Lifetime of memories

Shared by Gina Haynes Smith on August 4, 2021
They had the funeral yesterday and I'm sorry I didn't make it but you know that I don't go to funerals since Brian.. I hope you are both dancing in the sky! I'm glad you are together again but I sure do miss you both. You both gave me hell.. Lol.. I wouldn't change if I could. Nobody knew you better than I did and I know you have finally got the peace you been looking for all your life. You were a good person Scott and most people didn't know the side of you that I knew, you loved deep and forever when you loved someone, you would put yourself through pain just so they could have a better life. That's what you thought.. for 18 years I was your wife and I stood behind you no matter what the circumstances were. You provided a good life for me and the kids. Deep down you were a family man. But the image was to much attention for you. Very private and always have been a loner. You said that if you tell one person, you told to many. You taught me a part of life and how to be solid, never say I got you if you don't mean it and always be careful who you trust. When we met I was a girly girl.. you changed that for sure! I experience things others can't even imagine. But it's what made me see life is different for everyone. You never judged people and you never forgot your who you where no matter if you were rich or poor you stayed the same.. the life's you have touched will be a memory of the legacy of Scott Smith.. forever in our hearts and memories. You died to young but I grantee you lived life to the fullest. So many things left unfinished but the last time we talked will always be in my mind. Thank you for being there for me, for being real. Never fake. I'll see you when I get there just watch over us until then.
Love Gina

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