beloved Alan on his 93rd birthday . He is with me in my heart every day as I write articles with his work and our collaboration in mind. I am grateful for the over 25 happy years we spent together . Rest in peace , my beloved, for the good you achieved in a life well and fully lived . With love always from your life's partner ,Hazel
Posted by Judith Kay on 28th October 2018
Thinking of Alan on what would have been his 93rd birthday. I wonder so much what his polling efforts would now find. Would he still such strong evidence of the American people's common sense? I hope so! Nov 6 will tell us something.....
Posted by Richard Perl on 23rd September 2018
I remember Alan as a brilliant man, generally of few words, and yet who consistently held the place as the second smartest person in the room (after Hazel, of course). His dry sense of humor and skeptical, often insightful contrarian postures were balanced by his big heart and passion for a better world, and full love and support of Hazel, all she stood for and contributed to, and in that context, all of her wildly visionary friends. He continues to stand out as a mover and lover of good.
Posted by Rosalinda Sanquiche on 20th August 2017
A friend recently found this quote at the Computer History Museum in Mountainview, CA: "The way to predict the future is to create it." Alan F Kay. Thank you, Alan for your continuing and inspirational wisdom. A year later and so many of us still often think of you and are glad to have had you in our lives.
Posted by Morton Williams on 19th August 2017
It seems like only yesterday that Alan and I had lunch as we spoke of things that would potentially improve the human condition and the planet:: like yesterday because he permanently resides in me. I was privileged that such an intellectual giant and gentle man called me his friend. .
Posted by Martin Burger on 17th August 2017
Dearest Hazel and Alan, you both left a loving legacy in your work, but where you really taught me (druming at the pool side in Jacksonville) was the great love you obviously had for one another, and from that personal foundation of love, you were both able to contribute so much to us all. Your dream for "Wisdom of the Masses, real time democracy," lives in me and the Blockchain. Yes, Hazel, we are now well on our way to the day of the "Information Age", where innovation and knowledge is the new equitable currency for Humanity. Thank you and till we meet again! martin
Posted by Ashok Khosla on 23rd April 2017
Dear Alan, As we approach the day you left us one year ago, I simply want to recall the extraordinary light, ideas and support you gave to the world and, with Hazel, to our own efforts at Development Alternatives. In so many different ways the World owes you much gratitude, not least for the creativity, humility and generosity you always exemplified. Ashok
Posted by Morton Williams on 29th October 2016
As everyone knows, Alan was a gentle and generous genius whose passion was to save the planet from the egregious assaults perpetrated on it by the human specie. Yet he was equally passionate about creating a greatly improved social and political environment that would enhance the lives of the planet’s human inhabitants. The only man I know of who wrote a book titled “Eliminating War”, with a brilliant plan to accomplish this grand goal. Nothing was too big for Alan to take-on and no amount of complexity deterred him. With his extraordinary mind he was sure that he could find a solution. Alan enhanced my life in many ways and for that I will be eternally grateful. I think of him almost every day. Happy Birthday Alan.
Posted by Beth Binns on 28th October 2016
Dear Alan, I am thinking about you today on the anniversary of your birth. You gave us all so much........... Love, Beth
Posted by Martin Burger on 28th October 2016
Alan You left the world a better place. I will always remember our poolside chat on our return from from OPEC /Caracas and teaching you how to play your new Native Elk ceremony drum. Bless you my friend.
Posted by Hazel Henderson on 14th October 2016
Honoring you, my darling Alan, on this special day of your military honors - October 14, 2016. You are in my heart always.
Posted by Louis Bohtlingk on 30th September 2016
Dearest Hazel, Bless you in all you are. I am with you and with Alan, whom I only briefly met. I wish him a good transition and send you all love and strenght. A tribute to Alan I cannot write, but surely to the two of you. Bless you both with very warm greetings Louis Bohtlingk
Posted by Hazel Henderson on 31st August 2016
In their letter of condolence, Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gokkai, and his wife share stories of Alan's life. See the lovely tribute under the "Stories" tab and the link provided to the letter itself.
Posted by Elizete Amaro on 29th August 2016
Dearest friend Hazel and family, Please, receive from all your friends of Amana-Key team in Brazil our deepest condolences for the loss of Alan, a very special and enlightened soul. With love and care.
Posted by Katherine Collins on 26th August 2016
I have rarely met a person with such towering intellect, such passion for justice, and such deep human kindness - what an honor to have known Alan. Hazel, your love and partnership with Alan has been an inspiration to me and to many, and it is the kind of connection that transcends all bounds of time and space. Sending my love and condolences to you - kc
Posted by Mila Popovich on 25th August 2016
What a life well lived! Your and Hazel's love and life's work have been an inspiration. What a legacy! Thank you!
Posted by Helen Rake on 22nd August 2016
While sad, I feel so fortunate to have shared some time with such a brilliant and generous man over the last few years. It was a joy to observe the special relationship he and Hazel shared. They were a true partnership and held each other in the highest esteem. A real inspiration! He will surely be missed by many.
Posted by Margarita Skeen on 22nd August 2016
Alan I leave this flower for you. Together you and Hazel have built a living legacy and created knowledge that will continue to bloom for many generations to come. Thank you for all that you gave. May you rest in peace. Peace be with you Hazel and family. My deepest condolences.- Mitzi
Posted by Francis Koster on 21st August 2016
I am very sad. The passing of this humble, brilliant, generous, patient, talented humanitarian leaves the world a poorer place. Hazel, you have our sympathy and support should you need it in the days ahead. with deep respect, and grief Fran Koster and Carol Spalding
Posted by Morton Williams on 21st August 2016
I have lost a dear friend, a friend who generously indulged me with his profound knowledge and his lighthearted wit, a friend who shared with me his compassion for the planet and his passion for "Eliminating War" I was flattered that a man of his towering achievements and monumental intellect would spend his precious time with me and consider me his friend. All the while I knew that Alan was one of those rarest of human beings who wanted to make our world a better place and who had the extraordinary courage and ability to accomplish that goal together with Hazel his dynamic partner and adoring wife.
Posted by Ken Fink on 19th August 2016
Blessings to you Hazel and your family on this great loss. The world is certainly a better and more compassionate place because of Alan. My last memory of him is quite happy, you turned on dancing music in your atrium and Alan jumped up and danced with abandon, to our collective joy.
Posted by Eva Willmann De Donlea on 19th August 2016
A gentle, loving, generous soul, and a right gentleman, this is how I knew Alan, with a deep curiosity for life. It has been an honour to have known him while walking on this earth. Dear Hazel, you two made such a formidable team, I have no doubt he continues to watch over you. With a loving hug from across the oceans, Eva
Posted by Kim Curtin on 19th August 2016
Blessings to you Hazel and your entire family for the loss of Alan. I'm confident that he will continue to be with you all. Hazel keep listening for him to root you and your amazing and transformational work on because he certainly will. Sending love and light.
Posted by Beth Binns on 18th August 2016
Dear Hazel, Alan's children, grand children, step children, Alan is very dear to me. I feel his spirit so strongly. His intellect, his kindness, his softness, his passion for just causes, his love of walking, his love of Hazel and his family, his love of reading and writing and swimming. I will really treasure every quiet moment I ever had with Alan. Be strong everyone. His spirit is with us all. Love, Beth
Posted by Tessa Tennant on 18th August 2016
Thank you Alan for being Hazel's partner. I only met you two times but your kindness, intelligence and big soul came shining through and the encounters are strong memories to this day. What a blessing you found each other, and lucky the world in everything you did together. Boosted by reflections of your life... we continue with the great endeavour.
Posted by Elsie Maio on 18th August 2016
Dear Hazel, my condolences. I see from this and other tributes to Alan what a light he was for so many people and for the world. I know from your sweet words about him and how you cared for him over these past years what a light he always will be for you and your family. My heart goes out to you, dear, at the loss of him in this physical dimension. Blessings, Elsie
Posted by Janis Williams on 18th August 2016
Alan was such a sweetie, endowed with a privileged brain and the power of concentration to use it for its highest and best use. He was forever kind and so very thoughtful, and Morton and I will remember him always with great affection.
Posted by Hazel Henderson on 18th August 2016
My beloved partner, spouse and soulmate of 28 years, Alan F. Kay, polymath, mathematician, inventor, pioneering entrepreneur and green investor, left us peacefully on August 17, 2016 at the age of 91. Alan loved our mission at Ethical Markets, kept us encouraged and helped envision and build our Henderson-Kay-Schumacher Library and conference room – for deep conversations with planetary aware global citizens we met in our travels around the world. Our work continues and is dedicated to Alan’s vision which we share every day for the peaceful global transition now underway toward inclusive, equitable societies based on cleaner, healthier, knowledge-richer, green economies embodied in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the next stage of human evolution: the Solar Age.
Posted by Nancy Sikes-Kline on 18th August 2016
Alan was a good father and faithful husband. He was kind and fair to his many friends in St. Augustine. He cared deeply and passionately about building a livable city through thoughtfulness, dialogue and citizen engagement. He was generous of his time and resources to build an equitable future for all. His contributions had a tremendous impact on many of us who were fortunate enough to know him. He will be missed.
Posted by Simran S on 18th August 2016
My deepest condolences to you, dear Hazel. Sending love and light to all the Hendersons and Kays and lighting a candle in honor of the bright light of Alan.
Posted by LaRae Long on 17th August 2016
My deepest sympathy is extended to Dr. Kay's family. His legacy and care for humanity will forever live in the essence of his work for public interest.
Posted by Hazel Henderson on 17th August 2016
Alan was a quiet, kind, gentle man with deep passions for peace and justice. I am privileged to have known him.
Posted by Brian Jacobson on 17th August 2016
Thank you Alan for your friendship ~ you served your country and humanity well. I was happy to bake & sneak you some oatmeal cookies. Rest in peace.
Posted by Martin Burger on 29th April 2016
A great man with a lasting contribution who will be missed dearly. Martin

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