Posted by Mackenzie Manning on April 3, 2020
Miss you everyday! Today we celebrate our spunky Tiana’s 5th birthday. Every year it is a joyful and sad because you should be here celebrating your birthday also. Gone too soon but never forgotten. My girls would have loved you. Danny still remembers the good days! I hope you are celebrating your birthday with your mom heavens newest angel.
Posted by Thomas Lamburth on April 3, 2019
Still thinking of you day to day Papa, thank you for visiting me in my dreams. Memories of you keep my heart warm, and keep me a humble and decent human being. I don't take any short cuts, i don't take too much, and definitely dont take no shit. All thanks to you Papa Alan. I can't believe you'd be 62 today, my boys would've loved you, and you would love them too. Happy birthday Papa Alan we all love and miss you dearly. RIP
Posted by Tarah Manning on April 3, 2018
Happy birthday dad..I can't believe in June of this year it will already be 10 yrs since the day you left us.. the last ten years havn't been the same without you... In life we as human beings tend to focus more on ones flaws instead of focusing on all the great qualities that are forever missed when one is gone...the Saying "everyone is replaceable" is so untrue cause what I wouldn't give to meet another man like you... You were one of a kind dad and I miss every flaw and every great quality that you had, that you taught us...I miss you more than words could ever say and what I wouldn't give to hear your voice or see your face for just another day. .. Xoxoxo. l love u
Posted by Thomas Lamburth on June 21, 2017
Rip papa! I love and miss you!!!!
Always, your grandson Tombo
Posted by Tarah Manning on June 21, 2017
Can't believe it has been 9 yrs since the day u left our lives.. I miss you more than anything and wish everyday you were still here...xoxoxo
Posted by Thomas Lamburth on May 30, 2016
I think of you every day and all the love and fun you brought to everyone, I love and miss you papa..... RIP Papa Alan, you'll always be in our hearts.

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