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A little bit about Alan's life

March 29, 2019

Alan enjoyed many hobbies. Some of which included Hockey (he played on his school's team), fishing and hunting, He loved to camp and watch the stars. One of his favorite constellations was Cassiopeia, He was really good at playing pool. He enjoyed a good game of golf he taught all of his children how to golf. He even bought most of them there own golf bags set's. He also enjoyed working with his hands he was a really good mechanic, very good at diagnosing issue and fixing them. He taught most of his kids and son in-law how to work on car's. He also used to have his own locksmithing business. He was pretty good at art, as are all of his kids. Alan enjoyed spending time in the woods and he also enjoyed trying his hand at gold mining. Alan loved to talk, he was good at making new friends every place he went. He will be missed dearly by his children and grandchildren and his special friend Edna who was his neighbor in Garner NC. They helped each other out a lot and kept each in good company. Life with him around was never dull. 

Alan also enjoyed to cook. He was a very good cook. He could work his way around a grill and smoker really well. After he moved back to NC he even dabbled his hands into making cooking videos.

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