Only one who understood me

Shared by Tarah Manning on April 5, 2016

My dad was by far the perfect father in most eyes....he had his fair share of fun hasn't been fun since he went away..... Everything has changed...he was the rock that made  us close . whenever life was rough id run away to drive up mountain then take him to bar!!! Only man that could tell me tarah your being a b**** or tarah dont put up w thst sh** .He moved from Oregon one year before he passed.... Said he wanted to be close to us n his grandkids ...and he was ...every weekend all of us there at his house....making memories we can never have again... Finally the perfect dad, grandparent...friend .he loved me that is perfect... Miss u dady- 

I truly believe when u find out what the true meaning in life is what most important and you love like no other... God lays you to rest... "Family" time spent ...more valuable than any dollar could ever be. See u soon Xoxo

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