Our Dad loved all his children

Our Dad had 6 biological children. In order by age they are: Julie Frank age 60. Patty Frank (passed away on February 1, 2010. She would be 58), Gloria Frank age 57, Sue Frank Boswell age 52, Jason Frank age 41 and John Frank age 37. Susan Dahlstrom is his step-daughter and she is 52.

The Unforgettable Alan Frank

Our Father was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 29, 1926 to Lillie and Harry Frank. His Grandfather Arthur Frank (wife Bertha) was already established in the men's retail clothing business. When our Dad was born, there was only one Arthur Frank clothing stores but as time passed, 3 more stores opened up in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Our Dad expressed that he had loving parents who were always there for him while he was growing up.

After our Dad graduated from East High School, he enlisted in the Navy and then returned to SLC, Utah to attend college at the University of Utah. Being a gifted and talented musician, he majored in Music. Here is a little history in how our Dad discoverd his musical talent and how he came by it so naturally. Our Dad's Mother Lillie, was a beautiful piano player and I remember listening to her play at family gatherings at her home. She was quite shy about playing the piano, but I could hear how talented she was and I could feel the joy inside of her as she played. Having a piano in his parents home while he was growing up, was his pathway to inheriting the God given talent of sitting down at a piano and accompanying himself vocally, producing beautiful chords and playing every bit of music by ear. Our Dad's love of playing the piano and singing was a gift. Our Dad  attended the University of Utah and he graduated with a degree in music. From that day forward, music was a pivitol part our our Dads existance and he had a true love and passsion for it. 

From that moment on, our Dad always nurtured his musical side and played in bands and created his own musical variety show called "Alan's Alley" for Channel 4 in SLC, Utah.

Our Dad, being the creative genius that he was, decided to go into the advertising business and he was hired by Pete Harman and Colonel Sanders of the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain. Our Dad became the marketing guru who transformed Kentucy Fried Chicken into the legacy that is is today. His ability to produce high quality ad campaigns for KFC was never ending. He had a close rapport with Colonel Sanders and Pete Harman and his history with KFC spanned over 55 years.Our Dad retired on December 6, 2006 at the young age of 80.

Our Dad was a giving and selfless contributor to the University of Utah for as long as we can remember. We was a true humanitarian and he exemplified this by donating his time and supporting many charities throughout his lifetime in Salt Lake City, Utah.